August 01, 2008

The MSM won't report it, but yet another politician is proven to be a lying scumbag. Here's the latest on the John Edwards mistress love-baby scandal

Nothing to do with housing, but a lot to do with the dishonest scum running around DC these days

Larry Craig
Ted Stevens
David Vitter
Mark Foley
Chris Dodd
Kent Conrad
Claude Allen

And now John Edwards, come on down... when you get out of the bathroom, we've got a few questions for you...

DC needs an enema folks. Vote 'em all out and start over.


cpa1 said...


You are taking your news from the tabliods?

Have you ever heard of the rebublican echo chamber?

All they do is keep harping about how the major newspapers won't cover a story, until they scream load enough and throw a tantrum to get other people to notice.

Also, John Edwards is not elected to anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith instead of worrying about lying politicians (not a news flash but I agree MSM has been willfully blind to this story) and "I'd tap that" Kendra Todd posts lets get back on point on message.

Indymac is going into bankruptcy, and that is huge HP news. This means the toxic slime there was so rotten the FDIC could not sell it off and had to go the BK route. Its all over the net, bloomberg, the UK Guardian, reuters etc. But its not on HP! Let's go:

Anonymous said...

Tax fraud is the bigger problem for him now

Anonymous said...


John Edwards is a Democrat and all Democrats are good solid people who only want to help the working man.

Keith must be a member of the vast right wing conspiracy.

Enemas ARE US said...

Quoting the well-known housing authority the highly regarded and award-winning National Enquirer now huh?

Maybe DC is not the only thing that needs an enema?


Anonymous said...

so....he's NOT gay??

bitterrenter said...

Scraping le bottom of le barrel there.

Since when is another man's sex life your business?

But this will thrill the typical brainstem fascinated with the wrong issues.

Anonymous said...

If Edwards (or Bill Clinton) had had a taste for little boys the Republicans would have been OK with that.

But guys doing women. Thats a big issue around Washington.

bitterrenter said...

The RNC is actually worried that none of the republicans will make it from the Minneapolis airport to the convention. They'll all be lining up for a chance at oral mansex in Larry Craig's favorite toilet stall.

Anonymous said...

Again folks, so fu*king what!

He wanted some strange and had sex with another woman, big fu*king deal, get over it.

How's that marriage and/or love life of yours after 15 years?

Anonymous said...

he's got a wife with cancer at home while he's fucking the babysitter

nice guy

Anonymous said...

Good Lord what a bunch of HYPOCRITES...Cheating may not be nice but 15 years with a wife who is either always sick or fat will make a man want to f@#k around...Been there...Took care of my wife and after dropping down to once a month I NEEDED something more...Anyone who is willing to be a eunach for the rest of his life....Good luck with that!

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

So if this story is true then all the other stories in the Enquirer about alien abductions and Elvis sightings must also be true. Or do you just pick and choose what you wish to believe? The story may well be true but I'm surprised to see the Enquirer used as a credible source. I suppose Edwards' behavior was caused by the fact that he was raised by dogs after his parents were abducted by martians to keep Elvis company.

SeattleMoose said...

Just another scum bag Bilderberger who thinks they can do whatever the #$%^ they want.

anon666 said...

The National Enquirer?? Now that's a reputable news source, you may as well get your news from The Onion.

Lost Cause said...

John McCain's love child is Condoleezza Rice.

Tabasco said...

Why should the MSM report on this? John Edwards is retrired from the Senate. Who cares? If you want something to criticize Democrats on, try harping on them for their support of quasi-government institutions such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae, and FDIC that have helped increase the costs of home ownership and college for average Americans.

Anonymous said...

Looks like John E. preferred the younger thinner woman to the older, heavier, cancer-ridden wife.

Now his wife gets a twofer in the victim sweepstakes - cancer and infidelity. Expect her on Oprah soon.

edd said...

Whatever the facts of the matter,
the National Enquirer never scoops
anything, except for the brain dead.

Nothing in that rag can ever be
considered a story, so I didn't
even read that source.

When dogs actually are proven to
have space-alien puppies, the NI
will still have decades of crap
that keep 2+2=4 from being
believed if they print it.

keith said...

The Enquirer is a rag, but compared to the MSM's recent performance, I think it's the best we got.

And how sad is that?

With Edwards, it's not the cheating that got my shackles up. No, it's the lying. When you get caught, come clean. America hates a liar.

At least the Democrats get caught with women though, unlike the Republicans. Odd, eh?

bitterrenter said...

Most men will lie about their sex lives if pressed for a public answer. The only ones who will answer would be those without a sex life.

And you're right. Republicans are more prone (no pun intended) to mess around with men. But they're always wanting to play the passive role of bottom. All that fascistic terstosterone wasted. LOL

edd said...

McCain could only have a child.
No love.

Anonymous said...

The National Enquirer, Keith? Come on, don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

I posted that story here last week. But, as usual, nobody pays attention, until you report it a week later.

I even said that if Edwards doesn't give a damn about his wife dying of cancer at home while he parties with butt-ugly chicks in luxury hotels in Beverly Hills, chances are that John Edwards doesn't give a f*ck about you.

And many of you retards were voting for him or cheered like a little girl when this disgusting human being endorsed your pathetic Messiah Hussein. Haven't you sheeple had enough disappointment to become a little wiser? I guess not.

Anonymous said...

he's got a wife with cancer at home while he's fucking the babysitter

nice guy

Exactly, and the unethical Bitterrenter finds it totally acceptable. Not only that, the mistress has a kid from Edwards that he won't recognize and lie about it when confronted by reporters. That's what we need for a president, a guy who runs away from reporters through hotel hallways and hides in a bathroom, instead of confronting the situation like a man. And that coward wanted to be the president of the USA?

Anonymous said...

No matter what the source is, Edwards got busted and he's shown to be a scumbag. You can sugarcoat it the way you like it, but a man more concerned of having affairs than with his wife of 15 years dying of cancer at home, is a scumbag.

If Edwards isn't happy with his marriage, he should just get a divorce. What Edwards is doing is using his dying wife for political gain and to get sympathy from voters. John Edwards is a disgusting human being.

And thanks for the Enquirer for doing its job, while the corrupt networks hide the fact that John Edwards is a major scumbag. God forbid if the story goes national and the female voters get pissed with the Democratic party and Edwards' endorsement of your Messiah.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why it's our business, but please don't assume that he betrayed his wife. Speaking as a married woman, he was probably doing her a favor. I love my husband, but I don't want to have sex with him nearly as much as he wants to have sex with me.

So let's say I'm sick with terminal cancer and have to young children to raise while I'm touring the country supporting a political campaign. I think I'd be very relieved that my spouse was getting it somewhere else. As long as he's there for emotional and financial support, I'd happily tell him to go have sex with the floozy. Can we ever have honest discussions of sexuality without all of this moralizing, misogynistic bullshit?

I personally think John Edwards is egotistical and irritating, but I don't see the part where he "lied to us all", even IF this is true (and there is a good chance that it isn't).

Anonymous said...

Nice double standards, huh?

Times -- The New York Times has not deigned to touch the story, although it recently ran thousands of words on a relationship between McCain and a female lobbyist, which appeared to be based more on innuendo than fact.

Oh, BTW, I think that both parties suck. But I won't be the Democratic party little b!tch either, trying to protect douchebags like Edwards or corrupt MSM like The New York Times or the LA Times.

keyser soze said...

Sooo....Edwards tapped it?

So What! said...

Kieth; here's my 2 cents on this story about John Edwards's fling.