July 31, 2008

Monkeys. Monkeys I tell ya. Go grab a bum off the street. Put him in a business suit. Bet he could do a better job than these yokels.


Unknown said...

Yokels. Is that an anti white epithet?

Anonymous said...

Yokels. Is that an anti white epithet? If so, fine no problem.

Anonymous said...

No way,

bums off the street have too much ethics to do so well for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, the American sheep voted for this dickhead not ONCE, but TWICE!!!

The US sheep get EXACTLY what they DESERVE !

The DUMBING DOWN of America has been a GREAT SUCCESS.


Anonymous said...

Oh God make it stop!
I've seen that a few times and every time the chimp fumbles for words and says

"I hear some say it's a bail out... pause... It's not a bail out.. duh...we just want authority...stammer.. for a line of credit...if needed! gurgle",

I have to gag a little...

Anonymous said...

Great. A classic. But isn't it a shame that the "news" from the Onion and Comedy Central are more relevant than the "news" in the normal news media.

Anonymous said...

One word:


Saul said...

Jon Stewart is my hero. Although this is a "comedy", it flies under the radar of Main Stream Meadia (MSM) and in a highly subversive way tells the TRUTH. He has had some interviews that are really interesting as well. I found the one with Scott McClellan really revealing. Jon is so pissed about the situation in Iraq that he hardly let him get a word in edgeways. Worth a view in my opinion.


Keep watching him -- it's funny and sometimes he really tells it how it is, when the other bubbleheads are trying to sugar coat it.

consultant said...

No need to wait for history to decide. The worst President-ever.

Besides, future historians don't have to live through the hell Bush has created, we do.

consultant said...

Peter T said..

You said it all. Some time around the mid 1980's, newspapers quit being independent voices that printed the "news". Television news seemed to lose it about a decade before that.

Many of you have grown up never knowing what real journalism looks like.

That's why the blogs have grown.

Anonymous said...

"Monkeys. Monkeys I tell ya. Go grab a bum off the street. Put him in a business suit. Bet he could do a better job than these yokels."

Better than the average Conservative anyway. Washington is full of Chimps.

Anonymous said...

Two socialist organizations where failure is acceptable. Notice that the CEO's of those crime groups have not and will not be fired for their massive failure.

Unknown said...

He is a funny funny man. Err, Jon Stewart. President Bush would be funny too if was the president of someone else's country...

I don't want to step on Stewart's punch lines, but man I wish he wouldn't imply that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are instruments of the free market. That's the same dishonesty that Bush is pulling. A government created and funded monopoly hardly qualifies as a free market entity. Both refer to the free market, and neither are telling the truth.

Of course one of these two is just peddling jokes, the other is pissing away our future.

Anonymous said...

I have watch 100 videos on whats going on in America.

"This is the best video of the month."

It's like he's quoting me.

No one has touched on the housing bill was suppose to be put in front of the house around fourth of July weekend. Then it was quite for a week or 2 then big news on Fannie and freddie bailout. then it gets passed by the house and approved by the senate and president bush does a 360 and signs it.

What the F*** is going on?

How come no one noticed that?