September 27, 2006

FLASH: As predicted, Casey Serin and is baaaaaack

Two words: States Evidence. OK, two more words: Mainstream Media. Watch the kid score some bigtime stories (Time, Newsweek, Jay Leno?). Watch Congress subpoena him to testify - now THAT would be good theatre.

Casey will someday be seen as the human face of an out-of-control mortgage lending spiral that took the nation on a joyride ending in a horrific, historic and epic crash. No matter what Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies tried to tell you.

Here's a snippet of Casey's latest. I'm glad the kid's back - he adds to the bubble story HP'ers - like it or not.

You see, Sunday morning I published the previous article “Am I going to Jail For Mortgage Fraud?“. Not only did I publish it, but I also sent an email to all my contacts to update everybody on my blog. I wanted to encourage feedback and I was also asking for referrals to good real estate / bankruptcy attorneys. I did get some good feedback, thank you to everyone who replied.

Right after I sent the email out I got a call from an associate. He urged me to take the site down immediately because:

* People will not want to do business with you. Because who knows what Casey might write about me on the Internet? If I do a deal with Casey and he doesn’t like something, what if he will try to “expose” me?? Who knows what Casey’s intentions are anyway?

* You will have a bad reputation for talking too much. We can’t trust Casey. We better not invite him to any meetings. Most definitely we better not share anything about our deals or Casey might think something is “shady” and want to “expose” it on his blog.

* If there is an investigation everybody involved will be hurt. All the well-meaning real estate professionals who helped Casey do the deals will now be in jeopardy because Casey is talking too much! Even if a person is proven innocent, just being in the negative spotlight is often enough to destroy a good reputation.

* Somebody will go after you! Being public and being controversial is inviting trouble. Admitting to doing “shady loans” is double trouble. If somebody’s income stream will be affected by your exposing of “shadiness” they may try to shut you down. There are a lot of just plain angry people out there. You may step on someone’s toes with your “honesty”.

* You spend too much time blogging. What about selling your properties, rebuilding your business or looking for a job?

Very valid points… Thanks to the associate who made that phone call for opening my eyes to the range of negative possibilities. I am known for taking risks and I am also known for sometimes taking dumb risks. I don’t want to hurt people around me with my risks. I don’t want to have a bad reputation among the investors in Sacramento.

So that’s why I pulled the plug.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Media whore!

Anonymous said...

Thank god. Finally a blog worth a shit. J/K Keith lol.

Anonymous said...

The Shank!

Anonymous said...

And we'll have FUN, FUN, FUN, 'til daddy takes the mortgage broker away!

Anonymous said...

The Dumbing down of Amerika is Alive and Well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey bork!

Thanks for a Wonderful evening!


BISTL said...

From reading the details of the particular deals it looks more like mortgage fraud than investor fraud.
No jail for Casey! Just a destroyed credit worthiness and massive amount of debt. Maybe he could sue the lenders for lying on his behalf.

BISTL said...

I will also add that if Casey is "fudging" the truth on the mortgage fraud and they have documents that clearly state him as a participate and beneficiary of the fraud, he'll be just as guilty.
Ignorance of the law won't make you any less guilty.

Anonymous said...

T.J., was you borkin bork?

Anonymous said...

...and he liked it!


Mr Vincent said...

I knew the little media whore would bring his site back up.

Get ready for banner ads on his site for some mortgage company.

Mr Vincent said...

I spoke too late. He already has google ads on his site. LOL1

Anonymous said...


you're sitting in a gold mine, now that casey and upside down in cal. is back. no - seriously, start your book with these 2 guys story in it. of course you need their permission and some royalty fees maybe. for others who loves to criticize casey, that's simple; just grease the squeeking wheel with some of your royalty fees and pretty we're all happy campers.

Anonymous said...

largest mortgage frauds in American history

Bill Bond said...

Come on HPers! I thought ya'all was a brighter bunch!

Casey is clearly getting legal advice. His lawyers must have told him that since he's already admitted guilt that he should further explain things in a way that mitigates most of his crimes.

WORDS LIKE "partial intent" versus "primary intent"?? What 24 year old talks like that? Answer: none...unless he's a lawyer. He's doing what any good defense lawyer would do:

1. When there is no paper evidence, make up terms like partial versus primary intent to add reasonable doubt to your guilt.

2. When there is paper evidence that has your name on it, blame others and just say "everybody is doing it".

3. Be on your best behavior and try to act like you're repentant and that you want to serve the public good by being a crusader showing "shady mortgage practices".

Reality: He's just doing a blog in hopes that someway he can generate money to dig himself out. Book deal, whatever.

I hope he at least gets convicted of a felony in California. If so, he cannot profit from his story (California law). I don't really care if he goes to jail, but since he probably doesn't have much more to say than what he's already said, he should just shut up and get his lazy ass a job....and start paying back society that way.

He's no bubble blog with attitude!!

NYC_COP said...

If this kid can get himself on Oprah, can you imagine what middle America's response might be? Some sheeps may actually wake up or then again maybe not.

Anonymous said...

casey - if you read this comment, i think you've got a good title for a book, just ic case you're thinking of signing a deal. the title; Am I Going to Jail for Mortgage Fraud?

Anonymous said...

This economy is really out of whack.

I suspect the stock market rally is being caused by the fact that there is a lot of loose money out there and real estate is no longer a good investment.

So the housing sector will now be discarded like an old pair of shoes.

We see this every day on the stock market. Money changing sectors, whipsaw back and forth. The big players pumping the engine.

Prices will drop to where owning and renting regain their previous price balance.

Anonymous said...

The answer is "Yes".

Anonymous said...

The answer is "Yes".

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

It's Bubba. I'm on break right now from being in the yard all day. I'm in the library and saw your website. I'm looking forward to meeting you. It's really not that bad here. It was tough at first but I got used to it.

I think you are really cute. I have picture etched in my mind. I normally prefer large black men but I'm looking forward to being with you.

San Quentin Prision

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Anonymous said...

I saw your post on

Earlier today, Casey posted a message with a picture of his "Rich Dad" business address. I _found_ the business (he had blurred out the phone number and vehicle licence plate) but I made use of some interesting information he _forgot_ to delete.

I found the business to be:

Secure Tomorrow-Asset Protctn
(916) 978-4880 3636 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, CA

The person who runs the business is: Paul Prestwich.

I believe his blog is garbage. A few hours after I posted my comment
"What does Secure Tomorrow - Paul Prestwich have to do with a Roch Dad and real estate?"

He did not post my comment and deleted the picture of his Rich Dads business.

my email address is:

Info about the Rich Dad:

Year Started:

State of Incorporation:

Location type:
Single Location

Stock Symbol:

Stock Exchange:

Trade Style Names:

SIC Code:
8322-Individual and Family Social Services

Business Description:
Individual/Family Services

Estimated Annual Sales:

Estimated Employees:

Estimated Employees at Location:

Contact Name:
Paul Prestwich

Contact Title:

Anonymous said...

The latest alias for Casey is:

John Bordynuik Inc

4536 Portage Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Canada, L2E 6A8

Tel: 289-241-5936

E-MAIL Inquiries:

Anonymous said...

The above name is _NOT_ an alias for Casey Serin. John Bordynuik did find Casey's old blog caches which did help disprove many of Casey's claims.

For more information about Casey, see