August 29, 2008

You're the GOP. How do you take a hurricane hitting Louisiana on the 3rd anniversary of your Katrina clusterf*ck and spin it to your advantage?

(good luck again to the people of Louisiana and the gulf. Latest hurricane track here)

Serious question. You know there are overpaid political consultants running game theory all weekend on this one. Let's give 'em a hand... My prediction? The GOP postpones their convention. This will be big, big news. Other ideas:

1) Have Bush and Cheney skip the convention so they can get to New Orleans and man the crisis center and serve hot dogs to their victims (oops, I mean the hurricane's victims)

2) Cancel the convention all together. It was gonna be tough to put a happy face on the horsesh*t of the past seven years anyway

3) Say that all these hurricanes and government shelters are
working out pretty well for Louisianans, since their homes were crashing in value and they didn't have jobs anyway

4) Use the oil supply disruption in the Gulf as an excuse to drill for more oil in places that won't get taken out by hurricanes, like Malibu and Hilton Head

5) Have John McCain give his acceptance speech from a hurricane shelter, dressed in military gear, wearing a POW hat, carrying a gun, chewing tobacco

6) Have Kanye West perform his new song "George Bush Loves Black People" at the convention

7) Blame gays and abortion for creating a
vengeful god who hits America with hurricanes to send America a message that they should continue to vote Republican, The Party of God

8) Have Bush give another birthday cake to McCain as all hell breaks loose, and let a convention center full of rich white people party while on the CNN split screen a state full of poor black people suffers


Anonymous said...

KKKarl Rove seems to have a victim complex when it comes to hurricanes:

“The Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather,” said Rove, a FOX News analyst. “I know this is being thought a lot about in Washington and at the White House and discussed and I suspect they will monitor it carefully and figure out what to do.”

Ibod said...

Great post, Keith.

Anonymous said...

Did the GOP create the taxpayer subsidized National Flood Insurance Program that encourages people to move into flood prone areas? A democrat was president when it passed.

Anonymous said...

"...Mindful of the pitfalls of hosting cocktail(or even birthday) parties while Gulf Coast residents are being evacuated..."

"...Senator McCain has always been sensitive to national crises..."

Anonymous said...

Everything would have been fine had Democrats not blocked relief efforts.

Anonymous said...


nice to know that you know who Kanye West is. Have you ever checked out his music?


Lamaria said...

I'm sorry, but you immediately lost me at point 8.

The aftermath of Katrina was a disaster due to criminal levels of incompetence, plain and simple.

Either most, or a large chunk, of the victims were actually white. Even ignoring that, you would have to believe that there was an almost KKK attitude across the board with ALL groups at all levels.

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Absolve all responsibility of the individual and the local government and the state government. Obviously this is a federal issue. It's not my fault. Where is the nanny state to take care of me? I want my handout!

jazzmanferg said...

I love how everyone wants to blame Bush for Katrina. Lets not forget 2 days before the hurricane hit the coast he called the governor and advised the governor to let him activate all LA guard units but the governor would not let him. What else can the fed do. What else does the fed have authority to do.

Lets also not forget that when the French settled new orleans the indians told them not to build there it floods every 20 years.

So if you wonder if I feel sorry for the idiots who built or bought their house/buisness/gatorfarm on/in below sea-level, I feel nothing for them.

Anonymous said...

It just keeps geting better...

Tie Bush and Cheney back-to-back on a levee post on the international canal near the 9th Ward and when the water gets ovet a certain level, it drowns them both.

Make it Pay-for-View.

Tie the entire Bush administartion to poles throughout the city...

You're Welcome. Just trying to help.

Fuck Bush and Cheney.

consultant said...

Great, great post!

Bush/McCain solution-tax cuts. Tax cuts!

Tax cuts prevent hurricanes

Lost Cause said...

Looks like the Republicans are going to take it in the Brown Eye.

Lost Cause said...

btw -- there are TWO tropical storms on there way to the United States next week. Look out for Hanna on the southeast Atlantic coast.

bush said...

Todays republicans are crooks and liars, they are good at it, they are good at stealing more than any other administration in history, these not republicans of the past, these neo-cons that have taken over the republican party.
Rotten to bone motherf*ckers

"heck of a job brownie"

Anonymous said...

"You're the GOP. How do you take a hurricane hitting Louisiana on the 3rd anniversary of your Katrina clusterf*ck and spin it to your advantage?"
It was all Bill Clinton's fault. He had sex with a woman in the oval office.........Socialism......Socialism...
my personal favorite: "It was a
terrorist conspiracy".

Anonymous said...

Oh the sad and pathetic irony! Do you remember the preacher who prayed for torrential rain during Obama's acceptance speech?

Anonymous said...

What a Wonderful Day!

HISTORIC democratic convention goes off without a hitch or glitch offers Real Hope

Obscure soccer mom to be GOP VP guarantee McCain defeat

Stock market crashing again

House Prices continue to plummet

Record Foreclosures and Grief Factor beyond measure

US Financial Markets insolvent and bankrupt

Inflation running out-of-control, even by govnt phony made-up numbers

TWO (2) Hurricates pointed directly at Gulf and Gustav looking to wipe out New Orleans again (Rejoice Cheneyburton, your boys will get to loot and steal again before your term is up. Who said you weren't effective?)

This should remind everyone regardless of race, color, creed or NASCAR what type of men and woman currently running this country. Will George make your grandma swim to safety again? How about Chertoff and Brownie? Where are they Right Now, or Nagin, the other Real Genius...

I, like George Carlin, just hope it keeps geting worse and worse and worse. I hope New Orleans ceases to exist by next Weds.

Oh, yes, which Bank will fail today?

REMEMBER, the decider-in-chief proclaimed:


God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

I hope it wipes out the convention and they end up spending 3 weeks crowded inside a hot, muggy stadium waiting for water and food. A**holes!

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

I do not think anybody should spin anything about a hurricane either way. But I think the lesson would be obvious, inept Democrats were in charge of Louisianna for Katrina,that is a major reason Blanco decided not to run and a Republican was elected. Nationally, it has been spun as a failure of the Buish administration but the residents of Louisianna know who was to blame.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, which Bank will fail today?
They don't announce that until after the markets close on Friday.

karma can be a bitch said...

Apparently Mother Nature doesn't like the crooked neoCon bastards.

Hell as no fury like a scorned woman!

Great Job, George! said...

"Anon said:
Oh, yes, which Bank will fail today?

REMEMBER, the decider-in-chief proclaimed:


God Bless America.

August 29, 2008 5:11 PM"

Just to make a Great Day even Better; HERE'S THE ANSWER:

Bank Failure: Integrity Bank, Alpharetta, Georgia

Integrity Bank, Alpharetta, Georgia, with $1.1 billion in total assets and $974.0 million in total deposits as of June 30, 2008, was closed today by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was named receiver.

The FDIC Board of Directors today approved the assumption of all the deposits of Integrity Bank by Regions Bank, Birmingham, Alabama. All depositors of Integrity Bank, including those with deposits in excess of the FDIC's insurance limits, will automatically become depositors of Regions Bank for the full amount of their deposits, and they will continue to have uninterrupted access to their deposits. Depositors will continue to be insured with Regions Bank so there is no need for customers to change their banking relationship to retain their deposit insurance.
Regions Bank has agreed to pay a total premium of 1.012 percent for the failed bank's deposits. In addition, Regions Bank will purchase approximately $34.4 million of Integrity Bank's assets, consisting of cash and cash equivalents. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition.
The FDIC estimates that the cost to its Deposit Insurance Fund will be between $250 million and $350 million. Regions Bank's acquisition of all deposits was the "least costly" resolution for the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund compared to all alternatives because the expected losses to uninsured depositors were fully covered by the premium paid for the failed bank's franchise.

Integrity Bank is the tenth FDIC-insured bank to fail this year, and the first in Georgia since NetBank in Alpharetta on September 28, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, which Bank will fail today?
They don't announce that until after the markets close on Friday.
FYI it was INTEGRITY BANK of Alpharetta, Georgia. They send a bunch of debt to Fiat Heaven.