August 01, 2008

A HousingPANIC message for John McCain: You're going to lose. Bad. Go down with honor, or better yet, step aside.

I feel sorry for John McCain.

He had a decent image, and a decent message, in his post-Keating Five Senate career, and when he ran against Bush in 2000.

And then, in a desperate last-chance reach for power, he became a whore.

He kissed the ring of the religious right.

Then he kissed the ass and failed policies of George W. Bush the Idiot.

And now he kisses his reputation and good character goodbye with a mean, issue-free, directionless, messageless and shallow candidacy.

John McCain, evidently being advised by monkeys, has become a sad, sad man, and a terrible candidate. Perhaps the worst major party candidate for president since Walter Mondale.

The GOP still has time to right this wrong, and nominate a credible and serious candidate for president. Give us Newt. Give us Mitt. Give us Ron Paul. Hell give us Bobby Jindal.

McCain will be routed, and deep down you all know it. He's untrusted by the Republicans, hated by Independents, and not even considered by Democrats.

Come on GOP - make this a race. Give us the "New GOP" - NOW. Don't wait until 2012, or 2016, or 2020, or 2024. Feed on the anger toward your own party. Make the housing crash bailouts and government spending YOUR issue. Run against your own incompetent president. And throw McCain under the bus. Now.

It's not too late.

John McCain - for the good of your lost party, step aside. "Health reasons" is a good one. Let a viable candidate go against Obama. Or sadly continue on, but lose with honor.

Life is too short to be an ass. Life is too short to be a Rove-Republican. Life is too short to run the classless, mean-spirited, dishonest and desperate campaign you're running.

Life is too short to be the "new" John McCain. A desperate and sad political whore, about to meet his fate as America's Biggest Loser.


Anonymous said...

Another angry old fart

keith said...

I wrote this post even before I saw this new McCain ad that came out tonight:

He seriously is being advised by monkeys.

I hope he's not paying them.

Anonymous said...

"Life is too short to be the "new" John McCain. A desperate and sad political whore, about to meet his fate as America's Biggest Loser."

Sorry, the BIGGEST LOSER in HISTORY is none other than


Period. End of story.

i've had it said...

i'm about to bolt this blog. the increasingly irrelevant topics (all the political stuff) and their accompanying strident/partisan headlines is becoming too much. there is much to say about the housing crisis but this blog is losing track.

if HP wanted to initiate discussion on a real political issue and not mccain's campaign being run by monkeys (i don't support him by the way and would never vote for him), it would focus on obama using the race card. he basically called mccain a racist by saying mccain doesn't want someone in the white house who doesn't look like one of the people on our currency...that is a totally unacceptable thing to say and not fitting of a presidential candidate. it's simply not true and obama should be raked over the coals for it.

only monkeys within the obama campaign could allow him to say something like that. also, only monkey's could allow him to continue his campaign on foreign soil: his trip to europe was counter-productive and completely out of bounds for an American campaign - a first i think in US history (well, liberals have no bounds or limits so it actually doesn't surprise me). also, his monkey handlers allowed his western wall prayer to be released to the world. he's such a fake.

(by the way, i am using "monkey" in the context of keith's use of it; i.e...meaning "idiots" and nothing else.)

obama is a fraud and a fake. the last thing we need is another ivy-league fraud in the white house. we've had too many of them over the past 20 years.

Anonymous said...

We've all already lost people. McCain or Obama it doesn't matter. We have a bunch of criminals at the highest levels of government.

Read here why the government's latest anthrax patsy scapegoat frameup doesn't pass the smell test.

The government is trying to bury the 2001 anthrax attack scandal (the anthrax came from a U.S. military base) by claiming that one of the key suspects - Bruce E. Ivins - was a "lone nut" who committed suicide. The government claims that the anthrax letters were an innocent mistake which was "part of an Army scientist's warped plan to test his cure for the deadly toxin". Case closed.

There are just a couple of loose ends:

Continued at:

Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

Anonymous said...

McCain is a stalking horse for Mitt Romney - the PTB's 'annointed' one.

No I in Team said...

Hmm, looks like McCain has pulled to within 4 points despite Obama's World Tour. OK. Race is over, everyone pack up and go home.

mr. rational said...

While I really don't like McCain, I dislike Obama's policies even more.

Without Ron Paul in the race, I'll hold my nose and vote McCain.

I suspect there are a lot of people such as I who will grudgingly vote for McCain in the final analysis.

So, while I agree that McCain is being advised by monkeys and is, thus, himself a moronic monkey, I don't agree that Obama will necessarily win.

In fact, FWIW, I'm willing to bet that McCain will win - as bad as he is. I don't think a majority of American VOTERS will actually pull the lever for Obama.

There are just too many reasons NOT to vote for Obama. Sadly, that leaves one option.

Anonymous said...

Vote John McGoo for President

PS - I'm not a fan of Obama and I'm not a liberal either so don't freak out you little fake conservatives that love Bush and love McSame.

Anonymous said...

You Voted for Them

LibVet said...

Try to find people willing to bet McCain will win.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. For 90% of voters, it's party over person, as it should be.

Here's why: It's similar to a marriage. Do you think you're marrying just that person? Of course not. You're marrying their entire family.

Similarly, in politics, you're marrying the entire party. So depending on your political persuasion, you vote for the entire family, left or right.

The 10% "swing vote" is the battleground.

Anonymous said...

Your writing off McCain too early. Obama is popular but don't count the vote yet. You may be surprised on election day when he loses state after state because of a lack of trust.
Think this: Cuban Missile Crisis of October of '62, change Kennedy and company and place our modern day guys in their place.
Do you think Obama would hold up?

brenda smiles said...

don't be so hard on john mccain. obama is as silly or even more so. keith, why don't you run? it's time.

xxxooo said...

"He seriously is being advised by monkeys."

ahhh, that's a nice little commercial.

Anonymous said...


Read the book Obama-nation and see how bad it will be with that lop- eared fool in the White House!


Anonymous said...

Listen to the lyrics of the Ludicris song.....for Obama

Anonymous said...

It's a lot closer than you think.

Toss in a good Operations staff(like they weren't impressive the last two outings) and he's looking pretty good.

Besides; don't we really want Obama to take the fall for all the shit in the pipeline?

A whole boatload of we GOP can't even think that far ahead.

Pompous S Monson said...

Despite McCain's brilliantly BAD campaign and Obama's world tour, McCain is still tied with Obama among registered voters. He couldn't even win enough votes to win his nomination. He was selected, not elected.

Obama only got the nomination by cutting deals in smoke-filled rooms with party leaders.

As much as I despise McSame and the repugs, we need him. Recent history has taught us that the best govt is divided govt. The dems were corrupt and didn't do the will of the people in 1994. Ditto with the repugs from 2000-2006.

Archie said...

Mr. Magoo is not and never was what the American sheeple and media made out of him.
A shrewd calculating carpet-bagging scumbag and opportunistic elitist, he embodies the values of the present Rethuglican party.

The silver lining on these type of 1980s geezers, is that the actuarial tables are catching up to them.
The next leadership generation has to step up and drain the political cesspool that is drowning America.

Mr. Magoo, F**K YOU!

panicearly said...

the ad is bascially saying to the christians, that Barack is the devil in disguise. he is not the second coming.

consultant said...

Young people are ready for some change.

Paid Attention said...

Keith, I guess you missed Obama's latest policy paper, you know, the one apparently written by Hugo Chavez. Our boy genius thinks it's OK to confiscate and redistribute wealth as long as it belongs to shareholders of "big" oil companies. Crusty old John McCain is looking pretty good to me after that one and Nancy Pelosi's latest "lights out" tantrum in the House today.

These people are thinly disguised Bolsheviks, and more and more Americans are seeing through their veneer of B.S.

You can criticize W's administration for bending the Constitution, but these goddamn wankers in the Obama camp have never even read it!

Anonymous said...

I used to respect the man, even though I didn't agree with him. Now...he's Hillary with Pelosi on the saide

Anonymous said...

When Obama wins and the country tanks even further then he will get the blame. Go Obama!

Taylor Bright Eyes said...

HaHa F McCain and his Banana Politics. That guy is a douche loser. The media F'ed him from the start by getting his dumb ass elected.

I am an independant and I hate that old woman. He is a rat liar and I dont care if he was a war "hero". I aint gonna vote for a loser cause he was beat by the VC for 5 years.

I cant wait for the CULT OF OBAMA to rise up and take power. America is going to become so F'ed up it will be funny. I am buying shotguns and seeds ready for end of our great country.

Liberalism and retarded republicans have destroyed our country. McCain and Obama are the same friggin monster.

Oh yeah, doesnt that stupid ugly bastard bannana McCain look like one of the underground people in Planet of the apes part II. I wonder if McBannana worships the bomb?

Anonymous said...

he shoulda voted for the MLK Holiday and then perhaps black folks would have some support for him. (this sorta stuff does come back to haunt him) Like a white lady told me thats a holiday for black people. If you feel that way don't ask for my support, plus he reads too much because he doesn't know what to say, and then he just flat out confuses me. He was so jealous of all that attention Obama got overseas I am surprised he didn't have a stroke, but one of those cancerous lesions did pop out that wasn't there before. His wife is too skinny and she looks pinched and mean, dyed blond and very white. Too glamormous. Did he marry her because she was rich? I just don't even want to see her as first lady, just like no one wants to see Michelle Obama as first lady. Now. said...

Right now I'm proudly wearing my new t-shirt with a picture of Obama that says:

"Hitler Gave Great Speeches Too."

McCain may be a long shot but a third term of Bush would still be better than Marxist Messiaobama.

Obama is evil. Pure evil. Downright evil. I don't believe in religion or satan, but if there were a satan, it would be Obama.

keith said...

Let me sum up McCain's latest ads:

1) Obama the dangerous black man with two young pretty white women

2) Obama as the devil and great deceiver as written about in the bible, heralding armageddon and the end of days

You can't make this stuff up. Those two ads will be reviewed in political science courses for the rest of time, as examples of the lowest form of gutter politics practiced in America during its worst days

McCain should be ashamed, and instead he's being marched out there to say he's 'proud'

'nuff said.

I'm not for Obama as much as I'm against McCain. If the GOP gives me a viable candidate to consider, I'll consider.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is evil. Pure evil. Downright evil. I don't believe in religion or satan, but if there were a satan, it would be Obama."

Dude. Get help.

Anonymous said...

He's gonna lose eh? You should tell that to the Gallup people. According to the daily tracking poll, Messiah Hussein and McCain are tied as of yesterday.

The same tracking poll showed Messiah Hussein with a 9% lead less than a month ago.

Anonymous said...

the republican party wants mccain to lose. they know he can't win. the logic is to let obama inherit the mess, attempt to fix it, and get blown out the door.

the republicans are deftly getting ready to blame the democrats for everything the bush administration created. the next four years are going to be much worse than the previous eight. consider them the shit hitting the fan years.

the party that 'wins' this election will not be able to take another presidential election for a very, very long time.

personally, i'm thinking for voting for mccain just so a republican takes responsibility for everything.

for the last two elections, i voted for myself (write in) because i did not like any of the candidates. going into november, am in the same situation, but feel the need to vote tactically this time around.

who in their right mind wants to be president after bush?

jackie said...

frank@scottsdale, what your T-shirt
really says:
"Couldn't Make it EVEN in Scottsdale"


evildoc said...

believe mccain is tied in overall poll with Ob and ahead amongst "those likely to vote".


Anonymous said...

McCain will win by about 60 to 80 EVs. Right now Obama has leads in states like the Dakotas, N. Carolina, Montata, Indiana and keeping it close in Georgia and Mississippi. Uhmm yeah whatever.

If anyone really thinks those redder than red states will vote for a black Marxist, you need your collective heads checked. These polls are meaningless. People tell a pollster one thing (look how progressive I am I support a black man) and then do a whole different thing in the privacy of the voting booth (no fucking way I'm voting for a black guy). It may not be nice, it may not be sweet, but it's the truth. If you don't believe me ask Governor Bradley. Ooops, that didn't quite turn out how the polls said it would did it?

As to the McCain ads, politics is a blood sport. If Obama can't handle being compared to Britney Spears, he is not qualified for the presidency. Hell he's not qualified for dog catcher. What's he gonna do when Putin or Hugo Chavez or Osama says something no nice? Demand an apology and throw a tantrum if he doesn't get it?

Every day Obama is showing his true colors. He is a media whore who loves and craves attention but has nothing to say aside from empty slogans. And finally the American people are starting to notice.

Poetry said...

" Archie said...
Mr. Magoo is not and never was what the American sheeple and media made out of him.
A shrewd calculating carpet-bagging scumbag and opportunistic elitist, he embodies the values of the present Rethuglican party."

This pretty much sums it up. Hat tip to Archie. Thank you.

Adolph said...

"i've had it said...
i'm about to bolt this blog. the increasingly irrelevant topics (all the political stuff) and their accompanying strident/partisan headlines is becoming too much."

See ya later. You will not be missed.

speedingpullet said...

evildoc said:
"believe mccain is tied in overall poll with Ob and ahead amongst "those likely to vote".


Unfortunately, all the polls are about as much use as a chocolate teapot at this point - once the Olympics are done, the candidates have chosen thier VPs and the debates have started nearer to november - they'll have some merit, because more people will be paying attention.

Also - and I can empathise as an ex-statistician - it seems that the poling data is skewed: polls normally ring people on landlines, and don't have access to cell phone numbers.
As its more common for the under 50's to have cells (sometimes with no landline at all) it means that more of the over 50's - those with landlines - are being polled, a demographic more associated with McCain supporters.

And, it seems apparent, no matter what one might think of the McCain campaign, the ads they're running are working. However, one also has to wonder, seeing as he's already thrown the kitchen sink at Obama - how much further he can ratchet it up before he ends up just being comedy.
There's a Law of Returns on that kind of stuff - the more you do it, the less effective it gets.

Anyway, for the above reasons, I don't think the polls are worth much at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Actually, "O" has lost points in the polls and now he and Johnny Mac are tied.

As far as the Religious Right is concerned - how about O's ties to the Religious Left: Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan and Father Michael Phleger...and his 20-year association with Rev. Wright and membership in his racist "church"???

Obama also promised to fund "faith-based" programs even more than Bush which has caused all matter of excitement and longing among the AME-type churchgoers.

O even gives his political speeches with the cadence of an ethnic preacher. Same with his spouse, Michelle O.

I think McCain is treating the Religious Right as a political group and not anything more or else he would have nominated Romney for the VP post already.


speedingpullet said...

MG said"
"O even gives his political speeches with the cadence of an ethnic preacher. Same with his spouse, Michelle O."

Ah, whatever.

He's too black, not black enough, a racist, not 'looking after his people' a marxist, a socialist, a closet republican, more right than McCain, more left than Stalin, too thin, too young, to inexperienced, a flip-flopper, too rigid in his thought, a fag, an adulterer, a terrorist, a muslim, a member of the 'wrong' kind of churches, the messiah, the anti-christ - and lets not forget 'an empty suit' - that one alway goes down well with the crowd!

You don't like him?
Don't vote for him!

I've seen hundreds of posts exactly like yours on the interwebs - and you know what? Not one single word of it has made me change my mind about who I'm voting for in november.

And, way to go, by lifting him up to a super-human level, either bad or good, you're both endowing him with power and failing to convince swing voters.

Though, I suppose, kudos for being so passionate about it. - even if it is hateful
Better than lying on the sofa eating Pringles and watching American Idol - I guess?

bickerer said...

You're living in a fantasy world Keith.

Lost Cause said...

Mc Cain never knows when to quit. He built his senate career on his five shameful years of ratting out his comrades to his interrogators. He was re-elected after being #1 in the Keating 5. That worked great for him -- why should we ever expect him to learn anything now?

wiserenter said...

Both candidates, McCain and Obama were already chosen by the MSM and other evil powers that be. Ron Paul and Kucinich should be the candidates. THEN we'd be talkin'.

abb said...

Nah... I fought it for a while, but have accepted Obamanation.

He is FDR II. The sweeping socialistic New Deal II will be awesome. Free everything.

God help us.