November 02, 2008

OK, which one of you was that in the panda suit?

I love America.

Want to prove a point? Dress up in a panda suit.

We need more of this.

America loves pandas. And hates corrupt Senators.


Anonymous said...

Right Keith ,we need to get back to things that people love. I'm sick of the house fetish people have been

Andrew from Russia said...

> America loves pandas. And hates corrupt Senators.

You'd better choose geopolitically neutral symbols, such as penguins. They would still come with the "Made in China" tag but at least there won't be any open symbolism.

Anonymous said...

"...Mr. Mozilio..."

Heh. That is JUST how slick, devious, and calculated these cheap whores really are.

I didn't even know his name...

As he fucked all of you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

No penguins won't do. They only get F'd once a year!

Paul E. Math said...

They need more attractive, smart and successful-looking people to represent them, I'm afraid. You have to look and dress like the people you are trying to reach.

The panda suit is good. Some guys and girls dressed in Banana Republic to flank the panda would have been better.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Dodd was one of the Democratic Presidential Nominees, about a year ago, and left such a great impression on me when he spoke in the Democratic Debates.

In particular, I was impressed and filled with rare patriotic inspiration when he said something about wanting to be remembered by history for doing something truly great for our country, to try to offset the blight left upon the Dodd family name by his father's Senatorial Censure in 1967 for misappropriating campaign funds for personal use.

Well, two disappointing lessons for me:

1) You can't trust any "feel good" instincts you have about ANY politician


2) Like Father, Like Son.

Is it possible to be a politician and not be an a**ho*e?!?!

Anonymous said...

Dodd is innocent. Just ask him.