September 04, 2008

I give you the American housing market, 2001 - 2008. Enjoy the ride!


Anonymous said...

A bit too rosy I think

Glass Half Empty said...

That was AWESOME! I loved the LostWages style build up and bigger-than-life finale.

Agent 99 said...

Retailers slash prices but may pay for it later
By Anne D'Innocenzio
The Associated Press

NEW YORK — In a bid to pull hesitant shoppers into their stores, retailers are slashing prices on everything from jeans to dinnerware. But those fat discounts likely will come at a big cost for the companies.

At teen retailer American Eagle Outfitters, shoppers who buy jeans get a second pair at half off. Jewelry chain Zale is offering an extra 20 percent off on a slew of items such as gold earrings that were already slashed up to 70 percent. And Pottery Barn has discounts of up to 75 percent.

"There's a fine line between aggressive promotions and panic, and we are seeing a little bit of both right now," said Dan Hess, founder and chief executive of research company Merchant Forecast."

glass half full said...

Keith are you having to move back to the States?

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

In reality, it will get much worse than that even - add about 10x as many people getting mowed down at twice the speed.

Yoski said...

Oh dear! The gravy train derailed!