February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day America. Question: How do you celebrate living under the worst president in the history of the United States?

Pat Buchanan (R): "Iraq is the worst strategic blunder in our lifetime. And for it, George W. Bush, his War Cabinet, and the neoconservatives who plotted and planned this war for a decade bear full responsibility."

Sen. Harry Reid (D): "This (Iraq) war is a serious situation. It involves the worst foreign policy mistake in the history of this country"

Helen Thomas (AP): “This is the worst President ever. He [George W. Bush] is the worst President in all of American history.”

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R): "I think this speech given last night by this president represents the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam if it's carried out."

Fred Dattolo (author): "When it starts to unravel, it will likely lead to the biggest bubble bust in world history, hurtling the U.S. economy into chaos, reminiscent of the Great Depression—or worse."

January 2007 AP/AOL poll: Two-thirds of Americans, 66 percent, think the country is on the wrong track.

GAO Report 2006 recapped: The US is insolvent. There is simply no way for our national bills to be paid under current levels of taxation and promised benefits. Our combined federal deficits now total more than 400% of GDP.

Joe Scarborough (R): "In Bush’s Washington, the capital is a much clubbier place where everyone in the White House knows someone on the Hill who worked with the Old Man, summered in Maine, or pledged DKE at Yale. The result? Chummy relationships, no vetoes, and record-breaking debts"


raynla said...

All we Americans can look forward to is THE AUDACITY OF HOPE

To all of my fellow Americans lets all DO THE RIGHT THING in 2008

raynla said...

I think if we elect OBAMA we will find OSAMA!

Anonymous said...

Pondering the fact that he will only be the worst president in history until the next one takes office in 2008 with the bucket of slop that's been served up so far.

keith said...

Poor christian right wing of the GOP - they're back out in the wilderness now, with the choice of Rudy (pro-gay, pro-abortion), Romney (mormon, 'nuff said) and McCain (unelectable angry fraud). Too bad the Republicans won't let Ron Paul into any of their debates too. That'd be fun.

I miss Reagan Republicans - fiscal restraint, strong and sane foreign policy, pro-business, low-taxes. Too bad Scarborough isn't running. I like that guy.

I think the Republican party got screwed up with all this moral crap, even though it got them into power. Get back to basics and run this country like a business I say. Make some tough damn decisions.

On the Democrat side, if Hillary wins I seriously ain't coming home. What a disaster that would be, but I'm not worried - the country isn't THAT stupid. Are they?

It's Obama. Not tied down by the left or right. Right on the war. Young, energetic and inspiring. And going to inherit a massive mess with a post-housing-bubble America. He won't have the money to do a thing. And the first thing he'll have to do is cut social security and medicare/medicaid. That's gonna hurt him.

Too bad Bush spent all the money. On nothing. What a lost opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"I miss Reagan Republicans - fiscal restraint, strong and sane foreign policy, pro-business, low-taxes. Too bad Scarborough isn't running. I like that guy."

You should check your facts again, Reagan started this "deficits do not matter"-crap and irresponsible government spending spree (like star wars etc etc).

Anonymous said...

if you wonder what is wrong with the state of american business just read some of the morons that take time to publish comments on this site.Obama...what a joke.those are the home debtors looking for some social policy to bail them out.power is shifting to asia partly because of the average american drone that thinks that way and demands a fair wage while china is open for business and people want to get rich and work to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Republicans are no longer the party of responsible governance; they are multinational corporate pawns and religous-right wing-nuts.

Fact: Democrats only pander to the masses while screwing the other masses that aren't watching - hmm, sounds like the Repulicans. Not one democrats signed up to free border agents Compean and Ramos. NOT ONE!!!

Fact: According to polls, 2/3 of Americans want to have a 3rd party!

I am voting independent for the rest of time - unless the candidate is REALLY outside the partisan box. Please join me. We can take back America with one unified independent party.


Anonymous said...

Reagan,fiscal restraint... Wow you really believe nything a talking head on TV tells you don't you.

Go and look at the historic data at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2007/

Remember budgets don't match presidential term exactly. A presidents first budget comes into affect in October of the year they take office, so there's essentially a one year lag.

So look at those numbers and realize that the deficit did the following post WWII (which resulted in a large debt):

Truman : deficit reduced
Ike: deficit reduced
Kennedy/LBJ: deficit reduced
Nixon/Ford: deficit reduced
Carter: deficit reduced
Bush: deficit INCREASED
Reagan: deficit INCREASED
Clinton: deficit reduced
Bush: deficit INCREASED

There have been only three presidents seriously trying to destroy America in the long term. And you manage to pick one of them for your heroic figure of spending control?

keith said...

"Fiscal restraint" in this case folks means "CUT THE DAMN SPENDING".

That's what Reagan did. Yes, he increased defense (I was against) and lowered taxes (I was for) but he hacked the crap out of discretionary spending. He also did a deal with Tip to cut social security.

Now the next president has to

1) cut defense spending. Pull our troops out of Japan and S. Korea, close bases, forget about star wars, etc.

2) Take social security retirement age up to 72, increase 1 year every year until we're there. Also increase from then on based on life expectency increase number.

3) Figure out medicare/medicaid and health care. I'm not smart enough to make a recommendation there. What a friggin mess.

4) Cut all other government spending by 5% across the board, no exceptions.

There. That should do the trick.

Too bad nobody has courage to do things anymore in government though. It's all about job security and winning. Screw the country into insolvency in the meantime, and make our currency worthless.

Anonymous said...


there's no point increasing qualification age one year a year - you might as well jump to the final value, since no one will qualify in the intervening years anyway.

Anyone who was at the "qulify next year" age will see the qualification age stay one year ahead of them until they turn 72.

Has to be 1 year every 2 years, or just bump it to 72 in one go.

And as for Reagan, it doesn't matter what he cut and what he increased. All that matters is the net total at the end, and Reagan added more to the deficit (as %of GDP) than W. Bush looks like managing in his two terms.

At least Reagan had an excuse (a spending war with the USSR), still he cancelled out everything Kennedy/LBJ/Nixon/Ford/Carter did. 20 years of deficit reduction undone in two terms...

tmaioli said...

With a Military Budget of all the worlds countries combined is it really a surprise? PAX AMERICANA is over people.

And yes this is the worst president ever, the more people that wake up to that the better chance we have for taking our country back.

DCinsider said...

Yup and the GOP, Israel and the necons want to bring us into war with Iran-God help us folks! Why can't we impeace this man!

keith said...

I wish you all could see how much America and its leaders are hated in Europe today.

The Europeans don't hate all Americans it seems - especially if you let them know you think we're led by a monkey.

It amazes me we went from being loved and admired to this open hatred and distaste.

George Bush represents America. And he has failed us. I don't know, I guess when you torture people, invade a country on lies, don't believe in diplomacy, and set up secret jails, it rubs people the wrong way.

Hopefully the next president will be able to repair our reputation and image abroad.

America should be loved. With the right leadership we could be again.


Anonymous said...

It would be so easy to balance the budget, a child could do it.

Cut military spending back 50%. Afterall, the US can incinerate the planet 10 times over already. Talk about overkill.

Provide free healthcare to all citizens, just like every other 'modern' country does and just like the US government does for all governmental employees. As a citizen, I feel like second class. Notice I said AMERICAN, as in citizen. Jeez, the only ones getting free healthcare today are the illegals, and the government employed, and retired, and that leads me to #3

Private sectors pay for their own retirement plans, why doesn't the government sector do the same? What a novel Idea? If you want to retire, you pay into a plan with your money, not someones taxed dollars. Talk about 'entitlements'.Good grief

As for Bush, you kinda summed it all up neatly, 'worst of alltime'. Here here. And as for Reagan, he was the one that inniated that supply side voodoo, that has morphed into all that easy lending that started this housing bubble to begin with... Can't blame that on clinton, speaking of which, can you imagine what the taliban like republicans would have done to Clinton if he would have inniated operation Iraqi rathole? LOL, these evil SOB's took the man down for lying about a BJ... Yes the bush built schiett sandwich will get tossed down on us all, even those 59 million dumbasses that loved him so in 04. Actions do carry consequences.

Natural Eyebrows said...

I'm not sold on Obama yet, but he is a moderating force. That by itself would be a welcome change. Al Franken, Anne Coulter and all the rest of the hyperpartisan screamers need to be escorted offstage if we are ever able to confront our problems.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton: The only elected president in the history of the United States of America ever to be impeached.

I know that stings. I know the fact that you weak, Socialist liberals with your hand held out will never get over this because people like the Clinton's were going to hold you, coddle you and take care of you to help you forget all the fears, mistakes and disapointments in your life.

The thought of another liberal like Hillary or Obama makes you pray like a child again hoping that someone will come and rescue you from your shortcommings.

Don't cry, be courageous. Stand up like the man or woman you can be and get yourself together. Work hard, 80 hours a week if that what it takes. Elevate youself, lose the anger an belly up to the bar. Raise your expectations. Don't rely on a candidate to rescue you, rescue yourself. Make the change today.

Go back to school, save, invest, upgrade your clothes and be independent. Don't follow, lead. Be courageous and go for it. - GJ

tmaioli said...

Though headlines are dominated by the war in Iraq, everyone realizes there is something wrong with the US economy. But few have focused on the connection between the two.


Anonymous said...

Carter first

Slick willie second

Bush third....... so far

Anonymous said...
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devestment said...

"I miss Reagan Republicans - fiscal restraint, strong and sane foreign policy, pro-business, low-taxes. Too bad Scarborough isn't running. I like that guy."

You should check your facts again, Reagan started this "deficits do not matter"-crap and irresponsible government spending spree (like star wars etc etc).

That's right. Reagan was a pump and dumper too. Remember the high prices of the late 80's???

I will say this though. Reagan was at least Presidential, a great politician on foreign policy, and someone who spoke clearly and commanded the respect of the highest office.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Worse then Cartyr the Martyr?

Hard assets said...

No one sees the connection! Just look at the Texans that are/where the president. Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush, with Lyndon giving us Viet Nam and George W. giving us Iraq, the start a war with plan shows.
Then Bush is cutting medicare and college loans, but has the biggest budget for the war machine than all the rest of the world combined.
Our educational system is the joke of the industrial world with countries like Taiwan and Korea beating us hands down in scoring, but the Ivy League schools are still fine. So we will have an elite 3% that have good score while the rest of the kids will be undereducated! Shame on the Republican, and the Dems. really aren't much better.
Just go and look at any So. Cal. hospital, at least half of the patients are illegals from Mexico, and we're paying the bill! Have your baby in the U.S. and they can't deport you.
Does any one know of a country I can go to and do this? Or any country to go to that I can take my bubble real estate profits to that I don't have to pay my tax money to pay for this illegal alien "rip off". Because in a few years we will be bankrupt and they will be coming for our bank accounts. Oh, and if you stay, better learn Spanish so that you can explain what's wrong with you at the clinic!

Anonymous said...

"I wish you all could see how much America and its leaders are hated in Europe today."

Keith- This is so true! But I can see how screwed up the U.S. is from the inside. Look at the illegal alien disaster, the budget deficit, the corrupt politicians, the idiotic war that won't end in Iraq, the "banker's" housing bubble fraud and the poor choices for president in 2008. Then you have the war on terror, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, etc. I want to start a war on idiots! I know it will be an up hill battle but Washington would be a great place to start. Do I have any volunteers?

Markus Arelius said...

I don't know Keith.
There are plenty of people who stil proudly don the W'04 sticker on their monstrosity SUVs and cars.

Seems to me, if he was that bad, people would be using every chemical in the garage to scrape those off.

Lots of Americans still (secretly) stand behind Bush despite the Iraq debacle, because of his stance on several key issues: namely controls on stem stell research, abortion control, support for religious organizations to fill the gap of social programs, etc.

But you'll get no argument from me.
History will judge the Bush administration harshly indeed. More harshly than Buchanan and Coolidge and Hoover. That is already a certainty.

Markus Arelius said...

Just a question:

Does anyone think that Bush already knows the real truth about his presidency?

Anonymous said...

Pointing to government reports that the life expectancy of the average American woman is now in the early 80's and the man in the mid 70's and the cost of living escalating, Bracken is concerned about the falling power of the dollar. “Fiat dollars are pouring into our economy and diluting what wealth people may have accumulated. Worse they are negatively impacting on fixed incomes causing people on them to incur credit card debt just to make ends meet. The dollar is barely worth 22 cents. Just think what a sirloin steak at the market cost five years ago, about five dollars, Today they want ten. It is just getting worse and worse."

Anonymous said...

They hanged the wrong man in Baghdad....

keith said...

OK folks, don't blame the messenger, but I'm going to explain now, very quickly, why Bush is still raging popular with the Fox News bubba crowd.


No, really, are you ready.

Here it is.

Because he hates fags and loves his jesus.

The 30% or whatever it is of the US that still supports this guy would support him even if he started killing puppies, robbing old ladies and bombed canada.


Because he hates the fags and loves his jesus.

roxrok said...

Enough. Bush is not the worst president ever, by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks to you and all your sycophantic friends for swallowing the media lies and undermining all the good things he has tried to bring about. Do I agree with everything he's done? No. But I'd be hard-pressed to name ONE public figure i agree with 100%. Just because you don't agree with everything he's done doesn't make him the worst president ever.

There has got to be some drug in development to cure people of BDS...please. You all are sick.

vegas crash watcher said...

I hope President Obama or Hillary bans individual ownership of guns so that the revolution can start. The Left must die.

keith said...

here's how the british see the yanks these days


oh, man, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile

Anonymous said...


David in JAX said...

Don't be so quick to judge how Bush-2 will be judged by history. CNN recently ran a segment on this issue because Bush's approval numbers are so deep in the toilet. The segment said that there are four presidents who's approval raitings were lower than Bush's while they were in office. Truman, Nixon, Carter and Clinton all had numbers lower than Bush. While Nixon and Clinton will probably forever continue to be seen as our worst presidents, president Carter is becoming more and more popular and president Truman is viewed by many as one of our greatest presidents. So, if one of the most disliked presidents can turn it around, so can Bush.

By the way, before anyone calls be a Bush lover, I also dislike Bush-2 because of his rediculous spending and how he handled the war. But I mostly dislike him because he wanted to change The Constitution to make marriage between one man and one woman. I believe this is his biggest fault since The Constitution was designed to give us rights and not to take them away.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...the Euro people and leadership hate us eh?

Well Keith ya just made my day. Haven't been over there since the early-mid nineties. Outside of the Irish I thought the rest were a bunch of pretentious pieces of dung. Lord, if I ever have to work with the French again........talk about a country going to pot.

Like most of your comments...too over the top. I remember back in the mid to late eighties all the doom and gloom books that populated the airport kiosks. Another depression, the worst ever....Also recall the survivalist movement, rush for gold, and who can forget the coming ice age. Yes, not global warming but a coming ice age. yawnnnnn......

True the RE market will drop, all dependent on where you are. There must be a relation between the rent you could bring in on a property as opposed to the market value. And that is greatly out of balance. But it will not be the end of the United States economy. I was around in the early seventies...now that was scary.

You are right about not buying now. In the Philly area there is just a wisp of fear...nothing else yet. But too many condos coming on line this year, way, way to many.

As far as the european union, you can keep 'em. Along with the Kyoto Protocol, soccer, londonstan, overpaid german workers, useless french workers and the general leftist attitudes on that side of the pond.

I don't want to be loved by the euros. As far as touturing blah blah blah.........get a clue. What do you think happened during the cold war? The second world war? Even with your beloved euros who were on our side. It was done. Oh if I could only live in your perfect world. Stop being such a pontifical bastard.

Stay with the limeys Keith...you deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
February 19, 2007 3:30 PM

"Bill Clinton: The only elected president in the history of the United States of America ever to be impeached."

I guess you forgot about ol' Tricky Dicky, who escaped the wrath of America because of Jerry Ford's pardon.

Andrew Johnson faced impeachment back in the 1860's after the Civil War. True, He wasn't elected president, but he still was the President of the nation at the time.

Quote from Anon
"Go back to school - GJ "

I suggest you do the same, and this time-

don't sleep through history class.

In case you were wondering,
I am NOT in favor of Queen Hillary getting in as president.
(Poison is Queen.)

Anonymous said...

What does this tell you?

Percent of known pregnancies ending in legal abortions

country year % notes

Russia 2005 52.5
Greenland 2004 50.2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1988 48.9
Estonia 2004 47.4
Romania 2004 46.9
Belarus 2004 44.6
Hungary 2004 42.0
Ukraine 2004 40.4
Bulgaria 2004 40.3
Latvia 2004 40.3
Guadeloupe 2004 40.2
Vietnam 2001 37.1
Cuba 2004 34.6
Kazakhstan 2004 32.2
Moldova 2004 31.9
Martinique 2004 31.6
Serbia and Montenegro 1998 31.4
Georgia 2005 30.0
Cocos Islands 1978 28.6
Belize 1996 28.0
Slovakia 2004 27.2
PR China 2001 26.9
Slovenia 2004 26.3
Sweden 2005 25.3
New Caledonia 1998 25.2
ROK South Korea 1996 25.0
Lithuania 2005 24.6
Singapore 2004 24.5
Hong Kong 2004 24.2
United States 2003 23.9
Macedonia 2001 23.9
French Guiana 2004 23.7
Canada 2003 23.6 *
New Zealand 2005 23.3
Reunion 2003 22.9
Seychelles 2003 22.7
Montenegro 2004 22.2
Australia 2004 22.1
Guyana 2003 22.0
Armenia 2004 21.8
United Kingdom 2004 21.8
France 2004 21.5
Japan 2004 21.4
Czech Republic 2005 20.6
Norway 2005 19.7
Albania 2004 19.6
Denmark 2005 19.0
Italy 2003 18.1
Iceland 2004 17.4
Mongolia 2004 16.7
Finland 2004 16.1
Spain 2004 15.8
Kyrgyzstan 2004 15.4
FR Germany 2002 15.3
Isle of Man 2005 15.2 *
Dominican Republic 1998 14.8
Anguilla 2003 14.7
Channel Islands 2004 13.8 *
Azerbaijan 2004 13.1
Netherlands 2004 13.0
Switzerland 2004 13.0
Belgium 2003 12.9 *
Turks and Caicos Islands 2004 12.5
Israel 2004 12.3
Turkmenistan 2003 11.6
Croatia 2004 11.5
Bahrain 2002 11.5 *
Greece 1996 11.1
Barbados 1995 10.3
Tajikistan 2003 10.1
Bermuda 1984 9.9
Tunisia 1996 9.6
Uzbekistan 2003 9.4
South Africa 2005 9.2
Ireland 2004 9.2
Saint Helena 1990 7.1
Kosovo 2005 6.4
Faeroe Islands 2004 5.8
Gibraltar 1997 3.6 *
Austria 2000 3.0
Suriname 1994 3.0
Puerto Rico 2001 2.2
Malta 2004 1.7 *
Qatar 2004 1.3
Portugal 2005 0.8
Venezuela 1968 0.8
Mexico 2003 0.2
Poland 2004 0.06
Panama 2000 0.02
Chile 1991 0.02


veritas_faust said...

Anonymous 9:52

It tells me that either if you live in a former Soviet Block country they have more reported abortions.

But I kind of miss how that relates to the President being a retard.

Can you explain?

veritas_faust said...

Anonymous 9:52

It tells me that either if you live in a former Soviet Block country they have more reported abortions.

But I kind of miss how that relates to the President being a retard.

Can you explain?

Anonymous said...

Nixon resigned, he wasn't impeached. Clinton was the only elected president to be impeached. Nice try, though. - GJ

JAFO said...

I don't know. What does that tell me? A list of abortion percentages?

Bush supporters and opposers alike are making a mistake in arguing what kind of president he is. Bush is/has become de facto king. With his idiotic signing statements attached to legislation and his complete disregard for the Constitution and rule of law, Bush Jr. has done more to destroy freedom and liberty than anyone in recent memory. Come on all you Bush lovers, be honest, had Clinton been shown to be wiretapping US citizens, opening mail, etc... all without due process and warrants, you would have been screaming for his head. Before you accuse me of being a socialist or communist understand this. I was once a conservative somewhere to the right of Buchanan. I really believed in the mantra of low taxes and smaller less intrusive government. Still do to a great extent but don't expect to find these qualities in either of the two dominant parties today. America's best days appear to be behind us unless a miracle happens. With most of the world openly hating us, and we being completely dependant on them for fuel and money, it is only a matter of time before we are brought to heel. Future generations won't know prosperity as we have for so long.


keith said...

Andrew Johnson was impeached, not convicted (survived by one vote).

Nixon had three articles of impeachment drawn up against him by the house judiciary committee, and resigned days after to avoid the trial, and he for sure would have been convicted.

and the American education system is again proven to be the pits

but then again, I was a poly sci major after all

Too bad Clinton got impeached. If he hadn't, the Dems would be drawing up impeachment charges against bush right now (wire tapping, torture, etc). But they can't because it would look tit-for-tat

Damn monica.

Justin said...

I apologize for not mentioning the obvious in my prior post, but neither Andrew Johnson nor Bill Clinton were impeached, they went through impeachment hearings but neither were impeached (removed) from office.

Again, anon, please read up on your history before making your statements.

No one looks more the fool than an angry fool.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Johnson was not elected. I'll try one more time: Bill Clinton is the only ELECTED President to be impeached.

Like I said, I know it hurts you Socialists but stand up and take reponsibility of your own lives.

Why would you want to have someone provide you and your family with the wealth, happiness and well-being that is attainable by anyone who lives inside the borders of this great country?

You're angry at Bush for your deficiencies? Oh my God, that's so sad. Overcome your weaknesses. Fight like hell and achieve something higher. Waaa... Bush is bad, that's why my life is a mess.

Here's another thing: If you want to buy a house, save your money like your parents and grandparents did. It took them years. It sucks but that's the way it goes sometimes. My wife and I lived on canned soup and toast, worked multiple jobs, used aluminum foil as a TV antennae and lived in apartments the size of a box at various points.

I'm not a Bush fan but some of you are laughable with your reasoning. Stop trying to save the world from us so-called conservatives and do something instead of talking. -GJ

Anonymous said...

...and an angry fool you are. -GJ

Shakster said...

To the herd that thinks presidents should lead you,that any president was good,or that the US is all it's cracked up to be,or voters in general.Hope you love being crapped on.

keith said...

Meanwhile, where was McCain when Rummy was in full incompetence and troops were getting killed and injured all over Iraq? Gee, I don't remember McCain calling for Rummy's resignation or Bush to fire him at the time.

Here's the latest from this piece of garbage. Man, I can't stand politicians, and John McCain is the worst. What a fraud. I hope he goes back to Arizona with the rest of the frauds.

BLUFFTON, S.C. - Republican presidential candidate John McCain (news, bio, voting record) said Monday the war in Iraq has been mismanaged for years and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will be remembered as one of the worst in history.

"We are paying a very heavy price for the mismanagement — that's the kindest word I can give you — of Donald Rumsfeld, of this war," the Arizona senator told an overflow crowd of more than 800 at a retirement community near Hilton Head Island, S.C. "The price is very, very heavy and I regret it enormously."

keith said...

Justin, Justin, Justin, like Bush, when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging my friend.

the house develops articles of impeachment. this is what is called "impeached", if the full house by majority vote approves the article(s). Johnson and Clinton both got impeached. Period. Full stop.

Then the house appoints managers to present the case to the senate, and they vote to convict or not (by 2/3 vote). Johnson and Clinton both were acquitted during this trial stage.

Nixon resigned after the articles passed the house committee but had not yet been voted on by the full house, which for sure would have impeached him, then gone to trial in the senate.

Hope that helps.

Oh, the things you learn at HP. Or the U. of Michigan. go blue.

keith said...

"Andrew Johnson was not elected. I'll try one more time: Bill Clinton is the only ELECTED President to be impeached. "

Man, class is in session tonight! It's like a good pub quiz.

Andrew Johnson was elected vice president of the united states and became president after lincoln was shot. To call him "unelected" would be to call truman, roosevelt, LBJ and a few other VP's who became president all unelected too. Incorrect. If bush dies, would you call cheney unelected? I do remember his name on the ticket, I swear.

Gerald Ford was the only president to take office without winning a national vote. He became VP by vote of the House after Agnew resigned in disgrace

Anonymous said...


Sigh.... Jackson was appointed as a result of the death of Lincoln. Clinton was elected in a National election as PRESIDENT and impeached.

You sound like Clinton and his interpretation of the word "is". -GJ

keith said...


jackson (nor any of the many VP's who became president after the death or resignation of the president) was not "appointed"

a vice president becomes president ("succeeds" is the correct word) per this little thing called the constitution. Yes, that same document that Bush forgets to read too.

Nobody can "appoint" a president. Even if the VP dies with the Pres, there is a well defined succession plan down the line.

Enough on this. But I think this display of ignorance, followed by the oh-so-easy-smack-down, is very representative of the Bush Iraq fiasco, followed by the resulting smack-down by congress and the American people.

Stop digging! and don't argue with polysci majors on the intricacies of presidential succession and impeachment. Unless they're from Arizona State. They don't study there you know.

Justin said...

My apologies to you Keith,

I thank you for pointing out my error, and for doing so in a polite and courteous way.

I am grown up enough to admit my error, and I again thank you for your wisdom and patient manner.

GJ, I too admit my error to you, sometimes one speaks or types before thinking, I apologize for my hasty input.
Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

At least Nixon had the moxy to resign in disgrace. Bush on the otherhand will do no such thing, and as a result the taliban like neo-cons that support this a-hole will be ousted forever never to be seen in office again, Ah there is a silver lining here...

Bush, single handedly has done the most harm to this country than our enemies in WW2 ever did. He has torn this country apart from within. For this I say, gawd damn the republiban.

a.creampuff said...

Another vote for Bush as the worst Prexy EVAR! Yeeeeeehaw!

Anonymous said...

George W won twice you moron Keifer! LOL. Maybe it's really that America hates you weak LIBERALS.
W Rocks! Put that in your liberal pipe and smoke it!

Peter said...

GJ - and you have bought the Horatio Alger Myth. Repubs love to sucker people with that one. "Work hard and get rich in this great country of ours". Hwah, Hwah. You are so niave, man! America's rich lie, cheat, and steal their way to wealth. This entire blog is about a Ponzi Scheme. Ah, Charles Ponzi - now that's more like it. Or maybe you'd prefer a little rail barron monopoly? Intellectual property rip offs, anyone? Government sweetheart contracts and kickbacks from before there was an United States right up to Haliburton. So much for your fictional "self-made" success in America. It's a crock, and you are deluded.

Anonymous said...


veritas_faust said...
Anonymous 9:52

It tells me that either if you live in a former Soviet Block country they have more reported abortions.

But I kind of miss how that relates to the President being a retard.

Can you explain?
We would be better if he got aborted ?

Anonymous said...


My theory (conjecture) of why the U.S. is so disliked overseas is that so few of us (Americans) visit overseas or bother to work/live overseas. Up until the recent rule to require passports for returning from Canada and Mexico less than 15% of Americans had passports. Also, say whackos like you or I that work overseas and bother to spend time and gain perspective are very, very few. Ot of a country of 300 mil there are only 200k americans working and living overseas. Why? Well the U.S. is the only country that taxes U.S. citiznes no matter where you live! Only country! You have to pay till you are dead--point. We lack perspective gained from living overseas, also the government can pass the buck to you just by being born--there is no escaping the tax man and after this housing fiasco the tax bills will mount. What to do? Become a Brit, Canadian or Aussie.

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney is evil incarnate....

Bush on the other hand is a bumbling puppet...

Together they have helped to destroy whatever credibility America had left both at home and abroad.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let me think. what did we used to do when Carter was in office.....

GreedKills said...


I saw a headline in the NYT where GWB was comparing the war in Iraq to the Revolutionary War.

Did I actually read the article?

Well...no...but he's dead on right.

Durning the Revolutionary War...we were threatened by big bad powerful England...They saw what we had over here and by golly they weren't going to lose it.

They were so stupid...marching over here making themselves so obvious with their bright red coats and all.

So we hid in trees with our muskets...set up booby traps...shot them from "sniper like" locations.

Ultimately the greedy self serving powerful English aggressors got their "Royal" asses kicked by a bunch of Rag Tag Ruffians.

It's just like the Revolutionary war...I don't even want to read the article because if it doesn't prescribe to my above theory...then I think I'll hurl.

Awaiting bubble rubble said...

I still can't believe anybody was dumb enough to vote for this clown in 2004, much less in 2000 when we elected Al Gore. Outside the US, Bu$hco never quite exceeded 20% approval. Bu$hco and the absurd housing bubble are testimony to how far the American sheeple have sunk

Anonymous said...

I say it again, the next president will be whoever the Secret Society-Illuminati-Council of Foreign Relations-Trilateral Commission-Bilderbergs-Skull & Bones freaks choose to be. We are nothing but a bunch of puppets.

Anonymous said...

"Of of a country of 300 mil there are only 200k americans working and living overseas. Why?"

That's because we're not the British Empire. The idea of extensive worldwide diasporic colonies of Brits, Irish, and other Europeans arrived with a multi-continental empire with settlements around the globe. America has always seen itself as a self-contained empire where moving from NY to California or to Alaska for the adventurer, was seen as the lifestyle of a mobile person. Realize that up until 1950, Hawaii and Alaska were still considered territories.

Anonymous said...

Before the Iraq War, around the start of '03, a journalist asked McCain specifically if the move on building the case for war, based upon allegations of WMDs, was at all reminiscent of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and McCain completely thrashed the reporter on even bringing up the topic. Well... it turned out to be far worse than the Gulf of Tonkin! For a Vietnam Vet, not to have learned from his own cohort's hardships really tells me the type of person McCain is.

Girl Guide said...

The Europeans have always hated us. Traveled to Italy in 1980's and, though I don't speak Italian, I understood the graffiti that read "Reagan es Bastardo." He might have been a bastard, but boy was 2000 lira to the US$ great!

I also lived in the UK during that time and was told by a postal worker in Scotland that he hated Americans. I asked why, and he said that during WWII the Americans had wool uniforms while the Brits wore cloth.

So, it seems they will always have a reason to hate us. Perhaps we should come home and shut the door to the requests for money, troops, medicine, etc. ad nauseum from those who hate us.

Recently traveled to Taipai and was shocked to see CNN broadcasts that paint us as the worst of cretins as often as possible. We have a lot of forces working against us. Unfortunately, some of the most powerful are from within.

And, though Bush may not be the worst president in US history, he is certainly in the running. It is not just that he did not have the education and background to become the leader of the free world, he lacks the intellectual capacity to learn what he needs to know.

It is a sad state of affairs, and it looks like the list of candidates for the next election cycle are simply retreads.

Anonymous said...

Al Qeeferoni,

Was not gonna post anything in here since I don’t agree with you politically.
(wish you would stick to economical issues)
But I must say that nothing makes me more proud to be an American and our President then the fact that we are “not liked’ by the elitist Eurowhimps and the divided nations (aka- UN).
There would be something terribly wrong with this Country if we made decisions based on whether the losers across the pond would like us.

Democrat said...

"The Europeans have always hated us. Traveled to Italy in 1980's".

Italy and the '80s. That's right in the 'Operation Gladio' period during which Italy suffered from 'terrorist' attacks that killed ordinary people.

On the other hand, the guy that always gets away with doing just what he wants (the US as superpower), may not always be met with the best regards by other people.