September 13, 2008

So, did Lehman get bailed out by Paulson with your money yet? I mean, it is almost Sunday, time when the PPT ghouls come out to play

Fannie - dead
Freddie - dead

Lehman - minutes away from death

Who's next? Can the US Treasury file for bankruptcy?

So, what else I miss?

I hope the people of Houston took a lesson from Katrina and Bush. But I'm guessing that's not the case.

And nice to see America (at least those with landlines) rallying behind the hockey mom who could be president. Proof that yes, there is a sucker born every minute. Or that you can fool most of the people most of the time. But like all bubbles, the Palin bubble will pop. Soon. Bet on it.

Or start packing your bags. Even though there'll be no safe place to go.


Agent 99 said...

Massive Hurricane Ike ravages southeast Texas By JUAN A. LOZANO and CHRIS DUNCAN, Associated Press Writers
1 minute ago

GALVESTON, Texas - A massive Hurricane Ike ravaged southeast Texas early Saturday, battering the coast with driving rain and ferocious wind gusts as residents who decided too late they should have heeded calls to evacuate made futile calls for rescue.

Though it would be daybreak before the storm's toll was clear, already, the damage was extensive. Thousands of homes and government buildings had flooded, roads were washed out and several fires burned unabated as crews could not reach them. But the biggest fear was that tens of thousands of people had defied orders to flee and would need to be rescued from submerged homes and neighborhoods.

"The unfortunate truth is we're going to have to go in ... and put our people in the tough situation to save people who did not choose wisely. We'll probably do the largest search and rescue operation that's ever been conducted in the state of Texas," said Andrew Barlow, spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry.

Anonymous said...

where is the largest group of expats live?

So America? Central America? Dubai?

Anonymous said...

You must put up the interview with McCain on the view. I can't believe it took the View ladies to ask the tough questions. Wow...Barbara really held her own.
You must put up the interview with Gibson...scary stuff and according to a friend of mine in Alaska people are embarassed. Keith it was painful week that you went away. You can not leave us until Nov. 5th Please.
Palin is schedule to be interviewed by? Sean Hannity of Fake news....Wow Sean will get the answers Americans want. Multi Millionaire Sean really looks out for Americans...He is banking that you are that dumb...

michael said...

you missed your likeness on

since when did you start hanging out with those eggheads?

Paul E. Math said...

How about a thread to discuss inflation/deflation again? I'm looking pretty wrong on deflation these days with commodities still in decline. Then again, I did agree with many here that asset prices would decline. And I don't see consumer prices falling at this point so that piece is missing.

What the hell, when I get my bonus check at the end of this month I'm doubling down on silver. This might just be the best opportunity we're going to get for a long time.

How can the dollar not ultimately fall while we're piling on more and more debt to bail out fannie and freddie. And you just know we're going to give at least $25B to the US automakers and have another stimulus package. And these wars are not winding down anytime soon.

gwk said...

Tell me really why the left is so afraid of this women and try to be rational and make sense instead of the hockey mom, pro life, small town hick, what is it about her and people like her that send you over the edge. I have written many time well before she came on the scene that Obama is finished he was never anything other than a media darling he changes everyday and Biden was the worst mistake the left has ever made. Pelosi, Gore, Edwards, Reid, Biden, Leahy, and the rest of this train wreck of a party might be finished. What a beautiful day!

vanilla ice said...

Anyone see Paulson working this weekend talking to people from Lehman about an exciting Sunday announcement?

GOP The PArty that Wrecked America said...

I hope it just keeps getting worse.

I hope it rains for 6 months straight in Texas and all of Louisina is hit so hard by weather it is erased from existence.

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Train Wrecks (the real kind, not political), Moose Shit from Alaska... Great Bushco legacy of failure and doom.

Why not hold a national lottery or better yet a reality TV show for the VP position? IQ must be higher than 60 with a fish meal and your house cannot have axles or wheels under it, That eliminates about 85%of America.

Who wants to be VP, starring Grandpa Munster McCain and the Bushbots for emcee... Karl Rove creator and executive producer.

Rome burns and they worry about a blonde whore, an black aitrport thug doing hiis 'thing' on 9/11 and NASCAR...

America is SHIT, pure bankrupt shit.


Anonymous said...

i am sure lehman will get bailed out. The rest of the world is expecting it (moral hazard of bailing out bear and the GSEs). Paulson says he won't but he will.

Anonymous said...

Bush had nothing to do with the incompetent management of Katrina. The incopetents were the mayor and the governor both stupid democrats. It is local management to prepare. Read the Constitution.

tom12008 said...

Henrt Paulson now opposes any further bailout with government money. What are the chances of any other kind of plan actually keeping Lehman Brothers afloat?

vanilla ice said...

I'll bet someone $20 there's a bailout of Lehman by Monday.

Anonymous said...

Our Govt loves to give money away:

-911 Victims Families making them millionares
-etc. etc. etc.

palins boy toy said...

Do we get another 300 point rally monday? this is getting fun.Who comes to the confessional next week? What the hell happened to AIG anyway.That stock has tanked too.God bless the federal reserve.I wonder if the printing press is running 24/7?

Anonymous said...

Mccain has reached his peak in the polls. It will all be downhill for him from here.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Palin "bubble", as you put it, will pop. Maybe in 90 days.

Unfortunately for Obama, the election's in about 52 days.

It sucks to be him!

Quentin Daniel said...

"like all bubbles, the Palin bubble will pop"

I don't think so Keith. Your 20/20 vision on the housing bubble has grown weak. Palin will go into the election as strong as ever. You are wrong and 10 to 1 you will never admit it.

I dare you to make a post Monday before the election admitting you were wrong about Palin's bubble bursting. I dare you. Are you an honest man? I once thought so. We'll see.

Frankly Keith, your bubble popped some time ago. You once served a good and useful purpose and you should have quit before you made such a fool of yourself. You will be proved as wrong about Palin as you were proved right about the housing bubble.

Its sad to see someone who was held in such high regard live out his pitiful last days blathering on blindly as a political cheerleader and mudslinger for Obama. So sad.

Disclaimer: I am not a McCain/Palin fan - I will vote for Bob Barr now that Ron Paul is obviously out.

palins little bitch said...

Inflation is a joke.The govt cant keep track of any numbers reliably.They can't even figure out how to get stimulous checks out.It probably cost them more to send then checks out then they were worth.
I am trying to figure out why our money has value to the rest of the world.I know it is the way our govt keeps track of us via taxes and keeps us in competition for the mighty dollar.I guess the only reason it has value is due to our goods and services we produce.I am just wondering what is going to happen when china india and others start produceing competitive goods?

I think the govt is going to bailout everyone.Manifest desting baby!!!!!!!!!!

the russians are coming! said...

Gov. Palin is too essential as the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard to serve as McCain's VP.

With the constant threat of a Russian invasion, we MUST have a military leader of her caliber to repel such an attack.

This desperate GOP election ploy has put our national security at risk!

Anonymous said...

You missed Greg Swann made $36000 on commish but less expenses probably $0 or less:

"We deliberately took only six listings so far this year, but that’s because we won’t take a listing that won’t sell. Even so, our sold listings come to $1,285,000 for the year"

Agent 99 said...

The reason I posted the Hurricane Ike article is that all the dopes who didn't evacuate now HAVE TO BE RESCUED. The parallels are obvious.

Keith, it's more likely that the Biden Bubble will pop before any perceived Palin bubble. Biden is the worst choice Obama could have made...he chose a career politician, insider, old guy. Why why why? Talk about killing his campaign. Believe me, I am no fan of McCain, but his choice for VP was, uh, different. I think Biden will have some "medical issue" or "personal reasons" and quit before Palin.


"Leaving so soon? I wouldn't hear of it! Why, our little party's just beginning" (The Wicked Witch of the West)

Anonymous said...

come on Keith, obama is no different than palin. they are both new to the scene, little experience and haven't really accomplished anything yet.

They both look nice and can talk well. beyond that there isn't much more.

obama's best experience to date is running for president.

when are you going to start a Biden countdown? my bet is that biden will withdraw for personal reasons and hillary will step up to fill the VP vacancy.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin is too essential as the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard to serve as McCain's VP.


i would add that Chicago can't do without one of its best community organizers in decades. Obama himself even said he worked to create jobs as a community organizer.

I would also say that I am not sure Europe can do without its favorite politician (obama). Germans are considering writing his name in during the next PM (or whatever they elect over there) election.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly strange simplistic posts about the dollar - how's about one of you $ bashers take the time to compare the $ to all the other major currencies - debt versus GDP for example. It is truly odd given current events but the $ still seems like a better bet - if a world depression occurs we still have the largest military as well - no?

Anonymous said...

i still can't figure it out, why did obama pick biden but not serious consider clinton? I could see not considering clinton because he didn't want a washington insider on his ticket but that theory went out the door when he picked biden.

biden is going down as the worst pick in history.

les said...

Lehman will get bailed out by Monday morning because Germany and Japan insists that we do.

Besides, as long as Fuld knows that he will get a hefty paycheck if Lehman gets bailed out why should he try to find a buyer.

les said...

Does anybody know what happened to all the Bears Stearns employees? Did they get a large severance package? Paulson seems to reward all the officers of Bears, Fannie and Freddie with a big severance package.

Anonymous said...

a thousand bucks to install five bucks of glad i protested the instalation of sidewalks at my back woods house before they taxed me away..........