January 21, 2008

Here's your presidential candidates on the ballot in November. Pick one.

The HP first round poll had:

Dems - Obama
Reps - Romney
Ind - Bloomberg

So now you have to pick one of these three. And yes, you heard it here first, these three WILL be the three on the ballot come November. New poll on the right sidebar.

Here were the first round HP poll results.

Clinton 17%
Obama 39%
Bloomberg 11%
McCain 10%
Romney 13%
Huckabee 7%


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a DEMONcrat


ROMNEY is mormon rich guy.

in the end, the only one who even talks about border enforcement and illegal criminalien crack down is ROMNEY... so i have to go with Romney. He also is a turn around specialist and made near death companies like Staples and Sport Authority in to the successes they became

BUT.. I"m still very tempted to WRITE IN RON PAUL

RON PAUL as the indie.

Then Romney.

Anonymous said...

Lets see...Will it be Moe , Larry Or Curley Jo ? Well at least the Clintons would have been booted out if this happens....Guess they will start grooming Chelsey for her run for the White House since Ma failed.

Anonymous said...

Romney lies about his record in Mass. Investigate what really went on during his stewardship. The Boston press has already exposed some.

michael said...

i will stay home and not vote. it would not devistate me to see obama win though, i just could not pull the lever for him.

Anonymous said...

Here are some articles:



Anonymous said...

If Hillary wins I'm moving to Canada.

If Obama wins, I'm moving to the moon.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'd go with Romney, with a strong temptation to write in Ron Paul. Obama is a socialist, the only way I can vote for him is if Huckabee is the Republican candidate. And there is no way that I vote for Hillary, under any conditions, I don't care of Josef Stalin himself is dug up and run against her.

Anonymous said...

write in for Ron Paul

2nd place in Nevada -- probably got most of the non-Mormon vote

Anonymous said...

These three may or may not be the Game.

My Pick:

Hitlery for the dems

No one for the GOP
they simply cannot win.

Fill in the Blank for the Ind.

*Obama will become a towel boy in a gay bathhouse on the outskirts of the Loop.

Seig Heil Clinton.

Jeb Bush in 2020

New World Order

Anonymous said...

I'll protest by writing in Ron Paul.

truthwatch said...

The two candidates will be Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Hillary wins along with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.
Accept it and quit wasting time fantasizing about your hopes. Play ball or spend the next 8 years as you spent the last 8, twisting yourselves into pretzels in denial.

Take one hand away from between your legs, take your other hand off the keyboard and grow up you little pathetic snot-sniveling losers. You all spend more time complaining, bitching, and posting inane information than producing anything of value.
To find out what is really wrong with the direction of this country,

Anonymous said...

I hope the anti-war candidates have really good security


The Military Industrial Complex will not go down easy

Anonymous said...

Obama is an empty suit with lots of empty promises. He hasn't done a thing in his life except smoke crack and attend madrassas. If the guy was white, nobody would notice him.

Malcolm said...

I think the Nevada Romney stomping is proof that America is waking up to what we have known all along: that the economy is in trouble, and that we have feet of sand.

I think that Romney will pull it off because he's the only republican candidate who looks like a businessman.

Whether this is true or not, who knows, but people seldom use their heads when they vote.

burst the obama bubble said...

No corrupt Chicago pols in the WH, please!

I'm surprised that this even came out. Esp from the Chicago Suntimes, might as well consider it Pro-Party controlled media.

Obama is just as dirty as everyother candidate. Probably more so since he's out of Chicago.

Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case
--Source confirmed Obama is the unnamed "political candidate" referred to in document which outlines case against Rezko

Ofcourse he has nothing to do with it or even knew anythng about it.....blah blah blah

Here is a summary of the Obama Rezko relationship.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg will be seen as the guy who can fix this economic mess, I would bet my last .50 on it.

Anonymous said...

What is the cause of the housing bubble and current global meltdown?

The War in Iraq.

Look at interest rates, reached a low in June 2003. Why? The war.....

Bush should be arrested not impeached.

Anonymous said...

as long as bill clinton is running for office again I don't think Obama will be on the list. I sure hope Obama told all his secrets in his books because the Clintons are surely looking under pebbles for scandal. And I think to Obama's credit he never said "Monica" when Bill said his policy was a fairytale. Matter of fact no one bothered to remind the world when Bill Clinton said he never inhaled or his mother didn't want him to marry Hillary, didn't like her.
Why do you people hate Obama so much, prey tell, just as I always say you are some the most racist people. Just because he is considered black, remember his mama is white just like you. Lest you forget. The comments some of you make are so rude and disgusting and have no place in intelligent discussion. But when it comes to racial matters it's hard to be intelligent, just hateful.
But I guess no one has anything good to say about Bush, yet I don't recall anyone saying as a HARVARD graduate (Obama is also a Harvard graduated lawyer, obviously smarter than you'll ever be) would be a gay boy in a towel house. Why does Obama look like some one you want to be your towel boy? OOO U SO HORNEY U WANT HIM LONG TIME.

Anonymous said...

Seig Heil Clinton.

Jeb Bush in 2020

New World Order

Don't forget Jenna Bush or Chelsea in 2028. Jenna or chelsea, tough choice. They both have equal experience. If hillary gets to claim experience through marriage, these two can claim experience through their fathers.

Anonymous said...

If that's all there is to choose from I think we're going to see some very sad voter turnout numbers. What a pathetic looking bunch. I can't understand why anyone would get excited about a Bloomberg for president.

Anonymous said...

The two candidates will be Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Hillary wins along with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress.
Accept it and quit wasting time fantasizing about your hopes. Play ball or spend the next 8 years as you spent the last 8, twisting yourselves into pretzels in denial.

You be one of those F*cking idiots that believed the new world order was going to truely enslave the American people and you were with them. You have your money in the multinational companys you were going to be a rich masa enjoying the easy life while pissing on the animals toiling in the field. Look in the mirrior and see a thing that hates itself more than he hates millions of hard working innocent people who already realize what the greedy corrupt whores like you were wanting. The greedy will suffer. Their dreams of total dommination are burning with the global financial markets. Any god damned fool could see this coming, I know a lot of them. We smile at you, we vote for Romeney, and thank god we come from humble roots and know how to get by. We will rebuild. This time around the it will be done right. PS I have to laugh at the greedy bastards like you that were buying houses and apple like it was going out of style, thinking I was a fool buying equipement to service infrastucture paying cash and warehousing it. Well lets see whose was right the last 5 years. Oh by the way, this bullshit about emerging markets decoupling from the US and England. Just long enough to trap any greedy fools who are dumb enough to keep chasing those 20-30% returns. To all honest Americans out their WE WILL SURVIVE. (This rant was aimed at a neo-con but works well with Hitlery trash. You pinko communist hag.) Smiley face.

Anonymous said...

John McCain is Hillary. Identical views on amnesty (both want it), taxes (both want more), socialized medicine (both want it), abortion (both favor it).

Only place whether their views diverge even a little is Iraq. McCain wants to stay for 10 years, Hillary for 5 years.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Obama - Communist who wants to seize the wealthy's money (wealthy meaning anyone not in poverty) and hand it out to lazy welfare bums.

Romney - NO IDEA where he stands on any issues because he flip flops and changes to please his voters.

Bloomberg - Fascist gun grabber who wants to turn the USA into a totalitarian police state

We're f*cked. Really f*cked. Everyone badmouth Hitlery but forgets that Bloomberg is just as bad and Obama is worse.

Anonymous said...

Not even close Keith, stick to bubble prognostication.

Scott said...

I will vote for Ron Paul. Period. Whether I check a box or write his name on the sheet

Anonymous said...

McCain = Keating Five

Rommey = Follows a Cult as bizarre as Scientology.

Bloomberg = Give the country in a plate to the Zionists, fools, so you can support their arses in that POS desert.

Anonymous said...

Funny, you guys don't realize that Hillary is already your next president.

Do you really think that the Democratic Party will let Obama race against McCain or Rommey. Dream on.

Thank your GOP, neocons, Bush/Cheney for having Hillary as your next president.

Anonymous said...

Alert, Romney leads in Florida by 5 points Romeney 25, Mcshitstain 20. Suck it up Hitlery backers. You gonna have a race!!!!!

borkafatty said...

Ill vote my 9 year old daughter...she seems to have much more intelligence than all 5 put together.....

Anonymous said...


Elect a dead President.....It worked twice before!!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch the debates. Barack Obama is Condi Rice. He praises Ronnie Rayguns, worked for a slum lord, says Al-CIAda is getting stronger and black americans cheer him. The Clinton NAFTA clones are just as bad, all anti-war candidates have been removed from view. We are in a dire state of fucking stupidity.
We are fucked, the Military Industrial Complex has won, these clowns all will continue to destroy our nation.

buy a gun now while you still can, this shit is gonna hit the fan.

W.C. Varones said...

I'll take Romney, unless Ron Paul runs 3rd party.

Princess Mononoke said...

Obama completely lost my attention when he deliberately began attacking Hillary's character and past associations!

The reason why: He acted as though he was of higher caliber, when in fact HE also has skeleton's in HIS closet as well. Shit, everybody's does. So Obama has no place acting holier than thou in this race or any for that matter!

The candidates need to focus on us and our economy and how the heck they're going to get us out of this deep deep deep mess! NOT wasting debating time on pointing fingers at each other like little children.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Romney - NO IDEA where he stands on any issues because he flip flops and changes to please his votes."

He's a standard businessman, in the white house, much like Coolidge during the 20s.

His only achievement as Massachusetts governor was getting elected. MA has one of the most stalwart democratic legislatures out there. The only thing a Rep governor can do is be a counterpoint to a state with a lot of flush funds and insiders taking benefits. It was clear to the average Mass voter that a democratic governor was little more than a "rubber stamp" for an entrenched state legislature. In other words, he's not any different from a Weld or Celucci but was considerably better than Swift, his incompetant predecessor. All and all, being governor of Massachusetts is a worthless job because it ain't called Taxachusetts for nothing. You get nothing out of it and none of one's reformist (even if it's just fiscal conservatism) ideas can get through.