September 27, 2008



Anonymous said...

Let the Dog and Pony Show begin!!

Man, the freaking economy is collapsing and these morons are talking about tax cuts and earmarks??!!

How about the trillions spent on the freaking worthless military chumps??!

How about cutting the worthless government bureaucracies like Homeland Security??

How about reinstating the CONSTITUTION and repealing the "Patriot" Act, the Military Commissions Act and the Defense Authorization Act, FISA etc etc??!!

I've had it with these criminals! How anybody can want one of these criminal clowns representing them as their President I will never understand!!

keith said...

waiting for the fireworks... nice to see this on housing and the economic meltdown though to start instead of that ol' boring foreign policy

keith said...

McCain just called for a spending freeze in all of government

I think he just made that one up on the fly - at least he looked like it


Anonymous said...

McCain looking tired and confused

keith said...

these guys have been dropping nukes on each other for 6 months and they've been playing nicey nicey so far


Anonymous said...

MCain wants to give us 5000.oo for health insurance. Fuck you McCain. I am a breast cancer survivor on the brink of bankruptcy because of medical bills. I had insurance. I heard this plan would let employers off the hook. 5000.00 is nothing fucking nothing.
The way to fix the problem of health Insurance is not to make it a profit of human beings getting sick. You have to remove the health insurance from the table.
Fuck you Mccain.
My vote is for Obama and thats it.

bitterrenter said...

No one will be swayed. The white trash looks and sees an albino and a black guy.

They won't vote for the black guy. And this being a white trash majority country, Obama has a tough road ahead.

Anonymous said...


Riiight, the spending is just a one party problem.

Both parties are sending us broke! Let's not forget that the Dems have had the ability to stop all of this spending!!

keith said...

wow, this debate is a snoozer so far

mccain won't even look at obama

he needs a redbull

bitterrenter said...

The republicans think all problems can be solved with tax cuts for the rich and paltry tax credits for the masses.

After all, it's worked so well so far.

Genius said...

BO kept forgetting McCain's name. LOL.

They're starting to throw some punches now. I want the gloves to come off.

keith said...

GOP had 100% control of spending for six years

And then the Dems did nothing about spending for the past 18 months

Anonymous said...


Genius said...

"Stay and fight for Iraqi freedom and American freedom."
- McCain

What a dumb ass. Like Iraq could ever threaten our freedom. He needs to get off of that general's cock, it's getting annoying.

Sounds like Obama is about to go off on him.

bitterrenter said...

20 of the last 28 years under republican presidents

12 of the last 14 years under a republican Congress

8 years of a republican president

30 years of conservative-dominated economic policies.

Yeah, the dems are the ones to blame.

Anonymous said...

Why are they both perpetuating this phony "Global War on Terror"? Can anyone intelligently answer that question?

keith said...

Can we get back to the housing crash? Nobody cares about iraq anymore - just get the f*ck out so we can stop spending the money because we're broke. period.

back to housing!

Obama is schooling the old man so far

keith said...

I got my ass up at 2 in the morning for this?


bitterrenter said...

Well, you know, the democrats are to blame for the Iraq mess. Right?

Anonymous said...

"Help the Afghan freedom fighters"... says McCain.

Osama Bin Laden was one of those Afghan freedom fighters. He's a CIA asset. Stop it with this GWOT charade already you criminals. Take those trillions you're spending on empire building and give it back to the taxpayers!!!

keith said...

coming from you - who sung songs about bombing iran


keith said...

Alright, this debate is irrelevant... i'm done

Genius said...

"Why are they both perpetuating this phony "Global War on Terror"?"


They don't know wtf to say about the economy so they're talking about the middle east.

McCain keeps talking about his record of doing this and that. Obama should turn it around and use McCain's record to destroy him.

This is pretty boring though.

Chris said...

I cracked up when McCain said he wants health care decisions to be made by families rather than the government.

That's a nice way of saying that more and more often, middle class families are making a choice between going to the doctor and getting a huge bill in the mail, or not going to the doctor at all and taking their chances.

Great words coming from a 70+ year old senator who receives "carte blanche" health care because he is a senator. Even if he wasn't, he could sell 6 of his 7 houses or lean on his wife and in-laws to pay the bills.

keith said...

I think this debate shows how much this race is NOT about foreign policy

This is a domestic policy election. 95%.

Anonymous said...

McCain is getting a little testy....He won't even look at Obama. Obama is doing very well.
McCain is an asshole.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Obama can't debate.

Anonymous said...

Keith you are right. I thought the same thing about McCain not looking at Obama.
I agree with everyone talk about housing.
I do think Palin will get crushed with her debate.
McCain acts as though he derseves respect...
Obama needs to stop saying McCain is right .......
I hate John McCain, he is a nut.
How could anyone stand up their and defend tax fucking cuts for the rich.
How the hell would anyone (only if your Greedy rich person) vote for MCcain.
My husband and I laughed so hard hearing him pat his back about picking his VP maverick.

Chris said...

Here goes McCain with the fear-mongering, just like Bush and Cheney. Gotta convince everyone that someone will blow up the U.S. if a Democrat is president. Yep, a vote for Obama is a vote for certain death. Just ask McCain, he'll tell you how it is.

Anonymous said...

Watching Obama is like watching a young Tony B.Liar. without his charisma, charm, wit and razor debating skills.

Anonymous said...

If these are our picks for the next President, God Bless America and God help us!

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is McCain talking about....My head spins when he talks..
He spins and spins...
He doesn't answer a question he takes a jab at Obama...
The violins play while he talks of his long long 35 years friends ships with Kissinger who is a memeber of the Bohemian Grove...look it up there are photos...
Can't wait for Bill Maher at 11 pm on HBo.

Anonymous said...

All Mcain cares about is war this and war that. That is his whole sad old reason to be. His tired old Viet Nam experiences...he loves war and everything about it. All his 'homey' stories about military families, etc. Unfortunately, the Nascar crowd loves this stuff. It's the same way Bush got elected. Most people don't understand intelligence anymore(Obama)...they are too f-ing stupid. All he can do is tell war-oriented stories..too dumb to have a clue about anything of real substance. Sure wish I had a gun to shoot my TV set without blowing it up. Somebody put a condom on his big white blob of a head.

Anonymous said...

Clean Coal?!? That's like saying Healthy Asbestos.

Anonymous said...

People want to hear about the economy, and the candidates' solutions to the terrible mess we are in.

What a sorry debate. Are we such a mediocre people? Is this the best we can do? These are our brightest and best from each party?

I think I will stock up on beans, dry milk, batteries, toilet paper, wine, cigarettes (to barter, I don't smoke) and perhaps visit the pawn shop to buy some gold.

Oh yes, ammunition. I live in Florida and am surrounded by third world
people for whom crime is their second nature.

This is like some terrible B movie and we are the extras who get dumped when the picture goes over budget.

westwest888 said...

"I'm going to destroy Israel"

"No you're not."


Anonymous said...

Obama sure doesn't seem as smooooooth as he usually does.

McCain is still an old bumbling fool.

I vote for none of the above

Anonymous said...

I like Obama I think he doing great. McCain is just lost.
Obama needs to throw the Keating 5 under the bus.
It will come down to race for McCain votes. You have to be a jackass to vote for McCain. If you hate Obama so much you really need to do some soul searching and find out where this hate is coming from?
Obama is intelligent...
He will make a Great President.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher for President!

Anonymous said...

McCain is a lier..that's why he can't look at Obama. It's also like he wants to say 'shut up you fucking N----r!'
God, I hate him too.

Anonymous said...

Hate is an awfully strong word. My frustration comes from a desire for change and my doubt after watching this debate that those who have not decided their vote yet will not be swayed by Obama.

Chris said...

They are talking a lot about homeland security because that's what the debate was supposed to be about before Paulson ran up to Congress and said, "Bail out my Wall Street buddies! Please!"

They gave a little time to the financial crisis but I think they gave enough time. America still needs to understand the candidates' positions on other issues, no matter how boring it may seem.

Anonymous said...

Obama is throwing just as much fear mongering as McCain.

He's continually repeating "capture and kill" Bin Laden, he's going off with suitcase nuclear bombs, he talks up national security.

This is such a fake debate.

They might as well just talk about American Idol

bitterrenter said...

All conservatives love war. They love conflict. It's because they're ignorant savages with only a brainstem.

I hope McCain wins and we end up with Sarah as prez so that I can watch this country dissolve. Seriously. I want this thing split into lots of pieces.

Anonymous said...

We're all doomed.

Good night and good luck.

Genius said...

Yeesh. Why do I feel like I just had some teeth pulled.

Hopefully Biden vs. Palin will be more interesting.

Honica Jewinski said...

Well ignorant American goyim, what'll it be????

Puppet A, or puppet B... Demoncrat or republisatan, decendant of cain McSpain, or Obama bin Laden.

Why don't you take a listen, maybe it'll help you decide....

keith said...

I can't stand how our presidential debates are organized and controlled

that was awful, and yet again not what the american people want, or what the american people deserve

that said, obama showed confidence, vigor and a command of the issues. he was strong.

mccain obviously knows his stuff too. but he looked old, tired and washed up

I'd score it 55 to 45 obama. but what a snoozer. should have been on the economy and domestic issues, not foreign policy. idiots.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't McCain wear a flag pin after all that BS?

Anonymous said...

"I can't stand how our presidential debates are organized and controlled"

Totally scripted, with foreign policy propaganda and domestic policy truthiness.

Megs said...

Go McCain/Palin... I don't know what debate you watched but OBAMA was smug and elitist.

Anyone that expands govt can't be good for our cause on Housing Panic...

a lot of you guys are Hypocrites...

Anonymous said...

yep... McCain kicked some butt tonight.

There is no way that Obama will win the election. The democrats need to get ready for the loss.

Anonymous said...

mccain looked like he needed a nap

Anonymous said...

No surprise here: they both suck ballz

area 51 said...

McCain landed an uppercut talking about Russia, while Obama got all lost and confused and started talking about global warming.

McCain did look like a wuss constantly attacking Obama and repeating himself.

Obama looked poised and Presidential and made very good though shallow talking points.

Overall I think it was a draw. I like them both for their strengths, too bad they can't join forces.

Anyone who slings hate and vitriol against either proves their incompetence by doing so. They both have their strengths and both would make good Presidents.

Anonymous said...

Georgia started that war and Obama and McCain are both wrong on Russia

Anonymous said...

Where's PALIN?

The GOP, The Party that Wrecked America will not even allow Mooseturd Palin to give a rebuttal.

They had to Go To the cross-dressing ex-mayor of New York, Rudy the Petudi...


4 more years? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Every time Hussein doesn't understand crap about an important topic, he says: "I agree with what John said..."

Yeah, nice try Hussein...the rappers, $10k handbag celebs, the stupid-living in mom's basement-Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt wearer-pot smoker-college idiots, and Oprah are cheering for you.

One more thing, rich people who earns $200k for Obama is the Supersellers on eBay who are registered as S-Corporations, and file earnings as personal income.

Yeah, that's what I call rich people, the eBay Superseller who sells trinkets on eBay and has to pay for gas, lost inventory, utilities, insurance, etc. Ooohooo, they're all millionaires, let's tax this evil people!!!

A little advice to ALL the Democrat idiots who can't grasp finance: When you tax businesses, they add that to products sold, layoff employees, or outsource the business to China or India. Got it? Glad to help.

PS: I graduated Summa Cum Laude from a major B-School. I'm not a high school dropout rapper or Hollywood celeb, or ignorant Barney Frank.

Anonymous said...

Go Maverick, make that Marxist stutter!

twisted reality said...

John "We're Winning the War Now Because of My Surge Strategy" McCain is suffering from self-delusion.

This is the SAME mental condition that Bush suffers from.

Does that make Bush a MAVERICK, too??

Anonymous said...


i just sat in something iky!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who slings hate and vitriol against either proves their incompetence by doing so. They both have their strengths and both would make good Presidents.

No dumbass. It proves that they are a little more clued in and understand that there is no meaningful difference between these two punks. They both promote American empire which America can no longer afford. Obama might be more measured than McCain when it comes to foreign policy but there was no mention of actually making real meaningful reductions to military or government spending. They were talking about a few hundred billion here or there - well the country is in debt up to the f*cking eyeballs dude!! The US government is f*cking broke!


And these clowns are still talking as if the USA was an economic superpower!! It's broke! It's facing economic collapse! Soviet style!

They talked about bailing out Georgia's economy. Iran. Iraq. Afghanistan. They talked on and on about finding Osama Bin Laden!!

Are you f*cking kidding me??!!

Does anyone with half a brain not realize that if the intelligence services of the US wanted Osama they would have him instantly??!! It's a sham? How much money has been spent on this phantom "war on terror"? Huh??!!

We know it's all about empire building. It's all laid out in the Project for the New American Century documents authored by the Neoconservatives at the helm today. If you don't know what I'm talking about people you better do some freaking research so that you can really understand what the last 8 years of Boosh were all about.

Well all those grand dreams of empire are over. Our foreign creditors are closing their check books on the old USA.

It's game over chumps!

Anonymous said...

Would a white junior senator even be running for president? No, because no one would take him seriously. No experience.

must watch this!! said...


This is a must watch! It's Rep. Marcy Kaptur from Ohio taking Ron Pauls views to the next level while speaking in front of congress. Some extremely good points nobody is talking about.

pwnd said...

a man that would pick Palin as a running mate, which is such an obvious political gimmick doesn't deserve to run for president.

Anonymous said...

mccain and his buddy bush both have beedy eyes, dont be fooled by mcbush its war and taxes but paulin has nice legs

Shockley from the Guantlet way back in the 70s when I shot down that helicopter said...

Honica Jewinski LOL!

Vote for one of these test tube babies?
Man Go for it,and Fuck YOU all.

Peter T said...

Both sides tried to stick it to the other: Obama still don't get it, McCain said 2003 that the Iraq war would be easy, etc. etc. No winner and no looser, which means with the current economic turmoil that Obama is still closer to the White House.

Peter T said...

> McCain landed an uppercut talking about Russia, while Obama got all lost and confused and started talking about global warming.

McCain criticized Obama for asking for restraint from both sides, Georgia and Russia. Obama should have stood by his old comment, because he was right: Georgie went into Ossetia, and Russia seized the moment to invade Georgia. Had Georgia not opened the door for Russia, they wouldn't stand so bad today? Georgia should give up Abchasia and Ossetia, and not give Russia leverage to mess with it.

Gargamel said...

McCain looked old 'n tired, and Obama looked like he had a telephone pole up his ass.

The economy is teetering on collapse, unemployment is rising, the world mocks the US, we spend trillion$ killing innocent Iraqis, oil is soaring again and these two clowns are the best we can do?

Meet the new management... same as the old management.

Anonymous said...

Folks keep griping about insurance and people "making profit off of human beings getting sick."

Where is the right to health care. It's not a natural right. It's not defined by the constitution. It's possible to argue from a social contract, but even then it's justifiable only as an emergency catastrophic coverage.

I work in healthcare and I see too many people who "can't afford" health coverage that afforded the carton of cigarettes and the bag of cheeseburgers from McDonalds...

Anonymous said...

Both men pretended to be experts, invoking difficult names and relatively obscure places, but their comments (the usual mini-speaches) were obviously pre-rehearsed.

I did not hear a single new idea. Obama's coments could have been delivered by Jimmy Carter thirty years ago, and McCain's by Richard Nixon thirty-four.

Anonymous said...

John McCain would not look at Obama even as Obama greeted him, John was rude.
Obama and his Wife Michelle had to walk over to the McCains to shake hands of thanks in the end. McCain would not meet him half way.
Rude, is this the President we want to meet with leaders he may not like around the world? Is this a man we want looking out for us middle class americans? John McCain did not mention middle class once NOT ONCE. He did not talk about our health care which is a mess. He does not like the middle class or poor...Just the veterns he mention...John McCain should loose by a landslide and he will.
John show some more class towards Barack you look like a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Obama was great. Everyone said this is a home run for McCain before the debate. McCain tried to get out of the debate that is why he was pissed. Look how angry he was running against Mitt Romney. Look how angry and old he is. I think last night showed the public he is a sham, he choose the worse possible VP you can choose.
He is rude.
He is crude.
He does not care for the working americans of our country;.
No flag pin for MCCain.
No flag pin for McCain.
No flag pin for McCain.
Where is the outrage?
Seriously folks you are such denial with McCain. Thats ok that is why we have freedom to choose.
God works in mysterious ways. Maybe a republican should be in office when the ship goes down. They would find a way to blame Obama. Look no one is holding Bush and his criminal administration accountable. They are the untouchables.
Bush should have been impeach, and I do blame Pelosi for that.
Does anyone have information when pelosi is up for reelection?
She needs to be fired.
Impeachment is what every american wanted. We need a revolution that is why MCCain has to win. Maybe Obama can run 4 years from now.
We need to hit rock bottom to clean our country from corporate control, that is why McCain needs to win.

Mammoth said...

Tim Russert, where are you when we really need you?



Anonymous said...

Americans are idiots. Therefore Obama will win.

End of story.

tom12008 said...

I couldn't stand more than forty minutes of it. I am sick and tired of having my intelligence insulted by debates that add little or nothing to my understanding of the candidates and what they stand for.
What I gather is that we should deserve better, but as long as people vote based on irrational factors such as fear and hatred, we will continue to get these bullshit debates, hot-button non-issues blown up in big media events, and candidates play us for fools.
To his credit, Barack Obama showed intelligence and was able to back up his positions with specific lines of evidence. He made McCain look bad by comparison. But even Obama was shorter on specifics than I would have liked. Of course, McCain did his damndest not to answer the tax cut questions.
Eventually I had to switch channels, though, as I could tell that this debate wasn't going to be worth the time. I thought it was too much business as usual considering the severity of the crisis upon us.

Peter said...

Anon-the game's over. I couldn't agree more. My wife is yelling at the TV and I basically told her the same thing. There is no more money for any type of military buildup, foreign aid, etc. Until we become a productive, thrifty, saving nation, the game is over. Bailout or no bailout, IT'S OVER!!! GO OUT NOW AND TURN YOUR CASH INTO FOOD, SEEDS, AMMO, TOILET PAPER,SOAP,ETC AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SHEEP WAITING TO BE SLAUGHTERED!!!!!