July 15, 2008

And then the banks started to fail, people got in lines, and the talking heads finally woke up

Good questions (asked too late) in this MSM report.

Where were the regulators?

Where was Chris Dodd?

Where was Ben Bernanke?

Where was Barney Frank?

Where was Sheila Bair?

Where was George Bush?


Anonymous said...

Well, Barney was probably in the Lincoln bedroom with GWB and Jeff Gannon.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm surprised that you haven't posted yesterday's video of Jim Rogers blasting Bernankco on Bloomberg:


It's on the "Watch Now" section.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry, sheeple. Hussein Che Guevara Obama and his VP Dodd will make everything tip-top.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why should Dodds be questioning anybody in a Congressional hearing ?

Anonymous said...

Where was Waldo?

thingamajig said...

>The government didn't stop it until it was too late.

Well, Alan Greenspan did say 'frothy' but that doesn't exactly qualify as ringing the alarm bells I guess.

BTW- Go out and buy his book. Pearls of wisdom I tell you.

Anonymous said...

S**t. I just found out IndyMac was a part of countrywide.

vanilla ice said...

Where were they? These people are supposed to lead the country? Leaders are proactive and make tough choices. They tell people when they are doing wrong. They failed as leaders.

Anonymous said...


Suzzanne researched it!

Glenna said...

It sickens me to see the media like Suze Orman, Jim Cramer, CNBC, CNN, and all the talking heads carry on now about who was watching the lenders devour the sheeple. It was back in 2004 & 2005 when I knew something dreadfully wrong in the mortgage industry and wasn't getting any answers from the financial MSM. Feeling starved for the truth, I turned to the internet to find alternative sources for news and information. That is how I found Housing Panic and more. The media was just as guilty as the government for allowing this to go on. I hope they all lose their reputations. Suze Orman had plenty of opportunities to warn her audience and did not until things already unraveled. Either I was smarter than her to see this meltdown coming before she did (which I doubt, I suspect I am more ethical than her but I doubt smarter) or she was afraid to say anything because her show would be in jeopardy. So she chose to be quiet when she should have been speaking up and needs to point quite a few fingers back at herself.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Orman's free-spending past, you may come to the conclusion that you ARE smarter than her. But then again, if you were looking for her and Cramer to be the watchdogs - maybe not. :)

guy n. cognito said...

when will they stop asking questions we already know the answers to and start asking important questions like what happens after the FDIC burns thru its $53 billion bailing about DSL, WM, WB????

Anonymous said...

what is just more insanity is that congress is passing legislation that will allow fannie and freddie to buy more loans!

WTF? It is clear the powers in charge have no idea what the problem is.

Anonymous said...

where is dodd? frank?

Well, they are busy passing legislation that will enable fannie and freddie to buy more loans!

It does look like the "bailout" package coming out of congress will be a non-issue. fannie and freddie will be insolvent by the time it is passed into law.

All typical. Congress finally tries to do something but by then it is too late and the wrong thing to do.

vanilla ice said...

"what is just more insanity is that congress is passing legislation that will allow fannie and freddie to buy more loans!"

You know what would be even more insane? If the government proposed buying back Fannie and Freddie stock. Oops that already happened.

DIE U PIG said...

Lighten up your day.

Here's a former waitress from the Buttercup Bakery - turned Financial guru speaking to a 10 year RealWhore veteran about her future.

This is too good. Enjoy the DIE OFF


Got cheese doodles? said...

Latest Video of secret meeting with the PPT on how to stabilize the Financial Markets:


Don't you enjoy being an American?

Are you Proud of America?

Got cheese doodles for NASCAR day?

Anonymous said...

End game:


k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Here are the next (top 3) banking institutions which are most likely to fail:

1. WaMu
2. Downey Financial
3. FirstFed Financial

David in SoCal said...

what gets me is that Sweet Suzy was one of the total MORONS that was telling people to buy, buy, buy, even at the peak and that "HOME OWNERSHIP" was the best place to put your money.
I cant remember how many times she would tell people to "do what it takes to get into a home".

She is just like the rest of the jackasses!!!

For her to show anger at this stage is very amusing, she helped get many people into this mess.

Shame on you Suzy!!!

Anonymous said...

They should have been asking these questions at LEAST 12 months ago, if not in late 2005.

Anonymous said...

hahahah Im still here with popcorn ENJOYING the DOWNFALL the the American banking system, and soon the Federal Reserve.

Good Riddence !

I hope Greenspan stays alive long enough to see the BLOWBACK from his dopey monetary policies.


dixon ticonderoga said...

Suze is just pissed because sheeple without heloc funny money don't need financial advice so she knows her sun is setting along with all the other douche financial experts like Cramer, Connie de Groot and that caveman realator dude.

Rick Sanchez is a douche but CNN should really be called CDN-Cable Douche Network.

Anonymous said...

I have to defend Suze here. Obviously, many of you have not been watching her for very long. In 2005, she was a guest of one of those ridiculous CNBC market talk panels. She tore into anyone who towed the NAR line of home prices only go up, buy buy buy. She warned them, along with Robert Shiller, but nobody listened. Suze and Shiller were drowned out by the permabull 'tards at CNBC. Also, when Greenspan said that it was good idea to have ARMs, since the rates had gone down, she publicly chastised him.

belchorama said...

Every one of these assholes from the MSM that thinks they're asking hard questions should be asked the question of why they weren't asking these questions in 2005.

Rob Randhava said...

glenna and david in socal:

Yeah, a lot of people on TV are completely full of it, but lay off Suze Ornan - she was speaking out against interest-only loans and the rest of the housing bubble stupidity since at least 2005:


Anonymous said...

Where's Dopes?