February 19, 2007

Iamfacingforeclosure.com's Casey, even though it's all going to hell in a handbasket, sure has a good sense of humor

Hey, it's just money in the end.

Oh, and massive mortgage fraud and the biggest ponzi scheme in recorded human history.

But man, you gotta laugh at the whole thing.

Before you cry.

Here's some hilarious photoshop pictures sent in by his readers. Man, I love that blog. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


raynla said...

I personally respect Casey for the way he is handling his situation. I even sent him $5.00(US) a couple of weeks ago. But unfortunately his blogging antics will be used against him in court, both Federal and State! Not to mention the one where she gets half of nothing.

GreedKills said...

Is this guy for real...honestly?

keith said...

The kid is going to be famous one day, and rich.

Only in America folks, only in America.

GreedKills said...

I think he's possibly getting rich off of people sending him $5 at a pop...to the apartment he rents where he has created his "tall tale".

Who knows.

But if it is true...I'd rather buy a homeless guy lunch every day for the rest of my life before I would send someone who got sucked into the greed game a wooden nickle.

mr trump said...

This guy is a loser. quit posting this garbage about him on your blog please.

Anonymous said...

Just like Kfed I blame his wife. Behind ever failure is a women.

Veronica Lodge said...

Just when you think Casey has topped out, he hits new heights. It's all good.

Did you check out Casey's Financial Planning Flowchart? Too much!

I can only wonder what he will do next. This will be a tough act to follow.

Be sure to read the comments under the pictures for even more comic relief.


Anonymous said...

Casey is my hero, where else but America can a mop top 20 something Blogger who sits on a blue ball get $2 million? Keep up the good work Keith, gotta run out and grab a Jamba Juice...

raynla said...


Casey is already rich. He ownes more than a million dollars worth of real estate!


mnhp said...

wow, these pictures made me laugh! and I'm not a person with a sense of humor... I love shakespearean comedy and casey is at his best in that role...

Shakster said...