April 27, 2006

HousingPanic's new name

You can see above, I've changed it to "HousingPanic - The Bubble Blog with Attitude"

I think that about sums it up.

If you want just a stream of housing bubble bursting news, I'd suggest browsing the ones I've listed on the right sidebar. If you want a Democrat or Republican blog, there are plenty of those too.

But if you want more of a ruckus, a bubble blog that tries to tie it all together into the complete story, with some independent, biting, hard hitting, no-punches-pulled, no-sacred-cows view on the news and events tied to the bubble, then I'd recommend HP.

As loyal readers know, the issues that seem to go hand in hand with the collapse of the housing bubble are:

1) The credit bubble, misguided central bank policy and reckless lending

2) The US debt, deficit and trade imbalance explosion

3) The corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex (realtors, brokers, developers, builders, bankers, etc)

4) The incompetence and corruption of our leaders - Democrat and Republican

5) The pure laziness and biased agendas of the mainstream media - Fox News, the Arizona Republic, the New York Times and so so so many more

6) World geopolitical events' impact on the world economy and future economic prospects - the war in Iraq, and soon to be Iran, the war on terrorists, the battle between christians, muslims and jews

7) America's outsourcing of its manufacturing base to China, coupled with its internal labor force to Mexico

8) The shallowness of the American surburban lifestyle - far-flung new homes built in characterless tract communities, gas guzzling cars, the Wal-Mart nation, chain stores, chain restaurants and loss of local character

9) The stock market, gold, the declining dollar, wealth preservation, CEO pay, and the get rich quick mentality versus hard work.

10) Oil, global warming and environmental policy

Keep in mind that this is a blog, not a TV network. Flamers and Realtors cannot and will not drive what content I publish, or my commentary. I'll call it like I see it, period. Then folks are welcome to respond with their opinion. Or leave. I just ask that you keep it clean.

At the end of the day, the reader has a lot more information than they had before, some nuggets to think about, and hopefully some fun.



Anonymous said...

I think there's more independents out there, especially nowdays.

great blog - tell it like it is, although I disagree with you on immigration

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Keith. Screw the chickenshit anonymous trolls. It's like TV, people. Don't like it? TURN THE CHANNEL.

Anonymous said...

the truth hurts.

ignorance is bliss.

rock on!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know "WHY" we're in a housing bubble, come to this site.

If you want to know "IF" we're in a housing bubble, go to thehousingbubble2.

If you dont believe theres a housing bubble, go to Century21.com


Bill said...

great work keith strait to the point no bull shit!

I like that, as I live the same way

screw all those anonymous members of the bed-wetting right” necon bush lovers.

Sly said...

Hell, Keith, your diverse, interesting and honest posts are why I am addicted to this blog.

I'm not going anywhere. =.)

Anonymous said...

You sound a little radical on you points, but i admire that you let people post opinions..but i get the feel you rent and dont own?? maybe some of your friends bought ,say, 5 years go and prices doubled and even with a nice correction they still are worth more..

Anonymous said...

Great site Keith, keep up the good work.

Still not a huge fan of the political discussions though......

Roccman said...

One note - if you are an "anon" - and flame on anything for any reason that I post - you can expect to be called the fucker bitch you are - get a handle - strap on your helmet - and prepare to die!

Bitch'n "anons" are gonna bring this world to its knees b4 oil does.

Sorry in advance to "anons" who get caught in the crossfire - blame the bitches!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is that you have two choices: Either participate in stimulating thought, discussion and research (which results in LEARNING) or just let your "leaders" define and decide the issues. Do we always agree with Keith or among ourselves? No, we do not. But at least we have a desire to learn and to take control (as much as possible) of our own destinies. This blog is one of our classrooms. The anon interupters who obnoxiously indicate that their learning is complete, need to turn on the tube, find American Idol, and just relax. Your work is done.

Anonymous said...

The House-O-Caust or Home-O-Caust would have been a much cooler name K-Diddy!

Anonymous said...

but i get the feel you rent and dont own?

And this means...?

Maybe he sold his place in bubblicious Phoenix last summer?

cereal said...

roll call........

azfamdeals1 said...

Count me in...its all related, intertwined and a huge shit sandwich that we Americans have to nibble on until this scenario,(which you describe), unwinds.

Bill said...

boy keith this should really send those gold stocks booming


Bill said...



Anonymous said...

Awesome call on the 50y mrtg.

Anonymous said...

you should all listen to Michael Savage. go to www.michaelsavage.com

he calls Tony Snow and Hannity and Rush.... BUSHBOTS.

THAT IS what they are BushBots

he is on 1100am in Phx at 5pm. or he is in every market... 710 wor in nyc, and some others in florida sfo, LA etc.

he is an INDEPENDENT and gives a no holds barred view on the corruption and lies in amerika

Anonymous said...

Re: the 50-year mortgage. The only situation in which I can see that being a reasonable choice is if a person buys a house, knowing he will sell in a few years. Conserves cash on a monthly basis, if that's what a person needs, because monthly payments are lower. But paying it for the whole 50 years? RETARDED.

Anonymous said...

phx inventory is over 44000, another millenium...

About Michael Savage:

He An independent-minded individualist, Michael Savage fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights.
Trained as a scientist, he holds Master’s degrees in medical botany and medical anthropology and earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in Epidemiology and Nutritional Science. He spent decades searching and saving tropical rainforests.
Savage is also the author of 18 books including three New York Times Best Sellers: "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder", “The Savage Nation” and “The Enemy Within.”
In show, books and speeches, Michael Savage electrifies and galvanizes his audiences. If you’re looking for someone with an opinion-- who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is-- he’s your man.

he said a more appropriate title for BrokeBack Mountain, would be "Bareback Mounting"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"you should all listen to Michael Savage. go to www.michaelsavage.com"

Meh. He's an "indpendent" version of Rush and Hannity. He's a vicious asshole, who makes inflammatory remarks to get ratings. No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney.

Anonymous said...

"he said a more appropriate title for BrokeBack Mountain, would be "Bareback Mounting" "

HAW HAW HAW! Gosh, he should really get into stand-up. What a rapier wit! What's next, "Demonrats" and "Repugnicans"?

Anonymous said...

How about:

"Housing Panic: The Bubble Blog That's 99% Attitude and 1% Substance"

Anonymous said...

I've just written an economics paper about the state of the US economy and what I would do if I were Mr. Bernanke.

Looking at the large increase in worldwide housing wealth ($20 trillion) over the past 9 years I desperately began to look further into the causes to find some justification of higher asset prices to determine if another trend was responsible. I came to the revelation that we may be in the middle of a new era. In this new era classical economics doesn't apply because the underlying basis is so different than anything that has ever been experienced by mankind.

At which point I snapped out of my thoughts and recalled that "new era" argument was promoted in March 2000 when people justified an overheated stock market by saying those who didn't believe in it didn't see that we were in a new era and that the old laws of economics no longer applied.

I'm willing to bet the author of that article was bagging groceries by 2002.

Anonymous said...

yeah man

we need MORE ANGER in this american-idol-latte luving pansy ass country. more crybabies, more victims, more slobs in flip-flops, damn this country is goin in the crapper. - i sound like my dad ! BUT its TRUE!!

kickem in the balls !!

tell like it is.

crooks in CONgress stealing your bread.

happy faced libs telling you only the happy news on tv- ohh katie couric will let the truth out!!


fiat money

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is a ding dong. Some of the crap that comes out of his pie hole is worse that the pill popping "They Don't Call me Rush For Nothing Limpbong"

zinger said...

Right on, Keith.

All the "Anon" cry-babies who can't handle the truth and just want to flame great intellectual discussion; go watch the BOOB-TUBE so you can return to your blissful stupor.

The real men on this site have BALLS; and as my wife would say, the real woman on this site have TITS!!!

Real men and woman aren't scared to face the truth and simply deal with it.

"And the truth shall set you free"

Bill said...

I thought all you anonymous deleted your bookmark to this url....like your guide and savior G.W.B all talk and no substance.

outsourcethegovernment said...

Here's a link to the bubble bursting


I hope it's ok to post something on the housing bubble.

Anonymous said...

outsourcethegovernment said...
Here's a link to the bubble

I hope it's ok to post something on the housing bubble.



HP is a forum for semi-literate ranting! It's A.M. Talk Radio for the wired.

And as for all the bitching about anonymous posting, just scan the thread and you'll see that 90% of the bitching is coming from the NT's (Named Trolls). I'll post anonymously if I choose, and if Keith doesn't like it he can remove that option, and see his blog participation plummet, and choke on HB2's dust. (Come to think of it, however, HP is already choking on HB2's dust.)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget, Keith won't kill the anonymous posting option because then he won't be able to log on as "Anonymous" and post positive, fawning feedback to himself.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is not his real name..
something more like Ariel Rabinowitz or Ira Levive.

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mattstyle said...

Albeit not entirely related to real estate, one could toss is the

mattstyle said...

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