October 21, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote by yet another politician who's never read "Manias, Panics and Crashes" of the day

"We will not put hard won economic stability at risk. No return to short-termism. No return to Tory boom and bust."

-Gordon Brown, UK Labour Party leader and current Prime Minister, in his party address before the whole big UK housing ladder ponzi scheme took off, and boom turned to bust, September 2000


Anonymous said...

Heck of a job brownie ;)

Anonymous said...


You heard it here first,



Anonymous said...

i have a capital gains tax proposal that may help reduce "short termism". none of friends like it but they thought i was a nutjob when i was telling them the housing bubble was gonna crash.

- capital gains tax rate on investments held one year or less - 50%.

-capital gains tax rate on investments held more than one year and less that three years - 25%.

- capital gains tax rate on investments held more than three years - 0%.

(rates and holding periods subject to change but you get the idea)

Anonymous said...

Brown and Obama working together.

God help us all.

Anonymous said...

The man who was Chancellor of Great Britain for ten years but always wanted to be Prime Minister. And he became Prime Minister on 27th June 2007. Yes, pinch yourself hard but you won't wake up - Gordon Brown aka the Clunking Fist, the man who destroyed all Brit's pensions (outside the public sector at least) and has been described as 'unelectable' by many became Prime Minister...
Without an election, a new government, new policies.....


Anonymous said...

Sunday Morning:

"I swear we'll never drink another drop again!"

Next Saturday night:

"Oh what the hell, bottoms up!"

That about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha Flash Gordon at it again.

NuLabor is finished, Torries turned into a bunch of smug faggots, Liberals fled to Spain, leaving BNP to rule supreme.

Britainistan is finished! FULLSTOP!

Anonymous said...

French Bistros File Record Bankruptcies as Le Big Mac Reigns

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- It's lunchtime in Paris and the packed restaurant has neither checkered tablecloths nor carafes of red wine. It's a McDonald's and the French are lovin' it.

While rising prices and record low consumer confidence drive the French to throw their culinary pride to the wind and embrace le Big Mac, traditional bistros are hurting. About 3,000 independent French restaurants filed for bankruptcy in the first half, a record 27 percent higher than the same period a year earlier, according to Paris-based statistics office Insee.

Buh buh buh I thought that you Frenchie were the hot $hit. What happened? I guess your crappy socialist system which only grows drunken bums and union parasites isn't working so well after all, n'est-ce pas?

No wonder, it must be tough trying to be entrepreneurial in a country in which you can't even find an Office Depot to buy supplies. The French economy gets to be so pathetic that I searched the entire Paris for an expansion file folder like these:


but there was none anywhere. And those French bastards at the stores would still get mad because I dared to ask them for folders they didn't have.

Imagine trying to run a business in a place where you can't even find office supplies. And if you find something, there's no variety and it's a ripoff (gotta pay for all that expensive socialism).

Oh, and one more thing, don't you guys even think about immigrating to North or South America, stay there in your oh-so sophisticated culture. Are you Frenchie missing our American dollars yet? It will get worse!

Anonymous said...

This is economic stability?

I'd hate to see Brown's idea of a roller coaster.

Anonymous said...

No return indeed, pickles can't revert back to cucumbers. We all will have a new currency come this time next year. Cash transactions over $100 will be illegal, and it will be a federal crime to barter or pay using silver, gold, platinum, etc.

You did vote for change, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

"We will not put hard won economic stability at risk. No return to short-termism. No return to Tory boom and bust."

"-Gordon Brown, UK Labour Party leader and current Prime Minister, in his party address before the whole big UK housing ladder ponzi scheme took off, and boom turned to bust, September 2000"


Well he was half right there will be no return to boom.

Anonymous said...

You need to add that the UK Labour Party has been in charge for nearly a decade now in England...

Anonymous said...

I had a few hysterical replies when I said we were experiencing consumable inflation and asset deflation.
Marc Faber is saying exactly the same thing.


We have had a recent move to deflation of everything. This will by no means be the last word on what is happening. A later switch to a hyper inflationary environment is highly possible.
Looking out the window and seeing if it is raining works better than checking the weather on TV. Rigid adherence to ideology - Austrian or Keynesian - will get you into trouble if you don't actually think the issues through.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is a Democrat of the UK.... same sh't diff cuntry...MARXISTS

Anonymous said...

And no return to justice and holding people accountable for this disaster.

Anonymous said...

A little off post, but I see you have no comments today. So here's one ...


(headline to an article in the Parade Magazine section of the Sunday paper, this week)

It's not just Wall Street, Cities and counties around the country, the article says, are finding themselves in dire economic straits.

I predict more ghost towns will crop up all around the country in the next 10 years.

But it won't be like the old west.

Anonymous said...

This from the retard that sold the last of Englands gold at the absolute bottom. Methinks China will have their revenge ...

Peahippo said...

Well, obviously Western politicians are a pack of thieving little liars when it comes to the issue of regulating capital. By the 1990s, Western corporations had completely bought up their governments. We now, merely live in the era where they exert whatever controls that strike their fancies.

That's why the U.S. Congress is willing to vote whatever amount of "money" that's necessary to bail out these companies. A "blank check" is the REAL cost of all this bailing out, since they will do it again and again, and as much as necessary ... while the banks and other businesses just turn around immediately and make other foolish bets. Literally this process can't end until the Western governments collapse into Balkanizations of their national boundaries.

We live in an era of corporate totalitarianism. This MUST all get worse since there is no possible route of making any of it better.

Anonymous said...

Here you go folks, Keith's honey and crush, Diana Olick, goes real estate crack whore. Here is paraphrased coversation I heard on CNBC on the way to work on my Sirius radio:

Host of Squawk on the Street (after crummy real estate news): So Diana, tell us how you *FEEL* about this news.

Diana: "It makes me want to go out and buy some houses!"......Just look at Florida, they're on sale right now! (Implying prices are rock bottom cheap)

F-ing pathetic real estate crack whore.

Anonymous said...

OHHH Poor Keith, his honey has gone over completely to the dark side of meth addicted house junkie land real estate whore.

Step right up folks, you too can CASH IN on foreclosed homes!

"As the number of foreclosures increases, help is available for homeowners looking to avoid the same fate. Meanwhile, opportunities are increasing for savvy investors looking to buy a house on the cheap."

Written for a mag called "Consumers Digest", which is a rip off of the original authentic "Consumer Reports".


Anonymous said...

OH No Not again.

Here is a list of Keith's crush, Diana Olick's favorite links:

And no, you can't make this shit up:

-Realty Trac
National Association of Home Builders
-National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
-American Institute of Architects
Mortgage Bankers Association
-The Associated General Contractors of America
-Chicago Mercantile Exchange
-Real Estate Futures Trading

And final drum roll please.....

The love must be (somewhat)requited, as here is her second favorite blog is Housing Panic.

(sorry Keith, you only get to play second fiddle)

Anonymous said...

New Labour, New Debt, New Negative Equity, New throwing money at a problem and hope that it goes away.

- wrecking of private pensions
- extreme stealth taxation of people and businesses
- redistribution of wealth from the productive classes to the idle rich and the idle poor
- Mass, uncontrolled immigration
- failing to intervene over reckless lending in our own version of sub-prime
- sold gold at rock bottom price
- introduction of hundreds of laws targetting the ordinary people while prisons and courts are relaxing punishment of real criminals.

"Flash Gordon is off saving the world, those he's left behind prepare for the worst. The Prime Minister's bank bail-out plan is winning plaudits around the world but back in Blighty we'resuffering the fallout from a less successful period in his career – the decade he spent as Chancellor. If the world wants to know what they're getting with Gordon, they might like to first consider what he's done to Britain".
"White elephant capital projects, non-jobs in the "community" or box-tickers to check we're all complying with red tape, Brown and Darling obviously can't be trusted to spend our money on our behalf".

Gordon Brown and the rest of his party need to go to the Gallows !!

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday there were about 3 - 5 links that came up while doing a general topic search on Google. Now there are dozens!! Think about this, when you have to pay your taxes, you are in essence, writing out your check to the Wall Street Banks to bankroll their $70 Billion in bonuses: Goldman, Merrill, Citi, Morgan, etc.

Spread the word, "National Walk-Out Day" Monday, November 3, 2008, 2:00 p.m. CST.

All Americans who are disgusted with this payoff are asked to stop whatever they are doing and walk out of their jobs, stores, schools, and any other place they may be at that time to show the elected officials, of this once great nation, that we the Citizens of the United States of America will no longer tolerate these actions. Only health care and public safety are not encouraged to participate due to the nature of their positions.

Stand up and stay united as they cannot terminate, expel and neglect the fact that over 250,000,000 Americans are saying, "Enough is enough!"

Anonymous said...

Man, the fat Americano snapper turtle has been conned again:

Treasury Blacks Out Key Parts of Private Bailout Contracts

Is this to protect National Security??!!


What a bunch of chumps you all are! You all believed we have to do the bailout to save the economy. You all believed Obama and McCain saying the exact same thing. Oh but Obama is CHANGE. That's what he says: HOPE AND CHANGE.

More like Hope and Pray for a Change but you Ain't Gonna Get It.


Anonymous said...

As the sheeple feeling the noose tightening around their neck they're starting to panic. Go vote for change sheeple while you still can. How is that 401K doing? Still got a job? What a great investment the SUV and the granite counter tops were! Are you still supporting our troops? Do you still hate faggots and love God? Is your housing ATM still working? Are you still keeping up with NASCAR and Brittany's diseased twat?
But none of this matters anymore now, does it?
Go vote for some senile old man and his freak sidekick or for Obama if it makes you feel better.
The truth is that the gravy train reached the end of the line. Iceland and Argentina seem to be the first casulaties like Bear Stearns was in the financial world. Britain seems to be not too far behind. Of course America is special, right?