October 06, 2008

SNL takes on the monkeys in Congress, failed flippers, Bush, the Banker Bailout Bill, and pretty much recaps three years of HousingPANIC in 7 minutes

The only ones missing were Casey Serin, Angelo Mozilo, David Lereah and Lawrence Yun.


Anonymous said...

Not very funny, but very accurate. I take that back. The guy doing (not literally doing him, playing him) Barney Fag was pretty good.

Thank you 6%ers said...

I find this sketch so true to life it is not even funny... actually it made a tear swell up in my eye when I realized how corrupt and paid off our "Leaders" have got to be based on their actions.

May God help us come together as a Nation and vote real people into office....not paid shills.

Anonymous said...

What is the rest of the world thinking when our corrupt and grossly incompetent politicians are openly mocked for the failures thay are on network television?

It certainly doesn't inspire any confidence from anyone, anywhere and Rightfully So.

America is Doomed.


snarky said...

What is the world thinking... nothing... most of the world does not speak english, nor live at a level that they will be effected.

As for the world that it does effect... probably oh crap.

What was the world thinking when the president was being impeached for a blow job? They were laughing.

Anonymous said...

The video was pulled! Anybody have a link?