July 16, 2008

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr on the Fannie and Freddie bailout

Hopefully one day soon the GOP rediscovers their Libertarian voice. Until then, they'll be out of power. Period.


Anonymous said...

Look at the smirk on that prick's face when he asks Barr about his 3% poll number.

christiangustafson said...

Good point, Keith. You are right about what the GOP needs to do to revamp, adapt, and survive.

It is really too bad that Rudy Giuliani's campaign fell apart like a GM car at 50,000 miles.

He had the libertarian voice. I was surprised at the extent and clarity of it, but he had it.

McCain needs to flush Phil Gramm, who spearheaded the Glass-Steagall repeal and our current day crisis, out of his campaign.

McCain's instincts are good, but Gramm is deranged and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

who is bob barr? the bankers who run our financial system and our political system hire people like bob barr to run as libertarians in order to confuse and obviscate. our political process is broken. there is no choice. sometimes, i wonder if there ever was. left, right, mean nothing. as long as we allow foreigners to run our banking system, we will always wonder why things in this country never get better, no matter who is in office. what we need is a man to run this country, that does so because he is a patriot. he does so to do what is right for the american people. where is such a man? oh , i forgot. what about ron paul? oh, we can't vote for him say the sheep. we don't understand him. he talks to us of the constitution and the rule of law. he talks to us about treating our neighbors like ourselves. he talks to us about getting rid of the FED......oh, that man.......naw.......the sheep don't need that man. he is what is he says he is. he is a man of honor......and integrity......yet hte sheep say, we don't want him........hmmm...i think that about sums it up......

Anonymous said...

The dude looks quite uncomfortable sitting there and pretends to be listening ...

Something must have happened last night ... the cheesy tie might be a hint.

Anonymous said...

Forget Bob Barr - who is this Freddie guy they are bailing out? I am all for bailing out Fannie, as long as she is hot!

I went to CNN.com to see if they could help me understand this, but I see nothing on the main page about any "bailout", so it must not be that important. Oh well, I guess I will check some of these other "top stories":

Anglicans meet amid gay bishop row
Russians mark death of slain royals
Pope meets koala, crocodile, wallaby
Wig-wearing dad robs daughter's work
'CSI' star's run is coming to an end
8 charged over skull-trafficking ring
Fish start walking down street
Barenaked Ladies singer arrested
Tour de France hit by new doping scandal

In case I forget to get back to you, please remember my vote:
No bailouts for dudes or ugly women!!

Anonymous said...

F*ck I hate these Fox News bootlickers!!! If I ever meet one in person I will tear the son of a bitch's head off and take it bowling. Where do they find these little sycophantic, bootlicking pricks anyway??!!

And I'm not even a fan of Barr.

Frank R said...

He needs to lose the Alex Trebek moustache or sheeple voters won't take him seriously.

Remember, The Obamasiah is on top not because he has anything worthy to say, but because of his appearance and acting skills.

Metroplexual said...


The bailout is a scam on the part of the bushies.