March 07, 2008

For the record, HousingPANIC agrees, Hillary Clinton is a MONSTER

And no, I will not resign...


Ed said...

Yep and still better than Obama.

Anonymous said...

She is a Goat Woman.

brianbb said...

At least she's honest. Everyone knows what and who she is.

Obama is this closet gun-grabbing, big government (850 billion in foreign aid to solve "world poverty"...that's 850 billion from the US, which we will of course, have to borrow).

He will immediately withdraw from Iraq...except he already said he wouldn't...just campaign rhetoric. Plus he'll go back if "Al Queda shows up there". Which means he won't leave in the first place.

Just a phony. "Bring us together by doing what's 'right'!". Uh...the sides DISAGREE on what's "right". Get it?

He supports the union's power grab of ending the secret vote in union ballots. He promised the teamsters he'd end all federal oversight of them and their corrupt union. (Head mobster James Hoffa Jr. is the head of the teamsters).

He's against allowing inner city kids the right to chose to attend other schools...standing in teh schoolhouse door to keep black kids in rotten, violent schools under teacher's union control.

He's against the ban on partial birth abortions. That ban had the BI-PARTISAN support he claims to be so after....but he was against it. Why?

He talks as a "uniter". George Bush did too. So did Nixon, believe it or not. It's meaningless drivel.

He's the most liberal senator. More liberal than Kennedy.

This guy is a FRAUD. If he weren't black he would have been laughed out of town a long time ago.


I think Hillary is no worse than McCrazy (100 years in Iraq,Bomb Iran right now),or Obama ( Ignore everything I say about NAFTA, its just rhetoric)

Americans get the politicians you deserve - convincing lier's, in the pay of corporate America,
but you cannot complain since you rejected John Edwards or Ron Paul

beclouded said...

"At least she's honest. Everyone knows what and who she is."

how come she won't release her tax forms or allow access to information at the presidential library?

and what about information on her tenure on the walmart board? when she, based on opinion, worked hard to destroy unions and move US jobs to china?

Anonymous said...

now that you mentioned it she does look like a monster
i bet bill clinton would aagree with you on this too
probably chelsey too

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law when he was in office with his dual partner in crime.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Keith's bashing-on-Clinton threads are the ones with the lowest number of comments, always. Not a very popular topic, Keith. You've gotten what, 6 followers tops?

Just one question. If "The Dust Has Settled" that Hillary lost, according to you pathetic polls, why do you look so desperate with your Clinton threads? Hahaha.. That's right, you know she'll be your next president, and for 8 years. It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Ok ,so who will really be the best President under the circumstances we are going to move into with this economical meltdown coming up .

McCain .....Was tortured for many years as a POW and served his Country .Was involved with a S&L scandal in the 80's and was cleared of any wrongdoing ,but has a understanding of the banking system. McCain has been around for a long time and might have some experience.,but than again he might be to old . At least McCain knows how to be alone in a room in between being beaten up all the time (the POW years )

H.Clinton ...enough said

Obama ...Maybe it's time for super liberal .Nope ,don't think so,tough times coming up that require tough decisions .Can't have someone giving the farm away ,got to get Americans productive again . Than again he might be the right man because we are going to need a lot of hand out programs .

USpace said...

Great post. Obama’s aide was right. Hillary is a monster. Of course not the same kind of monster as Hitler, Mao & Stalin; but a monster nonetheless.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
claim to care for people

call yourself progressive
your policies hurt poor folk

absurd thought -
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elect women presidents

who cover for their husbands
who rape other women

absurd thought -
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vote for any woman

better than any man
none could make things any worse

if you’re MAD
punish your country
VOTE for Hillary


Go here and watch ‘The Hillary Show’ with Howard Dean. It’s Hillarious!


corvinus said...

Not as much of a monster as Bipolar John "Bomb Bomb Iran" McCain.

Anonymous said...

Get your head outta yo ass. You have no busines talking so much about politics, otherwise many people like me will be gone.