February 13, 2008

Our corrupted and incompetent Congress: Investigate steroids in baseball - check. Investigate the housing bubble and financial meltdown - nope.

Congress. Bunch of monkeys I tell ya. Monkeys.

And corrupt ones at that, thank you National Association of Realtors, National Association of Mortgage Brokers and National Association of Homebuilders. And Merrill and Citi and Goldman and Bear and JP Morgan and BofA and ...

Gee, I hope they get to the bottom of whether Clemens was on the juice. Since the fate of America rides on this.

Meanwhile, millions are losing homes to foreclosure, millions of mortgage fraudsters go unpunished, millions lose their jobs, and trillions of dollars are lost, yet Congress doesn't want to know why.

HP calls for a criminal investigation of Congress itself. Oh, wait, that would involved the Justice Department, which should be investigated too. Oh, wait, that would involve the president - who should be investigated too. Oh, wait, well, forget it, I guess we're just f*cked.

But we'll get to the bottom of this steroids thing by golly!!


Anonymous said...

where was Obama??? why didn't the super hero stop all of this!

Anonymous said...

Good call, Keith. I mean baseball is corrupt, but who f___ cares? It's entertainment. Even if all the players take 'roids for breakfast, lunch, dinner, Grannies retirement account is going to be safe, and it's not going to cause a global meltdown.

Anonymous said...

The only roids in baseball are HEMROIDS.

Anonymous said...

The FBI is busy investigating 75 year-old gamblers in New York and the tabloid magazines in Los Angeles. How would they have time to investigate trillions of dollars in financial fraud?


Senior citizens are gambling on football games in. We just can't have that. Then you have tabloid magazine editors taking kickbacks from photographers. First things first.

edd said...

Fraud in pro sports should not be
high on the list, but it must not
be ignored.

Your kids can get steroids, and
if they use them like their heroes,
you will curse neglect of the

And if you ignore steroids in sports,
do you also ignore cocaine,
meth, and fairy dust ?

Do you also ignore bribing refs,
point shaving for bookies, and
spiking the "enemy's" Gatorade ?

America is full of slippery slopes
with "skid marks" of the fallen,
kids included.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they all just want his autograph and this definitely distracts from the important headline topics. The whole Congress is a joke - taxpayer money for their "emergencies".

Anonymous said...

OMG drugs in sports - glad I'm a nerd. Keep it realz guyz!

Anonymous said...

So far this morning, the hearings are on MSNBC, CNN, and believe it or not CNBC. Yep thats right, the economy is tanking and a network devoted to the economy is covering baseball. Its good to know we have our priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

Most here know the real score about this and other things.

That's why can only be of the,
Smart Independents Grouping--Applied Logic & Cost Efficiencies.
Only way for thinking people to keep their sanity. Also, think as a grouping influence changing some things...for own sanity.

Anon (only because don't want to give out password, but would
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Anon, Smart Independent

Stuart said...

Corruption is rife in America no doubt about it. From the bowels of our government it has leaked into society and business. The rampant greed of this nation is breathtaking. Sadly only Ron Paul can cure the disease.
I have a faint hope that Obama can do what is right, but in the end I believe he too will be forced to kneel as a puppet for the "club", skull and bones, masonic , bullshit club, that we are not invited too.
Its so pathetic that these muppets are so short sighted,that for short term greed and gain they would risk destroying their own country.

The mistakes made are so dire I had to question these so called educated fools in government,truth is, its so unbelievably stupid, it can not be by mistake, but by design....?

Born with a sixth sense, I have looked into the future and i have seen chaos, i mean on a biblical scale for America. When I wake my head pounds from the images.
America has political HIV,its dying a slow death infected with corruption that sadly only really Ron Paul can cure. Considering only about 10% of the US is intelligent enough and not brainwashed enough to vote for him,i agree Obama is the last hope!

Anonymous said...

And if you ignore steroids in sports,
do you also ignore cocaine,
meth, and fairy dust ?

If I'm not mistaken, there are already laws against illegal drug usage. It's up to the police to enforce those laws. What good will days of Congressional investigations do? Are they going to pass more laws making illegal drugs MORE illegal?

Anonymous said...

Recently we've had baseball investigations, Lance Bass of the Backdoor Boys testify about coal mining, Bonehead from U2 testify about Africa. We've had former superbimbo Christie Brinkley testify about nuclear power plants, Julia Roberts testify about rare diseases, and Alanis Morissette testify about the internet. I'm glad congress is on top of things that really matter. Meanwhile we're still in Iraq, 30 million illegal aliens roam our country and the economy is teetering on collapse. Aren't you glad you voted for change in 2006?

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

This is all McCain's doing. It was his genius idea to waste Congress' time and money investigating baseball instead of something important.

anon666 said...

edd said

"And if you ignore steroids in sports,
do you also ignore cocaine,
meth, and fairy dust ?

Do you also ignore bribing refs,
point shaving for bookies, and
spiking the "enemy's" Gatorade ?"

edd, I believe that the corruption within pro sports is an internal house cleaning issue, not a Congressional issue. If a ref throws a game or a player is on steriods then the league commisioner better deal with it or else lose all credibility. Why is Congress on this?

If a player is using cocaine and meth then it becomes a criminal justice problem just like it would with anyone else.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, the housing bubbly is five years old at max. Baseball has been scandalous for the last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many NY GIANTS took steriods or HGH to win against the Patriots.

Paul E. Math said...

This country remains largely successful. But how long can it maintain it's high standard of living while this level of waste and distraction occurs?

It is amazing to see these congressmen taking the baseball issue so seriously when it is so utterly trivial. Next there will be a congressional investigation into whether Andre the Giant threw the match in Hulkamania 3.

Anonymous said...

Mark in San Diego

Actually I for one am glad they are NOT passing any more stupid "bailout" and give-a-way bills for the idiot president to sign. . .let them investigate Chinese lead junk, baseball steriods, dildo factories in Mexico, ANYTHING but passing stupid laws!

alba said...

The Rocket is starting to look like Pete Rose, and acting like him.

I only worry about the HS kids, and mine. I'v seen it in middle school. It starts with the pros, and end with the kids....not good.

Dunno Keith, if they're not going to prosecute Greenspan, might as well have some celebrity entertainment on CNBC.

Anonymous said...

I heard this guy, whomever he is, was making rounds and signing autographs and taking pictures with the congressional jurors prior to the testimony.

I never watched Pro Sports and I think anyone who does should get a life. Cheering for grown men's uniforms is just stupid.

You love them when they have "your" teams colors on but hate them when they have "their" team colors on. These clowns are traded or jump ship more than a cheap whore.

You all pay millions to subsidize their stadiums.

I haven't watch a Superbowl since I was in high school. I will never watch the ghetto crap Basketball, including college. Almost all pro athletes are a bunch of uneducated juvenile delinquents. It is the rare Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordon, Joe Montana who at least appear to me classy competitors.

BTW, I love sports and was a High School 3 sport player so I'm not just a homo sport hater. College sports is where the passion is.

Pro sports is for people who need a life. You're like little children worshiping cartoon characters.

edd said...

Points well taken on crime being for law enforcement. But hearings are appropriate when other systems fail to adequately address a chronic, serious, and federal problem.

It is such with sports crime, which
carries much influence with kids
of all ages.
Too bad it led the news, but maybe
it needs headlines so we stick to
old fashioned non-steroidal drugs
like sugar, booze, and tv.
Did Andre really throw that match ?
Say it ain't so, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Come on, congress is doing more than the MLB investigation! They are looking into whether the Patriots video tapping was worse than originally reported!

Anonymous said...

Mark in San Diego

Actually I for one am glad they are NOT passing any more stupid "bailout" and give-a-way bills for the idiot president to sign. . .let them investigate Chinese lead junk, baseball steriods, dildo factories in Mexico, ANYTHING but passing stupid laws!


yea, good point. I think they need to look into HGH use in curling, i heard it is out of control!

Anonymous said...

The senseless Congressional hearings have become a very important part of our political process. If Congressmen were not chasing down steroid users or figuring out spygate, what would they be doing? They would be finding ways to spend untold billions of tax payer dollars. The hearings and investigations are costing tens of millions of dollars, and taking up time of many Congressmen. I think that this is a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Hey we elect these fools. If you don't like what they're doing, then FIRE them!