January 26, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote of the Day

We need a plan that stimulates savings and production not more of the reckless borrowing and consumption that got us into this mess in the first place. Ron Pauls plan is the only one that amounts to a step in the right direction.

If you want meaningful change - for the better that is - Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of delivering it. The others merely promise to continue the failed policies that are at the root of our current economic problems.

-Peter Schiff, Economic Advisor to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, January 2008

Seriously, Peter Schiff is Ron Paul's new economic advisor. Man, it all comes together here on HousingPANIC, eh? What's next, Lawrence Yun and Kendra Todd advising Hillary Clinton?

And how sad is it that Ron Paul's plan has zero chance of getting even looked at, let alone passed. Americans want their money from the sky so they can buy sh*t from Wal-Mart. Savings? Production? We're AMERICA - we don't need to save or produce anymore!

We're doomed. We're run by monkeys, and our population is clueless.

Thanks HP'ers for the link.


Anonymous said...

Who knows. Maybe Peter Schiff will run for president in 2012 when we're well into the Greater Depression and we're all begging and doing stupid human tricks for the wealthy Chinese tourists to throw us a few pesos.

Anonymous said...

I had something terribly negative in reation to the statement, however the anaon poster 7:26 said it much more eloquently that I can.

Great Post, and thank you.

Don't bother turning out the lights America, you will not have any power soon. Maybe, when we default and refuse to pay them, the Chinese will provide one BIG BRIGHT FLASH and mushroom cloud and then the rest won't matter anymore....

Anonymous said...

Here is the stimulus plan that failed to deal with the economic problems of the US economy resulting from the roaring 20's/1929 crash:


Here is the organized support that private industry/gov't attempted to mount in order to prop up the market in 1929


The parallels are chilling & basically we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past because we keep on forgetting the past/history in these matters.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, ok.

But why are people NOT electing a
majority of House & Senate who think
like Mr. Paul?

I don't want a responsive Gov't,
but a responsible Gov't.

Spend less 1st,
tax less just after.

If you owe the Gov't. money,
they show up at your house with a gun.
If the Gov't owes you, and you
show up with a gun,you go to jail.

This is FREEDOM?

Historyguy said...

Anybody here ever go back and read some of the speeches that Herbert Hoover gave? I would feel better about Ron Paul if he didn't sound so much like Herbert Hoover.

Anonymous said...

Americas don't want to SAVE!

WINGS said...

Anonymous said:

Who knows. Maybe Peter Schiff will run for president in 2012 when we're well into the Greater Depression and we're all begging and doing stupid human tricks for the wealthy Chinese tourists to throw us a few pesos.

I want to play upsidedown buckets like drums for my supper.

I think the rich, Chinese communist tourists would be amused with me doing some magic tricks.

I'd like to thank our rich politicians, both left and right, for turning us into circus clown Vaudeville street acts to scrape by.

Anonymous said...




Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Ron Paul's plan has no chance of getting looked at because, just when the guy starts to sound really good and becomes appealing as a candidate, he goes into his "legalize coke and heroin" or "we deserved 9/11" nutjob stuff and he completely discredits himself.

He's the Dennis Kucinich of the republican party.

Anonymous said...

This has been my question this whole time. Everything the establishment is proposing will only keep us in the same situation we find ourselves in currently.

We cannot maintain our same level of spending as we have over the last 5 years! Bush and Ben are clueless and will only make things worse.

We can't as Americans spend a hight percentage of our income than we already are! We save NOTHING...feel that we deserve EVERYTHING...and won't take responsibility for ourselves or our actions.

Just pisses me off! We are getting dumber by the minute.

I know I'm preaching to the choir but had to put in my 2cents.