September 22, 2008

Denninger speaks truth to power. Power could give a sh*t.


Gabor said...

"Couldn't give a sh*t" not "Could"

keith said...

the use of "could" is sarcastic

thanks though. great feedback.

Anonymous said...

I think we're witnessing take two of the Business Plot of the 1930s orchestrated by the Nazi supporter Prescott Bush:

Prescott Bush and the Business Plot

Of course, most of you don't know anything about the Business Plot that was exposed in Congressional hearings and quickly covered up. Most of you would say "shutup, that's just a cwazy conspiracy theory!! I loooove George W Bush. He's a real American herooo cowboy from Texas!!!".

"I just luuuuvv Dubya Bush!!!"

robert said...

Just a thought….

"The Secretary is authorized to take such actions as the Secretary deems necessary to carry out the authorities in this Act, including, without limitation"

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency"

Does this mean he could commission the world’s largest droid army? That’s kinda cool.

gk said...

Denninger is right. We need to get his letter into the hands of congress critters. There is a real solution...we just have to face reality.

Anonymous said...

For all you people who hate the Baby Boomers ,we tried to rebel against the powers that own us way back in the 60's . We knew they were corrupt and we knew money was their God .

We were stupid about the way we rebelled because what we were trying to offer as a replacement didn't work either . For God sakes being high all the time and listening to Rock and Roll was not the answer. So after failing ,the Baby Boomers went along to get along . Gutless wonders in the final analysis . The corrupt powers are a hard nut to crack .

So when you are trying to change things ,you have to offer a good replacement ,or it won't fly .

The first step to change is to expose the corruption . This step is being fought hook line and sinker by the powers and the spin machine Media .Remember the advertisers are the ones that control the information machine .
Look how the media advanced the housing boom in spite of how
foolish and corrupt it was .The media became cheerleaders for the corrupt Financial sector and Big Business sector greed .Buy ,buy buy ,doesn't matter if you can't afford it ,you can't lose ,real estate always goes up .

After you expose the corruption ,if you can ,you must offer a better way . If you don't have a better way,than your just a complainer. So think about what you will replace the corrupt system with . Something that would really work and would be fair to all not just one special interest group . That would mean that the old is considered as well as the young . That would mean that the richer is considers as well as the poor and middle class .That would mean that the downtrodden is considered as well as the people who are well placed . The healthy is considered as well as the unhealthy . The only ones that are not considered are the evil and greedy ,the liars and the corrupt opportunist ,or the slackers ,or the game the system crowd .The criminals are counter-productive to the new world order so they don't get a say .

So you come up with good productive solutions that put your society into a system that brings out the best for a society ,and doesn't bring out the worst or pad the pockets of the those that do not deserve it. No free rides for anybody . You also would know that there will be some that must be taken care of because of their ill-fortune that was beyond their control .For instance, a mentally retarded person who can't fend for themselves would need aid . A lazy person would not qualify for mercy for instance .

Paulson will get his way and it will be a disaster ,unless the productive people offer a better way that considers the welfare of the majority ,and that which enhances the true glory of the good and creative and productive in man and women .

Anonymous said...

Denninger is so right. We are creating a money laudering scheme to bail out the Chinese and the Russians.

So long capitalism!

Anonymous said...

Why get upset? Billy, Boobby, Kenny and Bubba said NASCAR will be OK? They will continue to race around in circles and turn left most of the time.

Can we next get a bailout for beach volleyball? Oh, I'd guess about a billion ought to do it. I do not want to miss the freaks of nature play in the sand.

Burp Belch Fart poop.

Land of the Free and the Brave (LOL!!!)

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the corrupt-left wing-puppet master of Hussein cultists-mainstream media reveal that the spike in oil today is nothing but Hedge Funds covering shorts?

Anonymous said...

The whole situation truly is an outrage.
The corruption runs so deep that phone calls simply will not do the trick.The sad part is i do not know what will.We are being fleeced, point blank robbed,if only enough people understood the simplicity and magnitude of the wrongs being done to them.But they think this is some mysterious economical conundrum that only (great minds) like greenspan bernanke could understand ,so we will just trust them to do the right thing... Talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken house.The only way this madness will stop as soon as it should, is if millions of people in every major city in every state march in the streets.. But I'm afraid the american people are just to complacent to take the kind of action necessary until it is to late

Anonymous said...

I know that at your age, everything seems as though it has happened for the first time in history. I can assure you that history repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun.

Andrew from Russia said...

The U.S. Congress should follow the example of the 2nd Russian Duma which, when summoned for an emergency session in the wake of 1998 financial crisis, spent its time hammering down the details of... the Federal Law on Beekeeping! In the retrospect, that inaction was very laissez-faire and marked the bottom of Russian depression of 1990s.

George L said...

at this point only a depression will wake people to the reality of our financial system.when people can no longer be "living it up" is when they will start asking questions.

the government is trying to avoid a depression at any cost.a recession will allow the game to continue...

Anonymous said...

That Nazi banned me for tying US/Mossad activity with the assasination of Bhutto.

His distaste for the real story means he'll avoid tin foil but accepts sodium fluroide.

went2puke said...

…And Paulson is commenting on the meltdown and the reasons thereof in such a cavalier manner that I did actually go to puke.

He’s acting just like any outsider who had nothing to do with it all!! But why shouldn’t he? Congress is totally on the sidelines and the MSM and the prosecutors have been on vacation since 9/11 and still are.

Paulson is most likely on top of the list of those thieves who robbed Americans and fleeced America. But why would they insist on adding insult to injury, by asking that a full, unfettered authority be given to this culprit, allowing him to siphon, at his own and only discretion, what’s left in the coffers of America, if any?

Folks, this cannot be real. This is beyond anyone's belief. Unless something much, much scarier is happening to America and we are deliberately left in the dark to avoid a nationwide panic wave and widespread chaos and unrest.

No tinfoil here as of yet, but I am scared and I feel the urge to go puke again.

Anonymous said...

Question for discussion: Did anyone of the realtor scum have a slightest idea of how far-reaching the implications of overpriced houses and NINJA mortgages would be?

Did Suzanne have an idea? I mean she researches stuff, so shouldn't she have an idea?

Anonymous said...


As Treasury Secretary, Paulson may have to dump some stock (he is the single largest shareholder in Goldman Sachs according to its 2006 proxy statement, with 4.6 million shares) to decrease his overwhelming conflict of interest, but even if he sells his unrestricted stock, he'll still have several hundred million bucks in RSU (restricted stock unit) awards, which are not immediately sellable.

This could place him in a position where maintaining his financial well-being could necessitate supporting policies positive to Goldman's short-term stock price over long-term needs of the general economy, like dividend tax cuts.

Paulson made more $38 million in 2005, according to Goldman's proxy statement, with most of that, $30.1 million, coming from restricted stock awards, and stock options valued at $7.3 million.

He got $29.2 million in stock grants in 2004 and $20.8 million in 2003, on top of his base pay of $600,000 each of the last three years.

His Goldman stock holdings at the end of 2005 were worth just under $700 million at current prices, not including the value of his stock options.

Paulson Debt Plan May Benefit Mostly Goldman, Morgan

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley may be among the biggest beneficiaries of the $700 billion U.S. plan to buy assets from financial companies while many banks see limited aid, according to Bank of America Corp.

``Its benefits, in its current form, will be largely limited to investment banks and other banks that have aggressively written down the value of their holdings and have already recognized the attendant capital impairment,'' Jeffrey Rosenberg, Bank of America's head of credit strategy research, wrote in a report dated yesterday, without identifying particular banks.

Many banks may not participate in the Troubled Asset Relief Program because they haven't had to write down as much assets under accounting rules, meaning decisions to sell into the program would cause them to lose capital, Rosenberg wrote.

Investment banks operate ``under a mark-to-market accounting model while commercial banks hold assets at cost until realizing a loss (or until they reasonably expect one),'' he wrote.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

We fought to break from English rule for the very same reason we must now break away from the US government ... TYRANNY

The only thing the "bail-out" will accomplish is enriching those who were mainly responsible for this mess, as well as making the majority of American's much poorer.

Housing is toast in this country, and prices have no alternative but to continue to plummet - easily 30% and more across the country.

Housing will be the least of our worries - it's more of a distraction from the real problems facing us down the line - lack of social security benefits, and sufficient healthcare.

We are now entering a 3rd-world way of life in this country, and this administration is swiftly taking us there, while they get busy now saving themselves with a tax-payer bail-out.

Mitesh Damania said...

Say NO!! to the WALL ST BAILOUT:

Anonymous said...

Hey KD put a suit on, this must be serious.

Anonymous said...

For all you people who hate the Baby Boomers ,we tried to rebel against the powers that own us way back in the 60's . We knew they were corrupt and we knew money was their God .

Last time I checked Paulson and Bush are both Bommers. Damn your generation eats its young.