August 08, 2008

Enjoy the pollution, torture and genocide Olympics, hosted by your oppressive communist friends in China


Anonymous said...


The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest polluter in the world, producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. (1) The types of hazardous wastes used by the military include pesticides and defoliants like Agent Orange. It includes solvents, petroleum, perchlorate (a component of rocket fuel) lead and mercury. And most ominously, depleted uranium.


Abu Ghraib, Guantanomo Bay, secret rendition


Um, Iraq anybody?

Iraqi Death Toll

Sheesh, talk about hypocrisy, Kweefer! said...

We shouldn't mock them too much. Under Obama we will all be living under Islamic Sharia law and will have it much worse than they do.

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie "Manufactured Landscapes". You'll readily see how we have really just outsourced slavery.

It was probably more expensive in todays dollars to "own" slaves here in the U.S. back in the 19th century than it is for us to have the goods we consume today made under 3rd world conditions.

Great system...


Every dollar spent is a vote for the system that you support.

amigauser said...

How is America different from China?

Torture - both do it

Genocide - a million Iraqis can't be wrong

Invading a foreign country - china invades Tibet, America invades Iraq - seems the Americans are smarter for invading and stealing the Oil.

Keith, you need to stop thinking that America is somehow different from China.

Anonymous said...

Keith's cycle of hate goes something like this:

Bush hatred for a few days. Then Cheney. Then McCain. Then NAR. Then Walmart. Then China.

Due to the Olympics, the schedule has been altered and China will be hated out of order for the next 2 weeks.

Dude seriously, get a grip. China is doing what is best for China. If you don't like it, buy overpriced unionized worker made MADE IN THE USA. But give up this crusade against the Chinese, it's become quite laughable.

Anonymous said...

But Keith, in China everyone has free health care. And you need 30% down for a house. And guns are outlawed. And everyone drives small, fuel efficient cars. And most people live in apartments. There are no McMansions. And there's a ton of public transportation with more being built every year. The Chinese army didn't go to Iraq.

It's everything you want the US of A to become. And it is what America will become after 8 years of Hussen Obama.

So why are you complaining about China again?

Anonymous said...

Sadly China has it's sh*t together more than the USA. Both are corrupt. The only difference is the people here believe we actually choose our leaders and that those leaders have our interests at heart. We have ignorant hicks, hillbillies and other assorted ignorant white trash electing our nations leader after being fed propaganda. That's a great nation? The present state of the two party system is bought and paid for by corporate elites. Americans are generally too stupid or lazy to care. End of story.

Anonymous said...

What scares me most is that since China holds so much of our debt, the have WAY too much influence over our policy.

The way they treat the Tibetans, North Korean refugees, and Chinese Christians is just appalling. If our government won't do anything to put pressure on China to improve in human rights, maybe the American consumer can. It's getting tougher and tougher to find stuff that ISN'T made in China, but if we buy less of what we don't need (or buy used... I don't think it helps them if we buy used HDTVs and computers/parts), we can put a little pinch on them.

Anonymous said...

If it's so bad then why are we trying to become like that communist Shithole?

Anonymous said...

And Who goes there at Great Taxpayer Expense to literally get on his kness and bow to the enemy?

Right! Keeping an unprcedented and impressive 8-year string of wrong bad decisions and judgements alive, the WORST PRESIDENT EVER from the WORST FIRST FAMILY EVER



RC said...

Their country, their rules. Blame the Olympic committee for choosing Beijing.

Anonymous said...

I once heard that you should always look deeper into any symbol and anything that can come from it.

Your picture is awesome - I always wondered why people were so fascinated with chains being the symbol for bringing people together.

Also, a torch is a carrier of flame, whereas a candle is a carrier of light. And I always preferred the light to the heat... which is why I never really liked the olympics.

french toast w/side of bacon said...

Bu,bu, but... President Bush just oppend a NEW 500,000 square foot US Embassy there!!!!

And former old man president Bush has been helping to send our US jobs over there for the last two decades!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$

And now you know, the rest, of the story...


Paid for by;

Anonymous said...

Wow Keith,

YOu should go to China, talk to local people, learn the history, esp.the history of this 30 years, then, say something like that.

How many high pollution industry have been shipped from USA to China?

Torture, think about yourself, how do you treat Iraq people?

Genocide, I think you are talking about Tibet. I don't want to mention native people in USA again, I just want to say, you have been brainwashed by your media, just like so many people believe house market never fall down because media say so.

We have gone through cold war, so the anti-communist propaganda is so deeply embedded in your mind.

Go to China, if you have chance, talk to local people, ask them whether they are happy or not, whether they satisfied with the current life comparing to 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admire the Chinamen. They put on a hell of a show. Too bad rabid racists like Keith can't enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see what all those Walmarters and others importing Chinese goods paid for. Ironically, the technology was Japanese, US and Canadian and the artistic stuff was choreographed by a Naturalized American Citizen who works on Broadway!!

Anonymous said...

How any Amcerica company could do business with China is inconceivable. Here's how the Chinese treat dogs and cats:

Lost Cause said...

Sickening that the United States thinks it has the moral high ground to judge others.

Anonymous said...

I saw the opening of the Olympics. God I have never seen a Country try to show off as much as China did .
I'm not saying that it wasn't a great show ,but man are they egocentric.

I mean it was a political statement I believe . They were saying that they are special. I just wonder how much slave labor went into a show like that .

It was interesting that the Americans looked like the French and the French looked like the Americans costume wise in the parade .

You could not help but notice how meaningful hosting the Olympics is to
China ,just by the display . If America attempted such a display I believe it would cost 5 times as much to pull off considering China and their low wages .

I had a very strange feeling watching the show ,and it was almost scary in a way ,especially when I thought about how much product we get from that country .

When I think about how China has 1.3 billion people (one fifth of the worlds population )I wonder how they could practice capitalism with that many people .Any Country that has 1.3 billion people has a problem in a world of limited resources .

JJ said...

Just some perspective-

1. The US creates 25% of global CO2 emissions.

2. Torture, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, Bagram etc.

3. Genocide, 1.2 million dead in Iraq, 4 million refugees.

Unfortunately in actual fact China is significantly better than the US, the US just markets it's attrocites better.

Anonymous said...

Who watched the opening ceremony?

Anonymous said...

You are a freak. Period. Everything is so wrong except you.

Jonathan said...

If the olympics were in the States would you be whining so much about it? The united states is an aggressive, warmongering, torture lovin' kind of country. We also pollute more than any other country in the world, and we only have a fraction of China's population! I think you just have a bone to pick against a country you don't really care to take the time to understand. Have fun with that.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - swapping a homely-looking child singer with a untalented, beautiful one, so China can look very good on tv.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm getting ticked!

When I was in the USAF in the 80's and 90's, I had to listen to all the liberal whiners spouting off the idea of "moral equivalence" to make themselves look superior and intellectual. "We're no better than the Soviets, and they are no worse than we are!"

I invite them to visit any Communist or nearly any formerly Communist country and try spouting off crap like that about THEIR governments and see what happens! Or, check out the standard of living in any of those places. Check out what the heavy hand of Communism has done to those people. Communism killed about 100 million people in the 20th century, and enslaved hundreds of millions more.

I like the quote from Yakov Schmirnov: "In America, you have freedom. You can go to President Reagan and say 'You suck!' with no negative repercussions. We have same freedom in Soviet Russia. We can go to our president and say 'Reagan sucks!'"

I would gladly pay for a one-way ticket for any "moral equivalence" person who wants to go live in North Korea. Google the names "Yodok" or "Hoeryong" and then come back and talk about "moral equivalence." North Korea can only survive with the support of the Chinese government, which ships back to certain imprisonment or death all North Korean refugees.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in actual fact China is significantly better than the US, the US just markets it's attrocites better.

I think what this person needs is a Cultural Revolution...

Anonymous said...

"Who watched the opening ceremony?"

I did...the all-countries parade was boring but overall I thought it was great! I want one of those big flexible LCDs.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a lot of the prior posts bad mounting the USA and Keith . I notice that many of the posts before me were defending China and other Countries .

The point that I want to make is that it does not make sense for the USA to
give up it's manufacturing base and job base to foreign countries . Why doesn't China make products for its own country and uplift its people .
There is nothing moral about what I'm saying ,because it just about survival of a country and the economy of that Country .

The basic fact is that if you give all manufacturing and low wage jobs to the lowest bidders World wide,the standard of living will go down to that level World wide .A lowest bidder wage force is only good for bottom line profits for a Corporation .

Americans are losing jobs right and left to foreign labor and manufacturing . No country in their right mind would allow this because it would eventually mean that their citizens would not have jobs and eventually be weaken .

I hate to tell you this but the USA needs jobs to live on .

All the PR campaigns for foreign labor and cheap shit foreign produced products is a big con job
by Big Business and the Commies .

This isn't a issue of simply trading with other countries ,but in fact losing manufacturing and needed jobs for Americans to live on .

One day when you people get your taxes raised and you have to support half the population of Americans that can't find jobs ,than that cheap shit at Wal Mart won't seem cheap any more.

I love the debate about Americans needing to compete with a Commie Country and their cheap wage labor
force. Not more than 50 years ago a notion like giving up USA jobs to Communist China,(or any other Country ) would of been unheard of . The PR campaigns from the Corporations and the Commies has been very effective in turning this Nation into a bunch of dumb dumbs .

China goods is destroying America .This isn't trade ,this is handing over America . For the first time in my life I realize that the politicians and the Corporations are selling out American ,and I'm not to happy about it . There is still time to change things .

Keith is a very smart guy ,and I believe he is a law and order guy.I can't believe Keith is being attacked for bringing up these very pressing issues of whats behind the problems in America today .

Why do people think that bringing up anything that America has done wrong in the last 100 years is justification for allowing the
Corporate and Commie takeover of America that is going on today ?

Anonymous said...

Keith ,keep on bringing up the issues. People would like you to believe that it's ok for all this foul play to continue. At the very least ,if all Nations are bad ,at least a Country should be smart enough to protect itself from all the other bad countries and give jobs to it's own people .

Anonymous said...

How any Amcerica company could do business with China is inconceivable. Here's how the Chinese treat dogs and cats:

It's sad to see that they won't make a proper quick kill. It's the least they could do. I'll add that they also do the same to pets: Dogs and cats. I am sure there are humans there who have suffered a very similar fate. I could never understand why so many of our jobs get sent there. We get stuff cheap, but at the expense of others. We need to bring our manufacturing back to the States, but how?

Anonymous said...

How you bring jobs back to the USA .

You put a high tax on any products imported from the slave labor of another Country .The Corporations will than not profit from slave toxic labor and they will bring back the production and jobs to America .

At the same time the government should give incentives for Corporations willing to produce in America ,for at least 5 years .

As long as you have a government that is willing to sell out America ,than you can't get anywhere .

It has always been pretty stupid for people to think that you could turn the markets into a global labor force . It's not a level playing field . The USA would have to back-track 100 years in advancements on employee laws and product productions in order to compete with slave labor countries .
Let China start giving to its own people . They have a big problem with how many people they have . Can you imagine the United States if it had 1.3 billion people all in need of products ?

Let Countries provide for their own people first and uplift the standard of living by decent wages .For America to put the chat before the horse and think that outsourcing jobs and manufacturing to other countries
would uplift them ,rather than the fact that the labor forces would just be exploited ,is a joke .This is a big business Corporation con job that I can't believe that people can't see.

People talk about all the bad things that America has done , but
it can't be compared to the bad ass shit that communist countries .

The only reason the USA went off course in the last decade is because the Big Business/Wall Street became way to powerful ,along with this foolish attempt
to mesh Communist countries with
Capitalist Countries labor forces .

Instead of the Corporations striking a fair deal with the Unions when they went to far ,the Corporations went the route of the going Global .

I get so mad when I watch the Business channel and they are talking about the American market sucking ,but everything is good because the Corporations are selling globally .Each day I hear about another American Company moving to a foreign Country ,in order to compete ,I cringe .

I have been around long enough to know that if all Countries are not playing by the same rules ,than it won't work out and America will get hurt . If you are a person that thinks its OK for America to get hurt ,than your either a Corporate
Shill ,a commie ,or your not a true American and you don't care .

People who would love to see the demise of the USA ,really don't realize what that would mean for the world .

Anonymous said...

Did the Chinese force the American's CEOs to move the manufacturing base there?

Did the Chinese force the Americans to buy the stuff they made?

Did the Chinese force the US government to borrow money from them?

So why do you think it is their fault for the mess in the United States?

Well, blame it on others ... that's the American way, I guess. Just like when you get "weight-challenged", blame it on the restaurants.