August 04, 2018


Years go by, and it's infuriating to see the same deceptions by the mainstream media.

They told you housing prices could never, ever go down.  They told you Iraq had WMD.

They told you Obamacare would be affordable health insurance, where you could keep your doctor.

And now they're telling you that PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump is a Russian agent set upon the destruction of America.

Fuck CNN.  Fuck MSNBC.  Fuck the Amazon Washington Post.  Fuck the New York Times.

These media entertainment democrat channels lied to you before, they're lying to you again, and the are truly the enemy of the people.

Rise up America.  This is war. 

I hope everyone profited from my earlier predictions.  It truly was my honor to help my fellow man, as the mainstream democrat media failed America.  

But now folks, this is war.

It's on.

Let's go.

Peace out.


Chris said...

We need you back on this blog.

Housing bubble 2.0 is nearing the peak!

Guberville Smack said...

Socialist liberals are just crying. They say they are 'resisting', they say this is a civil war. But there is no war, nor will there be one. It is one thing to showboat in front of cameras, act outraged and pretend to care about illegal minorities... combat is another. There will be no warm lattes in the battlefield. There are no transgender bathrooms.

The crybabies will go back home and fight the good fight... on their keyboards.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree.
Any predictions about what comes next for housing and markets?

Anonymous said...

I followed you during the housing crash and really appreciated your blog. Learned a lot. I found your blog in hopes you started it back up on the economy or Stock Market.

Very disappointed to see your point of view on Trump and the Democrats.

I'm an independent that believes both sides need to unite. The more hate we sent the other way the more we are polarizing the other side and the more harm we are doing to each other and our Country.

True leadership is about uniting and leading with Principles. Your a smart guy Keith and you like figuring things out. Don't be manipulated by hate. Search for Truth.

I still appreciate you and wish I could give you what your missing to change your paradigm. I know I can't, you would have to realize it for yourself. Read 7 Habbits by Stephen Covey, Untethered Soul, change up your routine to open up your mind. There are seminars that help, try PSI. It's one weekend out of your life that could change your perspective.

I know its a long shot but if you do this it would change your life and you would feel the same gratitude I feel for you.

Regardless, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

What? Was your blog hacked? Or did someone related to DJT actually own this blog in the heyday?

How about stay away from politics and give us a current assesment

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, post more man. Love to hear more of your take. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Al queeferoony, welcome back, perfect timing again!

Stretch out, shake off the dust, put on your shades or a welding helmet.

Exciting times ahead.

Just put my feelers out to see if others are seeing this new housing bubble.

Aaaand voila!.... good ol keefer peeped his head out, are you smelling what I am?

Went to a bunch of property auctions in the past 6 months and it feels like 2005 all over again, every property went above market value, for pure junk.

Completely agree with everything on your post #BIGLY!

Other then busting up Iraq. we went wrong with the nation building aspect of it.
Had we gone in beat the sheet out of them and left, we would have accomplished the same. The always angry 'Arab street' has been forever transformed.

Will elaborate on this when your dry brittle fingers re-learn to type your thoughts.

Trump is the first president with balls, certainly in my lifetime and likely in the past 100 years.

Impeccable timing!

Bill Bond said...

With all due respect from someone who followed HP from the start, Trump is a con man and has no idea how to b president. I was just reading a story on Marketwatch about how nobody called the housing collapse or the resulting financial collapse. I was about to send them here til I read your Trump foolishness. Keith, please remove this Trump crap or you will damage all the great work u did here! Nobody!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we are at a top again? Why not blog further?

christiangustafson said...

An excellent post, Keith.

The bubble housing market has gone full vapor-lock here now in Seattle, WA.

Amazon stopped hiring last year. Their stock just entered a Bear. I saw my first PRICE REDUCED sign here last week. SFHs that would have entertained bidding wars and been sold in a week (last year) are just sitting here, unsold.

Trump is great, but do not think of MAGA just yet. He is a Lincoln-esque figure, a Gray Champion to get us through the crisis and coming economic collapse, hopefully without a nuclear war.

Have you read Decline of the West?