August 21, 2008

Here's to the Bubble Man, the disgraced and discredited Alan Greenspan

History will not be kind...


Anonymous said...

What's with the Fed injecting "liquidity" all the time. Greenscam loved to do this and Bernanke continued his injections. When the Fed says they're injecting "liquidity" that's code for injecting your bank account with more debt though inflation. The Fed gets away with holding interest rates below inflation.

Enough with the Fed, it should have been dissolved a long time ago, the gold standard reinstated, and Greenscam and Bernanke sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

Two words;

Andrea Mitchell.


Anonymous said...

'hedgehogs, weasals and swine'

Finally a definitive description of America.

Thanks for the song. Great lyrics.

and Timely, too

Joe said...

We all know Greenspan was an early lover of the Gold standard and also embraced Ayn Rand's work.

So could it be that Greenspan took on the role he did with another agenda. That being to destroy all fiat and the global banking cartel. Thereby forcing a return to the Gold standard.

What a super ironic twist of fate that would be. Think about that and becomes more clear why he did what he did.

Joe M.

Anonymous said...

That song was from last year?

Niiice - I like it. And a good singer too.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the new depression said...

"'hedgehogs, weasals and swine'"

Finally a definitive description of America.
No, this is NOT a description.

Hedgehogs aren't native to America, moron.

Anonymous said...

whats Greenspan got to do with any of this?

Rates are at about the same place now as they where in 04-05 and were are house prices

Anonymous said...

History will not be kind...

History may not be kind. But it sure is nice to be a rich Libertarian in America.