August 02, 2008

HousingPANIC calls on John McCain to withdraw as the GOP nominee for President, and to apologize to America for implying Obama is the Antichrist

I seriously can't believe how low we've sunk.

For a major party candidate for president to imply that his opponent is the Antichrist in order to shore up his Christian Right base is absolutely unreal. Next up - Obama as sodomizer? Obama as a fag?

Here's McCain's latest smear. And regardless of your political leanings, you should loudly reject this type of political smut.

It's un-American, it's disgusting, and it's the most shameful political ad in American history.

John McCain is not the honorable man you thought he was. He's just another career-politician Karl Rove hack, willing to say anything and do anything to win an election.

Even portray his opponent as the Antichrist.


Anonymous said...

Republican John McCain on Friday defended his campaign's new Web ad mocking Barack Obama as a presumptuous messianic figure, saying it was important to "display a sense of humor" in the presidential contest.

Anonymous said...

Representative Tom Davis, Republican of Virginia and former leader of his party’s Congressional campaign committee, issued a dire warning that the Republican Party had been severely damaged, in no small part because of its identification with President Bush. Mr. Davis said that, unless Republican candidates changed course, they could lose 20 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate.

“They are canaries in the coal mine, warning of far greater losses in the fall, if steps are not taken to remedy the current climate,” Mr. Davis said in a memorandum. “The political atmosphere facing House Republicans this November is the worst since Watergate and is far more toxic than it was in 2006.”

keith said...

Think about it this way - could you imagine Obama putting out an ad that showed McCain as the Antichrist?

Only a Republican candidate, schooled in the ways of Atwater and Rove, would do such a thing.

It worked before. But I think America has gotten wise to the game now.

It just took the Iraq debacle and the housing crash to wake them up.

ATE-UP said...

Hey Keith No one can get in to your site, (some anyway) Internet Explorer says "operation aborted" I have seen three others complain. What is the problem? I down loaded Fire Fox to get in, and have to download flashplay to get the videos. This is for your edification.


P.S. Thanks for letting the Kendra thread run!! It was FUN!!

Anonymous said...

For many of the journalists who regard John McCain as an unusually honorable politician, listening to his increasingly dishonorable campaign rhetoric is a painful and puzzling experience. They are openly wondering what has driven him to denigrate and even smear Barack Obama in a style more reminiscent of McCain's old enemies in his own party than the straight-talking maverick. They want to believe that he has not really changed, and that somehow these lapses can be blamed on someone else. Like a spouse in a bad marriage, they have yet to face up to the fact that he actually changed years ago -- or to ask if he was ever the man they once thought he was.

a.creampuff said...

It helps to see things from the other perspective, as Keith says.

On the other hand, maybe McCain is right and political ads should be an exchance of witty pasquinades.

A cartoon of a sweet-talking geezer who can't turn his head and in private is given to fits of rage comes to mind.

Or just show a dottering man in a bathrobe padding down the hall behind a walker - to take a leak. "When Nature calls at 3:00 AM, who will answer?"

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are masters of "there's a scab on your forehead" (you know - when *they* have one, and no one else does). Which party has for years cravenly appealed to the religious right to build up their very small base of fat cats?

Anonymous said...

If Obama is the anti-christ, then McCain is an anarchist....or a junior high school girl.

Republicans use these tricks because they work. They are just using the tricks of the trade employed by the major PR firms....whose operating environments are very similar junior high schools with lots of money and dominated by all the 'mean girls.'

Because high concepts like economics and finance are way beyond the average american, the repubs sprinkle familiar, and actionable ideas on the electorate in an effort to control and direct them.

Newspapers and news broadcasts are written at the eighth grade level for a reason.

In re Explorer - ran into the same thing. Noticed Blogger blogs stopped working after XP security update downloaded and installed. Also downloaded Firefox to get around the issue.

Anonymous said...

Quite an effective ad, again from McCain. The fact you libs are going crazy over it means it's working.

Obama is nothing but an empty suit with a Messiah complex. It's about damn time the emperor is exposed for having no clothes.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Keith. Slow down dude. You are reading way too much into this. All I see is a collection of things Obama said himself with a mocking tone. Antichrist...come on. You've stolen the the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton playbook that says when anyone criticizes a black man, it must be because of racism.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

• The Antichrist comes after a falling away or apostasy. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)
- At times forbids marriage (1 Timothy 4:3)
- At times commands not to eat certain foods that God says are ok to eat. (1 Timothy 4:3-5)
- Has other teachings that are devilish (1 Timothy 4:1; Acts 8:20; 1 John 3:8, 4)
• The Antichrist is revealed before the second coming of Jesus. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3)
• The Antichrist has a visible leader. (Acts 20:30; 2 Thessalonians 2:4; Daniel 7:8)
• The Antichrist comes from within the church. (Acts 20:30; 2 Thessalonians 2:4)
• and then takes up residence in the church (2 Thessalonians 2:4)
• The Antichrist rules for a long period of time. (Revelation 13:5, 12:6, 12:14; Daniel 7:25)
• The Antichrist receives its power from the Devil. (Revelation 13:2; Revelation 12:9)
• The Antichrist blasphemes God. (Revelation 13:5-6; Daniel 7:8,20,25)
• The Antichrist tries to change God's law. (Daniel 7:25)
• The Antichrist persecutes the people who keep God's law. (Revelation 13:2, 12:17, 14:12; Daniel 7:21)
• The persecution diminishes prior to the end of the Antichrist's rule. (Matthew 24:22)
• The Antichrist's long rule comes to an end. (Revelation 13:3)
• The Antichrist again regains power and prestige. (Revelation 13:3)
• The Antichrist deceives people around the world into worshipping it. (Revelation 13:3)
• Another forces people to worship the Antichrist. (Revelation 13:11-12)
• Miracles are used to deceive people into worshipping the Antichrist. (Revelation 13:13-14)
• Some resist the authority of the Antichrist so economic sanctions are then used. (Revelation 13:16)
• Some people still resist and a death decree is brought against them. (Revelation 13:15)
• The Antichrist has a mark of authority that must be avoided at all costs. (Revelation 13:16-17, 14:9-10)

michael said...

no different from that dem ad a few years back implying that if republicans get elected black churches will burn.

come on keith it's politics. both parties are equal smut peddlers.

Anonymous said...

When I found out he doesn't buy birthday gifts for his kids, and he smokes, that is when I knew he was the Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

McCain's criticism of Obama is in one sense spot on, in another vacuous (sp?). First, its spot on in that Obama really IS treated like a celebrity/prophet merely on the basis of vague open-ended words. Second, I don't see why Obama is any less ready to lead than McCain (well except Obama's policies would suck more than McCain's, but that just goes to Obama's slanted ideology, not his readiness to assume executive position).

Anonymous said...

As has already been said, this certainly portrays him as a presumptuous messianic figure, but not as the "Antichrist".

Obama comes across as being arrogant at times. His flowery, grandiose, and melodramatic speeches, just make him look at times like a Kennedy wannabe. He is not so great, but It seems the the masses may have fallen for it. This add is just uses some good old sarcasm to make that point. It's really not vicious at all.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, but you've lost your mind on this one. There's no mention of any antichrist at all. There's plenty of mocking people's view of Obama as the 2nd coming of Jesus or Moses, but nothing about any antichrist.

My advice is don't vote for either of the douchebags left. Which is the lesser evil is to be determined. Vote Barr or Nader.

Archie said...

Keith, not surprised a bit,I called it even before Obama was the Dem lock..never underestimate the sleaziness of the American public

Like I've been noting for most of my adult life,

this is a violent, racist, bigoted, arrogant and poorly educated educated country with a government that reflects and applies those values.
Why was anyone shocked, oh my shocked,
that others would fly big planes into tall buildings?

evildoc said...



It is not clear McCain presents Ob as the Antichrist, but rather questions whether Ob sees himself as THE Christ.

Food fer thought, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Screw them both.

Cthluhu for President!
Why choose the lesser of two evils?

Cthulhu/Cheney - 2008,
'cause souls in torment
are crunchy,
and taste great!


Mission Acomplished. said...

What do you expect from McCain who will lose this election in a landslide of biblical proportions never seen before and shame himself like Colin Powell did after he lied to the world on behalf of the Bushco regime? Aluminum tubes? Yellow Cake? John McCain? I don't THINK so...

McCain is visibly reeling and listing like a sinking ship more every day, getting weaker and more pissed off already. Another nasty little scandal should finish him off for good...

Wait another month or so. Not even that monster freak Rove's dirty tricks and a very ignorant and stupid American electorate can save McCain from certain shame usually reserved for people like Hitler, Caligula and maybe Nixon...

McCain is doomed to go down like the Titanic and Hindenburg, the only diference is we all know why:

The failed and disgraced regime of George W. Bushco and Cheneyburton.

The GOP is dead and will lose many, many Senate seats as well as the Presidency in November.

The WORST Presedint EVER, Houston's native son George W. Bush.

Obama will win 49 states and the GOP wil lose 20 seats.

Great Job Georgie! Mission Acomplished.

W.C. Varones said...

You mean imply, not infer.

And mocking the obvious Messiah complex is not the same as implying he's the Antichrist.

Vote Barr anyway.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for all your hard work.

I'm not clear from the video that this is really calling Obama the Antichrist.

However, if you want outrage, I'd like you to take a look at this.


"Ken Wilson, the Goldman Sachs banker who is joining the US Treasury to help the country through the financial crisis, is expected to take a temporary post that will subject him to less stringent ethics rules than many other high-level officials.

Mr Wilson was likely to be treated as a “special government employee”, making it unlikely he would have to sell assets or produce the detailed disclosure reports required of officials appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, legal experts said."

Read the whole thing.

What is Kenny boy going to do. Sell Rumors? Cook Books? Change government stats? I agree we need to help this country, but we need to be above board.

Please, dig into this one. I think it is much more important and needs more attention.

Anonymous said...

From Mish's site: Others are having problems with this site too. IE users only. I solved this by placing http://* in my restricted sites. I don't get all the videos and polls, but I can use HP on a limited basis. I get errors on other blogs too, not just HP

Anonymous said... (connected to Mossad) reports that the US republicans and Iran has struck a bargain...

Both get time - Iran to develop it's bomb - the Reps. to claim victory Iraq in time for the elections.

Jason said...

Oh c'mon, Keith. I grew up in a fundamentalist home, and I didn't even think that ad was calling Obama the antichrist. Although the Moses reference made me laugh out loud. It's a fun ad, making a serious point. He's all style, no substance.

And hey, what do you think about his economic stimulus plan? Instead of printing up $600 fresh new dollars for everyone, he's going to print up $1000!


Reality said...

It's actually funny. I thought the ad was comparing Obama to the typical self-proclaimed Messiah . . . Anti-Christ? I don't think so. That was a play act of Moses at the tail end from a theatrical production of him coming down from Mt. Sinai with the words of God. . . hardly implying an Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Fake ad makes McCain look absurd
12:00 PM Fri, Aug 01, 2008 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
Michael Landauer E-mail Suggest a blog topic

It seems like the Drudge Report and others are trying to pass off an ad about Obama being "The One" as a real campaign ad put out by the McCain camp. It accused Obama of portraying himself as divine.

Surely it's a fake. It makes fun of religious people, it clearly takes comments of Obama's out of context (including a sarcastic comment he made about some sort of heavenly inspiration to vote for him). Worse, if this ad is serious, it plays on people's fears that Obama is some sort of anti-Christ or false prophet.

At best, it's juvenile satire. At worst, it's offensive fear-mongering. And I suspect this is an attempt to make the McCain camp look stupid, which is not fair (or necessary, really).

If this were a true campaign ad, wouldn't it be featured on McCain's own site?

UPDATE 2:14 p.m.: The McCain campaign actually did make that ad! Seriously, I thought this was a YouTube joke.

speedingpullet said...

Even as an Obama supporter, I have to say I laughed when I saw the ad.

What made me laugh the most was the final line :...but,,,is he ready to LEAD?...."

Because he was compared a) to Moses - a man who lead his people out Egypt. and ultimately to the Promised Land

And b) 'The Messiah' - literally meaning 'anointed by g*d or 'the chosen one'

So, when the bottom-of-the-boots-deep voice rumbled ....." he ready to LEAD?!?!?..." my first thought was:


OK, so I may have had a atypical reaction, but personally I think the ad backfired so badly that it was actually quite funny.

Even if McCain was trying to suggest that Obama was, indeed, the Anti-Christ, then McCain is messing with Destiny - and we all know that mere mortals trying to mess with Destiny often end up as strange looking smears on the sidewalk, after they've been pulverised in the wake...

Strangely enough, the ad HAS had an effect - but probably not the one McCain anticipated - apparently many people sitting on the fence vote-wise have donated to Obama in the last week, out of sympathy for him.
And, many of the reilgious right - who I assume were the target viewers of 'The One' - are offended by the religious imagery, whether they support Obama or McCain.

So - way to go John!
You've successfully shot yourself in the foot!

Personally, I doubt that McCain himself has much more to do with the ads than approve them, but he;s not doing himself any favours by saying he's 'proud' of the ads, or that they are 'just a little humour'.

And you have to wonder where he goes from here - its only just turned August, and there's 3 months to go before the election.

At some point, even the most 'low-information' voter is going to realise that the McCain campaign is sending the majority of its money on going 'look at HIM - he's the BAD MAN' about Obama, and spending less and less on getting McCain's message and policies out.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in that ad implying Obama is the antichrist. I see a question being put forth - in all the fervor over Obama, are people forgetting to consider if he's ready to lead the country?

Anonymous said...

What a rat (I don't even know what I'm talking about).

Any Day Now! said...

Obama(nation) is not the antiChrist, only a model and precursor to the antiChrist to show how easily the real one will eventually be accepted.

I won't bother saying what the inerrant bible says is in store for those of you too stiff-necked to see, believe and accept. Suffice it to say, you will have an incredibly long time to contemplate why you never did in spite of all the evidence.

The bible is intentionally written so the damned won't get it. Something to consider for those of you thinking, huh?

Anonymous said...


Pretty obvious

Anonymous said...

Interesting article by Commentary.

Lisa37 said...

When are you going concede, you shoulda stuck with real estate. Your political picks stink.

No chance the corrupt Illinois Senator, the guy that changes his positions everyday (if not every hour), the fraudster, the empty suit, the arrogant, "presumptous president" BO will get elected. When is he going to drop out ?

Anonymous said...

What is really funny is that Obama is the Antichrist.

You think Bush is bad, Obama will make him look like a genius.

Say goodby to your checkbook, say goodby to your capitol gains. Say hello to substandard government mandated healthcare and say hello to millions upon millions of new hoards of illegal criminal border crashing invaders.

The only thing worse than McCain is Obama.

Why are you fools supporting either one of these dimwits anyway?

Go ahead, be a Lemming, follow your Democrat or Republican leader over the cliff by electing one of these idiots.


Anonymous said...

It's a great commercial, and has NOTHING to do with the antichrist. It's using Obama's own delusional words to show what a pompous, pretentious, self-serving ass he is.

This clown, among other freakish things, believes women should be able to kill their BORN children, within certain limits (it's called infanticide), and is a huge supporter of partial birth abortion, a practice whose inventor admits has no medical purpose whatsoever; it's simply a way to make sure a late abortion (up to forty weeks) does not result in a surviving kid (whose skull is punctured and brain sucked out, without benefit of anesthesia).

Obama is now offering one-thousand dollars to every American to help pay for gas, even those many of those he's bribing don't own cars. Of course, they're going to vote for him. A free thousand dollars for absolutely nothing? How could they resist?

This man is fake, a sleaze, a liar, and a meglomaniac. His entire campaign is at attempt to re-create the John Kennedy and MLK experience. Hence the ridiculous trip to Germany (Germans don't vote in our elections). He copies MLK's inflections, he mimics Kennedy's drama, but his insanity is his own. If Keith thinks McCain is bad for allowing this commercial, he obviously has no sense of humor or proportion.

Of course, Keith knows this. He concocts these alleged crises to keep people reading and posting.

Incidently, since Keith made the antichrist connection, could it be that on some level he's been thinking along these lines?

Obama does act like some self-anointed messiah, and he DID say that this was the point in history, because of him, that the (supposedly rising) oceans would start to recede.

Deb said...

Getting worried 'cause air is comig out your boy's bubble.

It hits the nail right on the head. People are waking up only now to see how accurate that add is !!!

Stop hitting below the belt with race cards. You are loosing badly on this one. DOnt sink any deeper in your own hole.

Anonymous said...

McCain only uses Obama's own words against him.

It's a wonderful clip.

Obama THINKS he is the messiah, but he is a fool.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

The Anti-Christ?

Isn't that who McCain has been
brown-nosing for the last 8-years?

People are now (slowly) waking up
to these type of "ad-campaigns".

Besides, McCain is too old and frail, and has no business
running for the Presidency.

bitterrenter said...

They're republicans, that's what they DO to get elected. Their ideas are morally reprehensible, their ideology morally bankrupt. All they have is greed, selfishness and fear to help get them elected.

It works pretty good, too. The brainstems et this stuff up.

Pete said...

The Reublicans will do anything to avoid losing the White House, not just because they want to keep their party in power, but also because they fear what the repercussions will be if the veil is lifted about the criminal abuse of power that has been going on the last eight years. People will go to jail and to the Hague and Chaney will refuse to allow that. We better protect Obama with all our might! Those corrupt Assholes know their free days are numbered!

bostonobserver said...

Its called satire Keith but you are clearly too dumb to get it.

When a politician with less experience than just about anyone who has ever seriously contended for the office makes statements like:

"we're the ones we've been waiting for"

"this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for."

"I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."

Not too mention his numerous references to lowering the level of the seas and otherwise saving the planet.

Wrap it all up and and one can't help but see a messiah complex that is just too easy to poke fun at.

Stick to real estate as your coverage there is lagging badly. Still no thread on the loophole in the bailout that will let speculators walk away with huge profits once the market rebounds.

Anonymous said...

rove hasn't done anything good for the repub party overall. he got too creative, all politically motivated. he destroyed poor 'w' in the long run. i think the repub should consider nominate a another candidate in the convention. mccain has been running a mediocre campaign, not to mention he forgets frequently, or flip flops. bad for the party.

Anonymous said...

The bible is intentionally written so the damned won't get it. Something to consider for those of you thinking..We are as crazy as batshit...

You know the Chinese who own your asses don't believe any of that biblical bullshit By the way..when are your asses going to dissapear errrrrrrrrr rapture.

Anonymous said...


Every time I try to watch the vid

I lose my internet connection

BOstinks said...

BO stinks and he's toast. Democrats blew an easy chance to occupy whitehouse. Totally fumbled. I am a Long time Democrat. I am voting for McCain.

This guy Obama has no clue what he is doing, and what he is up to. He came from the most corrupt state in the union, the state of Illinois. He was not my choice in the primaries. He will not be in the general election.

thingamajig said...

The Barack of Obama is tripping all over himself. Bad week.

fast actin tinactin said...

I want to see Senator Stevens HUNG in the town square!!!

Adam SlowHand Smith said...

Sheesh, what's next: will Hannity be given a hot tip that Obama has an overdue library book?

McCain's campaign has NOTHING of substance of which to criticize Obama, so they're trying to reshape Obama's STRENGTHS out to be his WEAKNESSES. I don't want to drink beers with Obama, I want him to act PRESIDENTIAL, and represent our country to the world!

All of the skills and strengths that we'd like in say, I dunno, a PRESIDENT, are not the ones you'd like in say, Billy Bob down the road. People think they want a Billy Bob in office, and Bush has shown us the folly of THAT line of thinking!

I'm sure the meeting for the ad campaign went something like this:

"Let's see, Obama's an excellent speaker, an effective communicator, charismatic, youthful, cut from the same cloth as someone like JFK, etc."

"So let's high-light ALL of the areas where Obama's got McCain beat hands-down, but then we'll try to turn all of it into a negative!! Let's try to make him out as egotistical, self-centered, megalomaniacal, since any politician who possesses all of these desirable traits MUST be in to himself, or how else could he have gotten to the point he did?"

I'm left wondering what's so dysfunctional about the American political system such that Bush (who IS the anti-Obama, if there ever was one, LOL!) ever got into the White House, not just ONCE, but TWICE!

Listing the opponent's strengths as an attack campaign ad? If it wasn't for real, it truly WOULD be laughable....

Jen said...

Withdraw over an add !!!. Time for you to see a shrink.

Getting scared your corrupt Illinois boy is gonna get crsushed ?

You thought people will look the other way without asking tough questions about his corrupt past becasue he's black ? You cant scare people asking questions, using race card for ever. At some point people will say screw the race card. We cant let this guy get a pass for ever that wnats to a President of the country !!!

Time for you to stop playing with the puppet and come to real world !!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What is really funny is that Obama is the Antichrist.

Say goodby to your checkbook, say goodby to your capitol gains. Say hello to substandard government mandated healthcare and say hello to millions upon millions of new hoards of illegal criminal border crashing invaders.

AntiChrist = no checkbook, no capital gains, substandard gvt healthcare, and illegal immigrants?

Christ = checkbook, capital gains, privatized healthcare and illegals all go home.

What church do you go to?


Anonymous said...

Once again Keith I beg you...stick to housing. You know nothing about politics and not much about satire either.

Anonymous said...

Greed is the Antichrist-as in...No sevant can serve two Masters...You can not serve both God and Mammon. For all your biblical scholars- I believe the passage in Revelation was that 666 was the number of the beast. I don't think Revelations ever says that the beast is a human. Also, didn't the Pope at one point accuse Dubya of being the Antichrist? Later on Dubya was then elevated from "Son of the Devil" to the Devil himself by the Venezualian president.

Obama is an empty suit,but the antichrist (greed) is ALREADY here.
McCain may in truth be a honest and decent human being, but to paraphrase Molly Ivans "you got to dance with them that brought ya" and the Republican party brought McCain to the dance. Ditto to Obama. He will be beholden to Democratic interests, which given the current state of our political parties, is the REALLY any difference between them? All politicians are beholden to the corporate lobbiests that finance their campaigns.

Kinko Da Clown said...

I have three reasons for voting for McCain

1. Son in Navy

2. Not sure if Obama does not have a 666 tatoo on his head somewhere.

3. McCain has Cojones, proved it in Vietnam and last year fighting for Immigration Reform.


Anonymous said...

It's a great ad, and has knocked Obama back on his heels.

People are starting to find out who Obama really is, and the polls are tightening.

Mark this post:

John McCain will be out next President.

Anonymous said...


Not sure what you're talking about. This video doesn't imply he's the anti-christ, it's just pointing out the fact that Obama is treated/viewed as a messianic figure and questions whether all this pizzazz is really just fluff. It's a valid question, does he have the ability to lead?

Devestment said...

Brilliant and effective advertising, everyone in the world has seen the ad.

It did not offend me because I did not take it seriously. I do not take any political statement seriously any more. I want to believe, but can not.

Prepare to see "the best advertising money can buy".

i've had it said...

chill out keith, you're starting to sound like an hysterical woman...this ad doesn't even come close to something that is really significant, which was obama calling mccain a racist the other day (note that today he had to clarify what he said...).

if obama is going to dish it out like he has, campaign in foreign countries to sway our electoral process, associate with america haters like Wright, constantly refer to himself as the one "we have all been waiting for" then he better be prepared to take it and take it hard.

his messaging that he is "the one" sets him up for an ad like this...mccain's campaign saw the window and took advantage of it. kudos to them. i almost think obama believes himself to be a cult figure...The One!...we all must follow.

he's a typical figure that liberals need since they are always looking for some sort of messianic leader to bring the masses to their heaven-here-on-earth. The most recent one before Obama, and i might add he's still out there, is Gore...the messianic leader of the human-made Global Warming cult.

i think mccain's ad is funny and does a good job of ridiculing obama's elitism, arrogance, and megalomania.

i won't vote for mccain but that doesn't mean I don't think the ad is good!

i think HP should focus on housing, not politics. not sure what you are trying to achieve now with this site.

Rick from MT said...

The Republicans have no problem with the fact that McCain has pretended that he is already President on multiple occasions. Nor that he has no ideas about anything except doing more of the same things that have brought us to the edge of economic ruin.

Bush comments constantly about talking to God and having gone into Iraq because it was God's will through him. This is of course not messianic.

Obama uses the words of faith the same as Bush and many other politicians do. For the same reasons.

Some people are apparently bothered by the fact that Obama has too much self-confidence for a man of his background. For a man of his background. Because being self-confident is supposed to a bad thing in a Presidential candidate. This is obviously just code for other physical and psychological characteristics. Uppity.

Never mind that he was a lecturer on constitutional law. That should have nothing to do with having confidence. Nor should McCain graduating at the bottom of his class have any meaning.

So now we are at a point where Republicans think calling an opponent the incarnation of Satan on earth is either a cute joke or an honest difference of opinion. Or running an ad that says that Obama does not look like previous Presidents so therefore he is unfit. The depth of the fall of political discourse from Republicans is like looking for the housing market bottom. It's still a long way down. At this point their arguments border on completely irrational because the alternative would be to try deal with the fact that Republicans, by controlling all three branches of government for so long, have no reasonable way to explain why the current state of the US economy and our dropping world standing is not due to their failures.

The Republicans have no idea how to fix things except by staying the course until the Republic sinks into overwhelming debt from foreign wars and the failure to support US infrastructure. The huge risk is that at some point, when it is to their advantage, our creditors will simply pull our credit cards.

Rather than admit mistakes were made by all and find ways to make things better, they are putting this campaign into a death spiral of personal attacks and slander.

I'd say that it seems unlikely that McCain could fall much farther but they've already out Bushed Bush by moving the bar lower with each new action. I expect to be surprised by how far they will sink.

Just to set the bar at the right level, anyone that sees the ad and doesn't think that McCain said that Obama might be the anti-christ is probably too dumb to understand anything more sophisticated than Dick and Jane and their little dog Spot. The message was clear.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Obama lives in the zip code 60606 in Chicago, right?

And that, according to Nostradamus, the Black pope would be nominated before the end of times.

And that the Antichrist would arrive mounted on a White Horse (White House?)

And that the Antichrist is left-handed?

And that the Antichrist is an excellent speaker who creates a cult following?

Do your own search if you don't believe it. That was written many centuries ago.

Anonymous said...

I love the McCain's so true. Obama is the new Britney Spears.

Lost Cause said...

Everybody knows that Bush is the anti-christ. Other than that, the ad is hysterically funny. Can you imagine the gales of laughter that this will inspire at Obama rallies?

Anonymous said...

i've had it said...\

i think HP should focus on housing, not politics. not sure what you are trying to achieve now with this site.

Maybe after 4 years Keith has gotten a little bored and discovered that there is more to life than houses? How many more years do we have to talk about our Little Pink Houses with granite and hickory?

Geez it is like 30 freakin years of Stairway to Heaven on FM radio. So, are we there yet? Can we turn the channel?


keith said...

This blog has been talking politics since it started. Thanks for dropping by

I think Ben's boring blog sticks to housing - head over there

It's all connected. Politics, religion, housing, economics

HP'ers know it.

GP don't.

Anonymous said...

Antichrist? What? It's just making fun of Obama's ego. I thought it was great!

keith said...

Upon further reflection, I think McCain is just taking a dive. I don't think he really wants to be president, not at his age, and not with Bush's. Probably just wants to go home, take off his Depends(TM), and kick back

bickerer said...

Keith, you are an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum.

Anonymous said...

It's because he can't call him a nggr. I'm surprised no one has slipped and called him one. Although white people want to say "i have black friends", we black folks already know the white man dance. You think what you do since ya been doing it for so long is some kind of insider joke, and no one knows what your doing. Blacks have been treated bad by whites for so long we can detect the tiniest nuiances in whatever you do because we've seen it all before. So when McCain does what he does, it's not a suprise to us, it's a surprise to you because you can't understand how come he is blatant with it, it's supposed to be kept secret. With a black man running for office and looks like he is going to win, the time for that secret behind closed door stuff ain't working, it's time to let the whole word know how they (white folks)talk in code. Especially that no experience shit, as I have said before if that makes a better president, explain George Bush. I didn't hear anyone saying he had no experience and I say Al Gore is laughing his ass off. You get what you beg for.

Anonymous said...

Great add.

I'm ready to watch the debate.

Anonymous said...


Jesse Jackson, called Obama a Ni**er wha more can you say?

. said...

Obama's speeches sound so much like Hitler's during his rise to German Chancellor that it's not even funny.

Based on that I'd say the odds are in favor of Obama being the Antichrist.

Well, OK, I don't believe in any of that religious or superstitious stuff, but the man's policies and intentions are evil. And that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...


One good reason to vote for McCain,

Whether or not he's a war hero

When he was in prison, injured and being tortured,

He was given the opportunity to released from prison!

He didn't take it!

His fellow soldiers and his Honor were at stake!

He stayed........Thats a Tough SOB!


keith said...

Good point Frank - I hear Obama saying how he wants to kill the jews, gypsies and gays in his speeches. And dominate Europe. And create a master race.


American politics is sick. And now America is too.

fast actin tinactin said...

Holy Shit, the Reverend Wright is an HPer.

Seriously though, I think this white guilt thing has about run it's course. said...

I'm proudly wearing my new shirt from CafePress ... picture of Obama with a faint image of Hitler in the background and the caption "Hitler Gave Great Speeches Too."

The back has this quote: "What luck for rulers that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler

bitterrenter said...

I hope he is the anti-christ and he gives the republicans a quick trip straight to hell which is where they belong and will all end up anyway.

bobby jones said...

"Only a Republican candidate, schooled in the ways of Atwater and Rove, would do such a thing."

This statement ignores the reality that hillary clinton started up the whole "obama thinks that the heavens will open and angels will descend" fuss.

Hence, I recommend this video since I think it's a "must watch" along with the McCain video.

Honestly, I think McCain is doing the right thing to push Obama on policy details since I remember full well that he used to push coal liquification and then reversed course after his campaign was floundering... so Obama will be making deals with the devils and I hope Obama's choir understands this.

Anonymous said...

We should all vote for Obama! After all he is Black.

Anonymous said...

So, think the next worse thing than being the Anti-Christ is being a "fag"?
Why the disparaging remark about gays? You know as well as I that "fag" is used to taunt people and is probably the last word a victim of gay-bashing hears before he is knocked out cold or God forbid, worse.
Personally, I think you should apologize.

Anonymous said...

Obama's speeches sound so much like Hitler's during his rise to German Chancellor that it's not even funny.

There you freaking go again.

Just go read Mein Kampf. That's what Hitler believed in.
Crap like: Germany was "stabbed in the back" by liberals and Jews. Aryan superiority, not equality. Massive military buildup. Aggressive conquest. Ultranationalistic jingoism.
The Audacity of Hate.

Obama is NOT anti-christ, un-American, Muslim sleeper agent, Marxist---and most especially NOT a vengeful, cruel fascist!

He's a politician who can give good speech. That's it. He's no god, and neither is McCain.

It's so pathetic that when finally there is a candidate once again who actually can put three words together in a row three fourths of the white country goes all ballistic about elitism, messiah, antichrist.

Guess what? In years past, people DEMANDED that their Presidents speak, write and orate not like the common man but like leaders. People demanded that Presidents were not ordinary, but extraordinary or at least pretty decently spoken. Democrats and Republicans. What's wrong with sounding like JFK?

I think we could really use somebody a bit slick now.

How much has Roveism and GWB idiotized Americans?

grilled Jezus H. Snapper Turtle on a stick!

Anonymous said...

He was given the opportunity to released from prison!

He didn't take it!

His fellow soldiers and his Honor were at stake!

He stayed........Thats a Tough SOB!

I agree, that John McCain makes the best prisoner of war.

Since 2000, though his honor has been soiled all on his own. We're not voting for Captain McCain. (btw, he was a crappy aviator and crashed lots of planes)

Duke Cunningham was a kick ass fighter pilot in Vietnam too.

deepcgi said...

I think it's hilarious. As far as the media is concerned (including you D) he IS the chosen one. Being black, it's politically incorrect to make fun of him. Being left, it's politically incorrect to disagree with him. Being socialist, it's irresponsible to deny him his preacher's timbre. If he raises up his arms and says, "Let my people go", i'll gladly say, "Go ahead. And don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Omama said...

I used to respect you.

I thought you were more independent.

The way you are censoring posts shows that you are or have become just another shill, a NAR spokesman in your own way.

What makes you afraid? Why the need to protect the Messiah? Are you worried now? Are you sensing that his selection is in jeopardy?

You should. Cuz he can't win.

So just stay in Europe. You've become one of them. The "world citizen" crap. Good. We don't need you Keith. You've lost your credibility, your character and your soul.

Rick from MT said...

While I won't try to guess why McCain didn't take the easy way when he was offered the chance to get out of prison, I will react to the offer. He was given the opportunity because of the stature within the military of his father and grandfather. Plenty of other American POWs were not given the same chance because they lacked the connections. His decision is almost certainly praise worthy but in no way suggests that he or any other POW, even those that were not given a get out of jail free card should automatically be President.

Some folks think this country has serious problems to resolve and we have to avoid picking another useless figurehead that doesn't know when he is being taken for a ride. McCain will simply be Bush on steroids. Dumber, less ethical and less engaged. If you liked the outcome of the last seven years then you will love McCain. If you liked putting our country into debt to the Chinese, the Japanese, the Russians and the Arabs then things are just going to get better.

The question is whether business as usual has any chance of making things better.

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be sounding like a bleeding heart liberal because I don't think the guy is trustworthy. Sorry about that.

Less ethical than Bush, what a concept.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Democrats have to nominate this Arabic, White, Black, man as savior to their party. Is the Democratic ideal best represented by a man who attended a racist church for 20 years. His church of 20 years, and his wife's thesis at Princeton speak volumes about thier true black rage and black power agenda. Come election day, the silent majority will vote John McCain into office.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:36

Black folks do this too. Talk in code about white people. Black people are racist bigots too. I agree. Enough with the white guilt thing. That party is SO over. I didn't own slaves, I don't even know if any of my relatives owned slaves. I have never called anyone N@#$**. Blacks were given equal opportunity. Nobody ever said that was going to be a cakewalk. Education and opportunity isn't a cakewalk for anyone, no matter what your color. Even oriental people have to study math. (joke) (Well okay unless your last name is Bush)

Anonymous said...

Keith... and Obama Hussein...are both back on their heels.

Keep punching these socialists.

McCain Wins!!!! McCain Wins!!!!!!!!

Adam SlowHand Smith said...

Say hello to substandard government mandated healthcare and say hello to millions upon millions of new hoards of illegal criminal border crashing invaders.

Uh, we have sub-standard health care in the form of Medicare/Medicaid already, unless you haven't noticed.

As far as the hoards crashing the border, where have you been the last decade? Aren't you aware that Bush and his Republican friends basically left the Nation's borders wide open, telling the Border Patrol to look the other way? Cheap labor from Mexico was seen as a gift to big businesses, and if there's one thing you can count on Bush for, it's doing ANYTHING that might grant favors to big business. No enforcement of immigration laws was viewed as 'pro-business'.

The irony is the housing crash has done more to encourage illegal aliens to return to Mexico, as they can't find jobs in America anymore. If the housing downturn was Bush's plan all along as a means to deal with illegals, then I guess he deserves credit for a nice way to 'encourage' them to return home.

So it's a little late for the fear mongering about the half-white, half-black Fascist Obama (LOL!), as we've already seen the very worst-case scenario under Bush!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Republicans!

Omama said...

Earmarks in congress are last minute funding that are usually snuck into major unrelated bills at the last minute. They are a way to spend tax dollars without debate, discussion or a real vote.

How do the candidates compare?

Hillary got 340 million last year.

Barry Hussein Obama spent 91 million.

McCain spent ZERO because he opposes earmark spending.

jason said...

Man, I always liked McCain, thought he was a different type of politician, I cant believe what he has done, very very disturbing, and horribly dishonerable.

Anonymous said...

The law enforcement angle is the pertinent one.

The GOP isn't anxious to have their label, instead of the perfect fall guy, at the helm when the shit Really hits the fan these coming years, BUT

The employers want to protect their loyal employees long enough for the crime trail to go cold.

Peter T said...

I don't see any Antichrist calling in the ad; on the other hand, I don't understand the Moses quote either, until which the ad seems positive to Obama - the ad is simply bad.

Lost Cause said...

I think that perhaps Mc Cain represents the US perfectly. Why pretend that we are something else? ...other than a belligerent imperial outlaw, with no respect for anyone, with a smart vulgar mouth, pimped out to the highest bidder, singing a new tune for whatever price, ready to drop our pants and take it in the rear?

A diaper-wearing bully, waiting for the wife to turn on the computer, so that he can surf for porn while waiting for the Viagra to kick in?

tabasco said...

"frank@scottsdale sucks" seems to talk about Hitler a little too often, wouldn't you say? Kinda like those right wing nuts that really, really hate the gays, then end up getting busted trying to have gay sex in an airport bathroom. Sounds to me like "frank@scottsdale sucks" is one huge closet Nazi.

tabasco said...

Barack can only be the anti-christ if he starts an end of times holy war in Israel. That would seem to be much more up John McCain's alley. However, McCain is way too stupid to win this election, so I guess we won't be seeing an anti-christ anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been treated bad by whites for so long we can detect the tiniest nuiances in whatever you do because we've seen it all before.

I wonder what's your excuse for the way blacks threat blacks. Blacks kill more blacks than whites. All we see is Crips killing Bloods, and so on. You blacks hate your own race and have the nerve to blame whites. You even kill each other for some stupid car rims. Now that's pathetic. You even hate and kill each other in Africa. I guess it's all right if you kill each other, right? Funny how that works. Geez, let me guess who killed B.I.G or Tupac...nope, not the whities.

So you better tell your own race to take accountability 101 at the community college, idiot. Oh and one more thing, stop breeding like flies and sucking welfare from hardworking taxpayers (not matter what race). Stop whining and thinking that your Hussein Obama will make everything tip-top or it's a way to get even.

I have respect for the black person who sees Hussein Obama for what he really is: nothing but an elite half-black put together by a shady group of white men. Or do you really think that the meterotic ascension of your Messiah was purely based on his talent of reading teleprompters? we have a half-black with 100 days experience in the Senate, who voted most of the time "Present" because he didn't have the balls to pick an issue, whose biggest experience was running a tabloid in college, and suddenly became a Democratic nominee for POTUS.

You people better wake up because this country needs less sheeple. You're all being played for a fool by the same shady group who gave you Bushco. Stop being a Hussein Obama cultist, be a free thinker and question the corrupt MSM that has been pushing your messiah the same way they were selling the Iraq war to you not long ago.

So let's read the news tomorrow to see all the blacks who killed blacks over the weekend...but it's the white men's fault, right? That's the new America; nobody takes accountability for anything these days, it's always someone else's fault and Hussein Obama is the savior to make everything tip-top or to keepsyreal.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, it would be so funny if Obama lost. After all his presidential parades and all his cultists and the 24/7 MSM Kool-Aid and Keith's Kool-Aid and the DNC shenanigans against Hillary. I would laugh so hard...There'll be a lot of people looking stupid if that happens. And I'm not even voting for anyone since Ron Paul isn't running.

Anonymous said...

My one and only lifetime vote was for Ron Paul in the primary. I will never vote again (barring a revolution).

Obama is terrible. McCain is equally terrible. Both are anti-christs pushing us towards a one world government while skimming off as much power and money as possible.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an empty suit. If Obama gets elected, we will realize the emperor has no clothes on.

McCain needs to stop trying to please the right. It's over for the right.

Anonymous said...

Seems SPOT ON to me! The beast has been brought to the front for everyone to see. Wait till he checks you to see if you have been "marked". Oba666ma.

Anonymous said...

"I won't bother saying what the inerrant bible says is in store for those of you too stiff-necked to see, believe and accept."

Downright Christian of you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

McCain has nothing to lose, as is the case with losers. so he's going for broke, hoping something is better then nothing.

Daphne64 said...

One additional argument against your claim that the ad is all but calling Obama the antichrist:

The end question: "Is he ready to lead?"

If someone were concerned another person were the antichrist, that wouldn't be the question put forth. The question in that case would be "where is he going to lead us?" or such.

His actual camplain planks are none to exciting even for his followers, and he clearly is trying to push empty buzzwords like "change" and "hope" over anything of substance.

Once again, I will vote 3rd party.

Anonymous said...

Peter T said...

"I don't see any Antichrist calling in the ad; on the other hand, I don't understand the Moses quote either"

One: It's an allusion to Obama's comment about being the one who, now, will cause the ocean levels to go back down. Watch the commercial again, and you can hear him say it (that's why the commercial's makers have spliced in footage of Moses parting the Red Sea). Two: It's an allusion to Obama's outrageous claims about leading the country, the people, the world etc. out of its problems into a new utopia.

If you had followed Obama's many public gaffs, you would get the jokes. His claim that the polar "ice caps" are melting, for instance. There are only two polar ice caps, and one one is melting; the other is geting bigger.

The man is a meglomaniac and extraordinarily dangerous. But, equally dangerous is the cult of fanatic, hysterical worshippers that has grown up around him. This video says it all.

Anonymous said...

Any day now? said...
"The bible is intentionally written so the damned won't get it. Something to consider for those of you thinking, huh?"

The damned just think they "get it." Like you buddy.

fast actin tinactin said...

btw, he was a crappy aviator and crashed lots of planes.

Sir, what the hell do you know about aviation or the particular circumstances encountered.

What you know is that you read this line in a Seattle PI editorial early this year. This is what I can't stand about sheeple. THINK FOR YOURSELF AND WRITE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS HERE.

Anonymous said...

The wheels have fallen off the Obama bus. Its stuck there in the middle of the road.

The situation in Iraq has changed. Obama's entire political stance is based on the failure of Iraq. I'm not seeing 5-10 soldiers KIA everyday. I'm seeing an opportunity to withdraw with honor. Folks, the war in Iraq is winding down. Al Queda is withdrawing to the Pakistan tribal regions.

Ron Paul was the correct choice on the economy. But even Ron Paul might have been incorrect on the war. When your in a war you can't just vote and pretend to make it go away. Life doesn't work that way. Even I had my doubts on the war yet McCain persevered and took political risk on the issue.

I think the entire blame Bush for the war is simply a democrat / republican circle jerk. Both parties voted for the war. Even the current democratic congress is funding the war.

If the country followed Obama's advice, Iraq would be a total disaster. An even worse situation than it was. A total loss.

I was driving today. The car in front of me had an Obama sticker. The first O in Obama was a peace symbol. Yet, Obama wants to ramp up Afghanistan. You think Obama's supporters are going to like that?

I don't agree with everything McCain stands for ... especially his stance on immigration. I don't think he will ever win over the latino vote. Yet, when I look at the other issues I'm agreeing more with McCain. Yet, Obama's stance is the same on immigration. Its the same stance as Bush on immigration.

Moreover, lets face it, the democrats pushed the bailout. At least my two Texas senators voted against it. Yet, McCain and Obama had no vote on the issue. So, I get confused by Keith's blind support for Obama. Similar to the immigration stance by the candidates.

So much for the "one".

Anonymous said...

"...I don't see any Antichrist calling in the ad..."

"Ready to carry The Burden(of The One)..."

These are the most subtle, yet sophisticated subliminals that money can buy.

Slutty white chicks starring a charismatic black dude...

The Obama Girl(thanx for the tremendous help!)...

Implant for the Rubes: devil-worshipper crypto-Muslim oversexed Black man availing hisself with our wimmins.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Quite an effective ad, again from McCain. The fact you libs are going crazy over it means it's working"

Please! That ad was childish and idiotic. No substance. Zero!

Anonymous said...

McCain in, perhaps, a landslide... Reparations? Black Liberation Theology? To the left of Leahy? Think about your mom, and others like her... they vote.

Anonymous said...

HP dude, you are insane. There is no implication of the Anti Christ in this video.

Gabriel said...

This ad WAS Funny, and Obama is the one who is portraying himself as THE One. McCain is just making fun of him!


Re: Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems SPOT ON to me! The beast has been brought to the front for everyone to see. Wait till he checks you to see if you have been "marked". Oba666ma.

August 03, 2008 1:19 PM

Wake the F#%K Up I∂iot Americans! said...

Well at least Obama is welcomed by those outside of our USA borders. Foreigners are frightened of a McCain presidency or anything similiar to Bush policy. Im tired of being ashamed of being an America outside our borders just for starters!

Obonga or Ochonga? said...

Was that Tommy Chong at the end of the video? Maybe thats a hint that Obama will make all states legalize medicinal marijuana?

Anonymous said...

With each passing week McCain shows how out of touch he is. His head's just not in the game on economic and energy matters. About the only hope there is that he'll surround himself with good advisors.

Unfortunately, Obama's keen intellect is engaged. I say unfortunately, because he'll be very effective at leading us down the path to more socialism. He's an inspirational leader, but his "new ideas" are 40, 50, 100 years old. Income redistribution to equalize outcomes (except for the super-rich, of course!), a greater role for government in the economy, continued energy starvation in the name of environmentalism, and trade barriers to protect local industries and workers that aren't competitive on the world markets.

Anonymous said...

McCain did get something wrong. Obama isn't the AntiChrist, he is the next coming of Hitler. Remember kids, it will be "mandatory" volunteerism.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are desperate. Republican party will probably not survive.

Oh wait. Diebold is counting the ballots.........never mind.

Fire Up the Ovens! said...

Well if Obama turns out to be another hitler (as that freak Frank from Scottdale implies with his silly tshirt he ordered from Rush Limbaugh's website) I wish Obama would then order the remainder of our military to round up all the neocons, zionists, repiglicans, warmongers, corrupt businessman and all the other subhumans who have raped America and our planet load them up on trains bound to the death camps and simply GAS EM!!!I would enjoy hearing them scream in agony and crackle as they burn and would love to go collecting those flag lapel pins in the ashes after there demise as tally marks!

zapparulez said...


I'm sorry, I despise McCain, but that ad was just plain FUNNY! I've gotten that "antichrist" feeling from Obama since he was swept into the Senate a few years back. He just has that feel to him in my opinion.

Which is probably why I find this ad so hilarious. Apparently, even McCain thinks Obama is the spawn of Satan. The irony is that McCain must be Obama's cousin or Uncle or some damn thing because they are both spawns of Satan in my eyes.

There will be no "lesser of two evils" for me this time. Both men will SCREW us over and both men are in league with the monied elite.