September 01, 2008

And now, this election is officially a joke. At least to John McCain it is. HousingPANIC calls for John McCain to end the Sarah Palin charade. Now.

"By the way, she's also been a member of the P.T.A."

- John McCain, desperately trying to defend how Sarah Palin would be qualified to be Commander in Chief, head of the US armed forces, leader of the free world, August 31, 2008


The GOP ticket is now a joke, and a worldwide laughingstock.

They should step aside. Both of them.

Delegates to the GOP convention should mount an insurrection.

John McCain has taken the American people, and the people of his own party, as fools.

Watch this McCain interview, on Fox News of all places, and you'll understand.

The GOP did the right thing and had Bush withdraw the laughably unqualified Harriet Miers as Supreme Court nominee. The adults in the GOP should do the same thing with Palin. It's cruel what McCain is doing to Palin. He's putting her out there to be destroyed. He should be a man and end this charade himself.

Ah, screw it. The American voters aren't this reckless, are they? If Palin stays on the ticket, McCain should lose all 50 states. And that would be a good thing. I should want Palin to stay on the ticket just because of that.

But it's just too dangerous. I want McCain to lose, and lose badly, but what I don't want is even the chance in hell that someone with no qualifications to be President becomes President. It's just too dangerous.


Ozman said...

Wow, this is truely depressing.
How low will America go with this trash. This man's head needs to be examined.

Anonymous said...

From the Right:

"The Palin selection completely undercuts the argument about Obama's inexperience and readiness to lead," conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote last week. "To gratuitously undercut the remarkably successful 'Is he ready to lead?' line of attack seems near suicidal."

long beach, ca said...

i think mccain is a dirty old man. first he divorces his wife to marry a 24 year old hot young filthy rich thing, then he chooses a 44 year old hot middle aged thing to be his running mate.

Pay Lay Ale 666 said...

Hypocrite Keith said,

"but what I don't want is even the chance in hell that someone with no qualifications to be President becomes President. It's just too dangerous."

SO WHY THE HELL do you support Obama? Why the hypocrisy Keith?

What qualifications does Obama have?

Executive experience? Nope.

Successful businessman? Nope, never held a private sector job.

Successful military leader? Nope, never served in the military.

Foreign policy experience? Nope.

Successful senator with an established track record? Nope, he didn't author any significant piece of legislation in the 144 days he's been in the senate.

Why the hypocrisy Keith?


keith said...

Obama: 8 years in the state house and 4 years in the senate, plus 18 intense months on the national stage being vetted

Palin: Less responsibility than a dog catcher in a town of 8000. Governor for 18 months. No vetting. And no idea of what's happening outside of Alaska.

Hard core GOP'ers should be calling for her to step aside. It's in your interests if she does. McCain/Romney is competitive. McCain/Palin is a joke.

Did you watch the interview?

Anonymous said...

former Bush speechwriter and columnist David Frum:

"McCain's supporters argue that he is more serious about national security than Barack Obama. But the selection of Sarah Palin invites the question: How serious can he be if he would place such a neophyte second in line to the presidency?" Frum asks. "So this is the future of the Republican party you are looking at: a future in which national security has bumped down the list of priorities behind abortion politics, gender politics, and energy politics. Ms. Palin is a bold pick, and probably a shrewd one. It's not nearly so clear that she is a responsible pick, or a wise one."

Anonymous said...


tlm said...

So, wait. It's a painful, laughable joke, right? And yet you're afraid that they might beat Obama? Maybe because Obama himself is a pretty bad joke?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bait and switch?
August 31, 2008 - 7:13pm.

The selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate was shocking and mystifying. Stunning for its demonstration of bad judgment on the part of McCain, I just could not figure out why he would select someone who was already under investigation in her home state. But what if that was not the strategy to begin with? What if instead the design was to select a woman who they already knew would pull out quickly?

Much has already been written about the questionable tactic of appealing to former supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton by naming a woman as pick for Veep. As if a anti-abortion, pro-petroleum industry, political novice would take the place of a woman running for the Presidency.

While Palin' much discussed conservative and "maverick" views have invigorated the Christian Right who had heretofore been cool to McCain's candidacy, think of what may be about to come. here is the scenario:

Within the next 48 hours a viral, and actually quite vile, rumor currently exploding on the internet about the circumstances about Trig's birth -- the one with Down's Syndrome -- will get vetted. Whether true or not, they will place Palin on the spot and the fact of her being under investigation herself will loom larger.

Then McCain, being the alpha male he is, will accept her withdrawal from the race to "protect her from the vicious assault on the left" and thereby accomplish a move even Karl rove (assuming he didn't orchestrate it) would envy. McCain can then name another Veep, one he actually wants, and still claim the "high ground" and support for women and conservative values.

It really won't matter whether the rumor is true, whether she is indicted for ethics violations or whether any other of the sure to follow mistakes in her background dent her appeal. She was never intended to be the candidate anyhow.

She was the bait. Watch for the switch.

Anonymous said...


First polling, by Rasmussen, said about 60% of "undecideds" say Palin is unready to be president and only 6% said she was.

Agent 99 said...

"By the way, also, she was a member of the PTA. I think it's wonderful."

This is so insulting to women. It is a transparent attempt to recruit "soccer moms". I'm all for soccer moms and PTA-involved parents doing their bit for the local schools and communities. But, recruiting a beautiful PTA president as his running mate (for VICE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA) illustrates that McCain believes women voters are idiots. In choosing a beautiful woman, he's proven that men are idiots, too (himself included).

This race is the worst in US history. After Bush, we need the absolute BEST people to clean up the mess and move us forward. I fear we are doomed.

Aside, our local PTA president had a great fundraising idea. She published and sold a cookbook of PTA member recipes. Unfortunately, the president's own recipes featured marshmallows (predominantly). I don't respect her anymore.

Anonymous said...

People around the world must think we are idiots

emmy said...

Um Keith, did you see Drudge and Kos today about Sarah Palin's fifth baby really being her daughter's? OMG. What does this say about John McCain's judgement?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sure, Palin is light on experience, but her selection short-circuits the Dems argument of McCain and Bush being the same. At the same time, it energises the right wing of the party, who incidentally have the highest reliability of showing up as a voting block. Tactically, it was a brilliant move - takes the post-convention news coverage (and poll bounce) away from Obama, highlights his mouthing of "Change" when his campaign, convention and Veep selection trots out the same old democrats, and puts the media in a frenzy.

You can argue that it was a poor choice, but this is the most entertaining Prez campaign I can remember (on par with '68, but that wasn't so fun). I won't vote for Obama because of the convention statement about ending oil dependence in 10 years, without drilling.

McCain may be old, Palin might be inexperienced, but this guy reminds me of delusional characters in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Lighting up peoples hopes without a whisper of chance it will happen, all the while having an agenda behind the scenes that's closely guarded. Can anyone say Nationalization? Can anyone say higher taxes? Can anyone say more buracracy, less efficiency, more regulation?

McCain and Bama will both walk away from the little guy. What disturbs me is that Bama is strumming the "Hope" and "Change" strings but you have NO FRICKING IDEA what he really believes or will do.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you could put one of your worthless arrest watches up for McCain too.

Geez, at least we get rid of this political dribble in the housingsphere November 5th!

Anonymous said...

May be you will get a chance to polish Palins shoes, keep hoping, you malechauvinist ObamaNAzi MFr and pathetic inconsequential little f'n joke and wasted space on earth.

Anonymous said...

Service in a debate club (state/U.S. Senate) does not make one ready for president. Maybe those who get classified info because they are on a specific senate committee are an exception, but please - you are so in the tank for Obama that you'd make Chris Matthews blush.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to remind everyone that McCain is a GOP tool... He was placed in the same role back in 2000 vs Bush. What role? Poser.
He was there to pretend to be the 'competition'. A place holder.

Oh...and we still think that there's going to be an 'election' in November. LOL - good one.

evildoc said...

The only "problem" with Palin, is that she is more qualified for POTUS than is Obama.

Even if we grant all the jibes aimed at her, they apply *more* to Obama.

And, elections are about psychology, not about any one of our perceptions about "absolute qualification".

She looks to be a golden choice for McCain. Every slam aimed at her by the Democrats rebounds more strongly onto their own POTUS pick. No?

I enjoy this blog.

I am ready to take up the $100 challenge.

I suspect this VP Pick, whatever any one of us might think of her, will let McCain win the election.

So, how do i reach the list owner here to take him up on his $100 bet on the election?

horndog said...

Well I guess she has good judgement.I wonder if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose?MCCain is a pig.

Anonymous said...

As I sit under tornado warning, half-listening to changes on windspeed or any of the other indices that tell me to stop everything, close the computer and huddle in the hallway, I am reading this and thinking how there are some things so awful that no snarkiness, foul language or other alternative to plain speech can address it. Hurricane Gustav is one such thing. The ugliness to come is another. Keith, thank you for speaking more or less plainly about this stage of the 2008 Presidential election. Perhaps I will be able to joke about this again some time soon, but I'm afraid that you are speaking a truth that many of your fellow Americans will laugh off, attack, or otherwise deny, just like many of the recent posters in this blog. Even as everything collapses, they will continue to keep their ideological blinders on, while you and this blog ascend in collective memory to greatness.

Reality said...


"8 years in the state house and 4 years in the senate"

What executive responsibility is there associated with either positions? Combined, that's less responsibility than a dog catcher in a town of 8000. Consistently voting for "present" on any issue that's slightly controversial also means the man has no conviction whatsoever. He is a figurehead for a veteran insider like his VP choice.

"plus 18 intense months on the national stage being vetted"

The association with the racist preacher, and the shady bribe taking from the REIC . . . the media downplaying of both just goes to show what an insider fixed job his choice really is.

Palin has consistenly scored 80-90% approval rating for her governorship . . . that's something none of the other candidates anywhere in this country can boast during this election cycle.

Reality said...

"How serious can he be if he would place such a neophyte second in line to the presidency?"

FDR picked Truman the neophyte to be his vice president. Truman did just fine . . . in fact, his "novice" approach to DC politics, disbanding, in 1946, most of the committees that caused the depression, was the reason why the country finally came out of the Great Depression that Hoover started with the myriads of committees, which FDR vowed to disband in his initial presidential bid but only multiplied them after taking office.

tom12008 said...

It is a joke, but an unfunny joke. This is unfair to Governor Palin as well. The first lady was extolling her work experience as a mother as an additional qualification. I sensed where she was going and switched channels.
Governor Palin probably works very hard to juggle all her duties. I grant her that. But so do tens of millions of other mothers in this country, and they get little or no respect for it. I even grant that a special needs child adds lots of additional stress to mother and other members of the family. I applaud that.

What I don't applaud is the "grasping at straws" by the McCain campaign. This is cynical, and is an evident attempt to spin a dismal state of affairs. Yet, I'm sure that my neck of the woods will probably carry McCain in November. If it does, I guess it will get the leadership it deserves.

Reality said...

"I just could not figure out why he would select someone who was already under investigation in her home state."

This is a bald faced smear. Investigation does not mean guilt. In fact, Palin invited the investigation to show that she was innocent of the rumors. There is an honorable tradition of consciencious military officers inviting court martials to clear their names . . . Yes, there is risk in doing that, as a court martial can hand down any judgement, including death penalty. It reflects the officer's sense of honor and humility of summitting his/her own fate into the hands of his/her peers . . . a common sense and humble approach to office holding that is all too often missing in the DC beltway nowadays.

Noodles said...

The Rethugs love to make this a question of who has more experience, Obama or Palin. But the real issue here is McCain's and the GOP's fundamental dishonesty. For 20 months he, Gulliani, Romney, et al have been fear mongering us, proclaiming even in their slogan that Obama is "dangerously inexperienced". If they believed that, then they could in no way nominate someone, by their argument, just slightly more experienced. What is their slogan now: Obama- dangerously inexperienced, Palin- slightly less dangerous?!? What bullshit.

Oh yeah, you lying shithead jerks, don't forget to tell me that she has foreign relation experience because Alaska is close to Russia.

wc said...

Interesting notion that bait and switch thing and quite plausible. Still I don't want President Romney either and personally I think it's already done damage to McCain's candidacy. Even if I actually believed he had good policies - He is just not a good speaker. My guess is he will come off as laughable in the debates. Hopefully Obama won't come off as too smart like Gore. God forbid we should have a smart president.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Keith no matter how you slice it Obama is the most under qualified Presidential candidate in the history of America. So no matter how "unqualified" you paint Palin you're also painting Obama the same color.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are gleeful about Palin. She's the most brillant, mavericky choice EVER!

Anonymous said...

What gives me the shivers about the Palin selection is how quickly the Republican women I know are all for her. Like look who we have - a woman! Ha, Ha, Ha.

It's scary because it looks like the Republicans have been dipping hard into the Kool-Aid.

Obama was voted in so that is how that played out.

It's frightening in the sense that not only is Palin a joke, but it shows how stupid the American public is - I often wonder if their strategy was simply to get the attention away from Obama-Biden after that terrific convention.

Vote for pta mom under indictment said...

Thank you for the question and recent opportunity to rate how dumb we thought America was.

Great Fun.

Today's question dovetails the first.

How can anyone who is sane still even consider voting for McCain and the cookie monster from Alaska?

Are you fucking crazy?

How have all the idiots (I change my rating, I now believe 97% of Americans and 100% of GOP to be just plain stupid along with a super-size helping of fried greed thrown in) gravitated to the GOP? Is it genetic or has Bushco-Cheneyburton so beat all of you down that you have lost your spirit and common sense?

A soccer mom from Alaska? Why not a trangender whore with AIDS from Nevada or a S/he with three tits (two on front one transplanted on back) from San Francisco?

We will see just how low campaigning can get and how dumbed down and low and painful the rotten, paid-for-in-full media can make the next two months.

Meantime, man up, have a drink, do drugs, beat your wife, abuse your kids, torture your pets, whatever, but consider your future.

John McCain, NEVER.

Yes, Americans ARE IDIOTS said...

"Anonymous said...
People around the world must think we are idiots"

Just back from Amsterdam.

Yes, they do think we are idiots ruled by the biggest idiot (Bushco) ever hatched.

Yes, Americans ARE IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Palin has way more "executive" experience than the socialist, fascist Obama. By 1939 Hitler had lots of experience. How cares? Neither side will do anything needed to save the country. Both sides stink! So why support Obama? That socialist pig won't save the country and neither will McCain.

kidbuck said...

Palin pales in comparison to recent VP candidates, not as pretty as John Edwards and smaller breasts than Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

People around the world must think we are idiots

People around the world KNOW we are idiots. Fixed.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Actually Keith, this conservative Republican wants McCain to win so badly that I can taste it.
This to punish my party for abandoning TRUE conservatives. The next president will be a one-termer, and take the blame for the country's downfall, just like Hoover did for the Great Depression. I want that failed four years to be owned by a Republican.
That way the neo-nut jobs can be flushed down the drain once and for all, and hopefully a new (actually the old) Republican party can rise from the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Obama is way scary.

Anonymous said...

DOVER, Del. (AP) _ Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

What a bad ass. He sounds like a leader to me.

Anonymous said...

Palin is perfect for Vice President. This is change like no other. This is outside-the-beltway (non-D.C. hack) like no other.

She reminds me a little of Harry Truman, except for a few things, such as military experience. I suppose what I really mean is that her nomination reminds me of Harry Truman's.

Did Woodrow ("he kept us out of war" - NOT!) Wilson have any military experience? Did F.D.R.? I don't believe that they did.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
Then McCain, being the alpha male he is, will accept her withdrawal from the race to "protect her from the vicious assault on the left" and thereby accomplish a move even Karl rove (assuming he didn't orchestrate it) would envy. McCain can then name another Veep, one he actually wants, and still claim the "high ground" and support for women and conservative values.

Too bad Terri Schiavo passed on. She would have been perfect. A scandal free blessed icon for the evangelicals.

The U.S. has become the World According to Garp.


Anonymous said...

The joke is that Obama did not pick Hillary Clinton, half of the democratic electorate. He thought he did not need them. So, he chooses boring Biden. This was a major slap in the face to Hillary. WHY DID OBAMA NOT PIC HILLARY, because the black electorate think this election is about them, and the man.

Anonymous said...

I am telling you he needs a younger woman right now because he is a lech.

Mel said...

If you truly think Palin is less qualified and experienced than Obama, I'd like to see a rebuttal to this:

Hmmmmm said...

The best part about the clip is when Mc Cain says that he has been following her career for years. Let's break that down a bit shall we?

He says he met her for the first time briefly at a governors conference in February. She would have been governor for about a year at that point. Prior to that she was mayor of a city that no one outside of Alaska had ever heard of.

Are we to believe that John McCain had his eye on her talents as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska pop. 5,600? Where she lived up to the republican theme of more debt less taxes? An increase in $20 million dollars in debt for such a small town sure seems like a lot to me…

West Coast Willie said...

You're fucking kidding me. There is something seriously wrong with McCain.

'West Coast Willie said...

October 3, 2010. The Chinese have issued an ultimatum to Taiwan and say that if we interfere they will stop buying our bonds which will collapse the economy. The Russians have given the Ukraine 30 days to elect a pro Soviet president or they turn off the gas line.

President Palin has just finished putting Trig to bed when she gets the 3:00 a.m call. At first she thinks its one of her former Alaska constituents calling to say that a moose got into the garbage cans. She then meets with her National Security Advisor, Sideshow Bob and the decision is made to launch a first strike.

FYI. Maher's take on this on his show was priceless.


tommy sue thomas said...

Plain lives in Alaska, that`s the closest state to Russia. Foreign Policy experience?
Obama is from where? hawaii? hmm

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when Bush gave Brown the job head of FEMA.
Palin is worse, Yes I said it!!!
Worse than Bush and Cheny combine.
I would have perfered to see Condi Rice (And that for me is saying a lot) Than this nut Palin!!
I would rather have Hillary Clinton...
Obama for 2008

MalibuKen said...

This dude is truly creepy. Did you see his senile old man smirk when he's asked the tough questions? Very scary. I think we're screwed either way, but Obama/Biden is certainly the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

I have a very good friend who is college educated, a Teacher.
She is a very strong Christian. Good to the community. Her husband is a Cop and minister.
They are good people.
What scares me is she will vote for the canidate who will overturn abortion. That is what is important to her. We got into a debate...She would not budge.
I think that is what they will use the same tactics Rove used for Bush. Abortion and gay rights.
Christians have to remember one thing....Abortion was not overturn.
The radical right wing nuts have used Christians one time to many.
I do not think they will fall for it again?
But my friend is voting with her heart this November and yes it is McCain..
Palin doesn't scare me because she is qualified.
Americans scare me because they will decide this election on the base of abortion.
I am NOT for abortion...But it is not place to make that decision for any woment.
My heart is for Obama. And Keith said it best..Obama is qualified..Palin IS NOt.. Most people from Alaska will tell you that...Coming from the REDEST state in America.

Noodles said...

Oh oh oh... wait a minute. I'm changing my vote back to McCain/Palin. They have a foolproof way to get us out of our Social Security mess: all them Palin babies gonna give us a new tax base!

Way to vet assholes.

Super serious McCain has given us the Maury Povich ticket.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Keith. You took McCain's PTA comment totally out of context in that interview. He was tweaking Chris Wallace with that PTA comment, and only a dumb ass wouldn't see that.

Palin's not a foreign policy wonk, OK, but look at her life experience and she puts many other other political hacks to shame with her multiple accomplishments in diverse areas.

As for the comments from foreigners about our electoral process, I say f_ck-'em all! Europe has no business lecturing Americans about politics since it seems every 50-100 years they manage to find a way to slaughter each other by the millions. The funniest comments about Palin come from the Aussies as they like to call her as a "redneck". LOL - talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I think she is potentially another Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir, but only time will tell.

Dummy Action said...


I have no dog in this race because in my opinons democrats are feces and rebublicans are vomit.

But I don't understand why you are so against this Palin woman? Look where seasoned experienced "politicians" have gotten America. The country is a pile of garbage now thanks to old money and politics.

Maybe she is not qualified and maybe she is naive, but at least she might not "play the game" and who knows someone like that might actually be able to get the country back on track by accident.

Seriously at this point what do we have to lose?

I have already written America off. Of course it will implode on itself soon enough and appear worse, but I seriously can't imagine new leadership doing any worse than the imbecilies who have been in the game for so long have.

Anonymous said...



This was a Great, Bold decision picking Palin!

Let a Real woman give it a Try, the old boys club have proved incompetent!


Anonymous said...


Why is it every Dem woman...

Hillary, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, Michelle Obama,

each and every one has had to be coached and softened up to appear more friendly, warm and feminine?

BUT, Sarah Palin, has Not had to be!

Because this is a True Strong Woman!

She is everything you Dems wish

you had in your women!!!!!!


mccains page said...

Doesn't palin have double d's? She gets my vote.Maybe we will see her on youtube in thong.Paparazi are loading up heading for the last frontier in droves.

West Coast Willie said...


I haven't seen the "anonymoose" attacks on you quite as virulent as they are on this post. Must have really hit a nerve. They know that this pick is really indefensible so its fun to watch them try to defend it.


Pay Lay Ale 666 said...

"Obama: 8 years in the state house and 4 years in the senate"

What did he accomplish in those 8 years in the state senate? Nothing.

Is 8 years as a state senator really all that much more experience than 6 years as a mayor?

Obama does not have 4 years experience in the senate and had less than 2 years when he started running for president. Most of the last year and a half he's spent campaigning instead of being in the senate.

"plus 18 intense months on the national stage being vetted"

So being vetted is experience? He's failed the vetting, showing terrorist connections with Bill Ayers and corruption problems with Tony Rezco. He's got racism problems with his wackjob religious affiliations.

"Palin: Less responsibility than a dog catcher in a town of 8000."

State Senator is actually less responsiblity than a dog catcher. She fired the police chief, reduced salaries, and cut taxes. Dog catchers don't do that.

"Governor for 18 months. No vetting."

Based on keith's special Obama math, she's been governor for 2 years.

She was also chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in 2003 and 2004.

She was vetted by the governor for that position. Also vetted during her 2002 run for lieutenant governor and during her 2006 run for governor. McCain probably did some vetting as well.

"And no idea of what's happening outside of Alaska."

Doubtful. As governor she would have dealt with the russians in regards to some treaty obligations.

Obama doesn't seem all the knowledgeable about things either. This is a guy that doesn't appreciate the danger that Iran poses.

"Hard core GOP'ers should be calling for her to step aside."

Hard core GOP'ers should have been calling on Bush to step aside years ago, probably back to 2001 with his violation of his oath of office in signing the patriot act.

"It's in your interests if she does. McCain/Romney is competitive. McCain/Palin is a joke."

So a mormon cult member is better? Why not a moonie as VP? Or a branch davidian? Sorry, cult members don't get to be president, or vice president.

"Did you watch the interview?"

Yes, I did. I am not a supporter of McCain/Palin, but I do prefer them to Obama/Biden. Why do you ASSume?

At least McCain is a not a left wing marxist revolutionary with terrorist ties like Obama.

This sucks! said...

McCain is an Idiot! Stupid "Maverick" He is just a JackAss. What a loser. I hate this guy with all his Ted Kennedy Amnisty crap. What a LOSER! LOSER LOSER LOSER! I love Palin (only to bang her... making sure to use a condom :o) But McCain is a loser!

Why did they pick him? He is as old as dirt and sounds like an old woman! Not saying Ron Paul was any younger but at least he would have made real change!

I am going to write in Ron Paul! My vote is wasted if I vote McBannana or Obama anyway! America is F'ed either way with these two losers!

Kick all incumbents out! Hell, even Ron Paul. We need a revolution in this country. China has all our manufacturing, India has all our tech jobs, Mexico is having all our babies! Rise up and take our country back. If we dont they sure will!

Anonymous said...

And everyone knows now that Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant - and has decided to marry the father.

West Coast Willie said...

How old is the father? Sounds like some good old fashioned Christian values to me. Nice to know they decided to get married AFTER the story broke.

Nice thing about a newbie like Palin is that there is no end to the "surprises" like Bristol's pregnancy that we have to look forward to. Or should I say "revelations"?

evildoc said...

I again note that independent of what anyone thinks should go into the shape of a VP nominee, this one has the potential to give McCain a major win, based simply on voter psychology.

I again offer my $100 for Keith's bet. How we go about this? I offer my good word. Keith, you have a backchannel email?

I'm a bit down on both sets of candidates, but my assessment of the politics is that McCain/Palin will sweep Obama/Biden soundly

Anonymous said...

Obama has one single accomplishment in life...the nomination...

Administration? Never done that!

If he is elected, it will be a monkey show.

He should see if he can run a car wash before he tries to run a country...

The last charismatic inexperienced and unconnected "leader" who had such a meteoric rise to power was Hitler...

Not a Sarah Fan said...

I can only hope that Palin's daughter became pregnant because of consensual sex. It would speak volumes about these people if they forced their own daughter to keep an unwanted pregancy.

Pay Lay Ale 666 said...

"Doesn't palin have double d's? She gets my vote."

I say she's a c-cup.

She's a MILF and that's change we can believe in.

West Coast Willie said...

That's All Folks!!!
Newsline: 9/6/08

Senator McCain's recent vp pick, Sarah Palin, announced late Friday
that she has decided to withdraw her nomination so she could spend more time dealing with the special nees of her down syndrome baby, Trig; the emotional needs of her pregnant daughter Willow and so that she could devote more time to the needs of the citizens of Alaska.

Lost Cause said...

Is the shotgun wedding going to be held in the White House?

Anonymous said...

Must scare the hell out of you....

pwnd said...

"I think she is potentially another Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir, but only time will tell."

this quote gave me the strangest sense of wanting to laugh and vomit at the exact same time - kinda like the tilt-a-whirl.

the level of ignorance is absolutely staggering!

Anonymous said...

"The last charismatic inexperienced and unconnected "leader" who had such a meteoric rise to power was Hitler..."

I'd vote for Hitler if instead of Jews he wanted to put all the neo-cons in the gas chamber.

pwnd said...

all these issues are inconsequential!

the major issue facing the world is rising geo-political tension. if you want a bad tempered war-hawk, like McBush, then vote McBush/Palin. Otherwise your choice is patently clear, vote for the guy who had the intelligence and foresight to vote against invading Iraq.

It's so damn simple: More war = McCain/Palin. By comparison all the other stuff is meaningless.

keith said...

Anyone else surprised that she hasn't withdrawn yet?

The longer it goes, the more damage to McCain. If she withdrew before she was due to speak, then McCain could put Romney, Hutchinson, Pawlenty or hell even Jindal on the ticket in time to give a speech at the convention. America would love it - the drama and all. Plus she could withdraw due to "family reasons" and "reconsiderations"

I wish I could bet on it. 100 to 1?

Deep down I hope she stays on the ticket. The VP debate will be one for the ages (assuming the moderator has the balls to ask her questions)

Everyone here is likely more qualified to be President than Palin. At least you know what's going on in the world, and with our economy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DOVER, Del. (AP) _ Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

What a bad ass. He sounds like a leader to me.

September 01, 2008 4:26 PM
And then Surprise Surprise He was found medically ineligible!!!

Yes, this is the man I want as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, he can use the yellow streak down his back as the new yellow ribbon used to support all the soldiers that are fighting for this nation!! POS no matter what way you look at it!!!

bickerer said...

Oh I'm sure he'll get right on that Keith.


Lost Cause said...

I agree that there are very important issues facing us in this election.

It is the damn right wing chrisian conservatives that think that abortion and family values are the most important.

I am so glad that this has bitten them right in the ass!

Anonymous said...

" matter how "unqualified" you paint Palin you're also painting Obama the same color..."

A VERY close relative of another popular GOP fallback this year: "They're all crooked."

Granted, but if you think that is a PASS on all that we've done to hurt this country...

I'm voting McCain; not out of a benevolent motive.

Hoover II will be coronated next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I see one problem in all this:

George W Bush had how many years as Governor of Texas? So if the righties want to play the experience card, Palin is less experienced than Obama.

Reality wants to play the experience card yet if Obama isn't experienced serving in the "debate club" why does McCain have experience then? He's been a Senator his whole career...a really unspectacular one btw.

I am not a Republican or a Dem. I am voting for Bob Barr but I won't cry if Obama gets in. Clinton may have been a big weenie but my business flourished during the Clinton years.

Why is that? Oh and didn't Billy Bob Clinton balance the budget? Didn't Reagan like him? Good enough for this Reagan fan.

The partisan crap being slung at Barack Obama is pretty ridiculous. Will be be a good prez? Probably no worse than W. McCain is 4 more years of Bush.

Bob Barr is my man as would Ron Paul but I can live with 4 years of Obama. I think I know the guy well enough to feel comfortable with him. His policies are on numerous websites and he seems reasonable.

People hate on him cuz he's black? A supposed muslim? His pastor? All those seem stupid reasons to not vote for somebody :(

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh Biden's SON is fighting in Iraq jerkwad. So what if Biden deferred. Bush and Cheney did.

Be fair and debate the points honestly.

Not a Sarah Fan said...


If you really want to place a bet that Palin will withdraw her candidacy, you're in the right country to do it. Bookies in the UK accept bets on pretty much anything, not only sporting events. Wish I'd placed a bet that Obama would become President, which is what I thought after the 2004 Democratic convention!

this sucks said...

Holy sh*t

What an embarrassment! How the hell can anyone spin the gaffes in this one (love the PTA comment, LMAO)

Anonymous said...

Pallin is actually garnering more support among male voters.

She'll get the "i'd do her" vote and win the race for the repubs.

Anonymous said...

"but what I don't want is even the chance in hell that someone with no qualifications to be President becomes President. It's just too dangerous."

I guess that rules out Obama!!

fast actin tinactin said...

wc said:
>My guess is he will come off as laughable in the debates.

We'll soon find out where the real ignorance lies wc. The Mac is gonna get medieval on his ass in the debates. Not that you'll ever acknowledge it though.

Anonymous said...

Palin seems smarter than the other 3 (Obama, McCain and Biden) combined.

And as an added plus, is ready to go to bat for We the People against TPTB.

I like her. I like her alot.

Lost Cause said...

The Alaska National Gaurd has been taken over by the federal government. The governor of Alaska has nothing to do with them. Doesn't McCain even bother to read the laws that he votes for?

Anonymous said...

'Fringe' Alaskan Secessionist Party: Palin Was A Member... Almost Recalled As Mayor... Directed Fundraising For Indicted Senator's 527... Troopergate Scandal... Calls Iraq A War For Oil... Admits She Hasn't 'Really Focused On Iraq'... Alaska National Guard General: Palin Plays No Role In National Defense... 17 Year-Old Daughter Pregnant...


BOTH major parties are a joke!

Don't you get it yet?

Anonymous said...

What the Palin controversy shows is that John McCain is a weak and befuddled old man. He picked a VP candidate who he did not want and did not know well to appease a certain faction in his party over the heads of many far more qualified individuals. This does not bode well for the decisions he will be making as president.

Anonymous said...

Someone with no qualifications to be president? You must be talking about Obama. Unless you consider 140 days in the senate enough experience to be president of the country.

Your idiotic rants about Palin only highlight the inexperience of Obama.

Abrey said...

Hey Keith:

Maybe McCain is 'crazy like a fox.' What if McCain deliberately chose Ms. Palin to blow his election chances? I was reading the following old post:

What got me to thinking this was the following section:

" Predictions for the next 12 months –

-Home prices will flip around but continue down. Drastic drop when the Dem president takes over in January (you will almost think it was timed).

- After the Dems take the whitehouse the supports trying to hold up the economy will finally buckle. It's not personal, its politics. Perfect planning to ensure a Republican ticket win in 2012. Look for 2009 to be a bad year financially. Gotta love top level political strategy."

What if there was some backroom meeting recently where top-level Republican political strategists huddled together with McCain to assess the coming elections: and decided it was better to lose this time around; let the Dems take the heat for the collapsing economy; then after Osama Obama Yomama ends his one-term Presidency, have the Republicans coast back into office in 2012. Sarah Palin in this case would be collateral damage.

What are your thoughts?

Oh and check out Kunstler's website this week for a priceless picture of Ms. Palin in a Star Spangled Bikini holding a rifle. She's Hot. I'd Do Her.

You should put up a survey asking guys who would also after seeing a picture like that.

Happyrenter said...

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh Biden's SON is fighting in Iraq jerkwad. So what if Biden deferred. Bush and Cheney did.

Be fair and debate the points honestly.

Really? Jag corps is fighting. Governor Palin's son is really going to FIGHT in Iraq.

Lisa said...

Oh, MR Keith,
Just FYI. McCain is ahead by 10 pts in likely voters according to latest poll. Time for you to alert your graffitti friends for more rumours and trash. Keep digging deeper, hoping you will find something other than sewage.
Here's the USATODAY Poll:
Latest Likely voter poll

Here's a link of Mr OB wants to talk to Clintons.
I wonder what Mr OB wants to talk to both Clintons about ? I will leave it up to your imagination. Remeber that count down you put up Gov Palin. You may have to change the name a little bit on that soon ??
OB Meeets Clintons!!!

I remember very well how you trashed Clinton and your felow Obamacans stole election from Hillary. Then you guys went after Palin. Good luck to you. Hope you will get some sleep !!!

jaymz4moregopyears said...

Boy, this is a bypartisan blog!! (sarcasm much intended) I am a middle class average citizen who is telling you all that 8 years of George Bush hasn't hurt me at all, nor has Cheney, Rove etc. the only thing that makes me miserable is a bunch of idiotic liberals who dont understand economics, politics, or the military...bitching sour grapes for the last 8 years. Yeah gas prices are high (thank you environmentalists!) and the housing flop (thank you subprime BORROWERS for without you there could never be a subprime lender) sucks! As usual, a bunch of commie libs who don't understand how much THEY have to do with the current state of affairs!! Seriously, when you have to transport oil from the other side of the globe instead of drilling in your backyard...not too smart. Ive noticed that none of you people ever confront people like me in person for a political argument when your type is so prevalent on the web....hmmm.....maybe its because intellectually, any one like me would walk...the...DOG on you... I am DYNAMITE!!!! heres some tissues...walk it off