June 19, 2008

You can't make this sh*t up: Newest realtor marketing ploy in California - buy a home and get cash back for a gay wedding.

(write your own punchlines here ____________)

Whether choosing to make California their primary or secondary residence by buying a home in San Diego, domestic partners seeking to take advantage of the new Same Sex Marriage Law in California can now get their wedding reception or a honeymoon getaway compliments of Wellsford Realty.

With the purchase of a condo or home using their services, Wellsford Realty is rebating 33% back on the commission which can be used to celebrate their wedding day or plan that long awaited perfect honeymoon.

Hat-tip to Luke for the report


Anonymous said...

Here in No. Cal. the most newsworthy MSM items last 3 days are Gay Weddings (whoopee-WGAF) and Tree Sitters in Berkeley flounting the law and throwing human shit on enforcement agents.

People, get your heads out of your ass. Congress is being openly bribed by Moxilo et. al., the middle of America is underwater (no pun intended) and dying, we are heading for a economic depression and you are worried about Gays and tree sitters geting their way.

BTW: SF Bay area housing sales for May worst in 20 years but this morning, MSM reports that 'Now is a great time to buy at the bottom'

Re-read (if you can read) Panics, Manias and Crashes. Its all there.


Anonymous said...

Do you get a free aids test too?

Anonymous said...

Isnt cash back illegal?

Anonymous said...

Now that's called taking it up the rear!

Anonymous said...

Discounted bungalow for you and your bunghole?

Drop off your deposit into the asset?

National Ass of Realtors?

Anonymous said...

Sounds discriminatory. What about if I marry my German Shepard? Do I get the same offer too?

I say SUE damn it!!!!

Devestment said...

Now that’s what I call a “condom-in-ium”.

Badump Bump

Anonymous said...

Um... I believe Robbie Williams is straight.

blogger said...

So's Becks but the picture cracked me up

Anonymous said...

Beckham and Williams are sooo gay. Someone tell them because they haven't figured out yet.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see a web site that once was an interesting source of mortgage fraud and bubble commentary swirl down the toilet bowl and join the turd-tank of right-wing-fringe hate sites.

"Look at da faggots! They can buy the condom-miniums with financial AIDS! Huhuhuh! They're almost as pathetic as da blacks in Cleveland who bought subprime! They shoulda been more NIGGARDLY with their real estate agents! Hehehehe!"

Anonymous said...

i sensed the majority of comments here would be sophomoric...I shouldn't have looked.

Anonymous said...

not sure who williams and beck are but they sure look gay.

Chris said...

Buy a home in California on your gay wedding night and you get to take it up the ass twice!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty gay a**.

I just hope they don't start excitedly dry humping themselves, in front of their mortgage broker, like the straight couples were shown doing, in that one picture a few months back.

It doesn't get any gayer than this!

Anonymous said...

You are invited to the lovely housewarming of good Irish fellas:

Patrick Fitzgerald
Gerald Fitzpatrick

Badum bump


Anonymous said...

Robbie Williams is a singer and seems to be gay. Who knows about Beck. Would love to see those two hotties get it goin'.

Isn't it sad to see the stupidity blast to the surface when the word gay is mentioned?

DO MOST PEOPLE EVER USE THEIR OWN BRAIN (WHAT LITTLE THERE IS OF IT) WHEN FACING SOMETHING THEY WERE TAUGHT IS BAD, OR DO THEY GO "STRAIGHT" TO HATE AND VIOLENCE INSTEAD? The more I look around, the more convinced that smart people are surrounded by drooling, knuckle-dragging pathological beasts.

Anonymous said...

All those 2 fags have to do now to be picture perfect is to go for a ride in a convertible Miata, listening to "It's Raining Men".

Anonymous said...

To All:

The economic end is nearing but more important -----

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Jerusalem was TOTALLY destroyed in 70 AD resulting in the deaths of 2,500,000 - 3,000,000 Jews for the very same phenomena, i.e. the Zealots took over the House of God.

Read Flavius Josephus on pp. 75,76 and see who the Zealots were?!?!?!?

Ezekial, Sarasota, Fl

Anonymous said...

Clarification of last post:

Flavius Josephus, "Of The JEWISH WAR", Book VI, pp. 75-6

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There are many supporting passages
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The words of the only True God are clear and it is quite fitting that "Californication" is the epicenter of the implosion of REI given their recent flagrant violation of God's Law!

More doom is in store for "Californication" such as Water; Crisis; Seas turning red and stinking like "dead men" as foretold in Revelation, i.e. the more they transgress God's Universal Laws, the more THEY WILL SUFFER!

Ezekial, Sarasota, Fl.