March 21, 2006

Folks, spread the word. Now.

2,500 of you a day have found this site and made it your own. March is gonna shatter the record for readership. But we can be so much more as a blog, and as a community.

Spread the word.

Send this link - - to your friends, to your family, to anyone you care about, and ask them to do the same.

I started this blog to warn others about the coming storm. 6 months later, theory is now reality and the Housing Ponzi Scheme is crashing all around us.

Others do good by delivering groceries to the elderly, or volunteering at a homeless shelter. I blog. And now you can do good too - SPREAD THE WORD.

Bottom line - it's not too late. Save the folks you care about. Save the folks who'll listen. Do good in this life. Make a difference, no matter how small. I want to see this site explode from 2,500 readers a day to 25,000, then 250,000. Now. This community needs to spread its wings. You're among the first. Now make a blog a movement.

I put ads on this site, which generate about $5 a day, which goes to a beer fund. Do good with the blog, and hey, have a beer on it at the end of the night. If that number ever becomes something meaningful, we'll discuss what HousingPanic's charity is. Propose your thoughts now though - I'm listening and want ideas.

So let's go. Sound the alarm. Know you did what you could. And sleep well.

Thanks for reading. Now what will you do?


Anonymous said...

I have been a very aggressive missionary for this blog and have received thanks from a few people for guiding them to HP.There is a lot to learn from the diligent people that post here. It is amazing how blind a lot of people are to economic factors from the national debt to real estate lending etc. etc.

I say Wake up and go to Housing Panic.
This is better than Talk Radio !

Anonymous said...

Wow...might be taking yourself a little too seriously here.

"Who do you think you're saving?" - The Razor's Edge (1984)

Rob A.

Anonymous said...

This is a good site but people should pay for their own ignorance.

I'm tired of preaching about a housing bubble - only now are my friends beginning to listen, they mostly figured I was a bitter renter (not the case).

Besides, with the constant bickering about the president and every single policy enacted since JFK was shot I risk losing credibility by talking up your site.

Anonymous said...

Just came from a open house at a condo. I wish I had a video to post of the panic stricken seller.
$550,000. Good Luck! It sure feels better to have money and no overhead!

Anonymous said...

Put the excess in the legal defense fund. Just like new phenomenon of "those damn daytraders" and "unpatriotic short-sellers" were blamed for the first thousand points of NASDAQ's collapse, "those damn bloggers" will be blamed for popping the bubble. We see posts here every day of somebody blaming The Media.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but,

Every time I have forwarded your link, it has fallen on deaf ears.

Seems people are destined to keep repeating the same financial mistakes.

Don't get me wrong - I read almost daily and love your site.

You can't save those that don't want saving (sounds like Christianity too!).

Anonymous said...

After coming to this blog,I have talked real estate bubble to almost everybody that I know,neighbors,family,co-workers,etc, and have actually convinced some of them to hold off buying,(or building) and keep renting.
It feels good to have saved some financial lives especially now that the whole damn thing is going to Hell!

foreclose_me said...

You can't save those that don't want saving (sounds like Christianity too!).

Maybe we should get Islamic on this bubble. Bubble Jihad!

ARMahu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any friends because I read blogs all day.

Want to start a hippie commune of HP enthusiasts?

Anonymous said...


Three good reasons to get more people to see the truth about the RE bubble:

1. Get buyers to avoid buying now.

2. Convince sellers to lower their prices now.

3. Get the market moving back down to long-term trend levels in order to restore housing affordability.

Out at the peak said...

I got my manager to sell his house during the same time I sold mine (Oct 2005).

Anonymous said...

Keith- I brought you about 25 regulars from coastal So CA.

One of these days I'll get off my ass and register so you can recognize the name instead of my annoymous posts.

Dogcrap Green said...

"2,500 of you a day have found this site and made it your own."

Now I am not calling you a liar. Just confused by the numbers.

I just find it intersting that a blogger that has 400 more people visiting his profile since damn near the time I started blogging has 2,300 more people a day visiting his site.