August 02, 2008

More financialtainment from Jim Cramer


aceh said...

oh noes!!!

The contrary indicator Cramer says it's time to buy...

Anonymous said...

We are screwed I guess

Anonymous said...

Well, he cried for government to bail out the bums. Now he's back and Bullish.
When did we accept this policy that Bull Markets are not allowed to end?
Why is there no legal action against the Government for using tax dollars to invest in private companies and take over private investments and mortgages? Since when did the USA under Constitutional law allow itself to take your money to buy out the bad investments of their buddies?

michael said...

two words:



Anonymous said...

Another bastion of civility and great knowledge:

Regis and Kupie Doll?

Please elevate the discourse.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Gas prices going down?

House prices stabilizing?

I can't wait to see how
"happy" he is as we enter 2009.

The "bail-out" will be much worse then the housing bubble.

sundry vermin said...

I don't want to buy 1 house, I want to buy two. Hell, I sould just buy three or four.

Financialtainment. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many millions he lost on BSC and LEH?

Anonymous said...

Kelly mentions "McDonald's French Fries?"
Does anyone out there know that if you were to take one single McDonald's French Fry and sit it out in a field in the blazing sun, and you'd come back a year later- guess what- it would Still be there completely the same- it doesnt bio-degrade due to its chemical make up!

Ya- that's something I want to ingest and take into my body!!!!!!

Happy4LA said...

This guy has turned into a clown. A total media creation who does a terrible job at what he professes to be an expert. He may be smart, but he's a total salesman. Buyer beware.

Did you hear he said Palm Springs is down 66% and he's buying? Who challenges him when he's so often wrong?

I'm a member of his website (stupid me I know) and people on his site are so angry at him and he's finally being exposed as a know nothing, despite his intelligence.

tabasco said...

Did he seriously say that housing prices are now going back UP on the West coast of Florida??? Wow, is all I can say. Please Cramer, put your money where your mouth is with that one. What a worthless hack.

Cramer to replace Hank Paulson said...

Whew I feel much better now recession is over Cramer called it booya!
I guess I can sleep comfortable now knowing my WM shares are gonna soar as well as my SIRI shares.Time to start buying foreclosures now we are at bottom!!! oh and gas going down really or is it cuz elections are getting closer????

A World of Imbeciles said...

OMFG Where to begin?

I think Cramer is bullish on pharmaceuticals. His happy pills seem to be working. Better investing through chemistry?

It's like watching a clip from the QVC-Financial Network. I think the the term for what Cramer, Reeg and Cup-Cake are doing is "Stroking the Bull." Which sounds like a very dangerous thing to do. How is this Rah-Rah bullshit not a crime?

Steve Jobs=Thomas Edison? I-Phone=Incandescent Light Bulb??? More Like Steve Jobes=Arthur "Spud" Melin, founder of Wham-O Toys maker of the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee.

Anonymous said...

I live on the West Coast of Florida. A house that I'm interested in buying (brand new) dropped in price by $20,000 three weeks ago. I haven't bought yet and the salesperson who I've been talking to called me yesterday and said that the house is still there (nobody bought it yet). I've lookd at a lot of houses lately and I can tell you first hand that inventory is still extremely high here. When Cramer says that prices have already moved up on the West Coast of Florida - he's full of it.