August 18, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Who owes us an apology?


Anonymous said...

The only apology that is owed is from the government for interfering in the free market.

Anonymous said...

I don't want an apology. I want them to die hideously lingering deaths with festering boils.

Agent 99 said...

Please watch this short movie trailer for IOUSA:

David in SoCal said...

I dont want an apology, I want someone to take responsibility and keep this disaster on the backs of the MORONS that created it!!

I should not have to be burdened with their bad financial decisions.

I am pissed that everyone is now a VICTIM!!


Anonymous said...


Devestment said...

Those who denied the bubble and argued with me. (where are you now dipshit?)

Those realtors who pretended to be friends in an attempt to sell me a crapbox. (Keep lying Pat)

The realtors in my community who discredited and defamed me because I told people the truth. ( Herd your project fell through Mike)

Irresponsible government representatives that promoted the bubble.( Hi Greenie)

The idiot financial advisors that told me NOT to buy gold at $255 and put my parents into tech stock.(Stay out of Covina)

Greedy borrowers who bought toys and now ask me for loans.(get lost)

All those who denied the bubble while they brokered loans and then claimed the prediction was a no brainer once it popped.(Hi Henry)

Everyone who got all puffed up, pretending to be rich, and rubbed their new found success in the faces of others.(AMERICA)

Those who are out there still lying.(Hi Pat)

The realtor in Colorado that got caught gaining entry to his clients home via the lock box to steel her narcotic medication.(And the many who didn’t get caught)

The realtors who promoted multiple offers and bidding by asking low prices.(all of you)

The realtor in Santa Barbara who told me to “F” off when I asked him for comps.(wash it out with soap buddy)

Anonymous said...

Greed, we all are trying to make money one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Chris Ayres the journalist.

He needs to apologize for the stupidity of his article covered by the L.A. Times bubble blog yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Mark in Philly said...

Who owes us an apology?

Those who somehow think the US Constitution and the Founding Fathers somehow allows for a massive socialist government...

Anonymous said...

You do you S.O.B.!

leave us hanging for days on end while you travel Europe!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Republican party should issue an apology for the Bush-Cheney crime families. Then fold up their tent and go out of business.

Anonymous said...

The Socialists who handed taxpayers the bill for this mess are traitors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous David in SoCal said...
I dont want an apology, I want someone to take responsibility and keep this disaster on the backs of the MORONS that created it!!
Never going to happen. Those Libertarians in Washington D.C. will use every trick in the book to make someone else suffer the consequences of Deregulation.

vanilla ice said...

Hank Paulson, Ben Bercracky, Greenscam, George W Crook, economists and bankers in general for looting the county. It's amazing how the so called experts, the economists, got this so wrong, when it was so obvious it was like a train wreck coming down the tracks.

Who else? Oh and the 80% of Americans who said real estate never goes down.

The NAR's appology should be in the form of dissolving their organization and suing Lawrence Yun for leading being the leader of the 80% of Americans as the happiest person in the world.

Anonymous said...

Only weak people look for apologies.

casey said...

Alan greenspan owes america an apology.

Lawrence yun owes america an apology too.

Anonymous said...

You mean, like, one of those apologies where Congress says "sorry about that whole enslavement thing" to African Americans?

Apologies, no. Reparations, hell yes.

sundry vermin said...

God responsible for the folly of man?

Dumbest post in the history of HP.

aguadiablo said...

Tom Adkins, Barry Assmus, Casey Serin, should be be all over the news telling people that Schiff is right and there is a dire need to listen to his fundamentals(and two of the three owe Schiff a huge apology).

The prolem is it is going to take a movement beyond epoch proportions to get people to save, live with some humility, admit when they were wrong even if it was together on a national scale. I don't see this happening.

For an apology, you are not going to get one from guys like Tom Adkins. He won't admit that fuckin hair on his head is a failure.

Keith, move on from the pain you feel. It sucks all of us here feel it.

Anonymous said...

Just found this site.

If it is true, then the vatican owes everyone an apology.

ATE-UP said...

Sundry Vermin said:

There is no God, so your post is dumber.


Refuse to buy overpriced said...

Who owes America an apology?

Bailout cheerleaders - Mark Zandi, James Cooper of Business Week, the NAR, the entire staff of CNBC, Keith Olberman, etc. etc.

Bailout enactors - Chris Dodd, Chuch Schumer and a majority of the Senate, Barney Frank and a majority of the House, President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson, everyone at the Federal Reserve other than Richard Fisher (but especially Timothy Geithner)

Bailout beneficiaries - the entire financial industry. On the way up, they support Republicans to ensure "privatization of profit". When the crash comes, they support Democrats to ensure "socialization of losses".

Anonymous said...


The Democrats for;
(in no particular order)

Not backing America....ever!

The Clinton's

Jimmy Carter


Ray Nagin

Social welfare

No God in school!

Al (the Hypocrite) GORE

George Sorros

The Obamas

John Edwards

John Kerry!

Tom Daschle

Diane Feinstein

Barbara Boxer

That Sheehan Twat

Madonna..the so-called entertainer

Air America

Abortion on Demand

Removal of the Ten Commandments!

The Fairness doctrine!

Al Franken

Jesse Jackson

Jeremiah Wright

Al Sharpton!

The Hippie generation kids...

Gen X

Tree huggin lunatics

E S T....look it up

The New Deal

Belief that all roads lead to God...when they don't believe in God anyway!

No drilling...when we need it!!

The Global Warming HOAX! (see Gore)

Ya want More?????


Anonymous said...


I forgot one of the biggest

Ted the Swimmer Kennedy!!!!!!!


Happy Homedebtor said...

You're never going to see reparations, ever. Get over it.

Anonynbush said...

Everybody who voted for George W. Bush especially the 5% who still think Bushy is doing a Helluva Job.

Anonymous said...

The point is that America is sorry.

Anonymous said...

"Those Libertarians in Washington D.C. will use every trick in the book to make someone else suffer the consequences of Deregulation."

You are an absolute, complete f*cking retard.

bostonobserver said...

You do Keith for hyping up the most unqualified candidate ever to run for president... B Obama.

Where is the column on how he wiped up the floor with that doddering old fool John McCain Saturday night?

What's that, it was Obama who couldn't answer a question and stumbled and bumbled over the most basic responses? No wonder he doesn't want any town hall meeting where he might have to think on his feet.

I guess there was no teleprompter handy.

Latest tracking polls 45-45.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of idiots. REITs are up, that's because RE is going to recover soon. Look for end of 2008, I heard it on CNBC.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid in Sixth Grade I was told to bring in a fiction book to read. I went to the store and used my hard earned 50 cents and bought "The Time Machine" by H. G. Wells.
When I returned to school I discovered I had not gotten the "word". Everyone had a copy of "Black Beauty" during the reading period.
The teacher came around to my desk and ripped "The Time Machine" from my hands. "This book is not for you" she said and I received a beating like you would not believe, my book being hammered into my body and destroyed in the process.
Well, I will seek an apology from H. G. Wells someday in the great beyond because of the beating I received. Later, we were all given an exam to test our reading skills. The teacher discovered that I had a 12th grade reading level at age 10. She never apologized.
Do I expect an apology from people like Bernake, Bush and others in Government who took away this retirees life by lowering interest rates to support their buddies on Wall Street? Who have stagnated my ability to move? Who destroyed my neighborhood with speculators all over the place and sale sign after sale sign?
Once again, I've taken a beating and I know that no apology is coming! The government OWES an apology for using communist/socialist methods of re-distribution of wealth but the opposite of Marx, here we take care of the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class. It's like the attitude of the French Aristocracy before the revolution.
I've taken enough beatings. It's your turn. No more incumbents, no more Republican philosophy of taking care of the rich, and we'll all benefit lies. No more Cowboy presidents, Corporate VP's, etc.

Anonymous said...

apology? you are a pussy.

Oh, someone pissed in my corn flakes! Now you owe me an apology!

This is done (there will be more unwinding, that is for sure), now it is time to start planning for what is next.

We are a nation of morons. But that is a good thing as it is impossible for everyone to be in the top 1%.

Lost Cause said...

Greenspan and the F'ed.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:38 must be on crack if he/she thinks libertarians run things in DC. Either that or he/she doesn't know what a libertarian is.


Anonymous said...

E S T....look it up


There are TONS of boarding schools that run the EST seminars. They also use Lifespring. They are Synanon based.

Google WWASPS, CEDU, Provo Canyon, Elan, Cross Creek Manor, Paradise Cove, and on and on and on.

Fucking Hellholes.

I know.

Google the Movie "Tranquility Bay"

This shit would probably piss off Keith more than the housing bubble.

Educational Consultants were recommending people to take out 2nd mortgages to send their kids to these two year programs at $4-7,000/month


a.creampuff said...

There is a power in being able to say, "I was wrong". If all the people who were wrong are unable to admit it, then they will suffer by not learning from their mistakes. (E.g. - infomercials might not be the best source of financial planning advice).

As for redress, fah-ged-aboudit. Just make it so I can afford a nice house, if I should ever again be inclined to buy one in this lifetime.

grilled club w/side of rings said...

RE: "The Republican party should issue an apology for the Bush-Cheney crime families. Then fold up their tent and go out of business."



AND FAST!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every idiot who voted for Bush twice!

theloknesmonster said...

Nobody owes anybody shit.

Take responsibility for your own situation.

God gave you a brain, use it.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann owes me a personal apology. Not holding my breath. Eff him.
FlyingMonkeyWarrior aka Infidel Woman

Anonymous said...

anon August 18, 2008 11:38 PM

For someone that apparently believes in God - you certainly don't live by his word. I don't remember Jesus ever teaching anyone to be a greedy pig. Someone that claims to believe in God would believe in some sort of social safety net. It's not just crack whores using that safety net - it's elderly people some of whom can't work, it's ill people, handicapped people, it's also people that work 40-50 hours a week but only make $7.15 an hour. It could be your sibling or child one day that needs that safety net. One catastrophe could mean you need that safety net. There will always be some people that take advantage - but look at other countries where welfare is easy and most people still opt to work - imagine that. Not everyone is a lazy bum. And drilling for more oil and destroying the environment further is clearly not the only solution. It won't reap any benefits for years if at all. The solution is exploring alternate forms of energy and cutting back on consumption by improving mass transit until we find that alternate source. I'm an optimist. I think it will happen in our lifetimes. Man has the media brainwashed you. Try watching something besides Fox

Anonymous said...

Your parents, for raising such a pansy.

Anonymous said...


I gave you a list of some of the Biggest Democrat losers

With No rebuttal?

No arguments?

Must be true then

Liberalism is a mental disorder!