October 26, 2008

I don't think the Bush Administration and the FBI could have done a worse job. Nope, I think they screwed America about as bad as was ever possible.

When a nation of laws stops enforcing its laws, you get what we got.

Thank you George Bush. Thank you for wrecking America.

History will be brutal.


Anonymous said...

We all know there are NEVER enough resources, come on guys, I've done it to get more money, more staff, more domain building. We all say that to get more money and power. yada yada.....

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up. It'll only take me a few minutes to delete all the crap in my files, then I'm home free!

Anonymous said...

At this point I'm on the fence as to whether President Bush is merely a moron who completely bungled his term or knowingly allowed himself to be used by Dick Cheney and the key lobbyists of their campaign. We'll find out in about 10 days.

If nothing major happens here between now and Nov. 4 and the election goes off as planned without any significant evidence of foul play, then I'll just assume he's an idiot that was given way too much power. If Osama bin Laden is "miraculously" caught in the next 10 days or there's evidence of large-scale tampering in places like Ohio after the election, then I'm going to assume much worse.

I'm still amazed that the Democrats couldn't or wouldn't come up with a better challenger four years ago. Imagine if the Republicans couldn't have beaten Carter in 1980; G.W. Bush was as politically behind the 8-ball as Carter or LBJ in 1968 (who knew enough to not try running for re-election). They also couldn't win eight years ago when they should have pulled a 40-state win like G.H.W. Bush in 1988; it was inexcusable for Florida or any other state to have been the difference in 2000. I just hope Obama wins (not particularly fond of him, but there's no other legitimate alternative to the Republicans) and gets some new blood in Congress to work with. Both parties are either corrupted by the money and desires of a few people or seem to be intentionally tanking elections to avoid blame for the country's problems.

Anonymous said...


Now Obama will finish the job!

Kiss your country good bye!


Anonymous said...

seems to me the real The crap didn't hit the fan until 2-3 years after the market crash

Question: What is a Depression?

Answer: A depression is a severe economic downturn that lasts several years. Fortunately, the U.S. economy has not experienced a depression since The Great Depression of 1929, which lasted ten years. The GDP growth rates were of a magnitude not seen since:

1930 -8.6%
1931 -6.4%
1932 -13%
1933 -1.3%.
During the Depression, unemployment was 25% and wages (for those who still had jobs) fell 42%. Total U.S. economic output fell from $103 to $55 billion and world trade plummeted 65% as measured in dollars.
The Depression was aggravated by poor monetary policy. Instead of pumping money into the economy, and increasing the money supply, the Fed allowed the money supply to fall 30%. The "New Deal" created many government programs to end the Depression, but government programs alone could not end it. Unemployment remained in the double-digits until 1941, when the U.S. entry into World War II created defense-related jobs.

We probably won't see a depression like that again, simply because the government has learned how to avoid it. Many laws and government agencies were put in place because of The Great Depression with the express purpose of preventing that type of cataclysmic economic pain.

Anonymous said...

It is intentional that the FBI is short on staff. How can you investigate, when there are no investigators?

Anonymous said...

Oh stop. Not enough resources, manpower, time, money. OH SHUT UP!
They don't WANT to investigate these crimes. NO ONE really cares at this point. The damage is done, the government will bail everyone out. The crooks will slink away to their country homes. We will all be told to stop looking, keep moving, nothing here to see.

Honica Jewinski said...

Uhhh yeah, Bush did it......

We all know he's smart enough to pull off a fleecing of these proportions.

Anonymous said...

They are merely puppets - part of a bigger game plan - namely the new world order.

Anonymous said...

To much left unknown about B.Hussein,

and to much known that's not good known about him

You can not pin him down on anything,

he flip flops on everything,

He is slicker than Clinton was at his slickest!

Anonymous said...

Come on you people Bush was elected to office by 54% of the voters back in 04...sounds like a lot of people loved Rebublican back then. I don't hold anything against them since I don't pay attention to the politicians. You need to start seeing them as clowns instead of tyrants, seriously...the people who voted for them are getting exactly what they asked for.

Neener neener neener!!! :)~

Anonymous said...

BTW I voted for Badnarik in 2004 unlike most of the snapper turtles in the general public...hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

You're still amazed?!

The problem in this country isn't the Democrats

The problem in this country isn't the Republicans

The problem is the people who still think there is a difference

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but god forbid you get caught smoking a joint. Oh my, they'll throw your in jail for 3 years with child molesters. Defraud taxpayers on trillions of dollars and destroy the world economy is OK. Smoke a joint and you become Osama Bin Laden.

Message to America from your government: You've gotten license to steal. Hey, and if you're illegal, we'll even give you a citizenship!

Anonymous said...

"They don't WANT to investigate these crimes."

That was my point, oh, and you SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Funny, two years ago the economy was cruising along just fine; then we voted in a democrat majority in the congress and ... you see what we got.

Let's finish the job, let's vote in a man who has NO CLUE as to how to run an economy or apparently much of anything else. Obama is the cure, you betcha, the man is the ultimate pinhead.

Get ready for socialism, hey, I like your (fill in the blank), the govenment needs to take that and give me some of it. Yeah, it's going to be a sweet four years.

Anonymous said...

"...two years ago the economy was cruising along just fine; then we voted in a democrat majority..."

It all happened in two years solely due to Democrats; imagine that.

You forgot the corollary though: if only the GOP controlled everything, there would be harmony, affluence, and happiness for all.

Leave a toofy under yer pillow.

Anonymous said...

Im not amercian but I new if Bush got another four years after his first term he'll break america it looks now that amercia will be well and truely broken just in time for him to leave office.

Anonymous said...


You should hear the story of the trouble my wife got into when she was overdrawn in her checking account by $5

$5 !

The penalty was $25 everyday until we were notified by snail mail...

15 days later!!!

Then getting it fixed was No cinch!


jazzmanferg said...

How about you lay some of that blame on the democratic congress. Do I like Boosh? No! But you do realize that the president has less power than the democratic congress right?

The FBI yea I'll blame them all day. There are millions of homeowners that lied and stole.

The borrowers are to blame more than anyone. Either they knew full well what they were getting into and were motivated by greed, or they were too stupid to realize that a 30k/year salary can only afford a 120k mortgage.