June 26, 2008

Oh dear. The pressure on the REIC is getting unbearable. DO NOT PLAY THIS VIDEO AT WORK.

It's just money people.

Everyone calm down.

Or get it out of your system like this dude...


Anonymous said...

REIC at its' best.

All he had to do would have been call Suzanne.


All problems solved. See you at the closing table or BK court, whichever comes first...

Typical Real Estate Professional.

Anonymous said...

Here's the zillow on 541 Tara Place, Lodi, CA 95240

Sale History
06/02/2008: $190,000 *
07/12/2006: $344,000


Anonymous said...

Typical Real Estate agent too

Anonymous said...

I think he is under a little pressure.

Anonymous said...

Rock on! I want to be an appraiser and scream at people! I wonder if they are hiring?

Realtor is the coolest profession out there! I wish I was one too!

Stress Rocks!!! Viva Bernanke! The dollar was ugly anyway, but it will look cool when we use it for burning.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good but nothing compares to Bobby Knight when it comes to anger managment.

Anonymous said...

Coffee is for closers

Anonymous said...

The appraiser was actually physically at the property and wanted to go inside? wow, they are really raising their standards.

Anonymous said...

LOL, for some reason when I heard that I thought it may be Andrew Hac!!!

Just a thought! It would sure explain a lot.


Anonymous said...

When the "God" of so many people - Money - fails them, then what do they do?

We'll see more "freak-outs" as the year progresses.

Anonymous said...



DOW DOWN 355!!!


Anonymous said...

This is truely what's going on inside the REIC.

Realtors are about at panic. Many, many have not had a paycheck for months and they are desperate to put together/ keep together deals.
They are referring me the bottom of the barrel buyers. And the first thing these buyers tell me is "My friend had 450 credit and no down payment and they got a loan".

Probably 1/4 ofthe calls I get in a day are appraisers or title companies looking for work.

Many Mortgage Brokers and Title Agencies are way behind on rent and bills. I know one large Title Agency who is 6 months = $48,000 behind on rent. But this AA office space building is now over 3/4 empty after 5 years in existence so the landlord is reluctant to evict. They lost WAMU and another large Mortgage Broker last year.

I'm hunkered down, cut the staff, cut the office and still doing FHA loans and doing fine. At least for now.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the 3 week class a person has to take to become a true real estate professional forget to mention they have to give out the correct lockbox combination to other persons in the business, like appraisers, who may need to get into the house. Please don't blame the RE agent. Providing the appraiser with the correct lockbox combination is a very complicated procedure, and unless it was taught in RE school, I can understand how the agent wouldn't know how to do it.

Anonymous said...

I sense anger.

Anonymous said...

The video was entertaining?
shows you the low lifes in real estate. however, the video right next to it, with Katie Couric, revealing the corruption of the whole real estate appraisal businesss, is downright CRIMINAL!
Watch it!!!

Anonymous said...

541 Tara Pl
Lodi, CA 95240

Check out the value of this house:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the real estate business will go postal and eliminate some of its own vermin!!!!

Heard that DC gun law was overturned. Some of those guns can now go to Fairfax County and the shoot em up can start.

Save a gun for Sen Dodd to blow his brains out

Anonymous said...

Guess he hasn't worked in any kind of management before.

It's normal (and expected)to have at least half the people you depend on f'up. SO many unattentive, disrespectful, people.

Losing your cool means you didn't cover your own bases.

Anonymous said...

Let's all sing along-
Oh lord, F*cked in Lodi again:)

W.C. Varones said...

Don't you recognize the voice?

That's Alec Baldwin. He got his real estate license.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear another skilled real estate professional at work. At last, some of these f*ckers are feeling what the rest of us non-real estate people feel when we have to deal with THEM. Buying or selling houses means you typically have to deal with an appraiser, real estate agent(s) and escrow officer. I hope they all burn in the 7th circle of Dante's inferno. At least they're finally starting to feel some real pain.

whitetower said...

I think we get an idea of what it would be like to deal with some of the REIC trolls who post here.

Anonymous said...

We appraisers have very little patience with the dumbshit realtors/brokers that waste our time. I personally had to go to the same property 4 times, which was a 110 mile round trip. This guy was over the top, but I understand :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG that was priceless.

Mega kudos to whoever put the recording on the Web

Methinks a nerve was touched