June 19, 2008

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don't think MoziloGate hearings are necessary. HousingPANIC tells Reid and Pelosi to go f*ck themselves.

Vote 'em out HP'ers.

All of 'em (except Ron Paul)

Your leaders are corrupt.

DC needs an enema.

And Reid and Pelosi should be investigated as well.

Meanwhile, Dodd's $300 billion Countrywide/Housing Gambler giveaway is dead on arrival. And the GOP and Fox News are rallying on this issue as the corrupt Democrats fiddle.

Memo to McCain and Obama - you better get on the right side of MoziloGate in the next 24 hours, or you're in a heap of trouble yourselves.

Housing rescue bill could be slowed by Republicans

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative Republicans in the Senate were seeking to slow the completion of an election-year housing rescue designed to help hundreds of thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosure and boost lawmakers' standing with voters.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said Wednesday he was working on ways to stop the bill, which he said would "reward stupidity on the part of people who bought homes they couldn't afford."

Amid rising foreclosures and growing public anxiety about the sagging economy, Democrats and many Republicans were eager to push the bill through the Senate and could begin voting on it as early as Thursday. They hoped to send the bill to President Bush before Congress breaks for a weeklong July 4th vacation.

However, a group of conservative Republicans, including Coburn, threatened to block the measure in light of allegations that Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn., one of its architects, and Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., received preferential mortgages from Countrywide Financial Corp. through a special program for friends of the embattled firm's CEO.


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blogger said...

MoziloGate moving fast now...


White House threatens housing veto


WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House said President Bush would veto a foreclosure rescue the Senate began debating Thursday, as GOP conservatives sought to block the measure amid a scandal over cut-rate mortgages for senators.

Administration officials said they oppose $4 billion in the measure to help states buy and rehabilitate foreclosed properties and a plan to have government-sponsored mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pay for the rescue.

They announced their objections as two GOP senators said they would try to block the package until a committee can investigate how much Countrywide Financial Corp. and other lenders stand to gain from it.

House and Senate Republicans are voicing reservations about the bill in light of allegations that Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., one of its architects, and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., got cut-rate home loans through a VIP program at Countrywide, a leading subprime lender at the center of the mortgage meltdown.

Both said they neither sought nor knew about the special treatment.

"There have been very serious concerns raised about actions taken by Countrywide and we need to know what they stand to gain from this bill," Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said in a statement.

A group of 28 House Republicans wrote to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Thursday demanding an investigation — with open hearings — on the Countrywide allegations.

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The FBI needs to look into these connections, not just Fannie Mae and Congress. If Fannie Mae did business with Countrywide because of their political connections and their sweetheart loans, then serious fraud may have been committed. The losses which Congress intends to cover will come out of our pocketbooks, and we need an objective look at whether we’re paying for someone else’s crime. Both Congress and Fannie Mae have plenty of motivation to keep taxpayers from discovering that truth.

Countrywide accounted for 26% of Fannie Mae’s business. Bank of America accounted for 4%. Yet it’s BofA buying Countrywide, not the other way around — and the Journal wonders how that happened. Perhaps Chris Dodd, Kent Conrad, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and others can explain that. Maybe the Democrats can explain what happened to “the most ethical Congress ever”. They can start explaining it to the FBI, and then get back to the voters afterward.

Anonymous said...

Even if it passes the chances bush will sign it are approximately zero. Err... I mean exactly zero (point zero zero).

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with you on this one, Keith.

If the Democrats are dirty, let them burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Hang em high.

Now it's official, the housing bailout plan was in actuality a congress bailout.

Incumbents are toast along with Mozilo and the other fraudsters. It's about time!

Anonymous said...

Again, nothing will happen to Angelo or anyone in Congress. Keith, you actually seem surprised that Harry & Nancy are not going to do anything. Its too late, the foxes run the whole henhouse. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, now there are rumblings of increasing the power of the Fed to bailout whoever, whenever they want, however they see fit. And, when Obama wins and enacts his socialist policies, this 300 billion will be a drop in the bucket. You should move to Germany since the U.K. is going to follow the U.S. to hell.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If this is all you libertarians/conservatives have on the dems, Obama will walk away with the Presidency and the Senate will have a 60% majority.

Hearings. What drama queens.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi is one of the biggest criminals in Congress. Totally beholden to AIPAC and Bush she doesn't give a damn about a freaking Mozillagate people:

Paul: Pelosi spiked Iran bill

The Democrats finally win the election in 2006, and it was a mandate, the Republicans get thrown out; what's the first act that Pelosi does? There was a supplemental bill that had a bill of ours we had gotten put in, and the bill said -- you shouldn't need a bill like this! -- it said, you can't go to war with Iran without getting approval from Congress. And she removed it, she removed it deliberately. And then, the astounding thing is, they asked her why, and she said the leadership in Israel asked her to. That was in the newspaper, that was in the Washington Post, that she was asked by AIPAC and others not to do that."

Mark in San Diego said...

June 19, 2008 the day it all finally came apart! Bush to veto bailout - RE agents in Jail, Angelo soon to be in Jail, let's just get this mess over with! Write off all the dead mortgages, lower housing prices 20% (happening by the hour here in SD) and let's all get on with our lives. . .

Anonymous said...

Can't we just hang em instead???

Anonymous said...

Such Wonderful News. Don't let this die out in the news!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ... Harry Reid plus Pelosi plus the Messiah Obama will be the second worst administration this country has ever had ... just behind Bush.

Keep beating your drum and drinking the Obama Kool Aid Keith.

What do you care ... you don't even live here.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to sign it. Him and Franklin are buddies.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! -

Let's see if our government is worth an ounce of salt by giving it to them hard, in all ways possible.

Anonymous said...

What if my 5-4 friends of the court here on the number one 5-4 blog Angie gets one of those outstanding decisions that we all love and cherish here, be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

This mortgage bribe issue will be the end of McCain. He will crash and blow up like the Hindenburg in '37. He too is probably GUILTY. Watch the babbling nd waffling begin.

Received another solicitation for money from Grandpa Munster and the GOP today.

This time, I filled envelope with a miniture lead bar to up the weight after putting a liberal coating of shit on the inside of the envelope.

Postage paid return to RNC Headquarters....

Aw, just kidding. Who does such things? The mails are not to be trifled with in the USA... THe citizens in the Midwest states are drowning and starving but don't F*ck with the mails...

Pelosi and Reid have to Go. Remenber this Nevada and No. Cal when the time comes....

Crooks and Liars, ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

Bush Bush Bush Bush whatever will you do without Bush, and your 2nd hero (Ron Paul #1) said no to public finance and drilling and nukes and shale and get those oil companies drive them out of business tax them till they lower that price after all America is entitled to dollar gas.

Anonymous said...

Hey McCain. Tell us about the "Keating Five" again...

Sounds a lot like soon-to-be brain-dead Kennedy talking with that drowned girl off-the-bridge Mary Jo Koepeckne(sp)... What REALLY happened boys?

Ive got a bible right here if you care to be sworn and come forward..

Though we ALL FORGOT, Scumbags?


Anonymous said...

oh yea, MoziloGate is getting referenced in a lot of MSM articles now.

This is just getting goin.

Anonymous said...

time to subpoena countrywide records and do a search against government employees(of a certain level and above) and all elected officials.

Can't bushco get the FBI motivated to start looking into this? Exclude investigating members of congress for now, there names will pop up once the fbi has their hands on the countrywide databases.

Geez, where is spitzer when you need him most. as NY NY ag, he would have been all over this.

Anonymous said...

Reid and Pelosi must be dirty then!

Anonymous said...


Didn't I tell you this a couple of days ago?

Mozillo will NOT go to jail. The corruption goes way too far and he is way too connected. Now you are starting to see just how connected he is.


Anonymous said...

But Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said they would end corruption in 2006.

Do you mean to tell me a Democrat lied?

You can't be serious Qweefie. All Democrats are honorable hard working Americans. I refuse to believe that anyone of them could possibly be guilty of mischief. Please do your research more carefully next time.

Anonymous said...

Jeb should watch his back for the forseable future


Anonymous said...

So far, slimy Demonrat corruption is little Bill-Clinton level stuff. Paid off for how cheap?

Slimy Reptilican corruption is billions of dollars of war profiteering and national looting. Plus one burnt Constitution.

But the Demonrats are trying to catch up it appears.