March 14, 2008

FLASH: The NAR admits the truth - there are too many damn realtors, they're doing a "sloppy" and "second rate job" and they're dropping like flies

Next they'll admit that the organization is run by monkeys, that David Lereah and Lawrence Yun were paid liars who conned America, and that their profession is a discredited joke.

OK, maybe not. But this one's a start...

Botton line - the NAR IS run by monkeys, "realtor" IS the least trusted profession in America, and you'd have to be a fool to use a realtor or pay them 6%.

Thanks david for the tip

Way Too Many REALTORS®?
- By NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun

NAR membership figures have finally begun to fall.


The number of REALTORS® grew from 750,000 at the turn of this decade to close to 1,370,000 as recently as August 2007. That is an addition of 83 percent in short seven years. From 1980 to 2000, membership figures bounced around in the narrow band of 620,000 to 820,000.

Such a rapid increase in membership is not necessarily healthy
. How many of the new members have ever seen a down market aside from the last two years? How many understand the importance of repeat and referral business and not just a single transaction?

Given that about ½ million REALTORS® have less than 5 years of experience, sloppiness in some transactions no doubt exists. A complaint I hear quite frequently from REALTORS® is about the second-rate conduct of some of their fellow new members.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of back during the tech bubble when tons of trailer trash and ghetto queens were getting IT jobs. The tech bust washed out those worthless garbage.

tater said...

A complaint I hear quite frequently from REALTORS® is about the second-rate conduct of some of their fellow new members.

Yun, let me give you a little "heads-up" on something: The "new" members learned their "tricks of the trade" from somebody. So, if the new members are showing "second-rate conduct" (understatement of the year), then, naturally, they learned from the "old" members.

The reason that you don't hear about the "second-rate conduct" from the "old" members is that they're the ones that are running that shit-hole of an organization called the NAR. Get a clue, man!!

Peter T said...

Keith, beautiful graph. It should be published together with all the graphs of sales and price over time. The fall-out from the housing market hits a right target, the NAR. I sincerely hope that the NAR will lose its grip on the housing market in this crisis.

GT said...

unbelievable. next you'll have bob toll say there are too many houses and many of those houses are second rate garbage.

what are they gonna do about it though? there is still probably 1.2 mill of them, needs to be chopped in half. they're admitting they have too many of them and that they suck but dont worry they'll still take the $30 annual fee to be a RealtorTM

Anonymous said...

require a college degree to be a realtor and cut that shit by 2/3