July 16, 2008

The "oops I really said that out loud?" John McCain Quote of the Day

"Americans have got to understand that we are paying present-day retirees with the taxes paid by young workers in America today. And that's a disgrace. It's an absolute disgrace, and it's got to be fixed."

- John McCain, telling the American people his inner-most thoughts on the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, July 2008


Anonymous said...

Look. We have had an idiot in the White House for almost eight years.

The two choices we have now are both idiots who can't speak unless they are reading from a teleprompter.

And, when they are not being told what to say by reading from a teleprompter, then stupid sh*t like your quote above comes out of their mouths.

The problem is, that same thing applies to both Obama and McCain. They are both idiots. Neither one can speak unless they are being told what to say.

And, when they try to speak without reading from a prepared script, they are JUST AS STUPID AS GEORGE W. BUSH.


Anonymous said...

1 Open mouth

2 Insert foot

nerdbuff said...

That's not an oops comment, it's a sad commentary on what a Ponzi scheme SS is. Almost nobody knows how Social Security works, that it's a pay as you go system. I'll bet at least 2/3rds of people think it is some money that sits in govt coffers waiting for them when they retire.

It needs to change from a defined benefit program to a defined contribution program, more like an IRA. But don't expect more than a handful of politicians to tell you that until SS has blown up in our faces in another 10 years. Then people like me will be saying 'told you so!!!'

Anonymous said...

There you go. Straight talk biatchesss!

blogger said...

Oh, trust me, it's an oops.

It's one thing to THINK that, because it's true, but it's another thing to actually SAY that, when running for office.

Everyone knows you can't tell the people the truth! They can't handle the truth!

McCain will be saying he mis-spoke on this one all the way through November.

Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

"...we are paying present-day retirees with the taxes paid by young workers in America today. And that's a disgrace."


That's not a "disgrace." It's called -- "CARING FOR THE ELDERLY."

Caring for the elderly is a very noble thing. Any ANIMAL has the instinct to care for its young -- only human beings have the intellectual capacity to see the value in caring for their elders.

We all sit in the shade of trees that we have not planted.

Put down the Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

Currently, McCain receives a taxpayer funded senate salary and $60,000.00 from a 100% VA disability designation. How someone can be disabled at 100% and be a US Senator with a full salary is at best questionable.

Interestingly, he does not look at the taxpayer funds he receives but only disdains Social Security.

If he was really concerned about the taxpayer, he would return his entire VA benefit, his senate salary, his future senate retirement, and all of his health benefit. Surely his combined benefits total over a million dollars.

Why should the taxpayer pay for him? Or maybe the taxpayer should demand the same benefits we pay this elitist who disdains so may taxpayer funded programs except the ones he benefits from?

Has he ever earn a dime that was not taxpayer funded? If memory serves he has not.

Anonymous said...

What a blunder. At least he knows the truth.

Although I will be collecting SS in 4 years, I agree that the system has to change for the future retirees. SS is an inefficient investment. After doing some ROI calcs, If I had the opportunity to invest the 35 years of contributions that I worked, I would be collecting 6 times the SS payment. I assumed investing into the S&P.

One caution, you better believe that the employers wouldn't give their share of witholding to the employees and SS will continue taking a tax for the other BS SS pays for.

Anonymous said...

Hes absolutely right and if theres one reason anyone under 50 should vote for him, thats it.

Anonymous said...

He spoke the truth but americans can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's the first time either candidate has spoken the truth. Congrats

Anonymous said...

I'll bet at least 2/3rds of people think it is some money that sits in govt coffers waiting for them when they retire.


well, actually, SS does produce some surplus, though the yearly surplus is decreasing.

There should be money in an account, just sitting there but guess what? The government has been raiding that money every year in order to reduce the budge deficit (yes, even slick willy's "near balanced budget" raided SS in order to be nearly balancec). That SS cash account is filled with a bunch of IOUs! of course, the IOUs are backed by the full integrity of the federal government....

Anonymous said...

Damn! I didn't think he had the boleros to say it as it is.

I'm going to have to rethink my attitude towards this guy.

Although I agree that you can't tell the truth when you're on a campaign, I believe that everyone who has two brain cells to rub together (and especially HP) should commend him on saying it as it is.

Too many people have no clue as to how fragile everything is. If they did, maybe they'd take steps to make it less so... at least for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Young workers" can go f*ck themselves...just gimme my gubmint SS check every month.

Anonymous said...

Keith, so just to be sure...,

Mc Cain tells the truth and this is bad how?

Obama says nothing of substance and everybody suddenly becomes giddy schoolgirls because of some mythical, ephemeral "hope" and "change".

This is the problem with America, and Keith it exposes your bias that you think he should apologize for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

And McSame has been a politician most of his life... and he's done what all these years to fix that mess?

Freaking Loser!

blogger said...

McCain spoke the truth on Soc Sec and yet he'll disavow those remarks

McCain spoke the truth in the Bush tax cuts and then he did a 180

McCain spoke the truth on Falwell and the Agents of Intolerance, and then he kissed their ring

I liked McCain when he was honest. I can't stand the new McCain 2.0.

And trust me, you can't win an election in America by telling the truth about Soc Sec and Medi. The sheeple can't handle the truth

Anonymous said...

i think his age is catching up on him. pretty soon he'll forget what he had for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a poorly-programmed Mancherian Candidate.

Social Security is a thinly-veiled slush fund for the Military Industrial Complex.

The country is bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Like Nerdbuff above, it is not clear to me why this is an "oops." That's how the system was designed from the start: payouts began before participants had fully paid in.

Now, that may be good policy, or it may be very, very bad policy. Either way, the policy is a matter of public record, and it happened about 80 years ago. Pretending like this is some kind of recently discovered scandal is a bit rich.

McCain benefits from positioning SS as scandalously managed because it advances the conservative agenda for SS reform. This wasn't a mistake; it is astute political theatre.

Anonymous said...

well, actually, SS does produce some surplus, though the yearly surplus is decreasing.

SS is a ponzi scheme that depends on a growing population of workers. There was a 6:1 ratio of workers to retirees when SS was created. That ratio is 3:1 right now. It is due to drop to 2:1 in less than 20 years. The only possible outcome is a collapse like the one Europe is facing with their aging population. They are trying to replenish their population with a hostile Arab/African workforce that was once colonized. We are trying to do the same except with a workforce of illiterate angry Mestizos.

Frank R said...

Interesting read yesterday (wish I'd bookmarked it) on Obama donors demanding refunds on their contributions now that the guy is all over the board and has no solid position on anything.

Either that, or they're the typical kind of looters who epitomize Obama voters ... "I want my money back!"

Anonymous said...

You "young heads" on this thread who are doing the Snoopy dance about McSame's comment are forgetting something:


Even the NRA and AIPAC don't have the power and clout of AARP. Remember, seniors VOTE more than any other demographic.

The AARP will eat McSame like one of Andrew Hac's roasted Americano snapper turtle.

Anonymous said...

Replace Social Security with the same Health Care and Retirement Plans that Libertarians like McCain and other Senators have.

Now there is something I could vote for.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know that Canada is the only G8 country with an actuarially sound public pension plan?

It's also the only G8 country running a budgetary surplus.

And, it has a lower crime rate, lower infant mortality rate and longer life expectancy.

Just a thought for all of the crazy-ass Ayn Rand libertarians out there.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of the old feasting on the young. CUT SOCIAL SECURITY - it's only INsecurity for most.

It's my money - let me invest it. Stop paying these useless old people MY money. If they need money, they need to go get jobs or SAVE it for themselves.

What a screwed up system.