June 29, 2008

I'm not sure how old this is but MSM's homepage has a video on Casey Serin today - "The Face of the Mortgage Mess"

Check out Casey's $15k guru CD collection, his murse, and his admission that what he did was illegal..

I'm not sure when this was filmed and it's from some sort of TV show, but it's on the MSN homepage today... Man, I wish that kid was still blogging... And remember, I predicted one day Casey would testify in front of Congress. I still see that day...

Anyone know what ever happened to Casey?

The Face of the Mortgage Mess
The Face of the Mortgage Mess

We all know the banks screwed up by lending too much cash to borrowers who couldn’t really afford it, but ever wonder just who was qualifying for all that money. Meet Casey Serin.


Anonymous said...

it may be pretty old. he is still wearing is wedding ring in the video.

i think what's her name divorced him or filed for divorce.

Anonymous said...

Casey sold his domain to some sucker and "invested" the money in Goldspring (GSPG), a Nevada based mining company for fractions of a cent per share. The share price is now at mind blogging 3 cents per share, making Casey a bazillionaire overnight.

Since he was fairly internet savvy (not an expert, but he certainly knew how to market himself and piss off site visitors), I wouldn't be surprised if he did a stock pump and dump. That would certainly fit his criminal lifestyle.

That's one rumor anyway. I certainly hope it is not true, because that criminal stole millions of dollars. If life was fair, he would be getting gang raped in prison.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was dead.didn't he jump off a bridge somewhere? He left his debt to his wife as well as a few penny stocks.He was really down and out last I heard.One person saw him at a homeless shelter begging for food.

Didn't the feds put out a warrant for his arest at one point.

Mark in San Diego said...

Let's see, Casey was old news a year ago, but this morning, Arnuld was on Meet the Press telling the world that he was "shocked and suprised" that the Kaliforna housing situation happened so quickly - he said, "my economists didn't see this coming. . . .nobody saw this coming.". . .right. Guess just a few bloggers are smarter than central bankers and certainly CitiBankers!!

BTW - I still kind of have mixed feelings about Casey - he kind of scammed the scammers, so I kind of like him in a Robin Hood type of way.

Anonymous said...

Funny. He doesn't look old enough to be a Baby Boomer. Haven't people on this board been saying all along that the subprime mess was all the fault of the Baby Boomers?

ifan said...

Reposting this from another thread (since it's on topic here) :

I've been working on a "Casey's Greatest Hits" MP3 collection for the past few months. Basically, I've listened to 50+ hours of talkcasts and made a Cliff Notes' version condensed into about 2.5 hours with all of the most entertaining and hilarious moments:

-MSINGH, LossMittPro and Duane getting angry
-Mocha and Pink Lips
-and much more

I've scheduled a talkcast for this Friday, July 4 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time:

Casey Serin Greatest Hits MP3 release party

Before I upload the final results of my work, I will host a talkcast (for 2 hours) where I will play selected 'tracks' of the collection and then take calls from listeners to discuss and reminisce about the highs and lows of the Casey Serin saga.

You can also listen to a few samples of my work (I call them "SINGLES") from the link above.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer: "The possibility exists that you could go to jail."

Casey: "Yeah, but I choose not to focus on that."

Brilliant! Just like he chose not to focus on his ability to pay those mortgages or the realities of boom and bust cycles. This kid learns fast!

If Casey had any smarts at all, he'd quit publicizing himself, sell everything he had, and head to South America to start his new life as Queso Serrino.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Wikipedia dedicated a whole page to him.


Also some slighlty more juicy info here:


Last I read the FBI was investigating him. Also, I belive Aaron Krowne bought the rights to http://iamfacingforeclosure.com/

Anonymous said...

He will be quite popular im prison.

Anonymous said...

Funny. He doesn't look old enough to be a Baby Boomer. Haven't people on this board been saying all along that the subprime mess was all the fault of the Baby Boomers?

No, but Casey is a Gen Yner...and they're as disgusting as boomers.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's old because that stupid Emo look is soooo yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I am a figure in caseypedia as FlyingMonkyWarrior, so much fun. I used to drink beer and blog on Friday nigh at ExUrban Nation. We had a Casy Hatrez group of bloggers that were hilarious!!!!!
We would all call in on Caseys pod casts and really get things going, whilst blogging in real time about the call. So much fun. I have gotten a life now that things have died down. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment on his blog once and he took my e-mail and added me to some sort of "interested investors" list. He did send a group e-mail about this Goldspring thing and then a quick recanting e-mail about how it wasn't investment advice before I managed to "unsubscribe" from his bogus list. He also tried to add me to his linkedin connections (again from grabbing my e-mail from the blog comment) so I'll bet he's still listed on there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

HP from April 27, 2007




Read The Trainwreck post by Scott. It is the funniest Casy serin Comment ever, imo.

Chris said...

About 2 weeks ago I sent a comment into Nigel Swaby's blog asking if he knew what was going on with Casey these days. He didn't respond to me but placed this in a blog entry a few days later:

"Meanwhile, Casey Serin who defrauded banks to the tune of $600,000 remains in the comfort of his parent's house in Sacramento working when he wants to and living off a lucky gamble on a penny stock financed through questionably obtained corporate credit."

The Caseypedia website also reports that Casey's divorce from Galina was finalized in March.

Lost Cause said...

Read The Trainwreck post by Scott.

Maybe he should change his name to Jones.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he did a stock pump and dump

That did in fact happen.

Casey created some idiotic blog called "millionairebychristmas" or something like that.

On the site, he touted the benefits of penny stock investing and mentioned Goldspring as a potential investment choice. This was done in tandem with an email he sent to who knows how many people also speaking the virtues of penny stocks and gold.

When an individual responded, saying he was sending the email and links to his new blog to the SEC for violations, Casey quickly sent out a recanting email and took the blog down.

It was pretty entertaining to watch. That kid is SO clueless, it is almost like watching a Three Stooges routine.

Anonymous said...

"It was pretty entertaining to watch. That kid is SO clueless, it is almost like watching a Three Stooges routine."

Sounds like the last 8 years of Bushco-Cheneyburton.

Oops, that's right, I stand corrected. Buschco-Cheneyburton is a clusterfuck.

No offense to the Stooges...

Anonymous said...

I heard he took a job with the central bank of Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Casey was on Dr. Phil today, July 3. It was a repeat but from this year. Best quote--"I'm taking a risk being here, but my [ex]wife likes your show."

He also said he was paid $50,000 for his old website.