May 31, 2007

Ron Paul wraps up the HP vote with this rant on illegal immigration, anchor babies and amnesty

Immigration ‘Compromise’ Sells Out Our Sovereignty

By Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, 5/29/2007

The much-vaunted Senate “compromise” on immigration is a compromise alright: a compromise of our laws, a compromise of our sovereignty, and a compromise of the Second Amendment. That anyone in Washington believes this is a credible approach to solving our immigration crisis suggests just how out of touch our political elites really are.

The reality is that this bill will grant amnesty to virtually all of the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in the country today. Supporters use very creative language to try and convince us that amnesty is not really amnesty, but when individuals who have entered the United States illegally are granted citizenship – regardless of the fees they are charged – what you have is amnesty.

What is seldom discussed in the immigration debate, unfortunately, is the incentives the US government provides for people to enter the United States illegally. As we know well, when the government subsidizes something we get more of it. The government provides a myriad of federal welfare benefits to those who come to the US illegally, including food stamps and free medical care. Is this a way to discourage people from coming to the US illegally?

Additionally, one of the most absurd incentives for people to come to the US illegally is the promise of instant US citizenship to anyone born on our soil. That is why when Congress returns next week I will be re-introducing my Constitutional amendment to deny automatic citizenship to individuals born on US soil to parents who are not US citizens or who do not owe permanent allegiance to the United States .

There are many other very troubling items buried deep in the Senate’s immigration compromise. The bill explicitly calls for an “acceleration” of the March 2005 agreement between the US president, the president of Mexico , and the prime minister of Canada , known as the “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America .” This somewhat secretive agreement – a treaty in all but name – aims to erase the borders between the United States , Canada , and Mexico and threatens our sovereignty and national security. The SPP was agreed by the president without the participation of Congress. It should be eliminated, not accelerated!
According to the pro-Second Amendment Gun Owners of America, the legislation also makes it easier to target gun dealers for prosecution. Even gun clubs could find themselves targeted under this immigration reform legislation.

Immigration reform should start with improving our border protection, yet it was reported last week that the federal government has approved the recruitment of 120 of our best trained Border Patrol agents to go to Iraq to train Iraqis how to better defend their borders! This comes at a time when the National Guard troops participating in Operation Jump Start are being removed from border protection duties in Arizona , New Mexico , and Texas and preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan ! It is an outrage and it will result in our borders being more vulnerable to illegal entry, including by terrorists.

I will continue to oppose any immigration bill that grants amnesty to illegals or undermines our liberty and sovereignty.


Anonymous said...

Borders and sovereignty, just like down payments and documenting income, are a thing of the past. Get used to it. The New World Order will reward debt and gambling and punish savers and prudent people. Don't even bother pissing in the ocean. Leverage yourselves to the hilt and get rich

Anonymous said...

"Ron Paul wraps up the HP vote with this rant on illegal immigration, anchor babies and amnesty"

And Paul continues with his snow job. Unless the enforcement threat is credible, business will continue to hire illegals. Immigrants, legal and illegal, come here for jobs. They will continue to come here for jobs because businesses don't believe they will be inspected, believe the chances of sucessful prosecution are low, and know any possible fines will not make the practice of hiring illegal immigrants cost-prohibitive.

"Patrolling the border" is just red meat for the bigoted conservative rank-and-file, not a policy that will work. It ignores the fact illegal immigrants come here many ways, and many arrive in the country illegally.

He's jerking your chain.

Why do you enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

As ludicrous as that sounds, I've just about given up being for real. Better to just borrow cash and wait for the government to bail me out.

Anonymous said...

Ho hum. Another supply-based strategy. How's that working out in the "War On Drugs"?

How about meaningful criminal enforcement against people who employ persons not eligible for work in the US? Shut down the demand for ineligible labor and strangely enough the supply might abate.

Anonymous said...

"and many arrive in the country illegally."

Change that to end with "legally."

JohnDiddler said...

America contines to inadequately enable foreign nurses and technical workers to enter the country, raising medical care costs and reducing American competitiveness. Man what a mess. And people want to talk about the illegal ones. Where is the "comprehensive" part? They agree to shift to favoring skilled labor, but there's no Schedule A under debate. So far as I can tell, Congress wants to raise your hospital bill, screw Bill Gates, and build fences. Whatever. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

My first donation to Ron Paul will be made today. He's our last best hope to end the elitist plans to destroy the Constitution and our nation. The others from both parties are shills for the elitists.

Anonymous said...

Keith, here's a dandy article on elitism. You can substitute anyone running for President as well except Ron Paul.

The George Bush war on the middle class

Leading us right into a depression!
"Globalization is responsible for the lost jobs for Americans and the downward spiral for middle-class wages. With Bush’s support, disloyal businessmen, eager to exploit the massive pool of cheap labor in Third World countries, are dumping well-paid American workers and sending their jobs overseas, as well as replacing them here with imported low-wage foreign workers."
"The Bush economy is ripe for a depression. Runaway spending for his tax cuts for the rich and his Iraq war has pushed the national debt up to $8.6 trillion. It is impossible for the United States to pay off this mind numbing debt so, instead, China, Japan and the oil exporting countries are financing it."
Bush's economy is poverty stricken, bleeding jobs and ready to crash
Online Journal, FL

Anonymous said...

Enforcement won't work either. You can't check up on every single lawn service company, maid service, car wash, McDonald's out there and verify all the employees are legal. Yea you can do spot checks, but that won't do shit. It's like speeding. Speed limit is 70. 90% of drivers go over 70%. Every now and then you see a cop on the side of the road and you slow down. That cop will get a few people for speeding. Those people will be pissed off and probably slow down, for a day or two then go right back to driving 85 like everyone else.

Same with employers. A few might get busted here and there. They'll pay a fine, hire a cople of Americans for a month, then go right back to hiring illegals.

Unless you are prepared to hire 1,000,000 new federal employees whose only job will be to monitor the employment status of every employee out there, this just won't work.

Anonymous said...

He talked about the SPP and I posted about the "North American Union."

I think that the North American Population, combined, is about 500 million, nothing which comes close to china (1.4 billion) and india (1.2 billion).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

How about meaningful criminal enforcement against people who employ persons not eligible for work in the US? Shut down the demand for ineligible labor and strangely enough the supply might abate.

Because such attempts would be viewed as being BAD for BIG BUSINESS, and we all know that if Bush & Friends are consistent in any stance, it's in doing whatever is advantageous for BIG business, letting the little guy be damned (which includes small-business people).

Anonymous said...

See also:
Ron Paul Wiki - The definitive source for all news and sites related to Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...

THE # is way higher. I'm born and raised in los angeles and there are illegals every where. I moved to maui years agos and the illegals are all over here. You all think of illegals as mexicans but in LA it the arabs, south americans, koreans, chinese. In maui the europeans and south americans(brazil,argetineans) and all the business owner etc hire the people and just pay them as independent contractors or cash. They all are using the gov services etc. It's a huge problem that has forced the local people to move to other states and Maui is fast becoming the haves and have nots. The implications will not be fully understood for years but the demographics are changing quick just as they had for me in LA. If you do not own land or a house(paid for) you will be in for a hard unstable life for you annd your family as we all sell each other out for cheaper products, labor and all you idiot keep hoping for open borders will be sorry. It only benefits the wealthy. I used to make good money in construction but the illegals will live and work like rats.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He's jerking your chain.

Why do you enjoy it?

Funny how pro-amnesty folks seem to say how nothing will work to slow down illegal immigration and it's many many negetive side effects. NOTHING WILL WORK. SO LET US IN. GIVE US CITIZENSHIP. GIVE US WELFARE. NOTHING WILL WORK TO STOP US. NOTHING WE CAN, HUH?


Anonymous said...

O.K. Ron're busted. The fact is that the U.S. seized Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas,California and Arizona from the Mexican Government after the land grab Mexican War. The biggest losers in this were not the Europeanized elite "white" Mexicans but Native Americans living in Mexico. Now after having stolen their land, the U.S. calls THEM illegals for trying to return to their own land. Why not call all the North American Indians "illegals" too, you schmuck. One problem, where to send them. Oh yes, some of the sicko, honkie losers blogging on this web site who are afraid to compete economically with wetbacks would be glad to set up concentration camps, ovens and all the Hitleresque paraprenalia that was used to take care of illegal Jews in Europe!

Anonymous said...

"Funny how pro-amnesty folks seem to say how nothing will work to slow down illegal immigration and it's many many negetive side effects."

1) Who said I'm pro-amnesty?

2) I said something would work. Enforcement.

Learn to read.

Anonymous said...


Drop the white guilt crap. It doesn't work any more.

And besides... the American Indian tribes here don't like the illegals any more than your despised "white trash" does. They are Mayans, Aztecs, Tlaxcalas, and Mixtecs. They never had any title to the Southwest USA.

Go piss off.

Anonymous said...

"Unless you are prepared to hire 1,000,000 new federal employees whose only job will be to monitor the employment status of every employee out there, this just won't work."

Again, fine any business/landlord found to be employing/renting to an illegal 10-20K per instance. Of that, provide a reward of 2-5K to the person providing the tip that led to the discovery. Use the remaining funds to deport and build a fence 20 feet below and above the ground. Problem solved in a matter of weeks.

Anonymous said...


1) American Indians are American Indians. Linguistic analysis of indian languages from Canada all down though South America shows that all the Indian languages are related to each other. ALL the indians of the Americas apparently came over the land bridge from Asia and worked their way down south, thus they are basically all the same family of persons.

I think that white people of European descent DO have a heavy burden of guilt for what we did to the Native Americans of North and South America in the same way that people of German descent have some guilt for what happened to the Jews in Europe. Germany did pay repararations to the survivors of the death camps and their families and for years had mandatory showings in their movie theatres of concentration camps being liberated by the allies and other anti-Nazi information.

I really don't see any difference at all between what was done to Jews in Europe and what was done to the indians in America. For this reason "the white guilt crap" works for me. My first-rate education was paid for by land stolen by the U.S. government from Indians and then worked by my grandfather.

Because of this, much of my success ecomically here is a direct result of the deaths and displacement of Nez Pierce and Shoshone indians. My support for the people of indian blood coming from Mexico goes directly to my desire to atone for stuff that happened before I was born, because I benefitted and continue to benefit greatly from the theft of this land from Amerian Indians. If "white guilt" doesn't work for you, that's your bag.

2. I really don't know much about how American Indians feel about illegal immigration. Are there some sources you can quote or refer me to,or is this just an assertion on your part?

Anonymous said...

Forget RuPaul. He's Neville Chamberlain disguised as a Libertarian. Give your support to Fred Thompson.

"Let me ask you a hypothetical question. What do you think America would do if Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.? What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego — and bragged about it?

I can tell you, our response would look nothing like Israel’s restrained and pinpoint reactions to daily missile attacks from Gaza. We would use whatever means necessary to win the war. There would likely be numerous casualties on our enemy’s side, but we would rightfully hold those who attacked us responsible.

More than 1,300 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since Palestinians were given control two years ago. Israelis, however, have gone to incredible lengths to stop the war against them without harming Palestinian non-combatants. But make no mistake, Israel is at war. The elected Hamas government regularly repeats its official promise to destroy Israel entirely and replace it with an Islamic state. Hamas openly took credit for killing one woman and wounding dozens more last week alone.

The Palestinian strategy is to purposely target and kill Israeli civilians. Then, when Israel goes after those launching the attacks, Palestinians claim to be the victims. If Palestinian civilians aren’t hurt in the Israeli attacks, they stage injuries and deaths. Too often, they garner sympathy and support from a gullible or anti-Semitic media in the international community.

Israelis, themselves, are often incapable of facing the damage they inflict in self-defense. Knowing this, Islamic extremists are using their own populations as human shields.

I’m beginning to wonder how much longer this vicious plot will work though. International sympathy for Palestinians has diminished as the same Islamofascist extremists have brought havoc to Madrid, Bali, Somalia, London and elsewhere. More importantly, Israelis themselves are suffering so badly, they may be on the verge of losing their sympathy for the people who have sworn to kill them.

Imagine what it would be like to live, knowing that a rocket could fall on you or your children at any minute. Half of those who live nearest to Gaza have fled their homes. Those remaining are traumatized by daily warning sirens and explosions.

The irony is that Israel has the military might to easily win the war that is being waged against them today. They haven’t used that might, in the past, out of compassion for Palestinian civilians and because it could trigger a wider regional conflict.

That balance of power is about to change, though. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the very existence of this tiny nation of Israel will be threatened. The Iranian regime has left little doubt that it intends to see Israel "wiped off the map.” Hamas is using the same language, not coincidentally, and has announced it will begin launching missiles into Israel from the West Bank too.

If the world doesn’t act to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it must be prepared for the consequences of Israel defending itself."