August 28, 2008

Ron Paul throws the Fed and the GOP under the bus on CNN

I support Ron Paul 100%.

Picking between Obama and McCain was picking the best of what was left.

But America doesn't support Ron Paul. Nor will they in his lifetime. The empire is failing, and the people chose to let it happen.

Here's Ron Paul speaking the truth on the Fed, the two parties, and Russia/Georgia among other things. Truth you won't hear from Dems or Reps. Truth you especially won't hear from McCain.

Damn, I wish he'd run as an independent, just to get into the debates. Ron Paul has as much to do with the current GOP as Santa Claus has to do with Islam. I bet he's not even let in the door of the GOP convention next week.


Anonymous said...

Look at that moronic newswoman prostitute. Unbelievable! That really shows the depth of intelligence that resides at CNN.

Malcolm said...

the problem with Ron Paul is that for all of the foresight he has about banking, finance and the economy, it's canceled out when he goes on one of his crazy tangents.

If he had shut up with the bit about shutting down the department of education and the like, he would have done better.

He has blog support, of course, but he never had the real votes to be any sort of threat.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, the position on DOE is one of Ron Paul's insights . . . DOE is a big part of the reason why the bulk of the population does not share his insights. The quality of education was much higher before DOE. Back in the late 19th century, students in 8th grade were expected to caculate forward discount for future cash streams; they were asked to worked out school district budgets using real numbers in their term exams. . . none of the "more money thrown at it must make it better, the worse the educational result the more funding for the educational monopoly as reward" nonsense that passes for public discourse on education nowadays, courtesey of a century of public education that is designed to dumb down the public.

Anonymous said...

He is right on.American don't want to hear the truth though.They want to party and live off of free money via stocks and home equity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Malcolm for your support of Communist America.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when someone (like Malcom for example) says something (wrong or right doesn't matter) that someone else doesn't like, he is accused by some moronic idiot (like the anon @ August 28, 2008 9:37 PM) to be a communist.
Why is that?

Malcolm said...

anon said...

Thanks Malcolm for your support of Communist America.

Oh please.

Ron Paul had one of the best opportunities in political history, and he lost it because he kept going off on those tangents.

He was the ONLY politician to spot the housing and dollar problem before it happened. He was talking about the economic disaster before the others knew there was a problem.

He is on a committee that regularly questions the head of the fed. He was guaranteed an opportunity to face the chairmen of the fed and ask him point blank what the hell was going on.

So how did he use those opportunities? Look at the various You Tube clips of him questioning Uncle Ben. It got to the point that I was screaming at the TV wondering why he wasn’t asking the questions that should have been asked. Yes, he had a few occasions where he took Uncle Ben to task and said the right thing, but more often it was an exercise in missed opportunity.

I like Ron Paul. I like that he’s talking about the things that matter. I like him so much that I pumped $1000 into his campaign. I liked the fact that he was advertising the economic issues while all the others were BS’ing with the immigration smokescreen.

But I’m also disappointed in him. Let’s be serious. Consider the things he proposed that everyone knows never would have happened…

Shut down the department of education. Shut down the federal reserve. Go back to the gold standard.

You can debate whether or not these things are good ideas, but the absolute political truth is that none of these will ever happen. The just won’t happen. Ever.

So we have a guy who’s so right about so many things, and so quick to fall back into the ranting about impossible things that his campaign, no matter how popular in the blogs, was a non-starter.

At a time when America was begging for someone to come forward and tell them the truth; at a time when there was such a vacuum in the republican party that anyone with half a brain and a little wit could have come in and taken the nomination; he blew it by getting stuck in the weeds.

He could’a been a contender. He could’a been somebody.

So damn disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Malcom....sigh...thank goodness my two homeschooled teens will be able to use critical thinking. Read some Gatto.

Anonymous said...

With Ron Paul out of the race, we have to choose between Dumb and Dumber. Here comes four more years of the same-old, same-old, no matter how much they say they stand for "change." I will probably sit this one out.

Unfortunately, though, even if life was fair and Ron Paul were a viable candidate, he is, what, 72 years old? He's got to develop a new guard to carry his message on. Hopefully that is what his upcoming shindig in Minneapolis will be for.

Anonymous said...

so malcolm...what subject do you teach?

Anonymous said...

McCain seems like the best choice since he'll remind folks of what's going on where as, if obama is elected, we'll go into a disnified funk.

Anonymous said...

I like Ron Paul, but the Federal Reserve devaluing our currency helped turn our economy into the most powerful in the world. It helped so much so that every other industrialized country in the world followed suit. If we got rid of the Fed at this point, we'd be at a major disadvantage to other countries that could manipulate their own currencies much easier than we could. I know it kind of sucks that we're in this situation, but the truth hurts sometimes. So, I appreciate that he is illuminating people to the real truths behind why things are the way they are, but just calling the Fed evil does not do any good. We're stuck with it. The world is stuck with it. It would be impossible to try to peg all of the floating currencies in the world back to a gold standard at this point. So, he needs to come back down to earth just a little bit. Tell everyone what the Fed has been doing, but then tell us how we can use that to our advanatage. We've done it before. The Fed was around when we won WWII. The Fed was around when we boosted the middle class in the 50's and when we defeated the communist economy of the soviet union in the 80's. The Fed is not necessarily evil. It is, however, extremely powerful. We just need to harness that power in a much better way than we've been doing lately.

Anonymous said...

A Man of principle. Very Rare.

Anonymous said...

>Look at that moronic newswoman.

Actually I thought see understood what was being discussed and did quite well.

The reason we have so many female newspersons is women like to see women in charge. Men like to see women. Double win.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a lot like Pat think, "yeah, yeah, yep, that's right, exactly, yeah, NO! WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT!?" He really doesn't have a good grasp on most topics. If you brought in experts on the subjects, he would exit like Rosanne Rosannadanna..."nevermind".

Malcolm said...

@ anon 10:21pm

Lol… I miss the good old days when calling someone a communist meant something.

They do it because that’s how today’s polarized political process works.

If you’re a democrat and disagree with someone, you call them a nazi. If you’re a republican and you disagree with someone, you call them a communist or a terrorist lover.

The truth is: most people are neither. Almost no one agrees with either party all the time. Most people, instead, recognize that both parties have good ideas, both have bad ideas.

The good news is that with very few exceptions, no one in politics gets to do whatever they want. We almost never go totally right or totally left. Instead, we have people pulling on both sides, and we fight over the middle, pulling the country one way or the other; never moving more than a little during each presidential term.

@ michael 10:50pm

I’m not a teacher. But I don’t believe that the DoE is necessarily a bad thing, nor do I think it should be scrapped because someone doesn’t agree with everything they do.

@ Tabasco 10:54pm

I agree. For all of the complaints about the Fed, most forget that it actually serves a legitimate purpose; that the economy (for the most part) has benefited from it; and that there were genuine reasons it was set up in the first place.

@ anon 10:32pm

You’d be surprised at my ability for critical thinking.

I agree that there is much about public education to complain about. But I don’t think the solution is to scrap the entire thing. I think that if we cut out the social-BS, add a little disciple, and (perhaps), segregate the classes by gender, we might get back to where we need to be.

I agree that throwing money at the problem is a mistake. My grandfather went to a school that had a dirt floor, yet no one could graduate without knowing how to do square roots by hand.

@ All…

My point is this: anyone who thought that Ron Paul had anything resembling a chance at the nomination doesn’t understand how politics (or voters) work.

That doesn’t mean that he didn’t deserve our support. The ISSUES are sometimes more important than the individual. Even lost causes can be good for something.

George said...

Ron Paul is 100 percent right but he goes against the new " American way" which is:

give as least as you can,gain as much as you can in the least amount of time.

and people come here to whine about the housing bubble when in reality they are just mad they missed it.

Bubbles won't end here, as long as you keep electing the same old liars.or maybe you want this type of government so you can get on time for the next one..

Anonymous said...

"The Fed was around when we won WWII. The Fed was around when we boosted the middle class in the 50's and when we defeated the communist economy of the soviet union in the 80's."

they were around during the great depression and during the stagflation of the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Love him.

He would have made a great president.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big supporter of Ron Paul but I agree with Malcolm too.

Ron Paul has blown many opportunities to really kick the establishment in the balls but it's because he's too polite and has been doing this for so long that when he has a shot at goal he may not fully capitalize on it.

Plus he's getting on in years, he doesn't have the fire in the belly that he may have had as a younger man.

Considering his age I don't think you can be too critical of this man. Running a campaign and attending Congressional hearings at the same time at the age of 73. Especially when you compare him to the senile, doddering McCain.

Instead of criticizing Ron Paul, malcolm, maybe you should take a look at yourself.

What are you doing for your country compared to what Ron Paul has committed to for the last 30 years or more?

Ron Paul is not one of these Washington insiders. He didn't slip into Washington through family and corporate connections.

Ron Paul has built a real movement of real change. Now it's up to his supporters to carry the torch and put in a little effort of their own. If you believe in Ron Paul's philosophy then get involved. Don't just sit there swilling your beer and being an armchair political analyst. We've got enough of those in this country.

Anonymous said...

DAMN! Wow... I wish this guy were running for president. Hell, even if he's not I'd even lead the coup to put him in power.

So much more articulate and intelligent then the two plastic tools running for office now.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...


Our economy was in a far stronger relative position in 1913 than now.

Find the book "Rise and Fall of Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy, and take a look at some of the statistics. US economic might was absolutely breathtaking on the eve of WWI.

In relative economic terms, American history falls into 3 segments
1. Rise, 1607-1914
2. Plateau, 1914-1960
3. Decline, 1960 - present

Anonymous said...

The best man for president and he can't get elected. I feel sadness in my heart for he is what America really needs. I kept hoping deep down inside that he might join up with McCain on the republican ticket.


Anonymous said...


Don't sit it out. Vote third party. It might not be one of these third-party candidates that will save us ... but it will be a third party candidate some day.

Every vote they get this time is more attention the masses will pay the next time. Some people will pay attention once they get 5%. Those people will result in the third-parties getting 8% which will trigger another wave of people and so on. The hard part is going to be getting the first 5 to 8%.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame he's 72 years old...he'll probably be dead soon. This man is truly a godsend and our founding fathers would be proud to see him.

America missed her last chance. She was too distracted by TV, news, football, fancy gadgets and trinkets, and Mcdonalds.

Very depressing.

Anonymous said...

I thank the Lord that this man is not in a position to protect me and my family imagine him in the oval office and he has to use force somewhere in the world, scarry.

Anonymous said...

" America doesn't support Ron Paul. Nor will they in his lifetime. The empire is failing, and the people chose to let it happen."
But Keith, what if the American people don't want the Empire Ron Paul is promoting? Don't they have the right to choose?


robert said...

Write in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, you do know that Ron Paul was prepared to appear on Michael Ruppert's "Truth and Lies of 9-ll". So he must is some way endorse many of Ruppert's theories.

Anonymous said...

Actually Ron Pauls views are made a bit clearer here:

someone said...

for those of you who don't think the Federal Reserve system is all that bad I recommend the book "Web Of Debt"

Anonymous said...


You are dead wrong. First of all, it was not technically the 'FED devaluing' was Nixon closing the gold window. Get your facts straight.

This created the current anchorless system, and gave the US the opportuninty to export our inflation.

Your notion that this made us stronger is nonsese. If you look at GDP growth, debt vs GDP, household income...all the things that matter...we saw stronger growth prior to the gold window being closed.

The closing of the gold window was a disaster. The 'strength' you refer to is nothing but accumulation of debt that is just now starting to collapse.

The US has had a 35 year free ride at the expense of the rest of the world. They are only now waking up to the scam we have pulled on them.

Oh....and Ron Paul is the king if missed opportunities. His continued failure to articulate, to the person on the street, the problems we face is heartbreaking.