November 06, 2007

Home prices crashing? Heading to foreclosure? Lied to by your realtor for a commission? Who cares! Kids like swings!

We all know realtors are usually the dumbest people in the room (after all, that's how these life's losers became realtors in the first place). But the fact that the dumbest people in the room are run by people WHO ARE EVEN DUMBER, well, that's just kinda sad. Or funny.

Remember when these idiots spent all that money on the now infamous and mathematically impossible "it's a great time to buy AND sell a home" ad campaign? Well, if you're the NAR, when you find yourself in a hole, you keep digging.

Here's HP'er Seth Jayson at Motley Fool on the latest spin and deception from the NAR monkeys.

And here's the monkey-run NAR's self-inflicted-gunshot-wound ad. Note to NAR - past performance does not guarantee future returns. But of course, you know that.


Peter T said...

I like that ad, with the two headlines and the well chosen photo - I hope no buyer falls for it. After all, the housing bust is all over the news, especially the rise in foreclosures. But the NAR is no dummy, and the ad is well made: You have to be good to do a lot of evil - dumbasses are caught sooner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kids can't have swingsets if you rent the home instead?

Anonymous said...

The overpriced TH community where I rent in Metro DC has a tot lot, so I do not need to purchase a home.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let's pick apart the carcass:

"On average, the value of a home nearly doubles every 10 years" ... well, yes, unless you buy at the top of a bubble.

"The average homeowner today has 36 times the wealth of the average renter" ... Not if I invest the (rent vs mortgage payment)difference in the stock market. A liquid, diversified portfolio is a much better bet than one illiquid investment. Maybe that's why REALTORS(tm) aren't financial advisers.

"Sixy percent of the average homeowner's wealth is in their home's equity" ... That is just frightening. It's just another way of saying all your eggs are in one basket. Again, not the sharpest financial geniuses at the NAR.

Anonymous said...

Right from the horses mouth

"Here BBC News website readers from across the US describe how they have been affected by the ongoing problems in the country's once-booming property market. "

Princess Mononoke said...

NAR wrote:
"providing insight into local real estate markets to help buyers make informed decisions about what can be the biggest investment opportunity of their lives."

Any monkey knows that you "Buy low and Sell high". Unbelievable! NAR is promoting the opposite investment strategy???!!!

The obvious motive as Keith mentioned is for their own gain NOT the consumers. Geez, I guess they genuinely don't care if they are responsible for prolonging this real estate market crash. Way to go NAR... keep applying alcohol on the wound!

Princess Mononoke said...

OMG! You have to take a minute to read this article written about how NAR has called bottom fives times already, etc. Perpetual spin!

Anonymous said...

The NAR is so full of SHYTT!!

They have such little respect for our intelligence to run an ad like this, and even less for themselves, as they have lost ALL credibility they ever had.

Princess Mononoke said...

Here is a quote taken from The Market Oracle article called Stock Market Subprime Mayhem and Bush's Moral Swamp. Mike Whitney hits the ball right out of the park!!! Brilliantly written.

"What is striking is how the new “structured finance” paradigm replicates a political system which is no longer guided by principle or integrity."

BRENDA said...

Nice of Motley Fool to finally call it like it is, but like Jim Cramer, they are about two years (at the minimum) too late. I used to be a big Motley Fool fan until three years ago when I started to see clearly that the Housing and Financing Crash was coming and Motley Fool had nothing really to say on the subject. Got frustrated and respect for them and went on a hunt to find real answers and landed at "HP" just under two years ago. SCREW MOTLEY FOOL, they are not much better than main stream media. I ASK THEM TO PROVE WITH A PUBLISHED ARTICLE OR RADIO BROADCAST WHERE THEY WERE CLEAR IN THEIR SUSPICIONS OF THE HOUSING BUBBLE CRISIS. IF IT WAS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF 2007 I'LL BE SHOCKED. IF THEY WERE CLUED IN BEFORE THAT THEN THEY WERE AFRAID TO MAKE IT KNOWN. I HATE HYPOCRITS, SO BRING IT ON MOTLEY FOOL. I DARE YOU TO MAKE ME EAT MY WORDS.

Anonymous said...

It's the same emotional short-circuit-husband-and-rationality bs:

oh I have a BAYBEEEE so I need a

* ginormous SUV
* house that I OWN

because if I don't then bad things will happen to BAYBEEEE

In other countries, there are children too. And they grow up in the back seats of much smaller cars. And the kid doesn't care if you own or rent as long as he can play.

And funny the compulsion that you have to OWN doesn't seem to apply to the SUV. They lease SUVs no problem right?

What's wrong with leasing the home too? But noooooooo that just sets off the "you just don't get *IT*!"

The *IT* is of course all about the status whoring mommies will chatter about in playgroups.

BearClaw said...


The number of depreciating US dollars it takes to buy a Canadian dollar. This was 0.63 in 2003.

bickerer said...

Got no clue. Don't want no clue.

All I can say is I wanta buy from the orangeist mf'er in the house.

Definition: ref. Websters
Orangeist: The principles and practices of Orangemen.

All rights reserved, (bitches).

Anonymous said...

It's a great time to buy! In fact if you renters don't start buying soon then guess what.. Rent-o-rama all over again. Oh I forgot most people on this site are poor and cant afford to buy a house so you just bash off instead. HousingBubblepanicfestjerk offs...

Andrew Hac said...

Realtors are like maggots sucking on dead rat. Just ignore them. I am glad none of my family members are engaging in that type of profession. I don't want to be related to a maggot !

Anonymous said...

ok ok ok tis Nader,

watch at 2:02minutes...

that is the key part

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It's a great time to buy! In fact if you renters don't start buying soon then guess what.. Rent-o-rama all over again. Oh I forgot most people on this site are poor and cant afford to buy a house so you just bash off instead. HousingBubblepanicfestjerk offs...

November 07, 2007 4:18 AM
I think you mean HousingBubblejerkoff fest DumB@$$

nnj said...

The title is one of the all time best here. "Who cares! Kids like swings!"


Tangelo Mozilo said...

The monkey troop said . . .

"The best way to evaluate your situation and options is to contact a REALTOR®"

Oh, really? Now, I'm not a nanny state kind of guy, but if REALTORS®
are giving investment advice, as this advertisement clearly claims they are, especially in the face of a blatant conflict of interest, shouldn't they be held to the same legal standards as other investment advisors?

Peter T said...


Seth Jason at least was on the NAR's case in 2006.

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

Gee, when I was a kid I went to the playground to use the swings. I guess the message from the NAR is that you need to own your own swings so your kid doesn't go and mingle with undesirables.
Also, my family moved 5 or 6 times when I was a kid. Some were rentals, some were owned. I didn't know the difference and I certainly didn't care. The NAR is just trying to make you believe that somehow your kids are better off if you own

MrBill said...

Realtors are just salesmen, so stop expecting them to act like they are not. When you are considering buying a new car, do you run down to the dealership to ask the sales guy if this is the right time for you to buy? Of course you don't (I hope LOL). Stop expecting to get valid investment advice from a saleman (realtor). In a sales transaction, the salesman is the opponent of the buyer, not the ally. That's the natural order of things. The way some of you talk, realtors are evil simply because they are pushing their product.

Just because some buyers are stupid and don't understand the buyer-salesman relationship, don't villify the salesman, put the criticism where it belongs, with the foolish buyer.

Caveat Emptor.

Agent #777 said...

OK, as of last Wednesday, I am no longer a REALTOR.

Does this mean I am no longer dumb? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Buying **TODAY** is a bad idea.

Having bought pre-2005 and post 2008 was/will be a great idea.

Renting anytime except in the 2005-2008 era was and will be a bad idea.

I bought in 2001, sold in 2006 (a little late, but close to the peak) and walked away with $300,000 tax free. I would have been a complete imbecile to have rented during those 5 years. Anyone who rented who could have bought was a fool. You all know it.

I have been renting since and plan on buying sometime next year. I may or may not time it perfectly and buy at the bottom, but whatever, close enough if I'm a little off. I plan on buying for the long term and missing out on 5% appreciation won't be the end of the world.

It's not an absolute "buy bad" or "rent good". It's all a function of timing.

As for the raising kids argument...absolutely raising kids in a home is better than an apartment. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves and hurting their kids.

bob said...

NAR Monkeys: "Very few people
look back and regret their
decision to purchase a home.

I do, I bought in 11/2005 and if i'd looked at *1* case-schiller chart I'd sure as hell have done something else.

I did have the sense to get fixed rate loans and have a very steady job, so I'll be OK, but given a chance to do it over, I'd at least have gotten something much cheaper, maybe just sat the thing out as a renter. I never planned on selling right way anyhow - good thing!

F'in NAR - like the last 30 years has anything to with the catastrophe we're in now.

I'm in Chicago suburbs - hoping it's less bubblicious here than the coasts.

Oh, I know someone trying to sell who bought in 3/2003 - at what he's asking, (after reductions), he might get back what he paid plus commissions and fees, etc - except that it still is drawing very little interest. At the previous, higher price the realtor said "Oh, it's OK - it's just waiting for the *right* buyer!" That witch is delusional.