September 08, 2008

Get ready for the mother of all stock rallies as the government of incumbents drops money from helicopters

Yup, right on time.

Enjoy the party. Should be a good one.

Too bad they can't make home prices go back up. Even Houdini couldn't do that.


Anonymous said...

Man, those asians are a bunch of suckers aren't they?

Fannie and Freddie weren't enough to turn them off lending money to a bankrupt America.

Let's take them for one more ride!!

Oh Sh** said...

Rock on! I can finally afford to go get a house with no down! It always has been a dream of mine to live rent free! I am gonna HELOC the Heck out of my new digs and have a big party! I am gonna invite Mike Norman and Tom Adkins over for the BBQ! YES!!!

And then when I am eating my babies for lunch I will remember this day!

Rational Renter said...

Yup, futures are up +244 for tomorrow. But this rally will be short-lived like all the others. Going to 12,000 on the way to 10,000.

Anonymous said...

A good article that explains why the US can not afford the typical jingoistic, militaristic butthead approach to foreign policy with Russia:

U.S. Plays Weak Hand Against Russia With Economic Prestige On The Line

First of all, it was the US backing of Georgia that led to Georgia attacking South Ossetia and shelling civilians which then led to a very rapid and overwhelming response from Russia.

Now that stupid Neocon f*ck, Cheney, is on the southern border of Russia trying to convince Russia's neighbors to make a stand against Russia which is totally stupid folly.

What most American's don't yet understand is that the economy is toast and they simply can not afford the multi-trillion dollar military machine any more. They can't afford another war because Russia and China can pull the plug on the US financially at any time.

It's a different ballgame but do you expect these dumbf*ck Neocons to get it?

Anonymous said...

my favorite HP headline so far this year

how can you retire right when all the fun is about to start?

Anonymous said...


Mr Hanky Panky Paulson has concluded successful secret negotiations, through the Super Secret State Bank of Nigeria, for a super secret financing facility from the State Bank Of Zimbabwe.
The State Bank of Zimbabwe has agreed to underwrite the entire debt of the USA , all $15 Trillion, and in addition , a separate finance facility of Z$100 Trillion to cover any and all Federal budget deficits for the next 50 years.
There will also be a super secret special stimulus rebate check for all US taxpayers.
Please call 1-800-800-419 for your super special stimulus rebate check and ask to speak directly to Mr P...Pa...Pau...Paul...Paulson. You may be asked to pay a processing fee.

Shady Sam said...

Dow to 20,000! Thanks Paulson.

Anonymous said...

Watch morning joe this morning and saw Cramer. He basically said it's a country club and if you are in you will be rich. He said "I feel sorry for all the hamptons home owners who are stuck selling their 3rd too Cramer...
He said We will never see any justice because democrats and republicans are corupt..basically
What can we average citizens who are going to pay do about this.
This is outrageous our government is scum. I know there has to be a few good men and women in congress how can we find out who voted for what?

consultant said...

We are now officially a South American style country. All the people who voted for Bush, thank you very much.

The Bush Adminstration has just nationalized housing. This from the Party of small government.

Question HPers, "..can you put the genie back in the bottle?"

Remember, this will not end until many, many of those who created and participated in this fiasco are indicted, convicted and go to prison.

It ain't happening yet, so we have much, much more chaos and confusion to go.

Anonymous said...

This morning stocks are up, Fannie and Freddie and at $1 a share and some change....

I really believe this stock market 'rally' is short lived.

Traders/investors want to believe government will bail all stocks in trouble.

Anonymous said...

This morning stocks are up, Fannie and Freddie and at $1 a share and some change....

I really believe this stock market 'rally' is short lived.

Traders/investors want to believe government will bail all stocks in trouble.

Stoopid Saver said...

Damn it - those are MY DOLLARS they are dropping from those helicopters!!!

My hard-earned, carefully saved dollars (now worthless except to prop up the markets).


Anonymous said...

poor poor qweefie and his hp band of followers foiled again

mccain is up by 10% in polls

on intrade he's over 50

dow is up 350

the housing bailout gets bigger and bigger

oil is crashing

gold is in a freefall

dollar is soaring

gdp is up 3.3%

good thing you decided to call it quits AL-QWEEFIE, your time is over.

Oust the party that wrecked america - republicans said...

On thing we all CAN DO, and that is vote to GET RID OF The Party that Wrecked America - The Republicans. -Every last one of them.

Vote against All Incumbents, period.

Here's the final crash we've all been waiting for...

Got Protection?

Anonymous said...

Once again, assetless renter HPers are left behind.

My house is still up 75% over what I paid in 1999, AND my JPM/WFC/BAC stock is doing fine. I bought up a bunch of JPM a few years ago during the derivatives scare and am still up over 200%.

The best HPers have to go on is that they didn't buy in 2005. Unfortunately, inactivity is only beneficial for so long, say until you're 22 years old. After that, every year is another year behind.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Here's where we are ...

Who will you vote for?

Kathleen said...

"State capitalism, in its classic meaning, is a private capitalist economy under state control. This term was often used to describe the controlled economies of the great powers in the First World War.[1] In more modern sense, state capitalism is a term that is used (sometimes interchangeably with state monopoly capitalism) to describe a system where the state is intervening in the markets to protect and advance interests of Big Business."

gt said...

so where is it in the constitution that the govt, including the fed (assume the fed is in there), can lie to the public under the guise of preventing panic? is there any limit to this?
say, i dunno, they lie about inflation numbers so we dont panic?!

lee said...

Still waiting.......

Anonymous said...

"We won't get fooled again" is the new theme on Wall Street. This bailout won't work. NO RALLY.
By the way, since I know it is somehow UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the US government to hold stocks, property, bonds, etc., why is there not some legal agency suing on behalf of the people?
I'll tell you why, because every lawyer has his/her hand in this nonsense as well.
Hope you love socialism, because that is what we now have. Big companies that gobbled up the small mom and pop stores are now "too big to fail" and the US Taxpayer must keep them afloat! Well that includes mom and pop doesn't it?

lee said...

still waiting....