March 07, 2008

Where's Bill Clinton? Anyone seen Bill Clinton?

Anyone seen him?

Maybe he's hiding out with Cheney?

Squirrelled away in a love nest?

At their CPA's office, trying to figure out how to hide all the loot?

Or maybe he's at home, simply enjoying time away from... her?

Just asking... cause I sure ain't seen him lately...


Anonymous said...

Shagging interns of course!

Anonymous said...

Plotting his illegal return to the White House

Anonymous said...

In Media, PA today 3/7 at the local Penn state branch.

Anonymous said...


I went "Back To The Future" and I'm afraid I truly have some bad news for us all.

McCain will be President Of The United States come November and as you always say..."Don't shoot the mesenger".


Ed said...

Chilling out with Dick Cheney in an undisclosed location.

Anonymous said...

Priorities, priorities.

The country is sinking after 7 years of Republican administration: Dollar in the toilet, fake Iraq war that cost $3 trillion transferred from taxpayers to Republican cronies, $8 billion MIA in Iraq which nobody cares about, 5,000 dead American soldiers plus tens of thousands injured, CIA secret prisons around the world, torture is rampant, abuse of privacy, Scuder Libby fiasco, financial meltdown, price of oil @ $105 / barrel, gold @ $1,000, Euro @ US$1.54, 1 million bankruptcy fillings estimated this year, housing bubble, 1 million new people living below poverty line every year since Bushco took office, etc, etc, etc.

But don't pay attention to all that, look over here sheep, where's Clinton? How many times did Clinton say the word "I" in a speech? Look the way Hillary laughs. That's more important.

Anonymous said...

McLame will become president? Thank god. The last thing we need is an all-out liberal government during the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. We'd come out of it a complete socialist welfare state with 50% tax rates. A split and deadlocked government is exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

Squirrelled away in a love nest?

remember when bill clinton was presedent and monica lewhiskey had their love nest in the white house and rembemer when they did the cigar thing together

Stuck in So Pa said...

Ahhhhh. I long for the "farm boy" days. The news was entertaining at least (Whitewater,) and the government was running a surplus. Come on back Slick Willie, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

The Texas Republicans may have given us W. Bush, but they are not as dumb as you think they are.

They crossed over and voted in droves for Hillary. They hate Hillary, but did it intentionally knowing that she would continue to claw and scratch and damage the Democratic party into August, doing the Republican's work for them, while they keep their powder dry and save their money for the all-important Sept-October dash to the finish line.
There's already talk of a repeat of Chicago 1968 in Denver at the Dem Convention.
What a state this country is in. Oy.

Anonymous said...


We already are a socialist state! We baill out the Corps and Big Hedge Funds, and CEO. Capitalism is for the poor.

Republicans have ruled to long: look what we got! Huge Gov, Huge Bills coming due.

I think the plan is to destroy the US dollar, declare marshall law and Bush can continue as a the King.

My 2 cents. Thanks.

My Little Chickadee... said...

Bill looks (and sounds) more like WC Fields everyday with that pear nose of his which matches his old laides figure.

He is sounding like a farmer with terminal cancer looking for a loan on next years crop...

He still likes blue dresses too I imagine...


brianb said...

I heard him give a speech on C-Span at Texas A&M last week.

I thought he was amazingly good. Just a natural campaigner, seems to enjoy people, and speaking.

I know he screwed up in SC, but I think he's the natural and should campaign more. He can toot Hillary's horn better than she can as it would sound arrogant coming from her.

Plus it reminds Democrats just how good they had it.

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: "Where's Bill Clinton? Anyone seen Bill Clinton?"

He gave up and went home.

After reading this article, he threw in the towel:

This Just In--
Democrats Lose in November '08

Does this seem unbelievable? After reading the article, you may not be so skeptical.


Anonymous said...

Stay the F*CK out of MY campaign!

Anonymous said...

Having sex with females probably. You know how cons hate that... like Gannon, Foley, Haggard, etc. cons perfer little boys.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. I long for the "farm boy" days. The news was entertaining at least (Whitewater,) and the government was running a surplus. Come on back Slick Willie, we miss you!

OMG, there never was a surplus! the "surplus" came at the expense of borrowing from social security. True, every administration has done it (borrow from social security) but don't call it a surplus.

Anonymous said...

Having sex with females probably. You know how cons hate that... like Gannon, Foley, Haggard, etc. cons perfer little boys.

oh, the dems like to have "it" both ways too. the difference is that page molesting dems are not run out of congress but are re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Keith, you realize the stupidity of a Chicago spire, but not of a Chicago politician running for the WH. Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

And this is better????

New Black Panther Party supports BHO

BubbleGirl said...

I decided last night that although I have NEVER voted for a Republican in my life and although I absolutely detest the GOP and the Bush Administration, I will vote for John McCain should Hillary steal the nomination. Or if there is a way to write in someone, I'll write in Obama. Americans are just stupid. I am disgusted with Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out, with Hillary, how to undo all the damage seven years of Republican control have inflicted on our economy.

When Bill Clinton was in office, we had a booming manufacturing economy. Ford and Chrysler were resurgent and profitable, the technology business was creating millions of new jobs at market leaders like Microsoft and Intel, we were at peace with the world, the Euro was at 60 cents (not $1.50 as today), oil was $9 a barrel, airlines were profitable and paying good wages, the national debt was in decline and the government was paying it down increasingly rapidly with surpluses, federal government employment growth was slightly negative, and "offshore outsourcing" was viewed as something that harmed quality.

Then the "small government Republicans" got in charge and:

1) Doubled the national debt;

2) Delivered half-trillion-dollar annual budget deficits;

3) Doubled the national debt;

4) Ignored warnings from the prior administration and intelligence communities about terrorist attacks until AFTER 9/11;

5) Inflated a stock market bubble to head off a mild recession;

6) Inflated the present real estate bubble to head off a moderate recession;

7) Devalued the currency to toilet paper levels;

8) Launched an idiotic war build on lies in Iraq that will end up costing $4 trillion and 50,000 American lives before it's all said and done;

9) Shipped our entire manufacturing base off to China;

10) Failed to spend any time or effort actually capturing Osama bin Laden;

11) I could go on but I just won't, it's too depressing.

Anybody who wants to bash Bill Clinton, who also supported these Republican idiots, is an unpatriotic treasonous asshole. Bill Clinton was 1,000 times the president that this disgusting little Bushitter that the GOP imposed on us is.

Ed said...

Bill Clinton's BIO

- won with 43% of the vote in '92 and 49% in '96

- fucked fat internt, got impeached

- was prez at start of .com bubble

- left as .com bust started

- watched as WTC bombed in 1993 and did nothing

- watched as African embassies bombed in 1998 and did nothing

-watched as USS Cole bombed and did nothing

WOW!! Why he isn't on Mt. Rushmore is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

>> The news was entertaining at least (Whitewater,) and the government was running a surplus.

The surplus thing turned out to be a lie. Do your research...

Anonymous said...

When Bill Clinton was in office oil was $9 a barrel,
did you post that poppa?
rememberr when bill clinton was presedent and the oil price was

"In a letter to Clinton, the senators also expressed frustration with the Department of Energy's failure to take steps to convince OPEC to lower oil prices."
Senators said the administration claimed to have solved the problem of high oil and gas prices in March by convincing OPEC nations to increase oil supply if prices topped $28 per gallon, but noted that prices are now at $33 a barrel and there has been no action from OPEC.

this may help your fading memory a little better, poppa

Anonymous said...

Anon March 07, 2008 6:05 PM, get a grip. You haven't been studying closely enough what is apparently history to you.

Would you like some links (which you could find on your own, BTW) to read up on the manufacturing layoffs during the Clinton administration, the jobs available in manufacturing today, the "surplus" that never was, the history of offshoring, and anything else to refute what your drinking buddies are feeding you?

Or do you want a binkie?

Anonymous said...

This election is going to be very much like 2000, if we even have one. I told my boss in 2000 the day of the election "We won't have a winner till maybe Jan." She thought I was nuts. 2000 and 2008 are under a retrograde mercury, fuzz results. October/November 08 is the most nasty astro stuff in decades and the election day itself, the worst.
False flag, No election, maybe until 2010.

Don't shoot the astrologer, we don't make rules we just report the facts.

Anonymous said...


Baggy-eyed, Big nosed, piece-o-crap!