February 24, 2008

Election is coming up. Time for a new terror waring from Bush & Co.?


Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Hmm, a clip from PMSNBC?

And you think Fox is biased???


Anonymous said...

Hope the terrorists blow up my house so that I can out of my mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's time....

We've not had one since the last election.

Anonymous said...

The war on terror is a hoax

Anonymous said...

I have two comments about that. Danger Danger Will Robinson (Arms flailing)! Paranoia self destroy ya.
Burn Baby Burn

Ed said...

MSNBC...home of Keith Olberman, the failed sportscaster turned 9/11 conspiracy nut.

Yeah I trust msnbc as a news source.

Anonymous said...

Hey dailykooks, Bush isn't running for a third term. Take off the tinfoil hat

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Election is coming up. Time for a new terror warning from Bush & Co.?

Not only will there be new terror warnings, there will likely be new terror attacks which will make 9/11 look tame by comparison. The Bush crime syndicate's plan for world domination is too close to becoming a reality for them to back out now.

9/11 was used as an excuse for the US government to invade Iraq, invoke the Patriot Act and enact other legislation which essentially voids the Constitution.

There is credible evidence implicating the US government in the 9/11 terror attack and subsequent cover-up:

• How did 4 hijacked commercial aircraft elude the United States $80 billion defense system, NORAD and the US air force, thus allowing them to hit 3 of their 4 intended targets?

• Why can't we see pictures of the "commercial aircraft" that supposedly hit the Pentagon?

• Why did World Trade Center Building 7 collapse, even though it was not hit by an aircraft?

• Why did the Shanksville, PA "crash site" wreckage of Flight 93 contain no large aircraft parts, luggage, seats or bodies?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of US citizens can't believe, or don't want to believe, that their government is run by criminals. The gangsters in control don't care if we know what is really going on, just so long as we don't do anything about it.

We are being tested now. How many war crimes and treasonous acts will we tolerate from our "elected" officials? Apparently, we are willing to go along for the ride.


The phony warnings are no longer being taken seriously. Real "terror" attacks will be needed to attract the attention of a population preoccupied by the sideshows put on by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Hollywood freaks, junky sports heroes and American Idol contestants.


After a new round of terror attacks, politicians who promise security will continue to occupy the highest offices in the land. It won't matter that this "security" will come at the expense of attacking more foreign countries plus a systematic elimination of constitutional rights and safeguards.


Anonymous said...

Veronica Lodge, please do us all a favor and get back on the meds. For your safety and ours.

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts:

1. The terror alerts from 2002 - 2004 were in place for one reason: To get Bush re elected for a second term. Notice how they stopped after late 2004. Rove was definitley the master mind of this ploy.

2. Instill fear = best way to accomplish your objective.

3. Bush needs the phone surveillence to continue for one reason. It is protection for him and his cronies. He is using this law for potential blackmail against Congress.

This is the most corrupt and horrible administration ever!

Anonymous said...

Who is the average "terrorist islamo fascist" the republicans warn us about? He can't read, he herds sheep for a living, and his sole possession is an AK47 he found on a dead russian in 1983. That's who the republicans want you to be scared of.

Do you really believe that we haven't been "hit" since 9/11 because the republican administration has done a stellar job of protecting us? The same administration who took 5 days to bring water to the superdome? We haven't been hit because most of the "jihadists" you've been taught to fear couldn't even rob a 7-11 if they tried.

Anonymous said...

Yep, time for the farmer boys start making those fake Osama Bin Laden/ Al-Qaeda production in Langley. Booo, watch for the bogeyman under the bed, sheeple. Booo...code yellow, booo..code red. Man, the American sheep is soooo pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The idiots who keep writing 2000 word passages - nobody is reading your tripe. Go write a book and try to get it published. This is a blog. You have 5-6 sentences to make your point. Nobody has all day to read yyour ramblings

Andrew Hac said...

Dubya Shrub + Penis Shooter = "Little Boy" + "Fat Man"

This nation and its Americano citizen is as toasted as a snapper turtle skewered on a Chinese bamboo stick from mouth to ass all sizzling, sputtering, roasting nicely, juices dripping, fat popping over a bed of white hot charcoal grill.

Americano = Grilled Snapper Turtle

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

So, tell me, does the average Americano take it enough in the rear orifice yet by the forceful penetration of "Little Boy" + "Fat Man", or do you want more "Enter The Dragon" ?

Americano = Being Entered By The Dragon up the Kazook

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

And all of you retards, ass-head that voted for SHRUB and worshipped his ASS over the last 8 years, guess what, the chicken are coming home to roost on your head-ass. The ancient snapper turtle probably have more brain cell than you and your children combined together. Are you sorry yet ? Do you feel ashamed and stupid about your shallow thinking, narrow-minded love and swoon for DUBYA ? Do you, do you, do you ???

Anonymous said...

While Bush always announces terror in election time, I think this time we will see a serious attack. They have been anticipating this one since at least 2003.
I don't think it is a joke and I also don't believe in these incredible conspiracies that are touted here.
The real conspiracy was in inflating housing prices. Now there was a terrorist attack!!!