November 06, 2007

Yesterday's Ron Paul "money bomb" shook the political establishment. Too much MSM attention to mention. In politics, money talks. Loudly.

Even Fox News won't be able to put Ron Paul at stage left or stage right and ignore him anymore - nope, next debate he'll be front and center. He's all over the media today. Ron Paul is simply dominating the airwaves, and the debate. Watch for the other GOP candidates (and Fox) to come after him now. True conservatives and libertarians love Ron Paul. Fake ones like the cancer that's taken over the white house and flailing GOP hate him.

Ron Paul will likely raise more money than any other GOP candidate for President this quarter. He now has enough money to compete, and possibly win, Iowa and especially independent-leaning New Hampshire.

Folks, Ron Paul might just win the GOP nomination.

One more time. Ron Paul might just win the GOP nomination.

Rudy? A cross dressing corrupt wimp. A little man who used 9/11 for his own personal enrichment and benefit.

Romney? Mormon. Sorry to say, in America that means "unelectable".

McCain? I thought he died.

Thompson? An empty suit and a joke.

Ron Paul will come in third in Iowa and second or third in New Hampshire, and then it gets fun. It's called momentum. And the housing crash and dollar meltdown will add fuel to the fire.

Get some popcorn. It's gonna be a wild race to replace The Worst President Ever. Staring Ron Paul.


keith said...


Ron Paul now live on Faux News (watching from London on my newly installed Slingbox - a tech miracle!). That $4 million got RP $10 million of free media today

Shep Smith doing the interview, a good thing for RP giving the Shep hasn't signed the "I'm With Cheney" pledge. But he sounded like he's been instructed to promote Rudy.

Carl Cameron called him "an annoyance" before the interview. Yup, they probably thought that of Gandhi or King at one point too.

RP said others have 'bet their life' in Iowa and that he'd do fine if he had momentum

Short interview, but nice to see Faux allow RP on. Things are changing.

$4 million has seen to that.

Peter T said...

Even if Ron Paul wins the republican nomination, he would have to beat the democratic nominee. After eight years of misgovernment in the republicans' name, voters are leaning democratic. If Obama or Richardson gets the democratic nomination, I would bet my money on them becoming president.

Anonymous said...

And for those who say it can’t happen, here’s the beauty part: Get Paul through the primaries, to the Republican nomination, and he has the tools to take on Hillary. He plainly gets the libertarian swing voters that the Republicans lost in 2006, he should garner most conservative votes when contrasted with Hillary, and — here’s the clincher — he gets a huge share of the bourgeoning antiwar vote to boot. Think about it: Clinton has already alienated the substantial antiwar faction of the Democratic party, while Ron Paul has inspired a supportive banner even at an anarchist rally full of hippies and punks, urging people to join the Ron Paul “love revolution.”

National Review

Joe Logic said...

I'm no political expert but it seems to me Ron Paul may be better off running as an independent. Obviously the GOP has marginalized him, so why be a part of them. I'd say he should get the nom, then tell them to F off. An alternative is to get elected as a GOP, and shake out the neocon garbage and force them into a new party.

As for New Hampshire, I think he could win that state outright. They are good people there with an independent spirit that lean toward libertarian thinking. Unlike those socialist fucktards next door in Vermont.

redsoxnation said...

I really think Ron Paul will be what Barry Goldwater was in 1964: dead in the water in the general election but a harbinger of a new Republican Party. I am a lifelong liberal (very liberal) and hate the Republican Party because they 1. don't provide the gov't services that I feel are essential to create a positive society and 2. they only feel the need to interject into social affairs (abortion, gay marriage, etc...)

A libertarian leaning Republican Party is definitely not my ideal (I work in the public sector for one), but if they leave social affairs alone I could live with that. I'm not the most affluent person in the world but I would still likely be employed with a libertarian president and the evil side of me will love the lower taxes :)

Ron said...

He got my donation and in celebrating what a great day for sanity and truth and hope...I give you this amazing piece about our favs the NAR!

Oh the irony, such sweet irony!

Carnap the great said...

Too bad he is a religious nut, this will lose him many votes.

Currently the campaign for Ron Paul is trying to push his religious BS to the side. This strategy will only work while he is seen as irrelevant once others start spending money attacking him they will dig up all his nutty religions BS. This will lose him votes with secular Conservatives and the younger generation (Which is increasing godless).

Anonymous said...

As a solid Democrat all my life I will vote for Ron Paul

oldsport said...

I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Nov 5th revolution take place. I have always liked RP but we had insufficient ammo to counter the accusations it was spammers manipulating the polls or it was a small pack of Zealots. At this stage of the game it all comes down to money, unless those spammbots suddenly got bank accounts people need to take notice of Paul and his supporters. Of We the People who put our money where our mouths are. It's easy to manipulate polls but dollars talk. RP just became one bit less of an idealist's fantasy yesterday.

ED said...

I will leave this country if either Julliani OR Hillary win.

The represent all that is wrong with this country. Unfortunately the MSM is betting on these 2 candidates.

Anonymous said...


I don't see Ron Paul getting the Republikan nomination.

That being said, he will probably make a run as an Independent or Libertarian.

By 2008 it won't matter what label he runs under. If the markets tank real bad...and we may have some "exogenous" event that will precipitate this by December...the Sheeple will awaken and want to toss the bums out of Washington.

The only thing that can hurt Ron Paul is his stance on abortion. Most people will embrace his other reforms. He should sidestep abortion issues and leave that to the states, as other candidates have dome in the past.


They will see come election day said...

We have already gotten enough votes to get Ron Paul onto the Alabama primary ballot.

Hannity will still be anti-Paul even when he gets the Republican nomination.

Momentum gaining. It is important to tell your friends and co-workers to look him up after they respond "who is he?" when asked what they think about Ron Paul.

keith said...

Will Hannity, Rush and Fox News support Ron Paul if he won the GOP nomination?

I think they would. And they'd come to understand that the Party of God right wing whacko element of the party has lost out to the Goldwater/Reagan libertarian wing, for good.

fish said...


I really didn't think that he had any chance (and I say that as someone who has contributed to his campaign) until this morning. The Nov 5th fundraising event coupled with the collapsing real estate market and dollar provide him, perhaps, with the confluence of events necessary to at least win the Republican nomination. After that all bets are off but it will thrill me no end to see the current crop of Republican no talents swept into the dustbin of history!

Anonymous said...

Best news all day

cheney impeachment started

and for the record, I'm a republican... until 2008.

and the democrats do suck more.

you people should wake up to the fact that the Democrat party went anti-american with LBJ.

the Republicans went anti american with Bush II.

now we have no one.

we have no one representing the common american citizen or the common american values as expressed by the founding fathers.

now we have corporatisim/facism

Anonymous said...

I agree, but dude, let's get some signs out there that don't look like a 13 year old 'anarchist' made them. If he cannot handle proper signage and have his devotees post wantonly, then what do you think his regime would do once they are partaking of the spoils?

Bring in the the sheaves i say! The Dems (i am one) are a joke, doing nothing impressive in congress while the Reps currently can go nowhere but up, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Ron Paul might just win the GOP nomination.

One more time. Ron Paul might just win the GOP nomination.


Keefer you have officially gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only candidate that makes any sense.He's the only candidate that does not side step an issue or issues.I would suggest regardless what party you belong to listen to Ron Paul before making a decision on who to vote for in the 2008 election.

Anonymous said...

If Obama or Richardson gets the democratic nomination, I would bet my money on them becoming president.

So Richardson can make a huge Tijuana out of the US, by pumping poverty that are factories of babies with no future, all sucking from welfare and doing a little scam here and there to get by.

Anonymous said...

Dude doesn't look like he's capable of running a lemonade stand let alone the US of A. I agree with his views more or less. I am all for less govt and more freedom and want Iraq to be done with. But holy shit Ron Paul sounds and acts like a man about to lose it. He's also what, 75? Come on guys, get real. Totally reminds me of my grandfather. Good guy but I wouldn't vote for him to be the city dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

After eight years of misgovernment in the republicans' name, voters are leaning democratic.

I have never voted Republican in my life and, quite frankly, I think they are disgusting. However, I will vote for Ron Paul if gets the nomination.

Anonymous said...

I chuckled at the comment about his signs looking like they were made by a 13 year old 'anarchist'. You're right, they do, and that's what I think when I see them. Maybe that's what they're trying to do, I dunno, but I've donated to him and I've never donated to a candidate before. Yes, he's not young. No, I don't really think he'll get on the ticket. But I *love* his ideas and views and if we support him just maybe another candidate will try and emulate him a little bit. Let's hope.

Other than RP, all the candidates look horrible to me, for both parties. HORRIBLE.

bitterLArenter said...

I wish this election was about choosing the best candidate. I really do.

Because I like this guy. Even though I disagree with him on national defense, I also understand that the President does not have the power alone to dismantle our military and realize he can't make us as vulnerable to attack as his rhetoric seems.

However, the problem with this election is that it's not about choosing the best candidate for the job. It's about choosing the best candidate to beat Hillary.

With that in mind I don't see it happening for RP. I may even jump on the Giuliani bandwagon just to prevent the catastrophe of a Hillary presidency.

Because no matter how much you hate republicans, democrats, or both, Hillary is the lowest of the low and represents the face of evil.

I agree with RP on every issue (except weakening our national defense), but I just don't have the confidence that he could beat Hillary. And that's what matters right now. You think things are bad now? Just wait until Hillary tries to control every aspect of your life.

keith said...

Ron Paul on the Yahoo home page right now

Just as predicted...

Ron Paul's money draws fresh attention

WASHINGTON - Ron Paul's head-snapping fundraising puts a new face on a campaign that the media, politicians and much of the public had relegated to the sidelines.

The Texas congressman is now the presidential candidate tugging at the establishment's coat.

Funneled almost entirely through the Internet, Paul's one-day loot totaled $4.2 million from about 37,000 donors, considered the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate.

Paul is indeed an online force who attracts support from people who do not fit easily into the standard Democratic and Republican political pigeonholes. His fame, as much as it is, stems from the political shorthand that has defined his candidacy: The only Republican opposed to the war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul : 2008 :: Ralph Nader : 2000

Alex3191 said...

He looks like "the good guy" to me ... 100 for Ron tonight.

Anonymous said...

Repub's run Paul and you can say hello president Clinton.

wc said...

Impressive but I will only vote for him if my choice comes down to Rudy or Hilary. I'll be surprised if Hil even wins in NY where she's senator. She's done nothing. She has zero charisma and so many people plan to vote for anyone but her I can't see us having another President Clinton.

Lady Di said...

I've donated money. I've ordered Ron Paul 2008 t shirts, hats and bumper stickers for the family.

I'm taking this to the next level.

Ron Paul for President!

George L said...

Ron paul would shred hilary or obama to pieces in a debate since neither one has any integrity.I means, everyone knows "puppets" have no integrity or soul or the way i'm a democrat, but not for long.

Paul E. Math said...

I really like the fact that Ron Paul is not a particularly forceful public speaker. I know that I'm not being swayed by anything but the substance of his campaign.

I don't have enough respect for my fellow man to expect that he will be able to see past the glib rhetoric of RP's opponents - RP's lack of oratory dazzle makes me question his ability to win.

Still, I donated anyway.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd ever vote Republican , but!

Just switched party affiliation to Republican so I can vote for him in the primaries in WA. state.

Go Dr. Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I agree with much of his economic and domestic policies, he is sooooo far off in foreign policy that he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting the GOP nomination. You are delusional if you believe otherwise. The main hope is that his economic and domestic libertarian beliefs influence the direction of the GOP in the future. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems there is a lot of that going on anyway.

Bitterrenter said...

Yes, let's replace one insane leader with another.

What do you people see in this guy? On the (way) outside chance he gets the nomination it guarantees a democratic White House. Which is the best we can hope for in this country.

Bitterrenter said...

BTW, after hearing a couple of his speeches people will go screaming from their TVs.

Anonymous said...

Ron does not want to weaken our national defense. He wants to increase it by bringing the troops home to protect OUR borders, and to modernize our military. Please, Ron had the most military donations out of EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE.

Once we bring our troops home, they will be able to guard our borders; and with all the money we will be saving we will be able to completely revamp our military through R&D.

Ha! To vote for Rudy is to vote for the Hillary. Rudy can not beat Hillary. Hillary can out flank on the left on the war and Rudy will get no evangelical support due to his social liberalism.

Ron Paul is the only Republican that can beat Hillary and he is the Thomas Jefferson of our day.

W.C. Varones said...

I am a huge Ron Paul fan and just donated more money to him than I've ever donated to any other candidate, but isn't Keith's optimism a bit over the top?

I mean, I just want to rattle the establishment and get the message out. I don't actually think Paul can win.

keith said...

Ron Paul's odds of winning the GOP nomination are 4 to 1 on sportsfanatik today

Romney and McCain are 2.5 to 1, and Rudy is 9 to 5

I'm hearing the other sportsbooks and option markets are seeing similar odds - with Ron Paul #3 or #4 and gaining

These open markets are usually very good indicators and predictors. If Ron Paul goes to #1 on the sportsbooks, watch out

Anonymous said...

glad you agree there is a risk Dr. Ron Paul might win. :)

paleo-conservatives unite! his stances are what I was taught being a republican really is about.

the neo-cons and democrats are the same.

Ron Paul 08

Anonymous said...

Keefer and all other far-left America haters sure do love hating FoxNews. Your side controls 99% of the media. We have 1 channel. And even that you can't stand.

RonPaulNewBook said...

Go buy a copy of Ron Paul's new book

A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship,

Keith, please post a blog entry about it to help publicize it

Adam said...

I would very much vote for a libertarian candidate. But I would never vote for anyone with strong religious views. Religion makes people irrational, unstable, and untrustworthy.

Give me an atheist/agnostic libertarian or fiscally conservative democrat and they'll get my vote in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

are Benny & the inkjets going to have to raise rates now that the dollar is so ugly?

I'm starting to hate it when you're right, Keith. Housing prices normalizing...great. Dollar crash is bad for all of us. Shiny beads are looking more and more attractive. At lease I can make jewelry out of the beads. My dollars are too dirty to blow my nose on.

We need Ron Paul so bad! The other candidates don't even understand how sh!teous our central bank is.

kitchenstove said...

LOL. The MSM has been ignoring Paul for the longest time but now that they see America has hit the skids (just like HP, Ron Paul, and others said it would), and now that they see he really does have many suppporters, they're suddenly interested in what he has to say and how he's progressing. He may be kind of nutty, but aren't they all?

Anonymous said...

Keefer you have officially gone mad.

Didn't all the whackos say that a year or so ago when he was saying that real estate was the biggest boondoggle in history? To be followed by the biggest collapse?

Sigh... things never change.

Anonymous said...

Dude doesn't look like he's capable of running a lemonade stand let alone the US of A.

You're underestimating these "five foot nothing" people. There were alot of shorter people in the past(such as Napolean, Gandhi, etc.) who's ideas more than made up for their size.

I guess they were compensating for size :-)

But I think he would be a whirlwind in the Whitehouse. All those parasitic pigs who have been feeding from the public trough for years would be running for their lives!

Time to make some bacon!

Anonymous said...

Because I like this guy. Even though I disagree with him on national defense, I also understand that the President does not have the power alone to dismantle our military and realize he can't make us as vulnerable to attack as his rhetoric seems.

Dude... the US has enough nuclear weapons to turn every square inch of this planet into glass 11 TIMES OVER!

Russia can do it 13 times. The Ukraine and Canada can do it about 5 times combined.

What the heck are you talking about? You need MORE money for defense? Can you not see that even if HALF of the US was taken over you could still burn the entire planet to a crisp 5 TIMES OVER?

What the heck are you defending ourselves from? Space Aliens?

Ron Paul just wants to divert funds from more weapons to schools, medicine, roads, etc.


He'll never get rid of the stuff that's already there - it would cost too much to dismantle so it's cheaper to just leave it as is.

Honestly, do you guys even know how insane you sound to the rest of the world? You spend more than HALF OF THE WORLD'S MILITARY BUDGET! Do you understand what that means? The Military budgets of Russia, China, Ukraine, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, and Israel COMBINED don't even equal HALF of the US military budget!


Anonymous said...

I would very much vote for a libertarian candidate. But I would never vote for anyone with strong religious views. Religion makes people irrational, unstable, and untrustworthy.

Give me an atheist/agnostic libertarian or fiscally conservative democrat and they'll get my vote in a heartbeat.

Actually EVERYONE has religion - even atheists. And that's what makes them so stable! What you are talking about is fanatics.

Religion is just a list where the most important things to you are at the top and the least are at the bottom.

In general - a persons religion will change over time. When they are young - the most important things are candy and getting their diaper changed. As a preteen - they really want the bicycle or the X-Box. And as an adult - the most important things to most are a nice job and a good family.

Some people however have money, sex or drugs at the top of their list (ie religion).

So let's take Ron Paul as an example... what is his religion? What are the most important things in his life?

1) The Constitution
2) The Bill of Rights
3) The rule of law and checks and balances in the political system
4) Bringing the soldiers home and stopping endless wars
5) Fiscal Conservative
6) Social Liberal (let people be free - not constantly taxed and regulated by government)

Hmm... yeah... I see your point... alot of bad stuff in THAT religion!

abb said...

Did you catch Cafferty on CNN? All the emails were basically:

I'm a Democrat but I'm registering in the Republican Primary to vote for Ron Paul!

abb said...

I've got $250 riding on RP at 15 to 1. Come on people. Get out the vote.