August 08, 2008

Let's go swoop in on a realtor-cheerleader site and post some truth. Nominees?

They love HP'ers and the truth.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just show us where to go Keith!!

I will set those beeeatches STRAIGHT!!

Anonymous said...

Swann's site is a fun place to vent your spleen, but as you might expect from someone who pushes "Web 2.0 social interactivity" so hard, he censors heavily.

Still if feel the need to, "tell the assholes who ruined us for a decade" what you think of them, you can do so with reckless abandon.

That's right. I'm anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dear Googlers,

Please buy real estate. ASAP. The fact that you are renting is evil. What happened to do no evil? Why don’t you want to support the rest of the state? Please be less selfish - you’re hurting everyone.

Please buy a house. Or two. Or three.

Thank you.

-The Real Bay Area

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, it is getting harder to write burbed.

There just aren’t as many crazy properties anymore.

It used to be like shooting fish in a barrel…