September 15, 2007

It's your fault Americans. You made your mistakes. You supported corrupt incompetent idiots. And now, "we must reclaim our dignity and our honor"

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

-Ronald Reagan, 1980

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It's time for America to pull its head out of its ass.

This administration stands indicted for incompetence and mendacity. That it still commands the loyalty of even a quarter of our fellow citizens is testament to the persistence of willful ignorance. Against all the facts assembled in this indictment, that the administration's operatives can still make claims on strength, security, and determination is chutzpah on stilts.

That the media still treat these operatives and spokespersons, and indeed the president himself, seriously is witness to their desire for "access" and "sources" rather than their commitment to the truth.

America is today under the steady gaze of billions of the world's citizens and even more under the examining lens of history. Nothing is more difficult than to admit that we made a tragic mistake in selecting our leaders. But that is the first step toward redemption. Absolute rejection of those who lay claim to ownership of security is the next.

We are too old to behave as adolescents any longer. That includes particularly our president. America must grow up. We must redeem ourselves in the name of those who lost their lives unnecessarily six years ago. We must reclaim our dignity and our honor from those who have neither.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton will protect our home values and give everyone free healthcare.

Anonymous said...

too late.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

For years America has convinced the emerging market countries that their prosperity is a function of our consumption. It is argued that their export oriented economies would falter if not for the insatiable American willingness to consume (a "virtue" that is assumed to be uniquely American). As the dollar falls into the abyss, this myth will be shattered.

My forecast is that over the next two to three years the U.S. Dollar index will fall to 40; half of its current value. As this happens, much of America's economic power will be transferred abroad. The chart below approximates current per capita U.S. dollar GDP for thirty nations, including the United States, listed in descending order.

Full Editorial:

Anonymous said...

Lots of gay sex Republicans there

Roccman said...

Both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen.

I wash my hands of this.

Prepare for the dieoff and stop you bitch'n and blam'n...

Those in power have defined you as a useless eater...get over it.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn. I want my free houses and free AIDS cocktails

decaffeinated said...

Quite a collection of pictures there, Keith. I wonder, who in the White House was banging Guckert/Gannon? Or was it the other way around?

Anonymous said...


Thank God the Dem's are so sqweaky clean!


borkafatty said...

Lots of gay sex Republicans there


Don't forget Kid Porn lovers

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Democrats are attaching the new illegal alien amnesty and massive h1b visa increases to the next defense bill. Bush will sign!

Anonymous said...


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky! "

W. Clinton

former disgraced commander and cheat

Anonymous said...

49% of the American electorate in Nov.2000 trashed a great nation by voting for what historians are now calling the WORST presidential administration in history,and with the help of a huge trailer park white trash enclave called FLORIDA which is now the epicenter of the subprime mortgage mess in particular and the housing bubble in general. On second thought, EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY IN FLORIDA IS 'SUBPRIME'.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Do you think any of these guys are HIV positive? And did you hear about Sulla's worms?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with gays? Suddenly the liberals are gay bashers

lafredericka said...

Dave Ramsey for President.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work and then they get elected and prove it." -- P.J. O'Rourke

Ron Paul is a Republican. He believes in unfettered markets and managed wombs. He's no different than the current Texan in the White House.

And he will fail to provide governance because he doesn't believe in good governance.

Anonymous said...


What about Hillary and all her Asian money men, who she claims she doesn't know!

When someone is giving you big dollars they ain't doing it for free ya'll!


Anonymous said...

"former disgraced commander and cheat"

Because lying about a blowjob that hurt nobody is exactly like lying about a war that has killed thousands of people and cost this country $500B.

Go donate more money to Ron Paul, moron.

Pete said...

Yea, it's the politician's fault. Riiigghhhttt! All those people who bought way too much house that they couldn't afford only did it b/c politicians told them to. And all those refi's and MEWs were only done b/c the politicians MADE them do it. They didn't REALLY want those flat screen TV's and luxury SUV's. By GOD, the Gubment made them do it!!!!

Many problems that we have in this country are due to a lack of personal responsibility and a sense of instant gratification. Until we start accepting responsibility as citizens, nothing will change.

Keith's rant is NOT a step in that direction.

mrmx said...

don't blame the americans, you know that bush carts you away when hears you sneeze a little too loudly!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just want to vomit when you see these pictures, along with Giuliana and the rest of that corrupt GOP? Man, what a bunch of idiots.
Bigger idiots are the people who vote for them.

Anonymous said...

They all suck bagm all next election

Anonymous said...

""I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky! "

W. Clinton

former disgraced commander and cheat"

Better than be in a public restroom looking for rough sex from male prostitutes, like the sooooo "Christian family values" GOP perverts. That's right, while their cronies are making money from the war, American soldiers are dying or losing limbs everyday in Iraq, and these GOP perverts are having rough sex in public restrooms with male prostitutes. Do these GOP members kiss their wives and kids with the same mouth that was performing oral sex in male prostitutes hours before?

Shakspear said...

Let's get that thread title in order Kieth.
"It's your fault US citizen"...................

Real American(or German,French etc)
Men ,and Women do not want,nor support this Financial/War orgy of the US.
Nor do they feel sorry for US soldiers,seamen,or themselves.
So grab the Popcorn.

broccoli man said...

Both the 1992 and 1996 elections were stolen

Anonymous said...

all you idiot republican have is Clinton-hate.

Your party is a *joke* and all you can do reference something from 10 years ago. It's such a stupid rebuttal anyway.

Anonymous said...

The 1970s are described as a period of stagflation, meaning economic stagnation coupled with price inflation, as well as higher interest rates.

Anonymous said...

Oil crisis = high inflation= high interest + stagflation+ depreciating assets= cash is king.

Year Inflation Unemployment (1)
1961 1.0% 6.7%
1962 1.0 5.6
1963 1.3 5.6
1964 1.3 5.2
1965 1.6 4.5 < Vietnam war spending increases
1966 2.9 3.8
1967 3.1 3.8
1968 4.2 3.5
1969 5.5 3.5
1970 5.7 5.0
1971 4.4 6.0
1972 3.2 5.6
1973 6.2 4.9
1974 11.0 5.6 < First oil crisis
1975 9.1 8.5
1976 5.8 7.7
1977 6.5 7.1
1978 7.6 6.1
1979 11.3 5.9 < Second oil crisis
1980 13.5 7.2
1981 10.3 7.6
1982 6.2 9.7
1983 3.2 9.6
1984 4.3 7.5

Anonymous said...

Clionton lied, Serbians, Somalians, Oklahomans died.

Anonymous said...

Look at all these loser posters looking to suck on the gubmint tit. Watch for the biggest Wall Street bailout in history if Hitlary Clintoon or Barock Osama win.

Here's a list of DemoRat successes:
FDR's Social Security ponzi scheme
Harry Truman's Korean War
Kennedy/LBJ's Vietnam War
LBJ's Great Welfare Society
Carter's Iran Hostage Crisis impotence
Clinton's cowering to al Qaeda

Anonymous said...

"Clionton lied, Serbians, Somalians, Oklahomans died."

A did not lead to B in any of those cases.

Don't ever forget it was an anti-government right-wing nutjob that killed his fellow Americans in Oklahoma.

Now go donate more money to Ron Paul's doomed campaign, moron.

Bitterrenter said...

The biggest flaw with the present leadership is their every-man-for-himself, "I've got mine, go get your own" attitude. In short, their libertarian streak is what made them so repugnant.

I don't see Ron Paul addressing or alleviating that but rather furthering it.

decaffeinated said...

Notice in the comments here that none of the mouth-breathing goopers are defending any of the odious thugs in the pics posted by Keith. All they got is Clinton hate.

Wow, what a legacy from 8 years of Bush rule! Not one compliment for any of those toads.

C'mon goopers, give a kind word for Paul Bremer or Brownie or (henny penny) Rumsfeld. C'mon, tell us what a swell job they did. Didn't Bremer do a great job of reconstructing Iraq? Eh?

And didn't Brownie pull off a heroic rescue of New Orleans?

And who can forget Rumsfeld's epic success post-Shock and Awe? Why didn't he get a freedom medal?

C'mon goopers, talk up Dear Leader's immeasurable contribution to our future security and prosperity. Or are you mouth-breathers so embarrassed of George Bush that you'd just rather go medieval on Clinton? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Republicans are more prone to alcoholism and incest than Democrats.

When Republicans emphasize 'family' and 'family values',BEWARE, because they are only interested in THEIR families,and will do anything to make life miserable for YOUR families!

hummer said...

All I can say is the gay pols dress way better than the straight ones!

minor detail said...

"C'mon goopers, give a kind word for Paul Bremer or Brownie or (henny penny) Rumsfeld. C'mon, tell us what a swell job they did. Didn't Bremer do a great job of reconstructing Iraq? Eh?"

Lest we forget, how about the way President Clinton and Madeleine Albright handled that little incident in Rwanda? Now that was an example of humanitarian leadership for the ages, eh?

Anonymous said...

My hope is that after January,2009, PRESIDENT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON will swing so far to the left that she will make Senator Ted Kennedy look like a conservative!

She will punish the rich with all kinds of punitive taxes!

She will enthusiastically utilize PATRIOT ACTS ONE AND TWO (Gee thanks Bush for not rescinding the Patriot Acts!) against the Christian Right by declaring them terrorists and shipping them off to Guantanamo,Abu Gharib,and 'secret rendition facilities.'

Since the Republicans did not rescind most of the legislation that gave Bush near-dictatorial powers, they have literally handed MADAME PRESIDENT the rope and knives by which she will hang and stab them with. Remember, she has a bunch of scores to settle and grudges to end.

Anonymous said...




... tell that to Vince Foster's and Ron Brown's family and all of the people in the Murrah building

vegas crash watcher said...

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.
-Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
- Denis Diderot (1713-1784)

Bitterrenter said...

With the present economic outlook and the coming housing debacle, President Hillary could ask the people to hunt republicans with dogs. Building them concentration camps in the desert will be one of the new New Deal make-work programs.

A man can dream, can't he?

GT said...

come on keith. like 10% of americans know who the vice president is. 9/10 of those pictured they would be clueless about.

revolution 2 said...

Yeah, the Clinton years where special. Who can forget Janet Reno's barbeque cooking?

The stars-n-stripes flying over the tank in the foreground really says it all, doesn't it? Of course your hero Bubba didn't make it to the party, he was hiding under his desk for 24 hours after the cook out. Of course he was first in line to give a speech after OK city.


Anonymous said...

bitterenter, dude you need some help, seriously

Bitterrenter said...

F*ck Koresh and his followers. Did you know they were all on welfare, tons of illegitimate kids by Koresh getting AFDC? Normally you republicans HATE welfare recipients.

They brought on their own fate. Koresh himself set the fires.

Anonymous said...

I need people in Washington DC to take care of me and save me from myself. I know they truly care about the well-being of J6P

Anonymous said...

Bush stole the brains of the DemonRats. That's why he is so stupid

Anonymous said...

I'd rather vote for a gay Republican loser than the power hungry DemoCrap Socialist Nazis

Anonymous said...

the thing is, it would have been worse if Horseface Kerry or Learjet Gore had been able to steal the 2000 or 2004 elections

Anonymous said...

I see there's still plenty of knuckle-dragging Dummyrats hoping for a FB bailout from their Dummyrat leaders. Woe is the eternal dithenfrangized victims (aka subprime morons)

Texan_176 said...

Americans still have this mentality that "we are smart and the rest of the world is stupid". The current gen of Americans under roughly age 35 are clueless when it comes to reality. They grew up in relativey stable decades where they did not risk facing a draft, did not see major economic depressions, etc...

Our politicans are just a reflection of the population. Leaders are supposed to be more intelligent and better educated (does not mean just a diploma from a university) than the average citzen. In the past decade there has been a mental meltdown where the people want "an average guy like me" to be in leadership positions. This is how you get people like Bush, Alberto Gonzalez, etc....

Unfortunately people are too stupid these days to see that Ron Paul is basing his views on topics like the war and immigration on the constiution of the USA. People think if you are against illegal legislation like the Pariot Act that treats US citizens like criminals you are with Al Queda.

Anonymous said...

have you covered your short yet Keith?

Anonymous said...

The current gen of Americans under roughly age 35 are clueless when it comes to reality.

It was the moronic baby boomers that have been in charge the past few decades. Don't blame the generation that is just beginning to rise. Who are the idiots trying to retire on their home equity and no savings?

Anonymous said...

They brought on their own fate

Yeah, those 80 American women and children hiding in the bus buried underground deserve to be burned alive. Yet you knuckle-dragging libtards are howling like rabid dogs over some terrorists being detained at Gitmo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Texan 176,

I really have to dispute are leaders bla bla bla stuff. Really are you so incompetent you need a leader? I know I don't.

These corrupt politicians, and the phrase power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is just another pile of crap stupid cliche. Anyone craving unnatural power over others is already corrupt.

The problem is not repub vs dems, they all march in lockstep to the joo power. Bad for all of us but especially whites.

Anonymous said...

Hoo-wee, the photo album is getting better and better. Keep on adding, Keith. Now if you all excuse me, I need to vomit.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, some Republican parasites here got touchy with the pictures, Keith.

Afraid that you are going to lose your parasite job of leaking Giuliani' make a buck next election? Please, don't forget to wash your mouth before kissing your kids or wife at home, because you never know what you can catch from those dirty public bathrooms at airports.

Republican = gay pervert

BitterRenter said...

Yeah, those 80 American women and children hiding in the bus buried underground deserve to be burned alive. Yet you knuckle-dragging libtards are howling like rabid dogs over some terrorists being detained at Gitmo.

You wouldn't give two sh*ts about those people if they needed something and asked you for help. If you're a republican you'd rather sh*t on your excess food than share it. You resent kicking in a few bucks to feed and house poor women and children. its the core of your beliefs- selfishness.

Your only interest is in using the dead fanatics against Clinton/Reno.

Jeff in Florida said...

Don't blame me, I didn't vote for that douche bag in 2000 or 2004.

Anonymous said...

As they say, Karma is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Boy I heard a good one last night. I got friends that live in DC and they hired a " project manager" to do work on their house. They decided to downsize the project and therefore didnt spend all the money that the project manager had in her account. They have a invoice that shows they are due to receive money back 7K. Now the lady refuses to talk or pay the money back, now the kicker she is married to US Congressman Wu (D) from Oregon. I told them to start writing his office and then go public to the papers if any will cover this story. It just shows you how deep this real estate scam goes.