May 18, 2007

Ron Paul on Tucker - probably making way too much sense for brain-dead Dem/Rep Americans to understand


The Thinker said...

Ron Paul makes sense? He is nothing more than a populist hillbilly. But perhaps he will be useful, as after he looses the Republican primary, perhaps he will run as an independent and split the Republican vote and allow Hillary to sail into the White House like how that other populist hillbilly H. Ross Perot did for Bill Clinton the first time around.

blogger said...

I went to an event tonight with David Satterfield, sr. advisor to condi rice, on the iraq mess and where we're heading

Folks, as I heard tonight, we've stepped in sh*t so big, I'm not sure we'll recover for a generation. If ever. To his credit, Satterfield's (and rice's) focus was on one thing and one thing only - how the hell can we extract ourselves from this disaster, which he no doubt like the rest of the world (except bush) sees as a disaster too

Ron Paul's foreign policy you'll come to see is rather isolationist and pragmatic, which the new out-of-control GOP hates. But after our adventurous world policeman role these past 10 - 20 years, and the trillions and trillions of dollars of debt we've rung up to do that (and lives), I think more and more Americans will be coming to RP's view soon.

We are not the only strong country on earth. If something needs to be dealt with, then Europe, China, Russia etc are going to have to step up.

It's time to bring our troops home, from Iraq and from around the world, close our foreign bases, seal our borders, deal with our hemisphere, and pull back. if an ally needs our help, or a madman arises, we send in bombers (we're good at that). but no more troops.

let israel take care of iran. let the mideast players deal with iraq. let china take care of north korea. let europe take care of russia

we're 60 trillion in debt, we can't afford this daddy role anymore, and it's time to own up to our loss in iraq

we didn't lose the war. because of Bush admin stupidity and incompetence, we lost the peace. and we have no chance of fixing it. that'll be up to the iraqis (and they can't either - they'll divide into three countries, mark my words)

peace out

Anonymous said...

Damn Keith, you finally woke up. Good job. By the way, I just gave paul 50 dabloons. Its a first for me.

Anonymous said...

He'll get 2%.

Anonymous said...

Not a Ron paul commet but.....

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InfidelSix said...

One of his advisors should probably make him read this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow I used to think Tucker was a dweeb, he is pretty smart when he isnt going for ratings.

I cant belive the above link was on 1st page of

How in the hell can 'mainstream america' think 911 is NOT revenge for years of beating up the middle east?

Lost Cause said...

If Ron Paul is such a good guy, why is he a Republican? They have as a group pretty much exposed themselves as vile and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

RP is really interesting - his views couldn't be more clear (thanks be to God), but the implications for the world of what he's saying are enormous. Asia. Dollar. Middle-east. But what about Europe?

I guess he has no chance in this campaign, but his candidacy may force a gear shift in presidential politics. Or is that just more Ross Perrot BS?

Plus: there's no way that interviewer was eligible to vote in 1988.

Anonymous said...

down to his final 3 minutes...

Anonymous said...

Funny none of you socialists were complainng when Clinton went to Yugoslavia twice. How come?

Anonymous said...

I just called RP's campaign headquarters and asked how to help. They said to join via their home page, email friends about the campaign, and contribute funds if possible. Did all that. Last suggestion was to join a local Ron Paul '08 group - there's a link on their home page. Since they have no national campaign infrastructure in place yet, it's the best way to join forces with community members.

Anonymous said...

Since they have no national campaign infrastructure in place yet, it's the best way to join forces with community members.

when I see how much the do in place, using minimal resources, I see that Ron Paul is a great manager, doesn't buy into standing on hype or being showy and is ready to be president!

Anonymous said...

Lost Cause said...
If Ron Paul is such a good guy, why is he a Republican? They have as a group pretty much exposed themselves as vile and corrupt.
Reason #1 - You have to be either a Republican or a Democrat to get elected President.

Reason #2 - As screwed up as the Republicans are, the Democrats are even worse

Anonymous said...

The Stinker Said:
Ron Paul makes sense? He is nothing more than a populist hillbilly.
Stinker, Stinker, Stinker.

Now what the heck are YOUR credentials to call a medical doctor a hillbilly?

Populist? Last I checked, staunchly pro-life is NOT a populist position.

Obviously, you haven't bothered to check RP's voting record. It's based solidly on PRINCIPLES, not what's popular.

You're such a twit.

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul is such a good guy, why is he a Republican? They have as a group pretty much exposed themselves as vile and corrupt.

++++I agree. Ron Paul should run as an independent and divorce himself from the Republican Party. After what we've been through, and are continuing to go through, with Dubya, there is no way in H*des I will vote for a Republican candidate for President....

Anonymous said...

The latest Economist, in talking about the 2nd debate, called Paul a "fiery Libertarian from Texas with no chance whatsoever". I guess they ignore data like online polls in making their assumptions. Then they devoted the entire column to Rudy McRomney. I am cancelling my Economist subscription immediately. If you can, do the same. They are obviously owned by Goldman Sachs like the rest of the damn country.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul started in politics back in the 1970s when the Republicans were somewhat better than they are now. With Reagan still trying to run for President and Reagan making libertarian noises, though he never lived up to them when he won the oval office. The Libertarian Party was extremely young then and at least it proved possible for Paul to get elected as a Republican. And then it was practical for him to come back to congress in the 1990s after several years out of office. A populist he certainly is not. He believes and says what most of the Founding Fathers would, if they returned from their graves. Even better, he has 200 years of history to examine how things went wrong since their time.

Anonymous said...

>>>How in the hell can 'mainstream america' think 911 is NOT revenge for years of beating up the middle east?<<<

How can some people think that fascists can be appeased? We did a lot more ass-kicking in Vietnam, one million+ KIA, yet I don't see any Vietnamese trying to fly any planes into our bldgs. Most of the sovereign nations in the MidEast do not want a war with us. In fact, mnay in the Mideast are wary of those who do ie Iran. If Osama is so popular, why don't the Arabs appoint/elect/ordain/whatever him as the leader of a country? He's a TERRORIST! Stop trying to make sense of him. We gave Czeckoslovakia to Hitler in the 30's and declared "Peace in our Time." How did that work out?

It is follish to think you can appease fascism.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul?
He’s the very definition of a crank.

Paul devotees, like their hero, reside firmly on the lunatic fringe.

Other than his 83 followers across the nation who seem to have nothing better to do than send angry missives when someone has the audacity to question their hero, the rest of the country is completely indifferent to the daffy Congressman.

The Candidates stack up as follows: Rudy Giuliani 25%, John McCain 23%, Fred Thompson 13%, Mitt Romney 10%, Newt Gingrich 9%, Mike Huckabee 3%, Sam Brownback 2%, Tom Tancredo 2%, Jim Gilmore 2%, Tommy Thompson 1%, Ron Paul 1%.

Give it up, Ron crackpot Paul and Rosie are the same, whacked out.

Why do morons (like Ron Paul) buy into conspiracy theories? Because they get lots of Blog time from the diehard wrongway nincompoops who have nothing better to do with their time.

Anonymous said...

Please everybody, sign this petition!

Anonymous said...

Don't like Ron Paul? You better read this:

Council on Foreign Relations on U.S. Dollar: "An Absurdity... Supported Only by Faith"

What did the most important and influential journal of International Relations in the world just say about the U.S. Dollar and the global economy?

In summary: The U.S. dollar is an "absurdity" and the only way to stave off a global disaster is for most countries to join one of three global currencies, based loosely on: the dollar, the euro and a pan Asian currency.

Enjoy your peso/amero/dinero!

Anonymous said...

Another Congressman= Another Excuse for our behaviour.Sorry Hpers,as good as it all sounds ,Ron Paul is just another useless Clown in the Greatest Dog and Pony Show on Earth.WTFUP
BTW Where the EFF is Guade H?If amnesty is given to Guade then thats cool,he could be PreZ.

Anonymous said...

the Cold War ended over 20 years ago and we still have tens of thousands of soldiers in Europe and Asia. Let South Korea and Japan keep the peace over there. The Europeans do not need our protection. The Middle East and Africa are lost causes. We can keep spreading ourselves thin and collapse like the Roman Empire or we can pull back and clean our own house. We don't need the UN and we don't need to be the world's policeman and nanny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, infidelsix. This is all the evidence you need to see that the Republicans are the grownup party vis-a-vis al-Qaida. Ron Paul and the Democrats have their head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bush has so bollocked Iraq and Afghanistan, and done it in such a "we're going it all alone" cock-sure manner, that he's completely alienated the rest of the World.

He's shown COMPLETE disregard for the will of the American citizen (remember the MANDATE issued by the people last Fall, handing the Republicans their asses in a sling as a sign of protest?). Bush's ignoring of the will of the people has made it perfectly clear that it's HIS world: we just live in it!

Frankly, Americans made it clear they're tired of losing resources *including American lives* to support Bush's Folly, and the body count of our troops (oh, and Iraqis, too) is rising.

From his immigration policy (read: cheap labor for big-business, with taxpayers expected to foot the bill for the migrants' social services, AKA privitization of profits with socialization of losses) to rigging the housing market (same story: private winnings with shared losses, AKA taxpayer-funded bailout) to Iraqi oil: there's a common theme. Bush is for ANYTHING that'll curry favor with BIG-BUSINESS, so screw the common man.

I was worried when Bush flaunted the U.N., and wanted to go it alone: as inefficient of an organization as the U.N. is, Bush has shown that the idea of "diplomacy" and "building coalitions" IS old-fashioned in HIS world. Shoot first, ask questions later. That's how they do it in Cowboy movies, and Bush is still working thru that fantasy of a 9 year-old schoolboy.

Anonymous said...

I have never voted Republican in my life, but I just sent $50 to Ron Paul. My entire family will vote for him. I'm telling everyone I know to vote for him.

It's official. Bill Maher said on his HBO program that Ron Paul is his new hero.

penguindev said...

"The worlds policeman" and "Nation Building" is far, far, too polite to describe what we're doing. We're running an empire in lands that interest us economically. We overthrow democratically elected leaders who try to nationalize anything. We have sanctioned cuba for 40 years and look how much good that has done. There is too much foreign intervention going on to even keep track of!

Anonymous said...

Sort of like Ron Paul. All be it for the economic sense he has. Particularly about the fed, fiat money , unaccountable politicians and bigger fool theory buisininess.

Ya, I could vote for him.

Real tired of this big government socialism thing but painting it conservative so we get another big government socialist thing.

Though, on foreign policy I have to disagree. The problem is Islam. Due to political correctness, I don't see any candidate facing the truth -- full blown multiculturalism is a road to self destruction.

Looks like Obama is fading.

Anonymous said...

go Ron go !!!

May 19, 2007

The Ron Paul 2008 YouTube channel now has more subscribers than any other presidential candidate -- Republican and Democrat -- except for Barack Obama.

Here are the numbers:

Obama - 5,639
Paul - 4,136
Clinton - 2,854
Edwards - 2,740
Romney - 1,969
Kucinich - 1,671
Giuliani - 1,356
McCain - 1,232
Gravel - 819
Richardson - 745
Biden - 581
Hunter - 381
Dodd - 220
Huckabee - 185
Tancredo - 162
Brownback - 84
Gilmore - 39.

Ron Paul 2008 YouTube Channel

Anonymous said...

What happened to Tucker's bow tie?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if we had stayed out of the Mideast. The Zionist wanted to use the poor Jewish refugees from the concentration camps as cannon fodder in the Mideast and got away with it, thanks to Truman and Stalin. Most of the refugees wanted to go to first-world countries such as the US, Britain, and Canada. The Zionists got Truman to turn against this and pressure other countries to also not allow in Jewish refugees. They promised Truman more support, money and votes, in the 1948 election if he would support the establishment of Israel. Then the Zionists turned to Stalin, who was witnessing Britain setting up pro-Western government in Egypt and elsewhere. The Zionists reminded Stalin that all of them were fellow socialists and many were Marxists! They assured him Israel would be his only friend in the Middle East. So Stalin did not veto the creation of Israel in the UN Security Council in 1947. And for several years, Israel was the friend of the Soviet Union...until the pro-Western government established in the Mideast started to turn anti-Western and pro-Soviet, and Israel realized most of its money came from rich American Jews who did not like Israel's pro-Soviet policies. Imagime if the US had stayed out of this mess, and the Jewish refugees had simply been allowed to settle where they wanted to, instead of being sent to Palestine to fight for land? The last 60 years would probably have been much more peaceful in the Middle East, the Islamic Fascists would perhaps have never come into existence, and after a few decades perhaps the Middle East would have started to drift towards capitalism, just as China and even Vietnam are doing once the US Army got out of the region. Leave other people and regions alone and keep out troops at home instead of in more than 120 countries around the world. The last count I read a few weeks ago was 144 other counrties with American military in them. We have become an insane empire with a collapsing currency.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a weak dufus!

He is from the elitist "Blame America First".

In his "debate" he blamed America for 9/11, implying that if we hadn't gone to Iraq, 9/11 wouldn't have happened... uh.... Ron, buddy, 9/11 happened BEFORE Iraq!

He teed that one up for Gulianni and the former NY Mayor knocked it right out of the park with big applause and cheers.

Your buddy Ron LOST not only the debate with that one remark but basically handed the Repulican Nomination to Rudy.

I don't think Ron could piss if his pants were on fire.

RJ said...

To all of you Bush cult followers who are upset because Congressman Paul pointed out the obvious which led to Giuliani demonstrating his studidity in the last debate here's an extract from the 9/11 Commission Report, page 48:

Bin Laden's 1998 declaration was only the latest in the long series of his public and private calls since 1992 that singled out the United States for attack ...
In August 1996, Bin Ladin had issued his own self-styled fatwa calling on Muslims to drive American soldiers out of Saudi Arabia. The long, disjointed document condemned the Suadi Monarchy for allowing the presence of an army of infidels in a land with the sites most sacred to Islam...
"We are certain that we shall - with the grace of Allah - prevail over the Americans." He [ Bin Ladin] went on to warn that "If the present injustice continues...,it will move the battle to American soil."

Why were we not targeted before the first Gulf War? Because we weren't over there!! If we had left well enough alone, Muslims in the middle east would be too busy fighting each other - Sunnis vs. Shiites vs. Kurds vs. Arabs vs. Persians - to bother with us.
Why would we stick our noise into a hornets nest ... oh, wait, that's right. The oil.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not a "blame America first" type. He's a "look at what American has been doing for decades in defiance of the advice of the Founding Fathers" type of person. We started out as a republic and we've become an empire. We started out minding our own business and offering trade and friendship to other countries. Now we seem to look for every battle to become involved in, sending our Secretary of State to visit for a day and decide which side we'll help murder the other side. We have helped install dictators who promised to be our friends against the communists without regard to how badly they treated their own people. In other words, we have turned our backs on the very principles this nation was founded on. We started out as a capitalist society, but we have adopted virtually every step and principle that Karl Marx listed for turning a society into a socialist state. And yet, most Americans still say we are a republic and capitalist. We're very much like the German people in the late 1930s...still believing they were free.

Anonymous said...

The trolls are so mad that Ron Paul is gaining terrain. That's right sheeple, Ron Paul is gonna kick the butt of all those stupid GOP candidates warmongers.

Go Ron!

Anonymous said...

The reality is Iraq was/is sitting on the 2nd largest oil fields in THE WORLD. Saddam had no plans to significantly develop the fields, although he WAS negotiating with France and Russia to start. Furthermore, Saddam had rattled U.S. cages by pushing for oil trade to be carried out using euros, not dollars.

Fortunately for Bush, he was presented with a golden opportunity to strike Iraq after 9/11, using an excuse for retaliation for 9/11. Most Americans were so riled up, they really didn't care about facts: they wanted vengeance for the World Trade Center, and one towel-head is as good as another. So Bush went for it, attempting to liberate Iraqi oil fields for U.S. interests (not Russia or France: ever wonder WHY those countries opposed the U.S. in the U.N.?)

Fact is, IF Bush HAD pulled this coup off, he'd have been lauded as accomplishing the greatest oil grab in U.S. History, securing American futures by getting access to a cheap source of fuel. As it stands, he failed: hence why your gas is over $3 a gallon.

I knew the back story of the REAL motives behind the "liberation" of Iraq, but agreed that it was necessary as the U.S. and allies are so addicted to fossil fuels, that we needed to do this. As it is, we're left with nothing but the bodies of another botched strategy and implementation of incompetant leadership. Heads SHOULD roll for this massive level of incompetance....

Anonymous said...

"He is nothing more than a populist hillbilly. "

Obviously, you're jealous, and are afraid of losing your free goverment hand out if he wins.

Anonymous said...

"Ron Paul?
He’s the very definition of a crank.

And so is your mommy for giving birth to you.

Anonymous said...

Just sent $100 to Ron Paul's campaign.

Go Ron Paul, those typical replothugs are getting really angry
with ya. That's a sign that Ron Paul is gaining strength!

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Franklin:

Nice to see a clear thinker around here. We see far too few.

-autofx in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

hadn't gone to Iraq, 9/11 wouldn't have happened... uh.... Ron, buddy, 9/11 happened BEFORE Iraq!

We've been IN Iraq since at least the 80s, when we installed Saddam. We went back again when Saddam invaded Kuwait.


Anonymous said...

Noticed the article, story (propaganda, disinformation, war baiting?), about the U.S Geological Survey"s discovery of more than a trillion barrels of underground oil on govt(?)lands in the rockies, disapeared, guess the corporate land grab scheme of more oil than the kings of the mid east were installed into, might set a few govt servants(?)into the bribe, kickback, shakedown next job of oil company, board of directorship, and stock options and disapearing land deeds for the new, heads rolling, powers that be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

rj the doofus said:

To all of you Bush cult followers who are upset because Congressman Paul pointed out the obvious Bin Laden's 1998 declaration was only the latest


Assclam, your pal Bill Clinton was in charge during 1998 if I do recall. You communist filth make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Even when you are crystal clear, base all your opinions on proven fact and solid logic....there are still people who just don't or wont get "it". I read some of these posts and just shake my head, obviously love to swallow the propaganda of the MSM, or subscribe to the BK dogma of the neo-con fakes. I am amazed at your inability to understand, and in fact are more amazed how people can function with such limited intellect.

RJ said...

Anonymous said "Assclam, your pal Bill Clinton...

Assclam, I'm not a democrat, or a socialist and I didn't vote for Clinton. It doesn't matter who was President at the time. The point is that the 9/11 Commission Report itself points out that a major motivation for Al Qaeda's planned attacks on U.S. soil was the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia which began with the first Gulf War when Bush was president. Furthermore, if you spent some time reading instead of watching the Cartoon Channel, you'd know that Al Qaeda terrorist cells like the one that carried out 9/11 were largely financed by Saudi money. If Bin Laden is a Saudi, Al Qaeda was started by Saudis, and it was largely financed by Saudi money, then we should have gone after Saudi Arabia. The problem is, the Saudi Prince is Bush's girlfriend.
And of course, the 9/11 Commission Report confirmed that there was no real connection between Saddam Hussein and the Al Qaeda terrorist cells operating in the U.S.
In other words, Congressman Paul is correct.
You Moron.

Anonymous said...

We led the world into war with Iraq because they invaded the Kuwaiti dictatorship. Yet we did nothing about Cambodia, Sudan and dozens of other atrocities through the decades. Saddam Hussein was not our enemy until Bush Sr made him our enemy. Osama bin Laden was not our enemy until we set up permanent bases in Saudi Arabia under the pretense of protecting them from Saddam's army which we destroyed in 1991. Saddam never planned to attack Saudi Arabia in the first place. That was just an excuse for Bush Sr's New World Order to effectively colonize that region.

Tiphareth Enterprises said...

I'd like to reply to "thinker"'s (that's a laugh!) comment that Ron Paul is a hillbilly...hee hee, are you on Rupert's payroll trying to spread propaganda? He's a doctor, and he stays up with what's happening in his country-- compared to the dems who have difficulty differentiating what is a "right" and what is a "privilege". Owning a gun: "A right." Citizenship: a "privilege." Citizenship for millions of immigrants: "treason". Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barry Bobama (whateverhisnameis)are talking as if they had a personal copy of Karl Marx' manifesto with them! RON PAUL is a real American Patriot and the world knows it! Rudy Giuliani can yell "Nine eleven!" until the cow's come home and the nation will still remember his disheveled, confused attitude during the World Trade Center collapse and how he allowed the FBI, the CIA and every Tom, Dick and Harry to steamroll over New York City. A leader? I think not!
And McCain? don't make me laugh? His campaign slogan should be "McCain is insane" I still remember his behavior in blasting Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson when he lost the South Carolina primary to that dirtback George W! McCain ruined his own campaign with his stupid tantrums.
The only man who has shown true leadership qualities during all these years is Ron Paul.