September 08, 2008

Sorry folks gonna be travelling again - back on Saturday

Being away from HP for a week might be a good thing. It could get you all used to not having HP around. And hell, not blogging for a week might get me to reconsider.

We'll see.

I still believe that a poetic end for this blog would be on its third anniversary, on the day after election day. This blog reads like a good book - we had a theory, we were mocked, then things started to happen, then we were proved right. And oh, things got really sucky at that point. What it's missing is redemption. After the fall. When people came to realize the error of their ways. When the corrupt went to jail. When the realtors went away. That's the final chapter of this book, and we're not there yet.

I agree, the HP community needs a home, and I've still got a lot to say. Just not solely about housing (as you can tell - and which some of you don't like).

So all I can say for now is... we'll see. And we'll see where America decides to go on November 4th. That'll be the deciding factor. A big, big factor.

In the meantime, I've queued up some fresh content for you this week, if you want to check in and leave comments, I'll moderate 'em if I can find a 'net cafe where I'm going which is doubtful. And let me know what I miss.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should go yet. We have a long way to go with this housing bust. My neighbor, who used his house as an ATM, his mortgage doesn't reset until July of 2009. You are leaving too soon. His house, by the way, is upside down 30.000 dollars now!

Consider staying for a bit longer!

BKS said...

Jersey Girl

Oh, pleeeeeeeeease reconsider, Keith. I would really miss your opinions on economics and current events. And I dig the crazy pictures. You're always at least a week ahead of the mainstream news! You're the best and I've learned a lot.

Plus, I love the insightful and/or wacky comments by the community. . .

But a new blog could work, too. . .

Anonymous said...

Don't close the blog! The housing unwinding is just getting started. Where will we go IF there actually are REIC perp walks in the future?

Save HP said...

Save HousingPanic!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good vacation Keith..Thank you. Please consider keeping the Blog alive.
Keith I saw somthing very disturbing on meet the Press..Joe Biden's son graduates from Yale. A large Credit Card Company hires his son.100,000 a year salary. This company donates over 200,000 to the democrats. Biden pushes in 2005 for the Bankruptcy law that hurts Americans and does nothing for Corporations. This Bankruptcy law is outrageous. Biden was stumped what could he say. I was disapointed...I am a cancer patient who needs to declare bankrputcy due to medical not credit cards, this law hurt my family tremendously.
Now Barack opposed this law.
How could Barack choose Biden. We really don't know that much more about Biden than Palin.
Keith, the more I am learning about Palin I really like her.
This is my problem....Obama and Palin I like.
McCain and Biden I don't trust.
Not sure how my family is going to vote this November...My husband is letting me decide...I am doing the research regarding Politics and getting through Breast Cancer. He is working 2 jobs to pay these outstanding Medical bills, we had insurance...Need help with my decision.

consultant said...

Travel safely.

emmy said...

Things are just about to get interesting, in a really scary way. Do what you must, but you are really good at this blogging thing.

Anonymous said...

The most wonderful thing that this Nation ever committed too, is freedom of expression.

I agree with you 95% of the time, except when you are so sold out on Obama. He is not Ron Paul !

I don't like EITHER candidate and believe that America deserves better, specially when it is trying to navigate through a DISASTROUS administration.

Not sure if Batman or Superman can fix this mess in four years!

Have fun !

Mammoth said...

Going back to Moscow?

If you like Russia you may sometime want to check out the (Baltic) seaside town of Svetlagorsk, in the Kaliningrad region.

Enjoy, and be sure to bring back a fresh report on what is happening with real estate there.


Anonymous said...


Obama and McCain are tied on Intrade.

I predict that by the time you get back McCain will be up 10.

I think you need a new poll. How long before the democrats un-nominate obama and ask Hillary to step in?

Anonymous said...

I laugh every time some childish poster complains about your politics. It's *your* blog; it's your virtual property--you can write about anything you like. Private property, freedom of speech, marketplace of ideas--they abandon everything good as soon as you say something that contradicts Rush.

Rob Randhava said...

I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for the corrupt to go to jail . . . or for bailed-out people to realize the error of their ways, for that matter . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,

every time you take a trip obama takes a dive on intrade!

thanks for turning me on to intrade, I have made some good coin on McCain.

I have always known that the majority of america would not vote for some guy who called his being elected president "a continuation of my self discovery" or some horse sh*t like that.

as much as I hate Hillary I believe she was 100% correct that she was more electable.

Obama should focus on being a writer as he seems to have great success with his novels.

it will be McCain in a landslide like I have been saying since april. Not that it is a good thing, just the way it will be.

Palin is the one potentially positive thing to come out of this whole election. She could be the next Ronald Reagan. I say "COULD", we will she how she does during the debates. She appears to have a lot of Reagan's attributes.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Obama are neck and neck on intrade. Hilary is up almost a full point to 3.5.

I bet that the democrat elite will make a decision and install Hillary as the nominee..... they need to do it soon though.

Anonymous said...

Please reconsider not stopping this blog. This blog is unlike any others, informative and entertaining at the same time. In fact I have started each of my day reading this blog and glad I didn't buy in 2005-2006 when all my friends did let me tell you that I am from San Diego?

HP called this housing bubble what it was before the MSM started reporting.

Hopefully time-off like this will give you a much deserved breaks and you will reconsider not stopping the blog.


Anonymous said...

"...we'll see where America decides to go on November 4th..."

I'm sorry Keith, but it's way, way too late to think a different bag/front man/waterboy will make any difference.

We are heading somewhere dark and foreboding. Our next leader will reflect positively on Herbert Hoover.

Anonymous said...


MSNBC: Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews Out as Political Anchors

AP -- MSNBC has removed its two on air personalities Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, from covering live political events on the troubled TV news network after months of complaints of open, liberal bias, on air bickering, and low ratings.

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will be replaced with David Gregory

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews have been especially blatant in their bias during coverage of political events, leading up to and during the political conventions. Both Olbermann and Matthews have made no secret of their support for Barack Obama. Chris Matthews even compared Obama to both John and Robert Kennedy and spoke of a "warm feeling" up his leg when hearing Obama speak.

MSNBC has also featured on air squabbling between Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews and between Olbermann and conservative leaning analysts such as Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough.

I hope they fire those two crooks.

usmanufacturing said...

There ya go - reconsider, just like Paul Wellstone. Of course, most of your readers wouldn't point out your hypocrisy because they're not sharp enough to catch it.

When are you going to provide data to support your repeated assertion that the United States has lost its manufacturing base?

Speaking of the manufacturing base, last night I was looking into garage storage units, made in the USA of course, when it occurred to me - HPers think nothing is made in America because you're all young kids. So you buy a lot of electronics, little to no tools or machinery, and not much for home furnishings or appliances. Instead of looking up data, you look around your apartment and make assumptions about the rest of the world. Which, in turn, is yet another hypocritcal act.

Anonymous said...

Bye-bye Hussein:

McCain Jumps Ahead of Obama in Latest Poll

WASHINGTON — John McCain got the post-convention boost he was hoping for, surging to a 4-percentage-point advantage over Barack Obama among registered voters in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll — a jump of 11 points over his previous showing, and his biggest lead since January.

McCain’s showing is credited in part to a well-received Republican Convention last week fueled largely by the surprise pick of McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. The numbers out Monday show McCain wiped out a 7-point lead Obama received after the Democratic convention two weeks ago.

In the new poll conducted from Friday to Sunday, McCain also leads Obama 54-44 percent among likely voters. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of 3 points.

The numbers are drawing scorn in the Chicago headquarters of Obama for President.

“Up or down, we believe national polls are meaningless,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told FOX News.

Other Democrats, some of whom support and occassionally advise Obama, and others on the outside view the numbers as a startling reversal of fortune and a sign of potential danger to come.

While it’s true Obama’s campaign has invested little energy in analyzing national polls, it has closely tracked two national numbers: is Obama ahead of McCain on the economy and is he an agent of “change.”

Monday’s USA Today poll shows McCain has closed the week-before advantage on the economy from 19 points in Obama’s favor to just 3 points now.

Anonymous said...

I left a post earlier today that I was unsure of who to vote for in Nov. Well folks my decision is made and final. Obama will be my choice. One last reason and a very good one.
Rupert Murdoch endorsed McCaine. He is slime and needs to be deported back to his country. He has really fup American journalism. This man some claim runs many countries. Rupert claims the NY post endorsed (I don't believe this to be true) Obama because he did not want hillary to win.
So I will vote for Obama.
Keith, We is the Obama campaign so quiet regarding Palin?
Its too quiet!!!
People Cheny is endorsing Palin...
No Way NO HOW....
McCain is ahead by 4 Points in the Gallop Poll...
Keith what is going on? Are Americans falling for this again?
I almost did.

Anonymous said...

why moderate? turn off moderation and let er rip.

Rational Renter said...

Keep blogging. Write about whatever you want to write about. Isn't that why people read blogs? For your personal voice. This housing mess has got years ahead of it, and it wouldn't be right without HP chiming in alongside it.

Anonymous said...

Keith, Have a Wonderful trip.If you do close down I will miss this blog. But I must say my husband and I knew what the end results would be when we sold in 2005 here in Florida. But what we didn't know was there would be a bailout .I just want yo to know how much I enjoyed this blog and all the other info I got.I like to thank everyone here for being here and sharing you thoughts tks again Debbie

Anonymous said...

I suggest you just change the name from housingpanic to depressionwatch, economiccrashpanic, or just crashpanic after the election.

I would prefer to not use the term 'economic' though - because most morons think that then the blog shouldn't include any politics... even though 90% of the economy is determined by politics no matter what.

Anonymous said...


Sorry guy, but there are many who beleive that there isn't a housing bust and that soon this will turn around. You may want to keep blogging for the big bust! We are clearly many Americans have NO CLUE... including those running for President!

Anonymous said...

"When people came to realize the error of their ways. When the corrupt went to jail. When the realtors went away. That's the final chapter of this book, and we're not there yet."

What historical precedent do you have to establish that expectation? The stock market bubble of Y2K? Prior housing market crashes?

You keep waiting for justice, and you will be waiting a long time for nothing.

Some say bloggers who post misinformation and outright lies to be tried, jailed, and fined for the damage they have done to society. You know anyone who might fit that criteria? Do you know anyone who others might say fits that criteria?

vanilla ice said...

Well HPer's we lost this battle. Markets soar, interest rates fall. As we celebrated winning one were getting flanked by Paulson and Bercracky.

The government outright support for housing is now explicit. The government now holds 5 trillion more in what are essentially government bonds with a shiny government guarantee. These bonds aren't for new infastructure or any type of public investment. They are for private housing. We lose.

Devestment said...

Keith! Why did you take away WA MU death watch? I just came from inside, its happening very soon.

Anonymous said...

Keith, stop your foolish talk! HP is here to stay and you need to just keep doing what you do best.

We do appreciate your content and even though some may not agree with everything you post we do enjoy the honesty and the humor!

As for politics, all we want is honesty in government, no matter who gets elected.

Keep up the great work! Have a great trip and we look forward to your return.