July 30, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day



Anonymous said...

Yes, I predict widespread kung fu fighting by October, and that's just to make it out to the front lawn to get the paper, provided it hasn't been stolen.

Oops! We're into the digital era. Hackers will break into every pc in search of anything of value.

Bitter Renter said...

This whole country is infected with Schadenfreude. It stems from the hyper-competitive market culture mentality. If someone does badly you can feel like that's one person you're "ahead" of.

Americans are fascinated with others and with comparing themselves to others. The whole sick game has taken on epic proportions in the Bush era. Remember that the Reagan era was similar. ME ME ME and look at ME ME ME you f-ing loser. I have more, I make more and you're a f-ing loser.

Michael Moore is right when he says we need to be more WE and less ME. But to be more WE is to be called a chump, a wimp, a [gasp] liberal.

The sooner someone destroys this awful culture the better off the world will be.

Anonymous said...

To me it's not so much Schadenfreude as it's the satisfaction and pleasure I feel at someone else's misfortune!

Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude: Living room, Living space, Room to live.

Anonymous said...

hey if the health insurance company starts losing money when I need treatments do they colude with the drug companies to do me in in this for profit health and medicine medical business

Evil Twin said...

Diebische Schadenfreude :P

May the FED be with you.

GreedKills said...

No schadenfreude...just sadness for the state of all mankind. As you have said, it's not just the U.S. it's global...human nature really.

Yeah...I feel sadness.

Black Monday said...


tmaioli said...


Epicaricacy is a noun describing the act of taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.

/ep"-i-kar-ik'-i-see/ taking pleasure in another's misfortune: schadenfreude

Anonymous said...

Only on flippers and housing ATM over-consumers, especially the smarmy know-it-alls who fueled the Ponzi scheme.

Oh, heck with it - there's a handful of people I know through work who just wouldn't listen, and I'd love to be proven right.
The one who quit to become a realtor part-time wouldn't answer when I asked him how many houses he sold. Luckily, he also hooks up network cables because that's probably his only source of income. What really got me was how certain co-workers said God would bless him with wealth or some crazy nonsense. Memo: there is no God. But there was a housing bubble.

Lost Cause said...

Just remember: to win the game of Monopoly, everybody else has to lose.

christiangustafson said...

All Schadenfreude, all the time. We would make it a 24x7 cable channel if we could. The next decade is serious payback for the leveraged debtor community.

The light at the end of the tunnel: actually being able to afford a SFH in the city of Seattle some day. Right now, many of these SFHs are occupied by debtors with irresponsible mortgages. Their situation is unstable and temporary, their liquidation, inevitable and completely necessary.

Such entertainment the coming years will bring!

W.C. Varones said...


Anonymous said...

bitter renter you truly are a moron. Michael Moore has made millions for himself by duping gullible mental midgets such as yourself.

Now go read deailykos for 3 hours, I'm dying to know what this week's far left talking points are.

Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude der Veep: I've got mine; as for you---you can go f@ck yourself.

Lebensraum fur Exxon!

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Patriot Act

The insurgency is in its last throes. We will defeat the minions of the Constitution soon enough.


The collected wisdom of Darth Cheney, DLotS

happyhippie said...

WTF, over? Our Sunday paper lists the RE sales numbers for the previous week. Sorry to bust up this horror show, but the mortgage money is apparently flowing again and deals are closing even in categories that were dead for months. You HP guys need to put away the bong and get out more.

burn baby burn said...

It is so wrong but feels soooo right.

Shakster said...

The markets take advantage of the,inexperienced,the young,the old,and anyone else not educated is the reality. The CBSNBCABCandFOKT are only useful to the cons of the world.
Bloggers killing MSM Shadenfreude ,and Popcorn.I love it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, much. I gloat at every headline. If people hadn't been so insistent that Fake Estate only goes up, I would be much more detached emotionally.

Anonymous said...

Concerning evil, both hands do it well!

micah 7

philo101 said...

I predict that the recession/depression will be staved off until a dem becomes pres. This will be Bush's parting gift..'ok boys, let those rickety stilts holding up the economy crash, oh and let it happen right as I wave goodbye!'
Whatever, bring it on.
With lies and corruption, comes loads of money and moral paralysis.
With truth and honesty often comes poverty, but also meaning and hope.

Rob Dawg said...


chicago renter said...

Anon at 7:11

The definition of Schadenfreude is taking pleasure in the pain of others...

Anonymous said...

This whole country is infected with Schadenfreude. It stems from the hyper-competitive market culture mentality. If someone does badly you can feel like that's one person you're "ahead" of.

Believe it or not - but the rest of the world is exactly like that. You wouldn't believe how people in Europe (especially your neighbours and family) look at every little detail. Every improvement to your house, any big ticket purchase, anything you buy goes faster through the grapevine than water through a person with Cholera. This was especially the case in the east where every third person worked as a snitch for the police.

Sadly, Americans have lost sight of what made them great and fell into the same trap. It used to be that the poorest American could look down a billionaire, spit between his eyes and tell him to get off of his land.

Today, he'll grovel at the billionaire's feet hoping to sell that land (which his forefathers died defending for liberty) for as high a price as possible.

Ah well... I guess every generation needs to learn its lesson.

DOPES said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, the troll is back! What happened last Thurs./Fri. troll? You went running for your mommy????

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I reserve it for the little cancer of a cesspool in delawhere, a.k.a. Wilmington. America's third world city/country, armpit and one of the most UNLIVABLE.

Bubblemania made the city, state & developers pump 100's of millions into the most crappy part of town, the riverfront. Now the developer and several flippers are caught short with tons of inventory in the form of condos & townhomes. Other landowners are refusing to sell and holding out for bigger bucks and the city will take a decade to illegally seize the land via emminent domain. The magic transformation from cesspool to livable city just did not happen as criminals, druggies, freaks and panhanlders rule the streets. Sooner or later bodies will be dumped in the riverfront gentrified areas, squatters will be found in some of the floplord's housing and they will go from luxury housing to luxury ghetto section 8 housing.

I will thoroughly enjoy it all, HAH!

AmazingRuss said...

I don't take pleasure in others suffering so much as feel vindication that I was smart enough to stay out of what is causing their suffering, despite tremendous pressure.

I just want it to be over so I can buy a house and move on.

philo101 said...

Birmingham, Al
Friday's headlines:
'Jeffco cash supply said to be critical'..$4.6 billion in debt, reluctant to borrow more.'
Mondays headline:
'$50 million hotel gains steam'
$2.7 million incentives may seal deal for downtown plan'
Just what we need here a city with the 4th highest murder rate in the country...come and see all that beautiful downtown Birmingham has to offer!
So many people at the top just plain mentally ill...the trickle down effect.

philo101 said...

Anyone who basis their self-worth on what they own VS what they are as a descent, caring,honest, loving and compassionate human being has sold out so long ago they probably don't even know why they are so miserable. The husband feels it's ok to rob and pillage in the name of 'providing for the family'...sad, because the kids are on drugs and the wife's banging the whoever she wants..while everybody maxes out the credit cards...what a great life.
It's just the wealthy people I've known have always seemed so freaking miserable.

philo101 said...

I mean this economy is based on selling products...it's not an agrarian (sp?)economy anymore.
You have to buy their crap in order to keep the economy rolling. Great minds carefully plan every ad to make you feel like everyone else has so much more they you do. It's all LIES and B___S___...guarnteed to make you miserable until yo give in, and feel satisfied for a while, then, oddly 'empty'...because they have come up with more great ads making you feel like S__T if you don't buy more of their worthless C__P.
I realized that when I was 4 years old. Hated the first commercial I ever saw and the people behind it.

Anonymous said...

DOPES said...


July 30, 2007 5:46 PM
Umm, it was focused on all the Alt-A lenders who were suppose to be immune from the Sub-prime slime. Looks like American Home Mortgage took the brunt of it and will be in bankruptcy proceedings soon.

uh yeah said...

I'm taking lots of pleasure in the pain of the lenders, homebuilders, flippers, realtors, mortgage brokers, mortgage buyers and the rest of the goons involved in the ponzi scheme.

I don't wish any harm on anyone else. I hope the rest of the economy soars while flippers have all their assets tied up in depreciating RE and banks have to eat their losses for stupid loans.

Anonymous said...

Chicago renter.....boy are you on the ball!

Obviously, 7:11 was joking!

Anonymous said...

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