June 08, 2013

Welcome to Housing Bubble 2.0 - The Great Reflation is Here

We predicted it years ago.  Inflation, then deflation, then inflation.  And we've just made the turn.

If you haven't already, GET OUT OF CASH and get into income-producing assets.  Houses, apartment complexes, farmland, RV parks, factories, high-yield growth stocks, you name it.  Why?  Because EVERYTHING will be going up in dollar price, while inflation takes off, and the purchasing power of the dollar declines.

Cash is trash.  

Welcome to the new bubble and financial mania.  This one is gonna be a doozy. 

Sorry, not restarting the blog.  Yet.  Good luck out there.  Remember, bubbles are fun - until they're not.  And a blast-from-the-past reminder.  Remember Denial, Fear, Desperation and Panic?  Well, get ready for Excitement.  And you know what happens after that.