June 25, 2008

MoziloGate Update: Senate ethics committee proposes Senators disclose their mortgage details, may now be investigating Dodd and Conrad

Never thought I'd see the day. The Senate Ethics Committee doing the right thing. Amazing. Now let's see if the full Senate will vote for this, and if the House will do the same (don't hold your breath).

And then let the good times roll, as we possibly find out one day how bad Mozilo and REIC bribery was.

Ethics Committee Seeks Fuller Disclosure of Senators’ Mortgage Deals

All six members of the Senate Ethics Committee on Tuesday formally proposed more stringent disclosure requirements for senators’ mortgages — a reaction to recent charges that Countrywide Financial gave sweetheart mortgage deals to two Democratic committee chairmen.

Because the committee almost always operates in secret, there is no way to know how long the early stage of its examination of the mortgage deal could take or whether a formal investigation has commenced.

For the time being, at least, the committee has responded publicly only by endorsing increased disclosure requirements.


Anonymous said...

Eighty Three To Nine

Tangelo is Bulletproof

Anonymous said...

"Tangelo is Bulletproof"

yep...old sayins are old sayins for a reason.

"money talks...bullshit walks"

Anonymous said...

They'll investigate, but even IF their freinds Harry and Nancy allow anything to happen, St. Barry rewards loyalty. Not only will Dodd and Conrad have cabinet posts, but so will the Orange one.

They will all trumpet the unity of having all the colors working together. Brown for St. Barry, Orange for Uncle Ang, yellow for Harry and Nancy, green for Dodd and Conrad.

I just hope I can get enough K-Y to last four years for the giant boning the government will be laying down.

Anonymous said...

"Never thought I'd see the day. The Senate Ethics Committee doing the right thing."

You havent seen the day yet. Senator will tell Boxer to Fuck Off its none of your business.

Then what is that incompetent creature Boxer idiot going to do? Say pretty Please?

Boxer is irrelevant and needs to be voted out of politics.

Maybe be a city Mayor or dog catcher next, Babs. At leats you might resuce a few cats instead of helping bury the country...

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

I'm thinking about giving my $600 stimulus money to Senator Mike Enzi's re-election campaign.

Maybe a write-in vote, Jim Bunning for President, in November.

Anyone else have any good ideas for anti-bailout gestures?